*UPDATED 23 Nov* Today’s post brings a round-up of Pandora Black Friday 2017 offers, many of which have already started this week! :) Pandora have gone bigger and better than ever before this year, with a whole host of different offers and promotions to tempt you running around the world.

On a side note, I’m aware that I’m behind on my comment replies – it’s been a super busy week, both at work and on the blog with all the posts, but I will catch up as soon as I can! ☺️

I’ll update this post with any additional information that comes to light! Read on for a round-up of Black Friday Pandora offers for this year :)

Pandora Black Friday 2017 promotions for the US and Canada

The main Black Friday promotion for the US and Canada is a 3-for-2 on all full-priced jewellery, with the cheapest item being your free gift.

The offer unfortunately excludes Pandora Disney items and gift sets (so you can’t get the Bright Ornament or the engraved 2017 Stocking, for example!). The offer will be available both in store and online.

  • In the US, this is running from 22–27 November
  • In Canada, this is running from 23–26 November

On Black Friday itself there will be 20% off gift sets in store in the US, which includes the Bright Ornament charm! On Cyber Monday, this will be offered online.

At Pandora outlet stores in the US, there are lots of additional savings, running from today until 26 November: 

Heart of Winter Bangle GWP for Pandora UK, Europe & more

This year’s limited edition holiday bangle will be available as a gift with purchase in any number of regions over Black Friday. The Heart of Winter bangle features a snowflake heart clasp and the inscription ‘You melt my heart’.

  • In the UK, the Heart of Winter snowflake bangle will be available with spends of £99 or more from 23 November–3 December!

  • In Spain, the bangle is available either at half price with spends of 59€ or free with spends of 129€ or more from 20–29 November!

  • In France, the bangle is available until 29 November with spends of 129€ or more!

  • In Italy, either at half price with spends of 59€ or free with spends of 129€ or more until 30 November

Pandora Black Friday 2017 sale at Rue La La

There will be a Black Friday sale running at Rue La La from this Friday, with brand new styles included and 50% discounts! For more information, please do check out my post here :)

Pandora sales in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Denmark

I’m not sure that these are necessarily Black Friday specific sales, but the eStores for Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Poland have some really great offers on right now! We do have an outlet section on the UK eStore as well, but it doesn’t have the same range of offers.

Pandora Australia & New Zealand Christmas Ornament GWP (UPDATED)

There’s a nice surprise for collectors in Australia & New Zealand, as there will be a four-day sale running from Black Friday and finishing on Monday 27 November. 

Included are some discounts on Pandora Disney jewellery (including charms from the Tinkerbell, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty collections) and some fun pieces such as the Lock of Longevity, the pavé Pear and even the Summer 2017 orchid charms!

Additionally, this year’s Christmas ornament is still available with spends of $150 AUD or $180 NZD or more!

Pandora Brazil Jewellery Box Offer

In Brazil, the beautiful green leatherette travel box will be available with spends of R$999 until 25 December.

Pandora Bright Ornament limited edition charm 2017

This charm is available in most regions now, offering a really beautiful and festive mix of red enamel and sparkling detail! This was originally meant to be the Black Friday limited edition charm, but for whatever reason, Pandora decided to release it with the regular holiday collection at the beginning of the month. The focus for Black Friday this year has been much more heavily on sales and offers, as is more traditional for Black Friday.

My Comment

I’ve tried to pull in as many different promos running across the Black Friday weekend as I can from over the world, but please do chip in if there are any I’ve missed!

There are so many sales and promotions to choose from, I am all turned around – I’m definitely doing the Jared ornament promo next month, but these Black Friday deals are also tempting! Should I go for 3-for-2 in the US, or the limited edition bangle in the UK? Or neither! I still want to get the Ice Drops Murano, the Christmas Polar Bear and the Celestial Mosaic from the Winter collection, but I’d also like to get the Sweet Panda, which we can’t get in the UK.

Are you taking part in any promotions?

126 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Black Friday 2017 promotions round-up (UPDATED)

  1. Hi Ellie!

    After the baking was finished yesterday, and before side dish prep began today, I did a little 3 for 2 online. I’ve asked Santa to hit the store on Black Friday or Cyber Monday on line for the Rose gift set, which is a good buy as it stands. But an additional 20% off is even better!

    I saved some purchases for the first of December since I want the bangle and the bell and reindeer (Jareds) ornaments. And I’m very excited to see what Rue has to offer starting Friday.

    Thanks for everything. Happy Holidays to all!

    • Hi Deborah! Sounds lovely, baking and Pandora :D What did you get in the 3 for 2? Any wild cards? ^^

      I have decided not to do the 3 for 2, but I am going to do the Jared ornament promo for sure, and I think also the UK bangle offer! I had wanted to get the engraved stocking exclusive to the US in the 3 for 2 but hadn’t realised that it was excluded from the 3 for 2 before it began.

      Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

      • I got the engraved stocking in my 3 for 2, and it was still 20% off. The associate said it couldn’t be the free charm, but it could be a purchased one.

      • I got the Sky Blue Essence beads and a wintry delight. Then I got 2 Cathedral Rose and another wintry delight. Then I went back for the 3 jewel tone Essence beads. And one more time for celestial mosaics and the happy anniversary for a gift. I’m planning for Santa to order the Rose gift set for my under the tree gift. That saves a few things to buy at Jared’s for the reindeer ornament.

  2. So many promos! I’m going to check out the Rue La La sale and then consider the 3 for 2. Depending on how much I get from the Rue sale, I may or may not do the 3 for 2. I’m glad the Pandora 3 for 2 promo is offered online because I’m having company and don’t think I can slip away to the store. But I could go on Sunday. I hope Rue has lots of new items. (Or do I? I don’t want too many temptations.)

    • I didn’t find as much as I had hoped for on Rue (but I did get the Eidelweiss, Bells and Starry Heart), but what I did get Iw as pleased with ! I hope you found things you liked as well :)

      • I recently got my starry heart and I adore it! I really wanted the edelwiess and bells but I’m deciding to hold off and see if the prices drop eventually. Fingers crossed they stick around!

        • Yay! The Eidelweiss did go a bit lower again in the moonlight madness sale (dammit!) so I hope you got it :)

        • I always have, but it was so much more in the UK than the uS at full RRP that I never got it out of principle, haha. Good thing I waited as it was a bargain at Rue!

  3. Wow! You’ve made me the most happiest person in the world!!!. I had already lost hope that we would ever see a bracelet/bangle promo in Spain!. Anyway, now that I come to think of it, the last time I was at my boutique the SA gave me a hint that something could be on the way. And I have been totally clueless! Well, personally I don’t know if this suits me as the bangle is surely 17 cm but I’m super-happy for the rest of the ladies in Spain who can benefit from it. I will buy a ring and maybe a couple of Christmas charms, probably the Wintry Delight. If I’llgo for the bangle I don’t know yet. Bangles can be adapted so … Maybe. I’ll sleep over it, lol!
    Thanks again for the info. You do a wonderful job!

    • Yay, I was so pleased to read your comment – I’m glad you guys finally got a promo! They do seem to have really made an effort across many regions this time around. :) The bangle is 17, 19 or 21 cm as usual, yes – I hope you found a way to get one and wear it!

      Thanks for commenting, Marie! :)

  4. Hi Eillie! Thank you so much for the round ups! There’s so much in offer now! I heard that Denmark is having a percentage off on Black Friday and as for Singapore There’s a free Bangle promo which is the basic round Clasp Bangle will be free for every $260 spent! Both instores and online( they just launched the store this month)! I’m definitely more inclined to getting the free limited edition promo available elsewhere as mentioned in this post XD! I think u should just get all that’s on your wishlist and participate in the free Bangle promo! I think it’s more worth in my opinion than the buy 2 get 1 free! Though your wallet won’t be happy with neither XD!

    Always looking forward to your posts!
    <3 Cindy

    • Hi Cindy, amazing, thanks for the extra info :) I think that I’m doing as you advise and going for the bangle promo (even though I don’t need more bangles!) as my OH is thinking of pitching in and getting me a Christmas present as well, and that will help to meet the spend ^^

      Thanks for commenting, and for the useful info, Cindy! <3

  5. *sigh* it really does suck to be in Australia. I dont want a useless Christmas ornament, I want a sale!!! :( and I want outlet stores!! Thank god Rue does international shipping! ;)

    • Actually I’ve heard on the grapevine ? that all the about to be retired/discontinued stock is going on sale on Black Friday. You didn’t hear it from me. Also there’s a beautiful jewellery box available today if you want to pop into a store. $129. ???

      • thanks for the heads up tracey I rang pandora and they confirmed about the sale there is 2 jewellery boxes available cant wait I plan to be there first customer

        • Hi Debbie which pandora store in Australia as I visited my local pandora store here in Sydney and was told they do not sell jewellery boxes only gift them on purchases over $500.

        • Hi Nicole I may have purchased the last large box available in Sydney area I was at Tuggerah on the central coast they didn’t have any large left but told me they had alot of mediums able to purchase ,3 you could call them if you need help to purchase one let me know

        • That was the case. These only started being available for sale yesterday. Very exciting. A bit small for me ?

        • Hi Debbie, is the jewellery box a dove grey as I just purchased few months ago the large 3 tier pandora jewellery box from eBay for $500 nearly as it was only purchased in uk. I feel awful now knowing I paid to much for the box.

        • We had a jewellery box that was free if you spent $1000 ( I think). And if you asked if there was something for spending that much. I don’t think they just handed them out.

        • Elly, you just have to live with that. Some people bought the gold and diamond crown last week for $1000. Today it’s $500 ?

        • Hi elly it is a grey 3 tier sorry to hear you paid so much I wanted to buy the stackers range from the uk but to expensive with postage but would have more storage

        • I work at a pandora store and we got 60 jewellery boxes in stock on the 24th November ready for the black Friday sale. 30 large and 30 medium. I only have 2 large left in stock and no medium boxes. unfortunately we cannot accept lay-bys on the jewellery boxes. I am a worker and I cannot purchase a jewellery box just yet customers first. Apparently we will be told when we are able to purchase. According to my manager March or April next year is when the boxes will be back in stock due to popular demand. I was shocked not to be able to purchase one online.

        • My local store in Sydney on got 6 of the large jewellery boxes in. They started selling them on Thursday and on Friday I was the 3rd person to buy one, so they are popular (the price is good). The staff said they are not able to re-order, and as already posted, staff are not permitted to buy them.

        • Due to the popularity the jewellery boxes are sold out in stores and will need to make more. I am told to tell customers we are not re stocking as we have no idea when the next shipment of the boxes will be. I also work for pandora in Australia and I was told I could not purchase a jewellery box however got my friend to purchase the large and medium jewellery box for me.

      • New Zealand often follows Australian promotions? I wish we would get a deal like this too. Our Pandora online store stock is shipped from Australia

    • Aw, well, I’m glad you guys got your sale in the end! But I have to say that I do love the Christmas ornaments and would be terribly disappointed if they stopped doing them ^^

  6. “Should I go for 3-for-2 in the US, or the limited edition bangle in the UK? Or neither!”

    I understand the individual words you’ve written here but the way in which you have strung them together is complete gibberish, this or that or neither :-O, I think what you really mean is that you have to do both, lol ;-).

    • P.S. I was going to get 2 bangles but I wanted the rose safety chain for £100 and it’s out of stock everywhere in the longer length :'(. At least the promo is going on for longer than I thought it would so it might be back in stock in time, here’s hoping :-/.

      • Aw, I guess you didn’t have much luck with this, seeing as Pandora UK seem to have sold out with the bangles pretty much everywhere now :( I’ll hope that you found what you wanted anyway! :)

    • Ahaha, I did really want to do both as well! But I talked myself out of it. I did the UK bangle promo and will do the Jared promo too :)

  7. Hi Ellie! I was originally planning to do the 3-for-2 promo online to avoid the Thanksgiving/Black Friday store crowds, but I received an email that Pandora Preferred credit card holders received early access yesterday, and I happened to be at the mall anyway. I bought six pieces, so I got two items free: the Heart of Winter Necklace, the 2017 Engraved Limited Edition Christmas Stocking, the new Coffee Addicts charm, Wintry Delight, Snowy Wonderland, and Christmas Night. I am starting a new wintry blue-themed bracelet with the last three charms I mentioned. I haven’t been as into the Pandora necklaces lately and recently even sold a bunch that I found myself hardly ever wearing, but I thought the Heart of Winter Pendant was gorgeous for the holidays, and I love the new sliding clasp Pandora is using on its chains to make the necklaces highly adjustable—event to choker lengths, which I love, because I wear chokers all the time nowadays. It was interesting that they let me use the Limited Edition Stocking as part of my purchase, as it is considered a gift set and not eligible for the promo. I even tested this online, and it wasn’t eligible.

    Now I’m looking forward to both ornament promos. I found out from my store yesterday that the regular bell ornament promo begins December 7th in the U.S. like the Jared one, The spend is $125. Of course I will have to take a look at the Rue sale as well. As if I haven’t spent enough money on Pandora lately! Have a good week!

    • Hi Joanne! Wow, sounds like an amazing haul. I couldn’t get the festive stocking as part of the offer online, or I would have taken part. :( I wanted to get it, the Celestial Mosaic and this year’s Club charm. Never mind! Glad you got some beautiful beads. I love the Coffee Addicts one! I know that the engraved dangles are a bit of a swindle, but some of the designs I do really like.

      Wow, you sold some Pandora? I go in fits and starts with Pandora at the moment (I’ll buy lots and then nothing at all for a while) but I never sell any, as I don’t trust myself not to regret it bitterly down the line haha! I’m something of a magpie as well, once I own something I don’t like to let it go. I have so many useless bits and bobs that I’ve kept around from my childhood that I just won’t throw away haha!

      Have a great week too Joanne, and have fun doing the ornament promos too! I’ll definitely be doing the Jared one, as I’ve already done the regular one here in the UK ^^

      • I’m sorry you weren’t able to get the festive stocking charm. The engraving of the year does add something special to it. I had a SA who seemed somewhat new and didn’t seem to consider the stocking charm a “gift set,” so that may be why she included it in the promo. I, too, am a bit iffy when it comes to engraved dangles, but I couldn’t pass up the Coffee Addict one. It describes me to a tee, and the little coffee cup with the steam coming out of it is so adorable.

        I went the longest time without selling any of my Pandora and was just a “shopper” on the FB pages at first. I was worried I would sell something and regret it, too, but I just found my Pandora collection growing too huge with several pieces—mainly some necklaces, rings, and earrings—that I hadn’t worn in many months or even years. I figured if I eventually wanted to get that piece again, I could wait until it retires and a get it at a discount or find it on the FB selling pages. I certainly would never sell any unique or hard-to-find pieces, and I haven’t really sold any charms or bracelets. I could use the extra money to fund my Pandora purchases in the future haha! I have learned, though, to be more selective and strategic about which pieces I buy now—though it doesn’t seem like it based on this haul post!

  8. I went to Jareds for the 3 for 2 promo and got the Jared reindeer bauble and 2 heart of winter clips. DH has promised to get me the bright ornament charm for the holidays :)

    • Oh, I thought for a minute that you were able to buy the Jared exclusive reindeer porcelain ornament that’s on offer next month! ^^ The reindeer charm is very pretty, lovely choice! :)

  9. Hello having missed the 3 for 2 promotion on charms, clips and spacers in the UK I was hoping to order from the Black Friday US 3 for 2 promotion on all jewellery but understand that The United States don’t ship to The United Kingdom. Is that true? Do you think this promotion will be back in The UK any time soon?

    Thank you

    • Hi!
      I heard there would be a 3 for 2 promotion in Germany starting on Black Friday but the estore also does not ship to the UK…

      • Hi Caroline!

        Yes the store can not ship out of their own country so it is true that USA can’t ship to UK. You could either get someone in the US to order on your behalf and ship it to you or have it shipped to a USA address and shipped to the UK using freight forwarders!


        • It is due to copyrights or something I remember I was told by a pandora worker when travelling in England that some charms are meant to be exclusive for that country and not to be sold outside of the country due to laws. Which is ridiculous

      • Thank you for your reply I imagine it will be launched in the UK again at some pointy, I certainly hope so.

        Thanks again


      • Hi. When the US had their 40% off sale in Sept/October, I was able to shop on the US Pandora e store and use my UK credit card (so I paid for the order myself)and I think that is a recebnt change for them. I did however have to have it shipped to a US address. Fortunately, I was visiting Florida in Nov so was able to pick it up from the neighbour of where I stay every year. Just arrived back home today with my goodies. Extra bonus was I was also able to take part in the US 3 for 2 promo as we were there over the thanksgiving/black Friday weekend !!! I usually always miss out on their promo as it usually starts the week after we leave (they usually do a free bracelet with $100 spend first weekend in Dec. You need to make a new U.S. BFF

    • Hi Caroline, sorry for the delay in reply – but yes, you’re correct in thinking that retailers don’t ship internationally (Pandora doesn’t allow it). You have to order from within your own country or find a friend abroad who might be able to forward you on your order. I have no idea about the UK’s next promos, but another 3 for 2 would be very welcome ^^

  10. So many goodies, so little time! But this is good for me, actually, my daughter’s birthday is a little over a week away, and her birthday bag that I’ve been filling for two months has a tiny bit more room.

    Thanks for your hard work here, Ellie. You’re super.

    • Ah, I hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday! I’m sure you put together an amazing goody bag :)

      Haha, thanks, Lola – thanks for reading and commenting too!

  11. Oh no Ellie that’s a tough decision to make, I’m definitly doing the bangle promo I didn’t realise it was on for so long.

  12. Off to Pandora today to get the lock of longevity – had my eye on that one for ages! and look at the rest of the sale stock. Love that Pandora have Black Friday here in Australia. Thanks for your post Ellie.

        • I am one happy shopper got everything I wanted and a lot more big bonus scored the large and med jewelry boxes so worth the petrol and the 3 .5 hr drive to 2 stores hopefully nothing on rue tomorrow as maybe I shouldn’t spend anymore but I can’t resist a good sale

    • Oh, great choice! I’d have been tempted by that one too but it’s trickier for me to get help from either Europe or Australia at the moment, and the postage kind of offsets the savings. It’s a lovely bead though!

  13. Thank you Ellie for keeping us informed. You deserve a hug!!!

    I went to my local Pandora store and bought myself three bracelets (Signature which I have been wanting for so long, a Royal Purple zirconia which is my favorite color, and last a Royal Blue zirconia as my free item). I have so many charms left out in my jewelry box LOL Now I can play with all charms this weekend to mix and match with my new bracelets.
    My birthday is coming up next week and my husband has bought me a Pandora gift. This is a first for him to go by himself… :) without my wish list. Can’t wait so see what’s in the beautiful paper bag LOL

    • Haha, thanks Rachelle! I will gladly accept that hug ? Oh my gosh, three bracelets! I heartily approve. I’ve noted that those coloured bracelet clasps are retiring, and will keep an eye out for them in the sales or maybe on Rue La lA myself. Hope you had fun rearranging your bracelets! I have some loose charms that are in need of new homes as well. ^^

      Oh, and I hope that you had a lovely birthday, too! And that your husband got you something good. :D

  14. Hello Ellie, thanks for the information. I’m traveling in the UK and Europe right now but I already made my 3 for 2 order in the US stopped in the Oxford store, totally forgot about holiday promotions but I got an ornament. Did a quick Bichester village run. Now I’m in Budapest the SA said free bangle for good Friday but I forgot to ask how much you have to spend. Sorry guys.

    • Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I’d absolutely love to do that. It’s the kind of thing I daydream about at work, sat at my desk haha. :) I’ve never been to Bicester village, I should really go! Hope you’re enjoying your travels!

  15. Hi Ellie, that’s an amazing update about all the promotions currently going on. I did their buy 2 get 1 free promo in the US and got 6 charms in total. As I’m playing catch up on some of the current beads I was really delighted with the promo. For my first set I got the Wild hearts murano, the Wildflower murano and the two tone key to my heart dangle – I’ve had my eye on this for a loooong time but since it’s retired it’s hard to come by for promos. For the second set I got the curious cat, filled with romance (rose) and the precious princess. I’m also trying to catch up on some retired beads. I love the outlet promos but may skip them this time because of the $20 shipping fee – I am not very close to one. Thanks again for these updates and I’m looking forward to the Rue sale. Do wish they did Moonlight madness soon ;) I know the feeling about wondering which promos to go for! Hope you get what you like Ellie :)

    • Hi Pauline! Really great choices, I like that you went for some really classic style beads – murano glass, silvers, and a little two-tone! In the end, I went for the UK bangle promo – I got the Christmas Polar Bear, and my OH got me a Christmas present to make up the spend. I’m then going to do the Jared promo, and hopefully get the Celestial Mosaic and Sweet Panda as part of that. :) Thanks for commenting!

  16. There are so many things being retired and are on sale in Australia as part of the 4 day Black Friday sale! I went to one shop and saw some pieces that weren’t available online, but ended up making an online order anyway so I could get the ring size I needed. I think some of the gold charms were sold out online in the first 30 minutes!

  17. I did the 3 for 2 deal in Canada and the store was insanely busy. Took over an hour to buy my stuff even though I knew going in exactly what I wanted. I think I’ll be ordering online only in the future. I ended up getting the ice drops murano, orbit, wintry delight, hearts of winter necklace, new navy shimmering drops earrings and limited edition bright ornament charm. Spent way too much, as always lol.

    • Ugh, that doesn’t sound fun! I expect it used to be even worse when Pandora NA didn’t offer these promos online, either. :/ Lovely choices, I still have the Ice Drops murano to get! I’ve spent too much as well, but I’m still planning on getting more haha!

  18. I went to my local Pandora store today to buy 2 charms the snowy wonderland and Belle’s yellow dress so I could have the free bangle which is very pretty and all was boxed and placed into the festive green and cream gift bag which I loved very much. The store was very packed with many people all taking advantage of this great offer.

  19. I was so surprised to see the purple field of flowers charm on the last chance to buy tray on sale at my Pandora stockiest today! I really wanted the pink field of flowers but I didn’t see it there . I hope its not being retired in NZ too and if so I can find one before they disappear in NZ ! I rarely get to go as my nearest stockiest is 1.5 hours drive away, its always a treat. I got two charms for a great price, that they said they wont be getting anymore of. So I was happy as they had been on my wish list for ages but weren’t in black Friday online sale. My husband also got me a Pandora care kit which are newly out over here. looking forward for my Christmas presents hehe

    • Pandora care kit is awesome. You’ll love the clasp opener. I’ve bought a kit for everybody I know that collect Pandora and they all love it. :-)

    • I purchased some of the essence charms will they are on sale here in Australia as I was told they were discontinuing I was thinking of getting a essence bracelet perfect timing.

    • Wow? Pandora is retiring purple field muranos? This one is on my wish list but I already spent too much. I wanted two so I will try to get these on Boxing day sale. Hopefully they will be some available.??

      • I was so disappointed to see it on the last chance trays :( It’s only been out since mid year. I was extra surprised as its still full price and not in the Black Friday sale online. I hope they’re not thinking of moving away from doing Murano charms? I love the detail of Murano’s . Good luck I hope you do get a purple field of flowers!!

        • Well I was so anxious not getting one… so I went back today driving out of town to a Pandora store to get Xmas gifts and got the purple field murano for free.

          I got my birthday presents earlier from my husband. Since he was not aware of the Black Friday sale, we were able to return two spacers and kept the beautiful Inner radiance as the free charm and I was able to get the Cinderella slipper and Belle’s dress as my first two charms. My OH did not have to spend more and we were both very happy.?????

    • Hi Emma,

      I have a Pandora holiday catalog that shows ALL muranos retired with the exception of 6 beads. That is why you saw the purple field of flowers on the last call tray. According to the book, the remaining muranos are the dark purple shimmer, pink field of flowers and mint glitter. The other 3 are the latest 3 muranos to be introduced. Not sure what the deal is with this move. Only other glass is the radiant heart series, the radiance charms (glass within silver), new glitter balls, 4 radiant droplets, and 2 pave mosaics. Have no idea why. Most Disney muranos gone too.


      • Hi Lisa ,

        Thank you! Well hopefully I will get my pink field of flowers Murano next time. I have the Tinkerbell green Murano and I was also surprised to see that in the online sale. I want the Belle Beauty and the Beast yellow Murano , that’s all I have left I want from the Disney Muranos. The Murano beads are my favourite type of charms other than character ones. I already have the cherry blossom, the wild hearts, flower garden, nostalgic rose and the silver pink shimmer Murano on my pink theme bracelet. Thank you for all that information

        • Belle, Ariel and Cinderella muranos are still listed in the book. Rapunzal and Jasmine are completely gone. Alice has only tea party bead left.

        • Thank you Lisa!

          Good to know I still have time to get the last two Murano beads from my wish list. I have a birthday in January so I’ll hopefully get them then. I’m very interested to see what will be in the Boxing Day sales online now.

      • This is interesting. It’ll be really interesting to see if Pandora eases off glass. In all honesty, they don’t do it well. They’ve gotten better over time with their designed glass, but still, other brands slay them. Even Thomas Sabo is beginning to beat Pandora on the glass front. With so much retiring tho, I foresee Rue having a giant Pandora glass sale next year. :-)

        • Hi Lola,

          Pandora very briefly got better with glass, around the time of the red flower muranos, but have since slipped back to being somewhat mediocre with it. They have also had problems with glass production on various beads, with delays and unreleased glass. It’s actually very difficult to make good quality glass. Maybe it’s too expensive for them to properly produce. I don’t know. This year has been a down year for them financially. I think we can expect some changes. Lips, anyone:)?

      • Wow, I can’t believe Pandora is planning to retire so many muranos! All (except one) of my bracelets have one or more muranos. I better head to the Concept store to see if there are muranos I should get now before they are retired. Thanks for passing along that info.

      • Hi Lisa
        Is it a complete updated catalogue that you have seen or just a winter update supplement? I have seen a winter update supplment(much smaller than usual)that only has a few Muranos in it but that is because it only concentrates on the latest releases so there are lots of charms and bracelets that are missing from it. I would also be very disappointed if the muranos went.

    • Yes, the blue and the purple Field of Flowers muranos are in the UK sales trays at the moment as well :( seems like they are going already! It’s a shame, as the murano glass beads are some of the ones I still really look forward to, I hope that it’s not a signal that they’re easing off with them or that they don’t sell well. :/

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Black Friday promos update. Went in store yesterday and took advantage of the 3 for 2. I chose the Pandora Rose Sparkling Snowflake and a Pink Blush Radiant Hearts and got a second Pink Blush Radiant Hearts for free. I’m planning to get two Twinkling Christmas Trees and a pair of Shining Elegance clips in clear to go with. I’d also like to have the matching safety chain. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add the additional charms during spends for the free Reindeer and Jingle Bells ornaments. I finally got to see the Rockettes package in person. It’s lovely! The SA has one on hold for me. I think it will be beautiful with my Lion Dance charm. I’ve also fallen in love with the Wintry Delight and Christmas Night snow globe. I may do the 3 for 2 again on Monday. It’s great savings…Thanks Pandora! I couldn’t resist doing the rose first this time around. It’s stunning!!!

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks again, Ellie, for the amazing job you do keeping us well informed. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • Hi Emily! Ah, I love the blush pink charms – I have my blush RH on my Arabian leather bracelet design, and it’s one of my favourites. I was quite tempted to ‘upgrade’ that design to an all-Rose bracelet and get some more blush pinks to accent it, but managed to just about talk myself out of it. I hope that you pick up your outstanding charms during the promos! I just have the Celestial Mosaic and Panda left to get in the Jared promo, and then I’m planning on getting the Ice Drops murano, too, but not sure when. I might just leave it as a little wild card purchase that I can make if I’m feeling down at all in the weeks between now and Christmas. ^^

      Hope you had a nice thanksgiving, too, Emily, and thank you for commenting! <3

  21. HI Ellie,

    The buy two get one free promo started in Canada this weekend. Ended up hitting this promo twice!! I love the winter collection and thought why not get some of them for free. In the end I bought two of the the blue droplets muranos and got the new enamel Wintery Delight Charm for free – your review cinched that purchase for me. My other spend was the new Royal Blue Crystal Galaxy Charm, the mesh bracelet and got the blue Orbit charm for free. I took my time deciding about the mesh bracelet but thought it was rather festive and I could stack it between two silver bangles so it would pop.

    I decided to buy the Rockette’s Ornament and (Black Friday Charm) through Tiedyedeb on eBay instead of buying just the Black Friday Charm. Hubby will have to buy my Christmas gift when the Pandora Porcelain promo comes out – really looking forward to that promo on Dec 1st.

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! So many different promos around the world, honestly the mind reels from trying to keep track of it all – so glad we have you to keep us on track.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, so pleased to hear that my review inspired one of your choices! :D It’s always a bit of a thrill when a post helps someone to make up their mind about a purchase. You picked some very pretty blue beads, and I did enjoy seeing your bracelet in the email you sent me. You have an eye for colour!

      Hope you now have your ornament, too, and thanks for commenting! <3

  22. I went in-store on Thursday work my mum and picked up the heat of winter dangle, 2 heart of winter clips, and the LE bangle. My mum also got a charm, 2 clips, and the bangle. Went on the website last night and the LE bangle offer has been taken down so they must have sold out already. Glad I got mine as soon as it started!

    • I know, the bangles seem to have sold out way faster than Pandora anticipated! It was officially scheduled to run until today. I went into store last Sunday and before I could even finish asking, they were telling me that none of the stores in the city had any left. It is a good deal! I got mine online though, so it worked out okay. ^^ Enjoy your new pieces!

  23. I got two essence bracelets and a free mesh bracelet with the two for three promo and then went back and got the heart of winter necklace and family tree necklace then the open pave bangle free. Then I ordered three of the shining elegance clips one in mosaic blue, clear and pink for three bracelets I am working on. I might get more essence bracelets tonight, still thinking about it. I have collected a lot of beads and have not got braclets for them yet.

    • Wow, sounds like you took very proper advantage of that promo :) I did think about doing bracelets but I have so many that I really shouldn’t encourage myself! That’ll just be inviting myself to buy three bracelets’ more worth of charms, haha. Sounds like you already have the beads in place though, so really you were just being sensible! ;)

  24. Has anyone ever order online from Pandora? I did on Sunday,however my experience was very weird. I didn’t receive any emails from Pandora to say they got my order. Although I did receive a notification from pay pal. I emailed them to confirm the order and they said it takes 48 hours to response. I waited but didn’t hear back. I called on Monday and spoke to the most unhelpful person, in fact I thought I must have dialled into the wrong customer service centre ( I hadn’t) I found the whole thing very unpleasant. Is this usual? thanks guys!

    • I’ve ordered form Pandora online a few times and not had any issues at all. I prefer however to order with Argento, John Greed, Swag or the Jewel Hut as they are authorised Pandora dealers, Have the same promotions, offer cashback (through the TOPCASHBACK website) and don’t charge for postage so good if you are spending less than £75

      • Thank you for your lovely reply Ali. Its the first (and last) time I will order with them. The experience has been horrible!. I checked there FB page and I am not the only one, which makes me feel a bit better…however I am still disappointed. 1) Because the order contained gifts and I won’t get the order in time for the occasions. 2) because I have always loved this brand. However their image doesn’t match there quality of service.
        However! thanks for the great idea to order with Pandora dealers. I will do that in the future. I live in Canada, so will find out who mine are.

        • Hi Jacqueline
          I have also ordered Pandora from the online dealer called Precious Accents in the US and had my order shipped to a US address (for me to tick up when on vacation there a couple of months later). I don’t know if they are in Canada or not.

    • I’m in Australia they email straight away and are very helpful on the phone are you sure you were on official website I didn’t think they had PayPal?

      • Hi Debbie, I am so happy to hear you had a good experience! Thanks for letting me know. That would explain a lot if I hadn’t been on the official site. However the website I use looks like the real deal :(

    • Hi Jacqueline, I haven’t ordered from Pandora Canada, but that does sound really stressful! :( I hope you got it sorted out!

  25. I am very sad. Still no promotions in my country (Serbia).
    On the other hand, Pandora Serbia is saving me a lot of money.
    I really hope so, that someone will hear my voice, and tell Pandora, that we, from Serbia, also love Pandora very much, and we also like promotions.
    Thank You

    • You should write to Pandora in your country directly, or post on their social media – it might only be a drop in the ocean to them, but at least they’d know! It is a shame that some regions are so much better than others at making collecting Pandora fun. :( I hope you get your promos soon!

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