Today’s post brings my next Pandora review, with a closer look at the Vibrant Pudsey charm – a UK exclusive limited edition bead! This is the third charm released by Pandora UK in support of the charity Children in Need, which is an annual fundraising event. This year’s event is taking place on Friday (17 November), airing on the BBC :) This is the last charm Pandora UK will release in aid of Children in Need – next year, if they do another charity bead, it will be in aid of a new cause.

I wasn’t going to get this bead, but (as so often happens) in the end I caved at the last minute and bought one. It’s for a good cause! And then I wasn’t going to review it, seeing as it was so similar to last year’s – but again, today I was thinking that it would be a shame to miss this one out, having reviewed the previous two. So I’ve compromised with a little mini review.

It’s been a busy day, and I only had a half hour slice of time, with gloomy weather and poor light, in which to take the pictures, but I managed it! One of my errands involved meeting this gorgeous little girl, who has taken up residence with my boyfriend’s parents this weekend. ^^ ?

Anyway – gratuitous puppy photos aside – read on for close-up shots and bracelet styling inspiration!

Pandora Children in Need 2017 charm review

As in previous years, the CIN charm features Pudsey, the charity’s teddy bear mascot. He’s full-bodied, with enamel used to detail the white in his bandana and coloured spots – there are no CZs in this year’s charm. It’s a cute design, and I do like the movement captured in his stance, his hand raised to wave to us.

The thing that most made me hesitate to get this year’s charm and complete the set is its similarity to the 2016 Pudsey. It’s effectively the same design, but just in a different stance. It’s cute, and I think I might prefer it to the 2016 charm, but there’s little incentive for people to get both charms, apart from the donation to charity and the desire to get the set. People suggested some great ideas for this year’s charm before we knew what it was – a polka dot murano, or Blush, Pudsey’s female companion – and it would have been nice to see something a bit different.

Nevertheless, they do look cute all together on a bracelet, as below. A little Pudsey army!

For anyone else who’s a Pandora packaging geek like me, each charm has come with its own box sleeve. ^^ The 2016 one is top left, the 2015 one is in the middle, and the 2017 one is beneath. I quite like the slightly more elegant black and gold colour scheme they picked for this year’s!

The back of the charm is not that detailed, but does feature the year inscribed on Pudsey’s back and hallmarks on his legs. The bandana with its enamel pops of colour is visible, too.

To finish off, this is how I’ve styled my Pudseys, with one in each section. This is my pink/purple ‘classic’ Pandora bracelet, paying homage to some of the cutest silver character beads over the years. The Pudseys are very old-school Pandora in style, and so they blend in beautifully.

Another recent addition to this bracelet was Mrs Potts, whose purple lid/hat matches the Purple Shimmer murano very nicely. ^^


This is a cute little bead, released in aid of a great cause; if you missed out on last year’s, this is an excellent substitute, or your opportunity to complete your set and get all three Pudsey bears. If you’d like to read my past reviews of the other two charms, follow the links: 2015 and 2016. :)

The Vibrant Pudsey charm is £40 and available both in store and online. 20% of the proceeds will go to Children in Need. Please bear (ahem) in mind that official retailers are not allowed to ship internationally, so if you live outside of the UK you will have to find a friend there who can get hold of one for you!

Did you get this year’s bead? Which charities would you like to see Pandora support next year?

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  1. Wonderful update as always!

    I’m relatively new to Pandora (as of June this year) and don’t know all of the charities that Pandora have previously supported. I think it would be wonderful if next year Pandora would do a charm in support of the Poppy Appeal. There’s lots of potential for the design – CZs or red enamel, plus its for an amazing cause. Wonder if Pandora would be allowed to.

    • I agree with Emma that a ‘poppy’ charm would be a great addition and for a very worthy cause but to get back to Pudsey, I bought this a month or so ago as I thought he was so cute – I do not have any of the previous year’s Pudsey’s so the fact that he is similar is not an issue for me personally – I have actually put him on my xmas bracelet along with another teddy bear charm as I think he goes well with this theme and he will adorn my wrist along with the xmas charms until January

      • Aw, that sounds lovely! Pudsey is a good one for a Christmas bracelet, and the red, blue and green spots actually match PAndora’s colour scheme for winter this year ^^ Enjoy! :)

    • Hi Emme,

      A number of years back Pandora did have a three sided red enamel poppy charm. It has Been retired for several years. It is a rather large charm and stands out nicely on a bracelet or necklace. 2014 or 2015 in the UK, Pandora did a Wildflower Murano Tribute charm that may be easier to track down, and I believe some of the proceeds went to a Veteran’s fund. Ellie, can give you more details on that one.

      Lisa K

    • Thank you, Emma! ☺️ Yes, as Lisa says, there have been two poppy charms in the past. The most recent was the Wild Flower Tribute murano, which is my favourite of the two:

      And then this enamel poppy charm:

      Both of which were in support of the Soldiers’ Charity :)

      • Hi Ellie,

        I remember all the stock images of the enamel poppy showing it to look pinkish, and I almost didn’t buy it but it really is a deep poppy red colour.

        Lisa K

  2. I haven’t ever gotten the chance to participate in the Pudsey charity drive before, and I probably won’t this year. But he is adorable!

    • He is very cute! I think it’s a lovely idea for a charity collaboration, but as they’ve probably run out of ways they can do Pudsey as a charm, maybe it’s a good thing that they’re trying something new next year. :)

  3. The three charms work very well together but you are right, they are too similar. I can’t imagine what other pose Pudsey will be in for next year. But I do like that they have the more old school design. I think they should make Pudsey in full gold – I would buy that.

    • Ah, a full gold Pudsey would be amazing! ^^ Would certainly be the right colour. This is actually the last year Pandora will be supporting CIN, so if they do another charity charm next year, it’ll be something completely different. :)

  4. I think this year’s design is the cutest. As another reader mentioned before, it’s like Pudsey is waving good bye. I’m glad you decided to review this year’s Pudsey bead. It’s interesting to see the three beads together.

    • Ah, I hadn’t thought of that, the waving goodbye :) I guess it is apposite! The three beads do look cute together, but I’ve spaced them out on my bracelet so that it’s not too overwhelmingly Pudsey-ful ^^

  5. I like your pink and purple bracelet. So pretty and sweet. Pudsey is a cute and lovely charm to add into your collection.

    • Thank you very much! :) It’s not my usual kind of bracelet but it’s nice to go for something more simple sometimes.

  6. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks to a friend travelling in the UK I was able to pick,up the third Pusdey charm. Like you I wasn’t entirely sold on the design but the charity is worthwhile, and it is nice to have the set. This third one has a slightly animated feature of the arm up but you are right not a lot of detail. I didn’t know Pusdey had a companion, that might have been nice in Rose gold but perhaps too cost prohibitive for a charity fund raiser, last month I wore all three mixed in with my other bear charms and used pink & white muranos, but found it to be a little starved of colour,. You use of pinks & purples hits the right note.
    Oh and your in-laws puppy is scrumptious!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! So glad you were able to find one of these beads :) I had similar feelings about this charm, but I am happy to have supported CIN again and to have them all now that I decided to get this year’s. A Pandora Rose Pudsey would have been cute as well! SOmeone else suggested 14kt gold, which really would have been prohibitive, if perfect in shade. ^^

      Thanks, Lisa, she’s absolutely adorable! I had to share, haha.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  7. I’m sorry Pandora is giving up this charity. It’s so deserving of funds. I’ve worked with kids in crisis. Nothing affects you faster than seeing these little lives struggling with such great need.

    On a happier note, :-) Sunny is precious sweet.

    • It is sad, but I’m hopeful that they will be picking up another worthy cause next year :) CIN gets a lot of publicity and a lot of funds, on the good side. :)

      Thank you! She’s a scamp, but an adorable one ☺️

  8. Hi Ellie i also got this charm I wasn’t going to because it’s similar to last years but the collector in me caved in. I thinks it’s probly my favourite of the three. I have also done a blog post on this charm which is up on Friday.

    • Hi Nicola, oh yay, I will look out for your blog post tomorrow :) I just saw all three Pudseys on your blue bracelet and it looks stunning!

  9. Hi I would like to say thank you for your blog, it is really helpful for pandora collectors as myself knowing what charms are coming out. I am lucky enough to work for pandora store in Melbourne Australia and I do not know how many customers mention your website when it comes to upcoming charms or promotions. The store where I work will be having the free Christmas ornament with spend of $150 starting the 20th of November due to delays with shipping. Christmas season is busy for deliveries.

    • Hi Amy, thank you, that is so lovely to hear :D thanks for the update re the ornament promo, it’s really kind of you to take the time to let us know. Amazing that you get to work with Pandora and jewellery for a living, hope the festive season isn’t too manic for you ^^

  10. I think we need a charm for remembrance day or Anzac Day here in Australia. Lest we forget as I have great grandparents who were in the war as well as other relatives.

    • Ah, well, we did have a couple of poppy charms in the past, but they’re both retired now. It is strange that they don’t have a permanent charm to represent remembrance day – it’s universally asked for, but they’ve retired both the poppy charms they’ve done so far. :)

    • Yes, it would be cool if each region picked a charity to support and then Pandora produced charms for each :) the international interest from collectors would be enough to generate some sales and support a good cause I think!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I’m happy to see you completed your set of Pudsey charms. I think this last one is the cutest. Love your bracelet design. So fitting for the Pudsey charms. It will be interesting to see which charity Pandora supports next year. The Wildflower Tribute charm is one of my favorite muranos to date and it makes me sick that I don’t have it. I would have never known about it had I not seen it on your blog years ago. I would have crossed the pond for this one! LOL.

    Little Miss Sunny is so adorable. Thank you for sharing the picture. Made me want to hold her! Is Ruby jealous?

    I realize I’m a bit late with my comments lately, but I was given conscious sedation on Tuesday for extraction of a back molar, bone graft and dental implant and have been on pain meds to boot for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been afraid to comment for fear of not making any sense at all. HaHa.

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  12. I have seen the pudseys with murano glass beads which are white with the red, yellow and blue spots, but can’t find them anywhere. Anyone know where they are available please. I so wish I had saved the picture

    • Those won’t be official Pandora :) I’ve seen someone post on one pic of some on Facebook and I think they were made by an individual designer :)

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