Believe it or not, we have one last Pandora promotional push for North America before Christmas hits! Today sees the start of a 30% discount on select Pandora items for Canada, a gift set offer for the US, and another Rue La La sale on Pandora ❄️?

Read on for a summary of what’s on offer!

30% off select Pandora items for Canada

Running this weekend only, Pandora collectors in Canada can enjoy 30% off select items both in-store and online! Pandora are calling the promotion ‘friends & family’, but you don’t need to be part of the Pandora club or anything as far as I can see.

However, it’s worth noting that Pandora are labelling all items sold in this promotion as FINAL SALE, and you cannot return or exchange them! It seems too that you cannot combine this offer with the Heart of Winter bangle GWP, which is also still running. :(

Much like the recent US 35% discount offer, lots of the new Christmas charms are included, such as the Holiday Wreath, Festive Stocking, Winter Wonderland and the adorable Christmas Polar Bear (which I recently reviewed!).

You can see a fuller list at the Canadian eStore.

20% off select Pandora gift sets in the US

Several US stores on Instagram are offering an extra 20% off select gift sets for today only (December 15). I’ve not been able to find this offer online, so it might be in-store only. It’s probably worth checking with your local to see what they have on offer! :)

Pandora 12 Days of Christmas 2017 for US

This is the year that haven’t run a special Advent giveaway for Pandora lovers the world over, much to the disappointment of many collectors!

However, Pandora US have organised a ’12 days of Christmas’ giveaway on their social media for the second half of the run-up until Christmas. This is only for US collectors – Canada hasn’t been included, unfortunately. :(

We’re up to Day 3 today – you can see more details at the Pandora_NA Twitter page.

Pandora back on Rue La La

Finally, I recently had an email from US shopping site Rue La La to let me know that Pandora was back on offer for the rest of December. There aren’t any new styles, but there remain some great items on offer – including last year’s limited edition holiday bangle, various Black Friday beads and lots of festive charms!

It’s a members-only website, but you can sign up using my affiliate link here.

For more info on Rue La La and their sales, check out my latest post about them here!

My Comment

Lots of promos still popping up everywhere, but I am beyond out of funds at this point and need to hunker down until Christmas now! ^^ My Christmas shopping is complete, and I’ve got a lovely Pandora haul on the way to me from my friend in the US (which includes the very beautiful Jared exclusive reindeer ornament!).

I hear lots is going to be included in the Pandora UK sale, too, so I need to put aside some pennies in case anything catches my eye there!

Are you taking part in any of these last-minute offers?

47 Comments on Promotion Alerts: 30% off for Canada, 20% off gift sets for US and Pandora at Rue La La

  1. Of the 305 items on sale at the Canada e-store, too many have been “out of stock” for weeks, and I know this because I’ve been waiting for some of them. Why put items on sale when they’re not in stock?

    Pandora also has to remove all the retired charms from the Canada e-store as they are not available, have not been available since retirement. Why are they on the site, on sale, when they ARE NOT available, on sale or otherwise?

    Their e-store is a mess and their online sales are not sales at all when items shown as on sale are not available to sell. It’s a shame.

    I might look at Rue though, so that’s something. ;-)

    • Also, I meant to say in my original comment and then forgot and then got busy elsewhere…my life.

      In Canada Pandora has to be wary of misleading consumers by offering for sale items they actually do not have for sale, that practice a big no-no under the Competition Act and leaves them open to penalties and fines if consumers complain.

      • I noticed many of the charm that I am interested in are out of stock online. Interesting what you said about competition act. Guessing Pandora includes these items so consumers know what is 30% off in-store even though none online.

        • If the stock is not available online, the “online sale” is false. The sale banner states “available online and in-store, and that’s false, and that breaks the Act. Also, merchants having a sale must have adequate stock before the sale begins to accommodate customers. Pandora put items “on sale” that haven’t been “in stock” for days or weeks. They’re really insulting Canadians.

        • That was my thought too Kelly – that they might be including them so that you know that you might be able to find them in store if not online. It is a shame for those who get excited to see something on sale online, only to find it sold out though.

        • Actually no. My girlfriend was in a concept store on the coast this morning and they don’t carry retired beads, so they can’t sell them on sale, neither can the online store, because they don’t have them, nor have they ever had them since retirement. She called a store back east where her mom lives, and they don’t have retired items either. No, I don’t know about elsewhere, but in Canada a sale online is a sale at the online store, the same as a sale at a brick store, it must have the sale items in stock as advertised on the sale banner, and Pandora does not, did not have stock of the online sale items.

        • Just a thought, maybe to clarify. The online store and the .net website are two different things. The .net Pandora Canada website shows items that are available online, and in-store only. The e-store should only show what’s available online, otherwise, it’s misleading customers. It’s a store, and must operate as such under the rules.

  2. Do you know when the Pandora UK online sale starts this year? I’m saving up some pennies as well ? I hope I find some bargains from my wish list. Are you Hopi g for a lot of good things? Thanks x

  3. Hi Ellie!

    Urban Fusion on line has the 20% offer on the Snowy Wonderland gift set, the le stocking, and the Shine Bright earring set.

    They are authorized Pandora on line dealers.

    I am done Pandora shopping for 2017 as well. At least I think I am… that stocking is pretty cute!

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks for the tip! I’d be kind of tempted by the 2017 stocking, but luckily it’s not available on sale from any of the sellers online I’ve seen haha.

  4. I have a question, why does Pandora think that women must wait for someone to purchase an item for them? Many of us do it simply for enjoyment and satisfying ‘self’ Ergo…why do they continue to write mushy statements on their bangle? Leave it alone to spell timeless classics. I am so tired of writings like..’you melt my heart’ Who melts my heart? I want the bangle because it fits with my persona. If they continue, I am out of here. I want a bangle w/o writing. No need for validation…alright with my love ones. Sorry for venting.

    • I would have bought the bangle if it hadn’t been for the writing. While my husband buys me plenty Pandora, I purchase as much or more for myself. I wish they would, at least, give you the option of writing or no writing.

    • I agree. The SAs seem to think it’s weird that I buy charms for myself. Seems I should only be buying as gifts and they hate it when I ask them not to gift bag them. Just getting them to only put the charms in a pouch is not the done thing apparently. Sigh. Bring back the lovely jewellers who used to sell Pandora I say.

      Anyways, thanks for the heads up Ellie. Hope some of your followers grab a bargain in this last minute sale.

      • Well, of course we musn´t be waiting that someone else buy things for us. When I really like a charm I buy it for myself regardless of any message. I agree with you that no engraving at all should be the best option. But I´m not going to be put down by such silly sentences. After all i´m not going to read them, either so I forget they are there, lol!

      • Haha, I often do my shopping online these days for that reason. In store, they often ask, ‘is it a gift?’ and the answer is always a sheepish ‘no…’ ?

    • I do think there’s a great case for selling both an engraved or unengraved version of bracelets and charms like these :) there are a few pieces I’ve passed over as they have explicitly family-themed messages on them etc.

  5. Thanks Mora! Found a ring on Rue La La that with tax & shipping included was still cheaper than the outlet price, so thanks for the post. Now, let’s hope I can get to the mailbox before anyone else does when it comes. Lol

  6. Also, Ellie, we can combine the sale items with the GWP bangle, if we include in our order at least one non-sale item. I did that this morning and the bangle was offered, but I don’t want it, so I removed one item from my bag. Lol.

      • I actually refused it twice. The first time though I was able to click “no thanks” on the offer. The second time, during the sale, I didn’t get the “no thanks”. Just a glitch.

  7. Hi Ellie,

    This is great news! Finally Pandora is offering discounts in Canada. We can no longer complain that we have been excluded from receiving discount promos. When I was visiting France last summer I Happened upon one of these 30% off selected charms sales. I was able to pick up some nice charms, many retired & even with the currency exchange it was a great deal. My husband bought me the gold wanderlust charm for our anniversary and it was so romantic that it came from Paris, during our travels. The man has been buying me Pandora for years now and It was nice to see him get a $$ break. I went to the e-store site and found a few discounted items my shop in shop are out of – the last two promos cleaned out a lot of their stock. Anyway, I sifted through all the categories! If you don’t the website will only feature holiday charms that are discounted, and picked out some clips & spacers. I am thrilled Pandora offering this promo in Canada. Thanks for the heads up.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, I’m glad you’re excited :D it’s great that Pandora are starting to expand their promo offering so much. I know that we in the UK and other European countries don’t get as much as the US, for example, but we’re certainly getting more than we used to, as well. Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3

  8. Thanks for the updates Ellie, you’re a star!! I spent all my Pandora money in the previous promotions for Thanksgiving and the 35% off US promo. However could be tempted more if the outlets run a promotion end of year.. I’m also hoping Rue do a really good moonlight madness sale soon :) Yay so exciting to look forward to!

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