Today brings a little more Pandora holiday excitement, with a further update on some of the festive promos and extras they’ll be putting out this winter! Included are some updates on the Black Friday 2017 charm, winter gift sets and some other limited edition pieces. We also have a sneak peek at this year’s limited edition gift bag and matching gift packaging. :D

The Pandora Winter 2017 collection will make its debut on 2 November, bringing with it a whole host of festive offers and extras – you can see full previews and live shots in the Winter 2017 tag. Otherwise,  read on for a detailed look at the festive gift packaging, gift sets and more!! :)

Pandora Winter 2017 gift bag and packaging

For those who are new to Pandora, every year they put out limited edition gift packaging in celebration of the festive season. Stores usually start offering this around the launch of the Winter collection, but some wait until nearer to Christmas.

This year’s holiday gift bag is decked out half in dark green and half in cream, featuring gold lettering. It matches the Mother’s Day gift packaging, but in more festive colours! This image is courtesy of Sandra Frida, so please don’t reproduce it without crediting her. :)

pandora holiday 2017 gift packaging
Image courtesy of Sandra Frida

There will be matching gift wrap and ribbons available, too, as we can see in this photo by Pandora Southgate:

Image by Pandora Southgate

Pandora Black Friday 2017 charm update

I previously posted a preview of the Bright Ornament charm, a limited edition bead coming up for the holiday season. This was definitely originally intended to be the Black Friday charm – I can’t show you the original catalogue page I saw, but it clearly labelled this charm as the BF limited edition bead, and it was originally going to retail for $75 USD or $85 CAD.

However, in the US, it has been rebranded as the Rockettes’ charm in honour of Pandora’s collaboration with the Radio City Rockettes for the holiday season. They’ve bumped the price up to $85 USD instead, and have included an absolutely beautiful ornament presentation box, decked out in a matching colour scheme.

pandora black friday bright ornament

This is absolutely stunning, and I’d gladly pay the $10 extra to get this beautiful packaging!

This will be released in the US on 2 November, and will be sold in US concept stores and a special pop-up store in New York. A few live shots have crept out online, both from the Rockettes’ official page and on eBay. It does look lovely:

The charm will be sold as normal in the rest of the world, without the special ornament box, unfortunately. :( I don’t know whether Pandora are planning anything else to replace this bead as the Black Friday charm, or whether they’re just forgoing it this year.

Pandora LE engraved stocking charm for the US

Pandora in the US are also offering an extra limited edition charm – an engraved and dated version of the Festive Stocking charm, with 2017 engraved at the top of the stocking. Retailing for $65 USD, it will also come in a limited edition green gift box.

The regular Festive Stocking charm, without the engraving, will also be sold in the US, but at the cheaper price of $45 USD. So, if you’d like the special box and engraving, it’ll be $20 more.

I did get asked whether this was the new Black Friday charm for 2017, as the old one has been rebranded, but I don’t think so – it’s available for sale on the Pandora US estore and other retailers right now, so it seems just to be a bonus limited edition charm.

Pandora Disney limited edition charm and clutch GWP for North America

The Pandora Disney Mickey & Minnie Love Icons is being sold as a holiday limited edition bead worldwide, but in the US it’ll have an extra special twist. Retailing for $125 USD, it will come with a green limited edition gift box, and a free Pandora Disney clutch bag!

Pandora Disney Limited Edition Christmas 2017 bead

The Pandora Disney clutch will be available in either grey or black. We got the grey one here in the UK as a GWP earlier this month, but the black one looks even nicer!

Pandora Winter 2017 gift sets for North America

There will be a nice selection of gift sets for North America this season, each offered in a rather lovely gift box!

The Snowy Wonderland gift set retails for $179.00, and will come with a holly-green leatherette travel box, with a little holly leaf tag attached to it.

The Dazzling Snowflake gift set is a little pricier at $199, and is my favourite of these sets – the blue Dazzling Snowflake is such a gorgeous charm, and looks wonderful even on its own. The green leatherette box is just the icing on the cake!

We have some wonderfully clear live photos of the box thanks to Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson:

The Classic Elegance gift set retails for $149 USD, and offers a necklace and pair of earrings, packaged in a green version of the classic Pandora packaging.

Finally, the Let it Snow gift set will retail for $149 USD, and includes the Crystalised Snowflake earrings, the Forever PANDORA studs and the Eternal Elegance drops, packaged in the ‘Shine Bright’ ceramic gift box. This one is rather lovely, I think!

Additionally, I previously mentioned that there were some special gift sets that some US stores had been selling this month – these had been some confusion over these, as some stores had them, and some didn’t. These seem to have had a more official launch now, appearing on the eStore online, and look like they will also continue to be on offer over the holiday period. I’ve reposted the information below:

Our first gift set is the Love You Forever bangle set, retailing for $299 (RRP $415). You get to choose the two letter charms, and the bangle is inscribed with ‘love you forever’.

pandora gift set us october 2017

Meanwhile, the Pandora Rose Jewellery set retails for $379 USD (RRP $475), offering 20% savings.

pandora gift set us october 2017

Both sets come with the green leatherette travel jewellery box.

The following three sets come in the Shine Bright keepsake box. The Sparkle and Shine earring set retails for $124 USD (RRP $180 USD).

pandora gift set us october 2017

The Pandora Rose Earring set is priced at $179 (RRP $230).

Pandora rose earring gift set 2017

Finally, the Sparkling Elegance set is selling for $99 USD (RRP $130 USD).

pandora gift set us october 2017 sparkling elegance set

Other Pandora holiday 2017 promos

In the UK, the Christmas ornament for this year will be available as a gift with purchase from 2 November while stocks last.

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2017

Subsequently, the limited edition Heart of Winter bangle will be available as a gift with purchase from 23 November. 

I was told that the spends for the two offers would be £125, but I’m also hearing rumours that this might have been reduced to £99, which would be great if true!

In Australia & New Zealand, I’m told that there will also be GWPs on the Christmas ornament and the limited edition Heart of Winter bangle, but I’m yet to confirm dates and spends just yet.

North America should also be getting the Christmas ornament, but this is usually not until later in the season – probably December time. There may also be a separate ornament that is exclusive to Jared’s Galleria, a chain of jewellery stores in the US – I haven’t had confirmation on whether that is happening again this year. yet :)

My Comment

I also get rather over-excited to see what the limited edition packaging for each season is going to look like, as the gift bags are rather collectable in themselves! I think I’ve got them all ever since I started collecting. :D I like the deep green colour scheme of this year’s bag, but would have preferred it to be one colour, rather than split in two as I think this detracts from the overall effect a little bit.

I absolutely adore the US Rockettes ornament as well – it’s gorgeous, and just the kind of thing to make a purchase feel special. I’ll definitely be on the hunt for one of those! So, all in all, there are a lot of fun little extras to look forward to this holiday season: the Christmas bell porcelain ornament, the US Bright Ornament gift box, the gift bag, and maybe an exclusive Jared ornament, too – although I’ve not heard about that one yet!

Do you like this year’s gift packaging? What are you planning on getting?

83 Comments on Pandora Holiday 2017 gift bag and other updates

  1. Do you know iff the Mickey and Minnie Icons charm be exclusive of Disney Parks? Is it going to be released in Nov 2nd as well?

    • Hi Olga, no the Mickey & Minnie charm will be sold in Pandora concept stores as well :) It is out on 2nd November!

    • Friends are telling me that some of the concept stores already have that charm. So if it’s a must have for you you might call and see

      • M&M icon is already available at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa.
        I had a peek a the new blue Winter charms and they are so beautiful… it will be hard to choose?

  2. Oh, I really hope they have reduced the spend, particularly for the ornament, but either way I’ll be planning what I can get from my wishlist that comes closest to whatever spend they set. I love that bangle, I’m so happy that Pandora have finally decided to do a sparkly bangle gwp for us in the UK :-D. If I’d seen this yesterday I wouldn’t have gone and spent on the Trollbeads free bracelet promo last night :-O.

    • I know, it would be quite exciting as there are three charms I definitely want to get and they’d come to exactly £100. So a spend of £99 would be perfect!

      • ellie do you know if the snowflake bangle is a black Friday GWP here in the US and what the spend will be? I love the packaging and will get the rockette special charm just to get the box,too cute1

        • I’ve been told that the BF promo for the US is going to be a 3-for-2 on charms, but haven’t heard anything about a bangle GWP. In the Winter 2017 Pandora NA catalogue I saw a few months ago, the bangle had a price on it, which implied that it was just going to be sold normally, but I don’t know for sure.

        • Hi all-1st time on your site-love it-looking into starting a Pandora collection-spent time in a store here in upstate NY-was told that the gift set bangle bracelets, such as the Dazzling Snow Flake gift set is on sale for $199 BUT BF will be an additional 20% :o)

  3. What happened to the Heart of Winter Clips shown on the gift sets earlier? Pandora went with the Shining Path Clips instead? I’m a little disappointed–the clip added a really nice touch in making both bracelet sets special.

    • Pandora changed it, yes. :( The original gift set stock images I was given some time ago had the Heart of Winter clips, but the most recent ones have Shining Path. I’d have preferred the Heart of Winter too!

      • I’m with you on that! When we received ours at the store I thought it was a mistake. :( I may go for the clips and charm and add them to a current bracelet. Thanks you for clarifying!

  4. Thank you so much for the post!! I’m loving the bangle and the stocking charm. Super nice. Will the clutches be out for USA? LOVE them!

    • Hi Sara, yes that’s a US promotion! You get to pick one to have free if you buy the LE Mickey & Minnie charm :)

  5. Wow, that is quite the update, so much to digest. Pandora sure are mixing things up what with the promo changes for Canada versus the US and the pace of special offers. Thanks so much for this wonderful update. lot’s to think about in planning what to buy next. Do have any info on the availability of the “Rockettes” charm, the special ornament packaging and the dated red stocking limited edition charm for Canada? I just checked and the are not on the Canadian e-store yet.

    • I know, it took some time to put together haha! I do find it harder to keep up with everything now that the US and Canada seem to be running separate programs these days. Just adds that extra layer of complication!

      I’m not sure on whether Canada will be getting the ornament. I asked a Canadian source and apparently stores have so far received the charm but not the ornament. I heard that the stocking isn’t coming to Canada, but I’ll post an update in a coming post if I get confirmation :)

  6. ??????????
    Sorry ladies, due to the absolute lack of promotions and sales in Spain I just need to vent from time to time. Happy shopping everybody out there!
    I suppose the green leatherette box is the one we will get for Xmas with a purchase of 129 € more of less. Pretty but we deserve to be treated to sth else, too!

    • My fillings exactly????.My contry gets absolutely nothing from this.When we have some kind of promotion the is no information in advance. So i ussualy don’t get it because of my inpatient to get it right away.It is so frustrating

      • I totally understand that Ella! I don’t often get information given to me about promos from other countries other than the biggest regions, and I just don’t have the time to chase down more. I am sorry though! :(

    • You do deserve better Marie, and Ella. Pandora shoppers pay quite a lot most of the time and definitely deserve more sales. I hope Pandora expands their sales and promotions into your countries, as they’re slowly expanding in Canada. Keep making noise, keep venting, Pandora will eventually hear you! :-)

    • It is a real shame, Marie! Some regions just aren’t as good at offering deals. The UK is only just starting to catch up – North America has always been miles ahead of everyone else. Perhaps you could find someone overseas to help you out? That’s what I do for the best overseas promotions :)

    • Marie and Ely,
      It is the same situation in my Country (Serbia), there is lack of promotions and I am reding regularly Mora Pandora and enjoing in beautiful presents and promotions in other regions. I sincerelly hope that Pnadora will hear us from smaller countries because we also pay the same price and we deserve the same promotions and gift sets.

  7. Hi again,

    I was really on the fence about this year’s Ornament. I am trying to be more selective like you! However, the ornament packaging has pushed me off the fence and straight into the coming home with me category. My husband first told me he loved me on a trip to New York in December way back in the late 1980’s. We were in the restaurant Top of the World atop one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center at the time. On that trip we did all the holiday touristy things. We saw the skaters and the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. We window shopped on Fifth Avenue. We had brunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park . And we saw the Rockettes Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. So of course I now want this ornament and charm to commemorate this “moment” in our lives.

    The charm will get a place of honor in a Christmas design, and the ornament will be this year’s new charm for the tree.

    Merry Christmas in October!

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, well, my ‘being selective’ is only successful in fits and starts! It’s a tricky business ? but my collection is so over sized now that I have to try at least!

      Ah, how lovely that you have that connection to the Rockettes! Sounds rather magical, like something out of a story :) I confess that I didn’t know who they were when they were first mentioned in connection with this charm, but I love the ornament box so much that I have to have it in any case.

      Haha, at least October is creeping closer! It’s always funny looking at the first Pandora Winter previews in July!

  8. Hi Ellie,
    Do you have any information about LA bangal as a gift in Europe? Maybe you now when this offer will became available in U.S. and if it going to be available on estore? I desperately want so many charms from new collection and my contry doesn’t offer any of this promos, so I have to do all kind of tricks in order to get advantage of some of this benefits….?????

    • Hi Ella, sorry I’ve not had that information. I haven’t heard that the US are offering a bangle GWP either. I’ve only heard that the UK are doing it for Black Friday. But I’ll update if I do hear! :)

  9. Wow, lots of updates. You are amazing at keeping up with all these promos and gift sets!

    Although I’m not planning to get the Bright Ornament/Rockette’s bead (due to too much pave detailing), I really like how the ornament charm is packaged in an ornament that looks the same – very cool!

    I like the stocking with 2017 engraved on it, but $20 extra is quite a bit for the engraving and gift box.

    It looks like we’re getting green from Pandora this year after all, but it’s in the packaging and not the charms.

    • Ah, I’m normally pave averse as well, but I really like this charm! I think it’s the combination of enamel with the pave, and the feeling that the pave really genuinely contributes to the design – it’s not gratuitous. I think $20 extra is a lot for the stocking, however. It feels a little cynical to me, but there you go!

      Haha, I know. There is a little touch of green in the Radiant Hearts, I suppose!

  10. I was so excited to see this post! I do like the packaging but agree, they should have made it just the deep green colour with the gold lettering- both very festive colours! I only discovered they do gift wrap this year when I was gifted charms for my birthday. yet when I purchased gifts a few weeks later they claimed to never have done gift wrapping! Bit weird, it was the same store too. I know the ornament GWP starts on the 2nd and the heart of winter GWP on the 23rd but can you take part in both offers in one transaction or are you limited to one promotion per order?

    • I wondered the same thing Sofie. I really like this year’s ornament and wonder how many they have per store. Waiting until November 23rd might be too late.

      • I got my ornament in December last year so I imagine it depends on the store? My local store always seems to have a bit of an excess, they were still using the Mothersday packaging months after the event this year.

    • Ha, that is strange! Maybe the person you spoke to the second time was new? You won’t be able to get both gifts with one transaction – I imagine they’ll stop the ornament offer before the bangle GWP, but if they don’t, you would have to pick one!

  11. :-) Once again thank you for all the information, dear Ellie!
    I WANT the green travel case – it’s lovely and would be great for all my Pandora items.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend :-)

    • Yes, I like that one too! I have a couple of travel boxes already from promos over the years, but this is one of the most pretty & functional I’ve seen. :D

  12. Could the free bangle promo be the Black Friday deal for the uk instead of a charm. They did a bracelet and charms a few years ago.

    • The UK is getting the Black Friday charm according to my sources, but the bangle GWP might be marked for Black Friday too yes :)

  13. I really love the Black Friday charm! It is a bit expensive but I will definitely think about getting it for my Christmas bracelet, which is red and sparkly. I could get it as part of the spend for the Christmas ornament GWP, it would be great if the spend is reduced for that, as then I could justify doing the free bangle one as well ?! So many exciting things coming up, I am very happy with Pandora at the moment. I have heard such a lot about their bad customer service, but I had to get in touch with their marketing department with a small query recently, and they were extremely helpful, I was very impressed.

    • Good plan! I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can re all the promos so that I can plan all my holiday spending, but there’s so much going on that it’s difficult! Glad to hear that you’re feeling so positive about Pandora :) and it’s good that they got back to you so quickly! I’ve not had a problem with their customer service over the years. Only had a couple of faulty items and in both cases, they replaced them straight away!

      • Me too! They always replace any defective stuff, and not always at the store where they were purchased. Of course, I keep all my receipts for a year for warranty purposes.

    • Debby,
      Can you give me the email adress of Pandora Marketing, because I would like to write to them and see wby my country has so little promotil s?

  14. Oh, bags and boxes for Ellie!!!! Lucky girl. It’s elegant packaging. My youngest daughter would love that green. She collects packaging too.

    I also love the model’s sweater. :-) That’s a great picture.

    • Haha, I do get over-excited for the packaging extras! It’s the magpie in me. :D

      I agree, it’s a particularly nice campaign shot. The Rose bracelet/copper eyeshadow/blush jumper combo is lovely!

  15. Hi Ellie you have been busy finding out all these promo lol. I’m excited about the winter bangle promo because I was planning to get it anyway. Not sure if I will take part in the Christmas decoration as well as. But I will see I’m a sucker for the promo lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Me too! I love the holiday promos in particular. I have all the porcelain Christmas ornaments apart from the 2011 snowball and the 2015 Jared ornament. Still kicking myself for not getting that one when it was available! :(

  16. Wowza- so many promos! I stopped in at my local store after work today and bought two Wintry Delight beads, which are gorgeous, plus a bracelet. I got to choose a free pair of earrings and then they also gave me a ceramic box which I’ll use for rings. It’s always fun reading your blog! Enjoy your time off of work!

    • Oh, ace! I was admiring the Wintry Delight charms on your Instagram earlier :D always fun to hear that you’ve indulged in some Pandora – thanks for commenting! <3

  17. Thanks Ellie for spoiling us with all the updates. I love to have the clutch. Hopefully they will have such promotion here in Aust eventually. The Rockett bead packaging is amazing. Love to have that too. I’m so Jealous of the US promotion.

    • Me too!! I wish to buy the US Black Friday charms with the special packaging. Aus promo is not as attractive as US. I missed the rose promotion at Aus as thought of grab the GWP on ornament and LE bangle

  18. Hi Ellie,

    Love the Rockette’s ornament packaging! It would look amazing on my tree, however, I live in Canada so I will have to be happy with the charm minus the special ornament package. I love the Black Friday charm, well done Pandora designers! They are doing great enamel work, this charm will go lovely with the red & blue enamel charms released last year.
    The only promo besides the Black Friday charm that I am planning to participate in would be the annual Christmas ornament. I love the bell.
    The little red stocking is cute but I will stick with the silver one I have.
    I plan to drop by my local Pandora shop in shop soon. Can’t wait to see the collection in person!

    Thanks for a wonderful post!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I totally agree, it’s lovely. I’m not so sanguine as you about missing out however, so I’ll be hunting down the special packaging one way or another haha :) I will definitely be doing the bell GWP as well, and the Jared ornament promo if there is one. It’s just a question of deciding which things to get!

      Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for commenting! ?

  19. Hi,
    I wanted to know if there is going to be any sale on black Friday or on Christmas like if you buy at a certain amount you will get a discount or an item at a cost of $75.

  20. I thought I read earlier AU/ NZ were getting the Christmas ornament 16th November? I hope so I’ve been so looking forward for it. I resisted the rose promotion because of the ornament promotion

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right – I was told that, and it had completely slipped my mind. It was so long ago and before I took time off for a couple of months. ? I still need to find out about when the bangle promo starts though! :)

      • Thank you so much for the reply!! I had a little panic you see, I’ve been so looking forward to the Christmas ornament promotion. I got anxiety I’d miss out hehe. I actually went to an actual Pandora stockiest on Saturday! We don’t have one in our town closest one is 1.5hrs drive away. They let me look at Bambi and Thumper ! I was so excited! I wasn’t allowed to take Thumper home with me :( But they did sell him to me and he will be couriered for free to me on release day 2nd Nov! I almost had Bambi as well but I said I’m planning my spending around the ornament promotion but the SA told me that store isn’t doing that one only the bangle promotion (slight panic!) So I’ll be doing my order online as soon as promotion starts. I’ve become a bit Pandora obsessed !!

  21. Hi Ellie. Another wonderful update from you. Thank you. I saw the Rockettes in New York on Christmas Day eve last year. Would love to have the ornament to add to my travel Christmas ornaments but will have to make do with the charm which I think is lovely. Hope the spend for the normal Christmas ornament/bracelet GWP is reduced. I would buy the ornament if the spend is only $99.

    • Hi Lozzie! Thank you! ☺️ You could always try and import the ornament, especially as you’ve actually seen the Rockettes, which would make this one extra special. I’d never really heard of them before but the ornament is so pretty that I’ll be getting one! Re the GWPs, the spend reduction rumour only relates to the UK, but it would be nice if everyone did the same!

  22. Rockets ornament is my must have, like collect Black Friday charm since Pandora. Haven’t buy Pandora since June so it is about time to spend a bit.

  23. LOVING the dark green!!!! But I agree with you, cream with it doesn’t work for me at all. A lot of the Christmas charms were blue though! We already have that 2017 red charm here for some strange reason but wow that Rockettes bauble thing is so cool! They are one upping us on the Disney pouch right. Thanks for all this info I hope I can get something green!

    • I know, it would be nice if they’d done some proper green festive beads as well! I suppose that we have the new Radiant Hearts and the Holiday Wreath has a dash of green enamel – but a green glitter murano to match the red would have been wonderful.

      How weird that you already have the ornament bead! Perhaps they’re scrapping the BF entirely everywhere and just having it be a winter 2017 LE bead..

  24. Thanks Ellie for the great heads up.???
    It is so helpful in planning my purchases… although I tend to come home with some charms I did not have in mind originally lol
    I get so excited when I shop in person???
    I will definitely have a look a the ornament this year which would be my first. It would look amazing in my dining room’s curio cabinet so I can enjoy it all year round… I love snowflakes ????
    Happy Halloween!

    • You’re very welcome Rochelle! :D I like to try and plan out all my purchases as far as I can, especially at this time of year. There are so many fun little festive extras and offers to try and scoop up! This would be a very cool ornament to be your first :) I hope you like it in person!

      Happy halloween to you too, and thanks for commenting!

  25. Hi, Will Australia be getting the free disney clutch with purchase when the new disney charms are released. wiLL AUSTRALIA BE HAVING ANY PORMOTIONS DURING THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD.

  26. Hi, Will Australia be getting the free disney clutch with purchase when the new disney charms are released will Australia be having any promotions during the Christmas period?

  27. I saw the Rockettes ornament and charm today and they are unbelievably gorgeous not to mention the Pandora box that it comes in also. The silver tag on the ornament is wonderful. Yes the charm is blingy but if a person has a Christmas bracelet it would be fantastic.The detail is amazing, reminded me of the dancing lion Charm. People are going to lose their minds when they see this LOL

  28. Thank you for your blog and updates. Love it!!

    I was wondering if you know what the holiday (December) promotion will be in Canada (ON)? Will it be the free bracelet promotion again? Thanks!

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