We have a little update today with a sneak peek at an upcoming Disney Parks exclusive Pandora gift set, featuring Mickey and Minnie designs with a little holiday twist! :)

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The set will be available from Walt Disney World in Florida starting this weekend, and offers three new exclusive designs. Read on for a sneak peek! :)

Pandora Mickey & Minnie Holiday Gift Set Preview

This image was posted recently by the Disney Parks blog, showcasing three new Parks exclusive charms. There are two button-style designs with enamel detailing, one featuring Minnie and the other a Christmas-hat-wearing Mickey. To complete the set, there’s a new silver heart, with the classic Minnie/Mickey kiss motif picked out in red enamel.

There aren’t too many details out about it yet: no price has even been posted. However, we do know that it will be available from Ever After Jewelry Co. at the Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, in Florida. The set will be sold starting from 25 November. There’s no confirmation as to whether it will be available online, however.

My Comment

While admittedly the charms are just more engraved versions of existing designs, it’s nice to see them offering a limited edition souvenir for Parks visitors over the holiday season. This seems to be an increasing trend with Pandora North America – releasing engraved versions of stock charms to tie in with various regional events that Pandora wouldn’t normally cover. It must be an affordable and speedy way to release charms that have a more limited appeal, without having to go through a lengthy design process.

The enamel detailing on the Mickey & Minnie charms isn’t really my cup of tea, but the level of detail does offer something a bit different from Pandora’s existing Mickey & Minnie designs. If they had done something similar with, say, the Winnie the Pooh characters, I’d have absolutely been sold! A little charm with a grumpy-looking Eeyore in a Christmas hat would absolutely have to come home with me.

Are you tempted by this set?

16 Comments on Preview: Pandora Disney Parks Holiday 2017 Gift Set

  1. Hi Ellie there a bit same for me the Mickey one is cute I like your idea of Eeyore in a Santa hat you should work for Pandora lol designing all the charms.

    • I second that! they would most definitely see an increase in revenue, companies should listen to their customers. Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh are my absolute favourites and I hope they release them at some point.

      • Mm, I always wonder how much they pay attention to Pandora collectors’ feedback, whether on blogs or Facebook or in store. It would be interesting to know about their design process!

    • I like holiday limited editions and am always excited to see special gift sets, but this one isn’t really for me! :)

  2. I guess it’s up to Disney to decide how they want their character’s depicted, and possibly they don’t want too many taken too far from the original character idealization. For me, I don’t like to see everything and anything “Christmasized”.

    • Haha, you make it sound like I’m demanding it! I’d just like quite to see a charm with Eeyore in a cute Christmas hat. There’s plenty of festive Winnie the Pooh themed merchandise out there already too.

    • Definitely! I’ve heard that mentioned so many times by collectors. I wonder if it’s too far away from their core aesthetic of sweetness and hearts though :(

  3. a bit of a “heads up” -for the last few days Hollywood Studios has had 20% off this set. Plus you can get an additional 20% off with pasholder discount.
    No one seems to know how long the offer is on for and we haven’t seen it obviously on offer in any other locations.

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