Today brings news of an additional sale on retired Pandora jewellery running on US discount shopping site Rue La la until 11AM ET on Sunday (19 November)! This is a bonus sale that’s only accessible to Mora Pandora readers, and you’ll need to follow this link to access the sale.

pandora rue la la october 2017 sale

The sale offers discounts of around 50% – there aren’t any new styles included this time around, but it does offer the opportunity to grab something you might have hesitated on previously. :) There are some cute Disney charms and some lovely two-tone pieces! The other nifty thing is that Rue La La are offering a blog-exclusive shipping promo for international shoppers:

  • using the code MORA100, get free international shipping with spends of $100 USD or more!

There’s also a ‘Today’s fix’ offer on the 2016 limited edition Unique Snowflake bangle (although this is separate to the Mora Pandora sale!).

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years. They also now offer international shipping and accept international cards!

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you should be able to sign up via the link I’ve provided here. Comment if you have any problems, but otherwise – happy shopping!

52 Comments on Promotion Alert: Exclusive Pandora sale at Rue La La running now!

  1. I did get the snowflake bangle, which will be a perfect home for my snowflake charms and snowflake dangles! This is a good deal at 40% off! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I went to rue lala, saw the “today’s fix” link, but no other link to any other Pandora sale. This is not the first time it happened to me with Rue lala, and it happens whenever they have the big pandora sale. Am starting to be disappointed with the site.

  3. Hi ‘thanks for the heads up my order was cancelled the last sale I think due to something that was sold out and still in my cart I quickly purchased all was fine untill I woke to an email stating was cancelled anyway wont be purchasing this time as prices are alot higher some as much as %100 pandora items are also showing up under brands and the bracelet is in that sale

      • Debbie,
        Dont know how you managed that, uk is only showing todays deal ?
        No other items not how you search the web site, I have used this site far to many times, It may be a time thing if you are not in UK.

        • Hi Debbie,
          Had an other go, got straight in, not much new stuff a lot looks like it is left over from last sale, but stills to be had

        • Glad you got in it’s probably a good saving for you but to convert to Aud not so would love to purchase the bangle however including postage it’s more than it’s was originally here I will take part in the gwp on the ,7th dec instore

        • I have just logged back in and have searched under brands (Pandora) 273 items are showing and exclusive. Morapandora is under today’s fix with 122 items

  4. I am unable to log in using your link. I always have a problem. Rue la la allowed me to set a new password and then it doesn’t recognize. I don’t know why I bother as it is always frustrating and I get nothing.

  5. The link is not working for me? It goes to the RueLaLa then it doesn’t load it kicks me out ? Is anyone else having issues?

  6. Thank you Ellie! I have done three orders, bangle bracelet and two charms for my friends, and two Disney charms for myself!

  7. For those having trouble getting to the Rue sale: are you using a tablet or phone? Often the links won’t work on tablets or phones, and banners won’t show properly. But if you’re using a tablet or phone in a country in which the Rue app works (not Canada), remove (disable?) the app before signing into the Rue site. Sometimes this helps.

    Nothing for me at this sale, prices aren’t low enough this time around to entice me, considering Black Friday sales are coming!!!!!! My pennies are waiting impatiently for that day.

  8. Just want to share that I got a “still want it” request filled last night and I’m so excited!! It is the starry heart charm. I thought I missed out on that one for good! I am thinking of making a sky themed bracelet where one half will be the night sky and one half will he the day sky. I now have this one, the midnight effervescent (?), the light blue looking glass murano for the day side, the Clouds Silver Lining, and a lot more planned! I’m trying to stick to buying on Rue when they are 65% off.

    • Awesome on the Starry Heart grab. They were concept store exclusives, so I tried to find them in the summer sale this year but no one had them. I grabbed two when they appeared in the last Rue boutique about halfway through the time that boutique lasted. They work great on a celestial themed bracelet!

    • Oh that’s so great! I love that one but have never noticed it on Rue La La before. I’ll have to see if it crops up again in a later sale. It would be great for my periwinkle blue bracelet :)

  9. Thank you so much Mora! I always try to stock up on sales. Never know when you’re going to need a charm lol. Love your blog and depend on you for the latest Pandora :o)

    • I think packaging may vary depending on country I’m in Australia they come individual in plastic zip lock bags then all in a non Pandora pouch

    • Bead and bracelet packaging rarely varies for me in Canada, the zip bag (which is Pandora packaging) and generic pouch are the norm, only once I didn’t get the pouch, just the tiny zip bag in a huge envelope. The envelope seems to be the norm, but once they sent a single bead in a giant box. It was bizarre. Lol. But the box was preferable because Canada Post had to deliver it to my door, the envelopes they just shove in my mail box and mail can sometimes hit the wrong box, and then that’s jewellery lost.

      • well I’m very lucky my postman brings my large envelopes to my door he knows what I’m getting and they are big compared to whats inside my only issue is earrings are very fragile and I have received a few misshaped ones

  10. Very flusterating!!!! I can’t find anything Pandora on the Rue la la page. I used the link you gave but no luck. Is this for US customers too?

  11. Hi Ellie, thank you for this great info, I loved the free international shipping code, and now I started a new bracelet in W&B thanks to this promo!!

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