Today brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for November 2017 – and beyond! The promo pandemonium continues, with a whole host of holiday offers coming up both this month and next. For me, this is always one of the times of the year in which it’s most fun to be a Pandora collector, with all the festive campaign imagery, the ornament GWP, the holiday gift packaging… ?❤︎

I’ve also included some live shots of and thoughts on the Pandora Winter 2017 collection, and a round-up of some recent country exclusive beads. :)

Pandora Winter 2017 thoughts

I popped into store to see the new collection last Saturday and spent a very enjoyable half hour or so picking out my choices for the UK’s Christmas ornament offer! :D While I was there, I had a good mosey around the shop to look at all the new pieces, and thought I’d offer a few live shots and thoughts now.

pandora winter 2017 holiday

The Bright Ornament looked particularly beautiful, although I thought it was a shame that it wasn’t showcased in a way that made it stand out more. It is meant to be a special bead for the holidays :)

pandora winter 2017 holiday

The new Pandora Rose charms were pretty in person, offering a more elegant take on a festive theme. I think the Christmas Tree was my favourite of these, but I’m not tempted to get any just yet – neither of my Pandora Rose bracelets would suit either of these. I think you’d want to put them on a bangle, maybe, as there aren’t many Rose charms out there that would match them.

The most striking displays were definitely the blue beads, however. Their vibrant colour was instantly eyecatching! My favourites were undoubtedly the deep blue of the Wintry Delight and Orbit charms, but the Ice Drops murano was also delicate and pretty.

I also saw the new Shining Star stud earrings, which did not launch in North America, but have done in most other regions. They’re really pretty! :)

Pandora Winter 2017 country exclusives for the US and Canada

A few more country exclusive charms have popped up with the Pandora Winter 2017 release – these are new versions of the usual stock engravable charms, rather than proper fresh designs. These are becoming increasingly popular, as clearly the brand have realised that they are an affordable way to offer beads with a more specific appeal.

There are often too many of these nowadays to track down and feature them all, but I thought these were quite cute!

I don’t have stock images for these but, in Canada, the following charms have been posted by Pandora Southgate:

Image by Pandora Southgate

My favourite is the red mittens dangle, which is very cute!

Image by Pandora Southgate
Image by Pandora Southgate

In the US, there are a few new spiritual designs, plus one celebrating coffee!

The first two of the spirituality-themed charms are retailing for $85 USD – the high price tag is down to the pave detailing, I suppose.

The Blessed bead is a little cheaper at $75 USD – I guess because it doesn’t have any pave detailing on the face of the charm.

The Thankful, Grateful, Blessed charm retails for $60 USD.

And the Faith, Hope, Love charm is $55 USD.

You can see these charms in action in this great shot from Pandora Harborplace:

Image by Pandora Harborplace

Finally, the Coffee Addict charm retails for $60 USD:

Pandora holiday promos for North America

In North America, there will be some great deals available for Black Friday For the US, there will be a ‘buy two, get one free’ on all full-priced Pandora products, running from 22–27 November. I’m also told that there will be a 20% discount offered on all Winter 2017 gift sets. Normally, the US and Canada offer the same promotions, but they’ve started doing separate things lately, so I am not sure yet whether the same will apply there.

For full details on the Winter 2017 gift sets, please follow the link here! I also found some great shots of the gift sets, courtesy of tiedyedeb – there are more shots at her ebay page, too. The boxes are so lovely!

Going forward, in December there should be both a GWP on the Pandora Christmas Ornament 2017 (pictured below) and the Heart of Winter limited edition bangle – but I’m still checking the dates on those. Starting from 7 December, there will also be an exclusive reindeer ornament, only available in Jared stores! :)

Jared are also offering a $500 gift set, bundling a bunch of the new Winter 2017 holiday charms. This is available now, and includes the Jared exclusive charm for this year – the Sparkling Festive Stocking:

Pandora holiday promos for the UK

The Christmas ornament GWP is running now, and will be on offer for the next couple of weeks – spend £99 or more in a single transaction and get the bell ornament for free! I got my ornament on Saturday – it is beautiful! The little clapper inside actually does produce a little sound when you ring it. It’s really very nicely done:

Then, from 23 November, the Heart of Winter LE bangle will be available with spends of £99 or more.

Pandora holiday promos for Australia & New Zealand

These are very similar to those in the UK. From 16–26 November, the Christmas bell ornament will be available with spends of $150 AUD ($180 NZD). After that, the Heart of Winter bangle will be available with the same spend from 7 December. 

I also have a little sneak peek at the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 gift with purchase for AU/NZ! This jewellery box GWP will be running from 1-14 February next year. I can’t tell from the image exactly what kind of jewellery box it is though, whether it’s ceramic or leatherette.

Other Pandora 2017 promotions

In Malaysia, this leatherette heart gift box will be on offer with spends of RM588 until 19 November. This caught my eye as it looks like a white version of a pink Valentine’s gift box that was on offer last year!

The green leatherette jewellery box that featured in the North American gift sets will also be available as a GWP in some European countries as well, I’m told, but I don’t have specific details on that. :)

*UPDATED* It’s now on offer in Germany until 23 November (hat tip to Astrid for this info!). The jewellery box will be on offer in store and not online, and only for Pandora Club members. Spend 49€ and receive the travel box for free!

My Comment

I’ve already tackled a good chunk of my Pandora holiday spending this season – I got the Bright Ornament charm from the US, so that I could get the cute Rockettes ornament with it! Both have arrived with my helper in the US – very exciting! :D She also very helpfully took a picture of it with the Dancing Lion for me – as you can see, the reds are not a total match, but they nevertheless look great together!

Meanwhile, I got two Autumn 2017 Shimmering Stripe muranos and the new Wintry Delight charm from the latest collection to get the Christmas ornament for free! Now I need to bunker down and not spend anything more until the Jared promo, or maybe Black Friday weekend, but I’m very excited by my purchases so far :)

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you planning on doing any of the (many) promos on offer?

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  1. Please do review Shimmering Stripe muranos! <3
    Unfortunately they are not available in my country… but I plan to get one with the help of a friend, in the pictures they look stunning!

    • I will do! :) The colour of the murano is paler than it looks in the stock image, but it’s still very pretty! I’m waiting on one bead to arrive that will finish my design with them, but then I’ll be ready to do the review. ^^

  2. Wow another wonderful post ! My husband laughed at me when I squealed when I saw notification in my inbox. The Bright Ornament is wonderful! So beautiful I’m so pleased you got one . I also love the photo of the Bell Ornament I will be ordering mine as soon as it comes online hopefully 12am on 16th ? I’m
    so excited to get my 1st Pandora Christmas ornament !! Thank you for the spends information im trying to decided what to buy for promotion. I need four birthstone petites of my children’s birthdays to go in my floating locket I got during the locket promotion I’ve not opened as was saving for my Christmas. But also the kangaroo, pink opalescent geometric charm and the pink field of flowers charm are the top of my Wishlist ! Decisions! ? I say it every time but thank you for your wonderful work !

    • Aha, that put such a smile on my face Emma! :D So fun to hear that you were excited. And yay, your first Pandora Christmas ornament! This is a nice one to start with. You can often find the porcelain ones from previous years online for reasonable prices if you ever feel the need to start collecting the set – the Jared ones are the only ones that get a bit pricey!

      That’s a fun decision! ^^ The Field of Flowers is a favourite of mine, but I’m sure you’ll love whatever you end up with. Thanks for commenting! ☺️

      • I did my order on Thursday 12am he he! My bell Ornament is wonder! Exceeded my expectations. The bell is so much more beautiful in really life than the promotion photos show. I love that it actually rings !! I’ve given my actual purchases to my husband to give me for Christmas. Thank you for the tip I’m trying to get last years ornament online.

  3. Thanks for another fabulous update! I never got around to posting on the winter tab but I’m really excited about all the new blues! I can’t wait to see the new collection and pick some pieces out, top of my list so far are the Wintry Delight and Orbit but there are so many others to check out this time. I also like the plain silver star earrings so they might make it into my shopping list too :)

    I’m a bit disappointed with the bangle as I definitely would have waited for the GWP promo had it been plain, but the engraved message just isn’t for me. The clasp looks beautiful though.

    • Ah, I hope you enjoying seeing everything in person! The Wintry Delight came home with me already and I am smitten! It’s so pretty. I’ve been wearing it at work this week on the snowflake bangle from last year.

      I don’t like the engraved messages on the bangles very much either! It would be nice if they offered it both with and without the message.

  4. I made on impromptu visit to my local Pandora store yesterday, and there were so many charms that I was interested in! I asked if they were going to have a black Friday special. They said yes, but “we won’t know until you do” .Since I didn’t have my bracelet with me, I didn’t purchase anything yesterday and now I am very glad. Thanks so much for the heads up about the buy 2 get 1 free. It is perfect for what I wanted to get! Now I can’t wait! YAY! :-) I am looking to get 2 rose pink blush droplets for me , and a life charm for a wonderful friend who started me with Pandora and is a breast cancer survivor and also celebrates Chanukah. Perfect!

    • They’re often tricky like that in store! I think the official stance is that stores are not allowed to tell us about offers even like, the day before, but some are better than others at sticking to the rules. ^^

      Oh, that does sound perfect! I’m sure she will love it. And the blush/Rose pieces are stunning! I’m quite tempted by the blush Radiant Hearts in Rose.

  5. During The Thanksgiving season here we spend a bit of time acknowledging all the things we are thankful for. I am very thankful for you and your blog. I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading about your ideas. I also look forward to reading everyone else’s posts. This community of Pandora collectors is quite special.

    My friend and I did visit the store, and I was quite taken with all the jewel tones. The blues are stunning, but the sea green radiant Heart and the red nature’s radiance are too. I picked up a few Disney things – Bambi and Jasmine’s dress and shoe – since they are never included in the promos.

    I never venture out on Black Friday – too much traffic and chaos – but I might have to make an exception this year. I’ve already told Santa that I’d really like the Rose gift set since I don’t have the bangle with the Rose clasp or a Rose gold chain. I am working on a design with the jewel tones that can be a worn all winter, not just during the holidays. The sea green radiant heart, the red nature’s radiance, the orbit and wintry delight all will be featured. Maybe a mesh bracelet… I will also “need” the earrings to go with!

    Wishing you and everyone in the community the happiest of holiday seasons!

    • Thank you so much Deborah! This was such a lovely comment to read. I am thankful myself to you and to everyone else who reads and comments – it makes running the blog so fun and rewarding! :)

      Well, nowadays these promotions seem to always run online as well, so you might not need to venture out? It might be worth stalking a few retailers online on the day to see what they’re offering! :) I love the sound of your jewel tones bracelet. Perfect and vibrant for winter and the festive season, but also versatile enough for the rest of the year. Which is I guess what Pandora were going for with those pieces! :)

      You too, Deborah! Thanks again for the lovely comment :)

  6. I want to get both ornaments, so I’ll make a purchase at Jared around December 7. I will get their exclusive charm and the Sparkling Jolly Santa, which I think is really pretty. I may have a look at the light blue muranos for a bracelet that has my college’s colors; I don’t like blue as a Christmas color.

    I got my Bright Ornament with the ornament packaging yesterday, and both are beautiful. I don’t really like the Rockettes tag on it, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to remove it or just leave it on and let it face in toward my tree.

    • I like the Jared exclusive charm, but I think I prefer the enamel stocking. It’s a shame that the nice engraved version for the US is so much more than the regular one, or I’d have been tempted!

      Oh, yay! Mine is in the post and on its way to me :D I don’t mind the Rockettes tag, but mainly because I think the font is quite old-timey and cute! I don’t actually know very much about the Rockettes.

  7. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for keeping us so well informed. It´s always exciting to see a post from you in my mail. The pics above are as wonderful, as the new charms . I´ve already paid to visits to my store and have seen nearly all them in person. They are much better than I had anticipated! We have a small ring promo running at the moment. But now we have a small promo on rings, buying two you get 50% off the second one and I´m partaking. I want the V-shaped set from the autumm collection. Then I´ll wait till Black Friday because the mall usually offers a voucher for all shops, including Pandora. And finally, as I know I´m going to hit the spent for the Christmas promo ( another jewellery box), I will plan when I´m going to buy my charms to get the most of it. I have already several boxes from different times of the year and don´t need a new one but it´s that or nothing. BTW, orbit is comming home with me too!
    Looking forward to your next post!.
    PS. Why does never make some exclusive charm for Europe. After all they are an European brand and we get less promos and no exclusives!!!

    • Hi Marie! Oh yay, glad to hear you’re taking part in the promo :) the rings are so pretty! I’m not planning on getting any of the rings or other jewellery this season, but I’ve always got room for more charms haha.

      They did use to make more country exclusives, back in the day! I’d like to see them release more of that kind of thing – it feels like ages since a mystery bead popped up on social media, and then there would be the fun of finding out what it was, where it was sold, how to get one… often they got released worldwide in the end anyway, but the initial hunt was always very fun!

  8. Aww, the red mitten dangle charm is cute – those are the mittens that were made for the Vancouver 2010 olympics! EVERYBODY had a pair of those!! (I live in Vancouver, they were everywhere!)
    The Black Friday bangle doesn’t do much for me, so I really hope the buy two get one free promo is in Canada as well. I haven’t bought any Christmas charms yet this year, and there are a few I’d like ?

    • Aw, how cute, I didn’t realise that! They do some cute regional exclusives at the moment. It’s just a shame that they’re all on the same stock charms. The Unforgettable Moments pendant is hard to work into a bracelet design for me as it is quite bulky, and I don’t like to get charms that look too similar either.

      I’ve just heard that the buy two get one promo will be in Canada too, Katherine! So you can get planning on your purchases, haha :)

      • Do you know when the Red Mitten Dangle Charm will be available here in Canada? Will all Pandora retailers be carrying it here?

  9. I just did a google search on the chai of life charm, and all the sites that came up have it for $75 – just wanted to give you a heads up, since you had thought they were $85. :-)

    • Hmmmm the official Pandora US site does say $85, but all the other sites that are authorized dealers say $75. Wonder why???

      • Oh yeah, you’re right! That’s weird. :/ If you just buy from one of the other sites during the 3-for-2 promo, then you should be okay to get it for $75 I guess?

  10. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I had a difficult time to which charm I like between the Wintery Delight charm and The Rocketts red charm. I will make the decision before December 25th.

  11. Thanks for another great post, Ellie! There are so many things I want and all of these promos are killing my bank account! I guess it’s my fault that I have to take part in all of them, haha. My Wishlist includes wintry delight or orbit, the polar bear, bright ornament, celestial mosaic, ice drops murano and bright star. Also the new shimmering drops earrings and hearts of winter necklace (small) are definite contenders. I also need to get two new silicone clips and just have to pick which colours. Do you have any favs to recommend? I’m thinking a pink and a teal.

    • Aha, I know! I’m continually all turned around by the sheer volume of promos this year. Too many things to report, and too many ways to spend my money! Wonderful wish list, it is pretty much a duplicate of mine! I have the Wintry Delight, and the Bright Ornament is on its way to me, but I’ve still got the Celestial Mosaic, Ice Drops murano and Polar Bear left to go :)

      Those are actually my two favourite colours of the Shining Elegance clips! I do also quite like the pink mosaic version as well. My favourites of the silicone clips overall are the pink Primrose clips, but they’re less versatile I think!

  12. I love the picture of the open bangle under the new mitten dangle. Do you know the names of the the three charms on it? It looks like 2 pink floral designs on a silver heart and a dangle with Chinese characters on it. Are these charms Asian exclusives? Thank you!

    • I don’t have any stock images or info on those beads yet! THey’re lovely though. The images of them came from Pandora Stockport as credited, which is a store in Canada. :) So they’ll be out in Canada at least, and possibly the US as well. I’ll try and dig about these when I have some time!

    • The new Hearts of Winter Christmas one? It’s going to be offered as a gift with purchase later this month. Details are in the post :)

  13. Thank you for the amazing updates Ellie! I am really glad to hear that there’s a buy 2 get 1 free promo in the US and it’s great that it’s online and in store too! :) That is the icing on the cake as sometimes my local store doesn’t have everything I want! I’m hoping that a few authorized online dealers take part too as they did last time so as to have a greater choice. Looking forward to getting a few things off my wish list :) :) Not sure if I will get any holiday ones as my Christmas bracelet is full but I have loads more on my old-school Pandora wish list :) Wonderful update as always and I was so so happy to see the Mora Pandora blog email in my inbox this morning! Have a lovely day!

    • Yes, it is a good offer! :) I’m deciding whether to do that promo or the UK bangle promo for Black Friday. ^^ Authorised online dealers should be taking part too. My Christmas bracelet is full too, but I’m doing an extra little mini design on a leather so that I can squeeze the adorable Polar Bear into my collection too!

      Thanks so much Pauline – hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and thanks for commenting! :)

  14. FYI: Rue La La markdown mayhem tonight on pandora jewelry. Only one night (11/8) starting at 8pm ET.

    For some reason I was able to see some already and I went overboard and bought waay too much but I was so excited to see these styles and prices!!

    • Thanks for the heads up. I am not able to see anything yet here in NY at 6:30 pm. What sort of things did you get to see and buy?

      • I just went to their upcoming events and did not see it listed for tonight. Do different customers get different markdown mayhems?

        • Ooops – wish there was a delete button here – now I do see it – 65% off – thanks again for telling us!!! :-)

        • hi i just checked with rue nothing showing but i had an email earlier this week for 65% off 9/11 my alarm is set for 3.45 am

        • Debbie, I am curious, did you finally get anything at 3:45 AM :)
          I did a quick order with the turquoise lattice murano,the honeysuccle leather bracelet, the pink dangle which looks like an egg, the 2016 diamond club charm, the happy crab and the two tone seashell. Got them all for such a good price:)

  15. I just saw the sale on Rue La La but there doesn’t seem to be anything new there. Looks like pretty much the same sale as last time, which was very recent, and most of the charms are retired. I can get those at the outlet store here without having to pay the 9.95 shipping. Too bad, I was hoping for some good deals.

    • Sorry, you’re right nothing new. I was excited that the prices were way better this sale than the last couple. Also, I get free shipping (well paid the $30 for a whole year) but I can see how that’d turn you off. My outlet has actually way worse prices compared to Rue and it’s a pretty far drive for me. So for me it’s a win win.

    • No, they only get new things periodically :) there haven’t been new charms on offer for some time! Perhaps there will be some new things for Black Friday!

  16. Hello Ellie,

    Thank you for the awesome round-up and lovely pictures! I went by the store on Tuesday and saw most of the Winter release. They had not received the Bright Ornament or the special Rockettes package. They had only received the display stand. The Wintry blues are as beautiful as I expected. Some of my favorites were the Wintry Delight, Christmas Night and Nature’s Radiance. The Ice Drops Murano is at the top of my list and I realized on the way home I didn’t see it or the red Twinkle Glass. As much as I really liked a lot of the new charms, the Rose is still pulling at my heart strings. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure what I’ll end up getting, but I would like to have the Jingle Bell and Deer ornaments. I’ve been collecting the bangles every year also. Hitting all these spends will be tough for me this go around because I chose diamonds over Pandora for my Christmas gift this year. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve reached the point where I’m being more selective with my Pandora purchases.

    I’ve been silently enjoying your latest posts. It’s so nice to have you back in full swing!

    • Hi Emily!

      Glad you enjoyed the post & pics! :) Haha, well, I hope that the charm and the ornament followed soon after! The stand and no ornament/charm to put on it must have been rather disappointing! Most stores seem to have received it now, so hopefully yours has, too.

      The blues are gorgeous, aren’t they? I think my favourites are the Wintry Delight and Dazzling Snowflake, although the Ice Drops murano is up there, too. I’ll be going back for that one! I don’t collect all the bangles, but I am tempted to take part in the UK’s bangle promo, as I’ll be spending around £100 finishing off my Winter wish list anyway…!

      Thanks so much Emily, it’s nice to be back! I’m trying to pace myself a little bit better this time around. ^^ Hope you had a nice weekend!

  17. Hi I find this funny as Australia has got the red rocket christmas ornament charm however we do not get the exclusive ornament for the tree. I purchased mine in western Australian store and got it in a normal white box. Will the Advent calendar giveaway be back this year. 2 of my sisters won a charm and I missed out.

    • Hi Molly! No, the US is the only place that got the cute Rockettes ornament, not even Canada got it :( I haven’t heard about whether the advent calendar is going to be back yet, we will have to wait and see! How cool that both your sisters got one, I’ve never worn anything on the advent calendars yet ^^

  18. Thank you for your website, it is good to know what is coming out so I can save up, I am a university student and sometimes miss out on a charm because I have no money,

  19. Hi Ellie,
    Just got an email for Pandora Canada – clutch is either black or white- while supplies last

    Are you a Disney fanatic?

    Starting today through November 19th, receive a
    Limited Edition Disney Clutch
    with your $150 PANDORA Disney purchase!

  20. Hi Ellie I’m planning on doing both of the promo in the uk I haven’t seen all the Christmas collection as there wasn’t all displayed last weekend.

  21. Thanks for another wonderful update, Ellie! They always make my day.
    I went to my local Pandora concept store, and the associates there have confirmed that the Canadian Black Friday event will be the same as the US: Buy 2 Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value and most likely excluding Disney).

    Can’t wait to build on my Christmas bangle with the Christmas Polar Bear, and either the Holiday Wreath or Bright Ornament!

    • That’s so nice to hear, thank you! :D Thanks also for the info re the Canada promos. I’ve just had a full run down of what’s coming up for Canada, and will update the post with it shortly.

      Those sound like gorgeous picks! I’m getting the Polar Bear and the Ornament, and if I had room on my Christmas bracelet, I’d definitely get the wreath, too :)

  22. Hi Ellie,

    I am looking forward to the buy two get one free although the shop in shop that I go to appear to have low stock, several of the charms I am considering girl thus promo are sold out such as the blue orbit charm and I haven’t seen the new galaxy yet. I did pick up the new polar bear charm.
    I think the new Blavk Friday/Rockettes charm is very complementary to the lion dance charm. Really glad you got the ornament, will you put it on your tree or display it another way?
    The ornament promo is my favorite fall promo. I will be putting up the Christmas tree next weekend and bringing out my Pandora ornaments. Looking forward to you a Christmas charm reviews.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Perhaps you can get some put aside for Black Friday? Or you could order online, I suppose? It would be a shame not to get what you want! Glad to hear you got the Polar Bear, he’s adorable :D

      I am not sure yet! I have never yet put my ornaments on the tree, as I’m always terrified of them falling off and smashing, but I’m looking to see if there’s some other way I could display them – a mini display tree in the bedroom, where there’s carpet, perhaps, or maybe just lining them up on a shelf. I’m sure all your ornaments will look gorgeous on the tree!

      Thanks, Lisa! I have a couple of new reviews all written and ready to go, and then I’ll get stuck into my Christmas ones a little closer to December. ^^ Thanks for commenting! :)

  23. I don’t usually leave a comment, but I read every post you make in my email. I just wanted to thank you for this blog! I know it must be lots of work and time consuming, so I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you!!

  24. I was so excited after seeing the Buy 2 get 1 feee because there’s a bunch of Disney charms I’d like to get. After reading the fine print it looks like Disney is excluded in the US from the Buy 2 get 1 Free which is such a bummer. Almost wish they’d have the spend $125 and get a free bangle. (But maybe Disney would have been excluded from that promo too?) Oh well.

  25. Hi! Do you know if the holly-green leatherette travel jewellery box will be up for GWP in the UK online anytime soon? Thank you!

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