Today ushers in a lovely little parcel of promos just in time for the holidays, with free bangles for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and then both a free ornament and a 35% off sale for the US! Pandora have been mad dishing out promos this year – particularly in North America – and this last little bundle of offers is the icing on a very generous cake. ?

Read on for a summary of what’s on offer starting today! ?

35% off selected items for Pandora US

There’s a bonus little promo starting in the US today, offering 35% discount on a range of Pandora items! This is running both in store and online, and will be available until 10 December.

While there’s no Pandora Disney, Rose or murano glass, there is still a surprising amount included in the sale! Pandora posted a little preview PDF of what’s on offer, and it’s extensive. Lots of the new holiday beads, including the popular Celestial Mosaic, the Christmas Polar Bear and more, plus a good selection of the charm bracelets, too. Many of the US exclusive engraved charms are also included!

This won’t be offered in Canada, however, I’m afraid. :( I am told that Canada will be getting a 3-for-2 offer on jewellery again after Christmas, though, so there’s that to look forward to. :)

Pandora Christmas ornament GWP for the US

Also beginning today for the US is the Pandora Christmas ornament GWP. This will be available right up until 24 December, and will be on offer with spends of $125 USD or more! I tested this on the Pandora US store, and it allowed you to include 35% off sale items as part of your spend for the ornament – so it looks like you can enjoy both offers! :)

Meanwhile Jared’s Galleria will be offering their own exclusive porcelain ornament across their chain of stores. You’ll be able to pick either the regular bell ornament or this pretty Jared exclusive ornament as your free gift!

Pandora Heart of Winter bangle GWP for Canada and Australia/New Zealand

In Canada, the Heart of Winter bangle is available starting today until 10 December with spends of $150 CAD or more! This is running both online and in store.

In Australia & New Zealand, the bangle will be free with a $150 AUD ($180 NZD) spend. However, there’s a slight twist – if you up your spend to $220 AUD ($250 NZD), then you get both the bangle and the Heart of Winter earrings for free!

This offer will be running until 20 December.

My Comment

So many promos, so little time (and $$$)! I am taking part in the Jared offer for sure, and  I’m planning on getting the Celestial Mosaic and the Sweet Panda (finally!). I might be tempted to get a couple of extra things in the 35% offer promo, depending on how sensible I’m feeling tomorrow, also. ? This time of year always puts me in a very Pandora-y mood!

I find it funny that Pandora US and Pandora Canada seem to be insisting on going their separate ways for promos these days, to the extent that Pandora Canada ran the ornament promo while Pandora US ran the bangle promo, and then Pandora US ran the ornament promo while Canada had the bangle. Why? ? Does no one think about the plight of bead bloggers when they organise these things?

Are you taking part in any of the offers?

75 Comments on Promotion Alerts: Holiday promos for the US, Canada and Australia!

  1. Hi,
    May I know, is all the selected item in the eligible promo list also applicable for 35% off ? or only means up to 35% off ? Is the ornament heavy coz I think to bring it back from US to my country. Do you know is there any tax refund will be given for tourist which is outside USA ? Thanks. Hope to hear from you. Cheers ;)

  2. Once again the U.K.miss out. We had the bangle promotion but not the option to up the spend and get the earrings. I love the Jared reindeer but have no way of getting one as I don’t know anyone in the U.S..

      • It’s not as good as the US, it’s true :( but they have definitely upped their game a little this year, before we had next to nothing. The 3-for-2 on charms earlier this year was pretty much unprecedented!

  3. Yes I agree with Jenny, Is there some thing wrong with the UK. we dont get the offers we cant get some of the great charms, even some available in europe. did we do some thing wrong. We have to do some serious searches on line to get some pieces. Rue La La is a great place to look and they have a sale on know. so I have had some extra presi’s for myself . Merry Holiday Season to All

    • I find the fact that not all charms get released everywhere more frustrating – some of them I can understand (the Chinese New Year beads probably don’t do that well in the UK) but when it’s just random decorative beads (like the Celestial Mosaic), it doesn’t make any sense to me!

      Happy holidays to you too! :)

  4. A great shame that the uk Pandora store don’t have the same amount of promotions as the USA and other countries. Why is this..? My holidays in the USA each year normally insides will a promotion so have been very lucky with free braclets and rings . Was even their for the sale and was given vouchers off my next spend . Come uk give us more promotions.

    • Individual regions decide their own promotional schedules :( I doubt that will change any time soon. Great that you get to go the US and take part in promos there though, that would be the icing on the cake for my holiday haha. :)

  5. Hi Ellie!

    This is great news indeed! I am headed to Jareds with my BFF to get the ornaments this morning. And now I will be sitting down to make a list for the promo items. I needed a few things to finish my granddaughters childhood bracelet (for me) like the signature heart and the artist palette. So I’m over the moon that they are on the promo list. Also, a few other things made the list that I haven’t bought up to now, like the cosmic stars colored clips. So my credit card is in serious jeopardy of a meltdown.

    I am constantly amazed at how you keep up with all the promos all over the world. And Pandora is certainly not making it easy for you these days…

    Thanks for the heads up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the best darn blogger ever!

    • I agree with you Deborah, I don’t know how Ellie does it!
      I quit reading my Facebook to keep up with MoraPandora’s blog. LOL

    • Hi Deborah! I hope you got everything you wanted :D I got a lovely little haul myself, and hopefully it’ll arrive with me in time for Christmas! If not, the fun will continue for a little while longer ^^

      Haha, I can’t tell you how much your comment made me smile Deborah! You are lovely – a very Merry Christmas to you too ???

  6. Thanks, Ellie! I just picked up the new Christmas Night snowglobe charm for my daughter from the online sale. Thank you for the heads up!

  7. The problem with that bangle is the engraving; a girl really can’t get it for herself without feeling awkward. Lol.

      • When somebody buys you something, no matter what, they’re thinking of you at that moment — that’s special; buying something for yourself and saying it’s from someone else is not special, to me. I just can’t do it. If I have to buy myself something sentimental from my husband, I’ll always know I bought it and he had nothing to do with it. I can’t fool myself so easily. Lol. My husband bought me amber and jade beads for Christmas, all by himself, without even telling me until after. I can’t wait to see what he picked.

        • Hi everybody. Here is my point of view.
          We, ladies, should do whatever we want to. And wear whatever we like. Never what we are suppossed to.

    • Haha, yeah, I feel similarly. There are some charms that I like but wouldn’t get for myself. The ‘you keep me warm’ snowflake dangle, for one! I think a gentle prompt is okay though ;)

      • My Pandora store ladies always know what I am coveting. My husband just has to walk in and tell them who he is. He says it’s very scary that they all know me by name! ?

        • Love that the staff know you by name. Sign of a Pandora fan like me. Our store has a high turnover of staff. My hubby gets overwhelmed by choice shopping there and in the lead up to Christmas it’s always a crush which he hated. Hence I buy on his behalf. He prefers Tiffany so I get a surprise bought from him for my birthday. So all good.

  8. Grr. I have been trying all morning to place an order with BeCharming, but the website won’t put the ornament in my bag. I’m going to Jared’s at lunch.

    • Whew. I placed a phone order with BeCharming; as of about 1:30 p.m. ET, they still had the Bell. Then I dropped into Jared and got a couple more charms, including the Jared exclusive stocking, and got the Reindeer.

      I am very pleased because all of what was on my list was 35% off, and I had planned to buy before I heard about the sale.

    • No, I tested that site when the promo first went live and had problems with it too. Glad you got your order in too! Amazing that everything you wanted was on sale. My friend went to Jared and got me the reindeer ornament, and then I got the mesh bracelet in the sale. For the Jared promo, I got the Celestial Mosaic and Home Sweet Home on sale, and then the Panda too. <3

  9. Hi Ella,
    I got Jasmine’s dress and Tinker’s shoe and received as the promo the beautiful Winter’s heart limited edition bangle. So happy! These will go under the XMAS tree.:)

  10. Hello Ellie, hello all!
    I am quite new to Pandora world and to this blog. I wish this blog would cover news from European Pandora shops too. I live in Greece and recently got the Heart of Winter promotion bangle. Unfortunately, we do not have the -35% promotion and as I have seen none of EU shops has it. I would like to buy the cz locket but it is crazy having to pay 139€ (164$) while it costs only 91$ in the US.

    • Hi Eleni. I agree with you 100%. Europe has on average less discounts and promotions than the US. Inside Europe there are big differences, too. And for what I often read here on the blog ladies in Canada and A/Z have reasons to complain, too. If Pandora’s policy is to have the same prices around the world, then I say that, as a customer, I want the same treats too. I think it’s fair.

    • Hello Eleni do you mean the bracelet with the drum closure all studded with cubic zirconia? Reference 590723CZ (in Italy, I hope everywere) I’m italian and in Italy it cost 79 euros. If you need I can help you after Christmas holidays. Write me

    • Hi Eleni! No, that offer isn’t running in the EU :( It seem unlikely that that locket will be going in an official EU sale at any point soon, so I’m not sure that I can offer any helpful advice apart from to maybe see if you can find a helper in the US via one of the Pandora pages. Or you could use a shipping forwarding service?

  11. Hi, do any of you know if the retired church charm has markings on it. I just purchased one from an Ebay seller.

    It looks like the real thing, but no markings anywhere.

    Thank you
    P.s. I know this has nothing to do with this article, Ellie, just had to ask. Thanks so much for your upbeat and lovely blog regarding all things Pandora!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    I went by Jared’s today and took part in the promos. I ended up with two Reindeer and two Jingle Bell ornaments and the Heart of Winter bangle! To hit the spends I bought two Twinkling Christmas Trees and a pair of the Shining Elegance silicone lined clips in Rose to go with the Sparkling Snowflake and blush pink Radiant Hearts I purchased during the 3 for 2 promo. I also got the Shining Elegance safety chain in Rose. I took part in the 35% off promo and bought the Heart of Winter dangle and a pair of matching clips for the free bangle, as well as, another Ice Crystal I’ve been wanting since last Christmas. It’s all so lovely this Winter. I’m very happy with my purchases, but broke again! Oh, last but not least, also picked up the beautiful Rockettes Ornament and charm. Well done Pandora!

    Thanks for the update, Ellie! Hope you’re having a beautiful holiday season!

    • Hi Emily! Oh my goodness! What a haul ☺️ I love your choices, I was so tempted by the new Rose pieces. I think they’re a really elegant twist on festive beads, if you don’t want to go for bright reds or enamel. I’ve also over-done it a bit this month – I was planning on getting the Ice Drops murano as well, but think that will have to go on a back burner until after Christmas lol!

      I’m having a lovely holiday season, thanks Emily, and hope you are too! Can’t wait for the office to close for the holidays the week after next. :) Thanks for commenting!

  13. I managed to behave lol I bought the charming owls which i have wanted since it’s debut and also a August signature heart charm. I didn’t want to be too bad since there are still a few gifts i need to get.

  14. I am over the free bangle promo. Think it’s time the UK got it instead of us. We’ve had it 3 years in a row now at least. Would prefer the 35% off promo instead.

  15. For those in the U.S., while Jared’s website has a section of charms for 35% off, they don’t have the Christmas/winter charms there although in the store anything in that theme was 35% off.

    • Thanks for the heads-up! I got my Celestial Mosaic at 35% off at Jared, but you’re right, it’s not on the website for whatever reason.

  16. Hello, I took part in all three promotions and really loved that Pandora gave us a discount on items also, what a nice surprise was able to get more off my list then had expected too. For the bangle promotion, I bought my second pave open bangle. I am really loving these cause I already have 14 completed bracelets and I do not want to make any more of them. I am happy with my collection as it is. So the open bangles allow me to still buy the charms I love and show case them without having to complete a whole bracelet. For the reindeer ornament I bought the blue galaxy charm and two clear shining elegance clips. And I did the bell ornament twice and got cosmic stars clip in blue multi, two shining elegance clips in blue multi the ice crystal, wintry delight, dazzling snowflake and the celestial mosaic. The Christmas collection was really nice this year. I was checking ebay and there are a lot of reindeer ornaments on there for sale, some sellers have 20 or more each they are selling, I was wondering how do these people get so many ornaments to sell? twenty or thirty at a time? seems crazy to me.

    • Hi Tammy, I know, it was a pleasant surprise, wasn’t it? Normally these sorts of promos are at least either/or! Pandora have been generous indeed laying on all the promos this year. That’s a nice idea with using your bangles to showcase more charms :) you picked some really beads, the Dazzling Snowflake is one of my favourites of the new winter designs. I’m afraid that the regular charm bracelets are the ones that appeal to me the most, so even though I do get bangles, I tend to start new full bracelets still! And I have surpassed fourteen full ones haha :)

      I think some stores bend the rules a little with the ornaments – I’ve read online about some stores being willing to sell the ornaments separately. So perhaps people buy a bunch and then sell for a profit on eBay. Those Jared ornaments are very desirable!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    My husband went in to the store to do some Christmas shopping he was spending a little over the $150. They gave him the choice of the bangle or the ornament left over from the previous promo. He asked me which one I preferred, he knows I collect the ornaments but love the bangles. The bangle has a nice sentiment although I agree with a previous comment it does limit who may buy it for you. I did the buy two get one free promo twice so the ornament promo had to go on the back burner. I love the promos but would love to see the buy two get one free moved to the new year, perhaps for Valentines.
    It is nice to see Pandora spreading the promos around the globe.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! That’s nice that he got the choice of free gift! I am a bit obsessive these days about collecting the Christmas ornaments (I never used to be fussed about them!), so I always go for that one. I did do the winter bangle promo this year as well though, as it worked out with my OH buying me a gift as well. ^^

      I hope you enjoy your new goodies! :) And it would be nice to see a promo or two for Valentine’s Day. You never know, if the trend continues, maybe Pandora will just keep throwing offers at us all year round haha.

  18. Regarding Pandora, in Italy we are made worse than everyone. In November there was a small promotion, if you bought for 129 euros they gave you a bracelet with a round clasp with a small heart i cz (limited edition) if instead you bought for 59 euros the aforementioned bracelet cost half, or 34.50 EUR. Can any of you buy from Hong Kong or Singapore? I would like some charms that I can not find in Europe … For Pandora, Europe is the bottom of the line

      • for me it is a small consolation. While in Asia and the States have the best charms, in Europe we only have balls and hearts, hearts and balls. No I do not agree, I want the same opportunities as other countries

    • Pandora US has really stepped up their marketing game. There are a lot of TV campaign ads for Pandora as well as the ones Jareds always runs. Maybe the modern “flash sale” promos will be such a hit here that they will implement this business model globally. I agree that you should be able to have the same opportunities worldwide. And I agree with Ellie that it’s frustrating not to be able to get a charm for sale in another country. I have been coveting that pave pear for a while now.

      • I think it’s as you say. In Italy you start to see advertising on TV and not only in newspapers, people know little about this brand and as it is quite expensive, they prefer to buy Morellato or Brosway. For example I’m in love with that red ball with cubic zirconia, I’m going crazy looking for someone who can buy it and send it to me, the same thing for Asian charms, contact people who do not answer me, this is very frustrating for me and I think : will it be because I’m Italian? I close this speech immediately, sorry for the outburst, I went off topic, I do not want to trigger controversy. I apologize

  19. Hi Ellie. I got Wintry Delight and Celestial Mosaic in the 35% off sale. I’m glad the 2 beads I wanted are in the selection of beads on sale. I think I may also get the festive stocking. I’m so glad Pandora started running sales in the US. It’s nice to be able to get a good discount without having to spend $200 or more in one shopping trip to get the discount. (Sorry to those of you without sales or promos in your country. That really stinks.)

    • Hi Judy! Yay, two of my favourite winter picks as well :) the festive stocking is cute, but knowing that there’s a special version with engraving and a nice box puts me off it a little. I don’t want to pay the $20 extra for it, but if that one goes on sale again, I’d be kind of tempted!

  20. Hi Ellie! Even though I should be on a ban, I have another large Pandora haul to speak of! I can never resist the ornaments! I ordered the Jared ornament online. I was pleased they offered it online this year. It sounds silly, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable going into a Jared store and buying Pandora. Plus, the stores near me have had iffy stock of the ornament in the past. I ordered two of the Jared-exclusive Sparkling Festive Stocking Charms (one for me and one for my mom) and a Blue Mosaic Shining Elegance Clip. I already received the order in record time (two-day shipping was free)! The ornament is beautiful. It’s a little smaller than the others, but I like that it’s a little bit lighter weight.

    I also ordered the Rose Sparkling Snowflake Pendant and a Silver Shining Elegance Clip from to get the bell ornament. I haven’t received it yet. It’s a bit of a splurge, but the pendant will look so lovely on a necklace. My BFF and I exchanged Christmas gifts yesterday, and I received a Pandora gift card, so I ordered a few more items last night: the Green Radiant Hearts Charm, the Polar Bear Charm, the Heart of Winter Ring, the Christmas Tree Petite, and a Starry Formation Clip. Most of what I bought was part of the sale. I am definitely done buying Pandora for awhile—for real this time—but I’m OK with that because there have already been so many sales here in the U.S. so I won’t need to indulge in any spending on Dec. 26th. Plus, I’m not interested in too much of the Valentine’s Day collection—just the Rose gold ring. I hope you receive your purchases in a timely manner, Ellie!

    • Hi Joanne! Haha, me neither, I have to get the ornaments too these days :D including the Jared ones! I’ve heard other people say the same about Jared and Pandora. But they make a big deal about Pandora on their website at the moment, and they’ve been getting more and more exclusive Pandora items (charms and ornaments etc), so I think that as a brand they’re certainly hoping to get people in the door to shop Pandora. If that makes you feel any better! I did think about the Jared exclusive stocking, but there were other things I wanted to get more. Maybe next year! Glad to hear that you like the ornament, I’m really looking forward to receiving mine :)

      Wow, that is some haul! :D Excellent present from your BFF. :) The Polar Bear is adorable, so I am sure that you will love it! I’ll be reviewing him very shortly. He’s my only major Christmas review this year I think! I did get the HoW bangle but it’s been put way until Christmas.

      Thanks for commenting, Emily, and enjoy your rather spectacular array of new beads and goodies :)

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