Another little bonus promo today as US shopping site Rue La La has just announced that they’ll be offering 60% off Pandora today in a 24-hour flash sale! The sale is due to start from 11AM ET (4pm UK time) today and finishes at the same time on Sunday.

The artwork for this sale doesn’t offer many clues – I’m not sure whether all their Pandora jewellery stock will be on 60% or not, or whether only certain items will be included in the pop-up sale. There are so many great things on offer there at the moment though that I’m sure some good stuff will be included one way or another though!

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years. Also, for readers outside the US, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now!

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

47 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora 60% discount at Rue La La today!

  1. Thank you for the heads up and clarification of rue la la being an authorized seller as I’m new to Pandora and don’t know who is legitimate or not!

  2. If you look on the site, it seems there are items already in the sale mode. I purchased the PANDORA Jewelry Unique Limited Edition Snowflake Moments Silver CZ Bangle for $29.99.
    Whether it will just be select items, or all, there are items in the 60% off showing now.
    I really shouldn’t, just shouldn’t, but, back to take another peek lol.

    Victoria, you can definitely shop at the Rue with confidence. Like you, I am fairly new to the Pandora family. So understand your hesitation about ordering. You can always look on Pandora web site, they have a list of authorized online sellers for your location (mine being the US). Another one I have ordered from is BeCharming. Very positive with them as well.

    Marie, I agree, the temptation was to strong. I had several items in cart, took them out, put back, took out lol.
    Ultimately purchased the bracelet, the price was to good to pass up.
    The Dragonfly pendant is another exceptional priced item. I purchased it just a couple weeks ago and now it is $43.99.
    I know I’ll be back to browse there in a bit.
    Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

    • What new shoppers to Rue should pay attention to is the starting (crossed out) prices on items, sometimes they’re correct, sometimes a little high, and sometimes a lot high, so to get a good deal, you have to know your country prices. Rue’s starting Canadian prices are far too high on some items, even with the highest tax included. I’m not sure where they’re getting those prices from, but if it’s incorrect to begin, that makes the discount not so great.

      I’m not seeing anything 60% off yet. Hopefully later. :-)

      • It might be just a translation of the original USD pricing? Some of the GBP prices are too high as well but I think because they’re just converting the original USD pricing into GBP – could be wrong though!

    • TerriK, if you are still in that window of returning you can buy it again at the cheaper price and return the more expensive one for store credit (if you are planning to buy more in the future). I just did that for the royal blue eternity spacer and saved $9 which is a good chunk toward another charm!

    • Hope you had a great holiday too, and I’m very glad to read that Rue honoured the price difference! I’ll bear that in mind for future sales, as I’m sure I’ve been caught by that in the past. :)

  3. I’m seeing some now too when you search for Pandora under “Brands”. I bought a second twice as nice clear cz spacer. I wish I got my first one at such a good price!! I also caved and got the windmill. I usually wait for the 65% off sales but I was afraid it’d never go that low and the sell out.

    • Sarah, love the Twice as Nice spacer. I think I will get another set. Also like the Her Majesty spacer.
      I have eyed the Windmill as well. Haven’t decided where I would use it yet though, lol

      • I have decided I will put the Windmill on the ‘day’ half of my future design of a night/day sky bracelet, to represent wind. I just love the look of that little windmill; I needed to make it fit somewhere haha.

        And I got the purple “her majesty spacers” last 65% off sale and was surprised with how much I liked them. I am now waiting for the pink ones to go lower in price!

        • What a nice idea for the Windmill.
          I purchased the clear spacers as it gives a little something extra and easy to work in any theme, but I’m considering a purple hue bracelet so may need to look at the purple spacer again .
          Yikes, it is so addicting to create different theme bracelets!
          My next project will be to locate a “play tray” so I can do just that lol.

    • Oh amazing! The Windmill is such a beautiful bead. So detailed and petite! My parents brought mine back from me when they were on holiday in Amsterdam. :D

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Will be checking out the Rue sale at 9:00 am. That’s the equivalent of 11:00 am eastern time here.

    I don’t imagine there will be anything new to their boutique already discounted 60%, but it’s a great time to pick up a second or third charm to do a repetitive styling.

    For the newbies, I’ve been buying from Rue La La for years. And not just Pandora. Great site in my experience. Their customer service is great when you call or e-mail. And my returns have always been credited promptly. Occasionally they have shipped a wrong size bracelet or charm, but it has always been straightened out quickly and efficiently.

    Of course, I’m in the US, so no international shipping is involved.

    I almost hope they don’t have anything I want this time. I’ve overspent a bit this month and my credit card is tired. And the Valentines Day Collection will be here before we know it. There are a couple of things I want then.

    Merry Pandora Christmas!

      • Another breaking update! Went back to Rue for another look. Ordered the two Rose gold stacking rings – clouds and hearts.

        • I took another look as well lol. The Vintage Heart and Wish Upon A Star are 2 on my list. And of course they are in the sale, so…
          Have a feeling they will be on the way to me.

    • Hi Deborah! I ended up getting the Floral Lace dangle. Super pretty and very affordable on discount… it’s a pretty conservative choice after my most recent indulgences lol!

      I don’t want anything from the Valentine’s collection itself, but the God of Fortune CNY bead and the Club charm are in my sights :D So I’m stocking up on sales purchases as I don’t imagine I’ll be buying many new beads until Spring hits.

      A very Merry Pandora Christmas to you too Deborah! :D

    • Oh how nice! I purchased the Lacewing Butterfly clips recently. They are very nice. Think I will be using on the fairy bracelet.
      Have eyed the Floral Lace dangle as an addition to that bracelet as well.

    • Oh, lovely choices! I hadn’t noticed the Floral Lace dangle was in the sale so I might have gone back and got it myself after reading your comment… ☺️

  5. By the way, Merry Christmas to all the ladies on this blog. May you have a wonderful time with your nearest and dearest full of peace and love.
    Thanks Elli. Best wishes ?

  6. Bonus, when I checked out an offer of 1 year of shipping for $30.00 instead of the $50.00 fee popped up. Yes I took advantage as I seem to be ordering frequently lol.

  7. Hi ladies,

    I was showing my niece the Rue La la sales yesterday and could not resist to order more charms…

    A Deep ocean sea glass murano for my celestial theme bracelet

    A Daisy meadow for my purple & lilac bracelet which I plan to add Disney Daisy in the new year

    A Monkey dangle for my Disney Jasmine theme bracelet which I just started working on.

    And four Royal Blue Eternity Crystal spacers (could not miss this opportunity to buy my very first spacers at 60% off)

    Now I plan to be good until… New Year LOL?????

    • Hi Rachelle, sounds like a fantastic haul :D the daisy meadow issupririsngly pretty when you see it in person – a really lovely shade of lilac/lavender :)

      Good luck staying on the wagon for a little bit now haha! ??

  8. Hi! I want to thank you for alerting me to this – I managed to snag some very nice pieces at a wonderful price.

    I have been going on to the Rue La La site for the past 4-5 days, and I cannot find any sign of any Pandora jewelry on there. It’s so odd! Has Rue La La stopped selling Pandora jewelry? Any info you have would be much appreciated. I appreciate all you do to keep us updated on the latest charms.

    • Hi Louise (and Mae!),

      Rue La La don’t sell Pandora permanently – they run sales every month, but there’ll be down periods in between them where Pandora isn’t listed. They’re actually running a 60% flash sale from 8pm ET this evening and there’s more coming up as well! :)

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