Merry Christmas one and all! To all who are celebrating today, I hope that your day is/has been wonderful, and that you’re relaxed, happy, and well fed. ^^ (And, if you were hoping for Pandora in your stocking, then I hope you got it! ?)

Regardless of whether you’ve been festive today or not, the Pandora post-Christmas sales should hopefully contain some exciting offers! As is traditional, today’s post offers a round-up of various offers and sales running around the globe.

Pretty much every region is running a sale of some sort starting tomorrow or the day after, so the details for each are pretty similar. There are some differences in the format of each sale, and I’ve noted these for each one where I can!

I’ll try and update later on if I come across more offers! :) If you know of anything I’ve not included, then please do let us know – it’s always a big help and very much appreciated.

Pandora US Winter Sale 2017

The US will be getting a winter sale, starting tomorrow! :) This will be offered both in store and online, as I understand.

Pandora Boxing Day sale US 2017

The sale will work as follows:-

  • Buy 1 item, get a 25% discount
  • Buy 2 items, get a 35% discount
  • Buy 3 items, get a 45% discount

I don’t yet know what will be included, but I’ll be keeping an eye out! There have been some great offers in the US sales recently. :)

Pandora Boxing Week Event 2017 for Canada

In Canada, Pandora is offering a 40% discount on select items, running from today until 7 January. Despite the advertising specifying ‘select items’ very carefully, the sale seems rather extensive, with pretty much all the most recent Winter 2017 releases on offer and many items besides!

Pandora Boxing Day Sales 2017

It seems like most of Pandora’s existing collection has been included. :S It will be running both in store and online! (Also, I like the polka dot banners they’ve done for the sale this year! ^^)

Pandora UK Boxing Day Sale 2017

Pandora UK started their winter sale early this year, with the first drop of sales items coming back on 20 December. If you log on to the official eStore now, there’s a good selection of discounts on offer already, advertised with a fancy moving banner and everything! They’ve added more since the sale first launched however, so it’s definitely worth checking back in if you’ve not looked since the first day it started.

The sale will also be available in-store from tomorrow (up until now it’s been online only).

Pandora Boxing Day International sales 2017 (Asia, Australia, & Europe)

Most regions will be running official boxing day sales, with many starting online today!

  • The sale has just gone live online for Australia & New Zealand, offering bargains on a variety of Disney beads, including the Rapunzel muranos. It will be running in store and online until 7 January.

  • In Singapore, the winter sale will offer up to 40% off selected items and will run from 26 December to 28 January.
  • In Germany and the Netherlands, the sale has begun online today, offering up to 50% discount!

Pandora sale continues at Rue La La

The sale on Pandora continues at US shopping site Rue La La for the rest of December. There aren’t any new styles, but there remain some great items on offer – including last year’s limited edition holiday bangle, various Black Friday beads and lots of festive charms!

It’s a members-only website, but you can sign up using my affiliate link here.

For more info on Rue La La and their sales, check out my latest post about them here!

My Comment

I’ve already bought two things from the UK sale – the Wise Owl, which I’ve wanted for such a long time! – and the zodiac silver Horse pendant. Just because! They arrived already, and I’m so pleased with both of them. I’ll be keeping an eye on the US 45% sale in case there’s anything I *have* to have, as well! ^^

And, in my stocking today, I was thrilled to get the Heart of Winter bangle and the Pandora Rose pavé heart clasp bracelet from my OH. As usual, he had been primed, and I had charms ready in advance to go on both bracelets. :P Excuse the poor lighting in this photo – it’s been such a gloomy day here!

Are you planning on hitting the sales? And did you get any fun Pandora treats today?

50 Comments on Pandora Boxing Day 2017 Sales & Offers Round-up

  1. Merry Christmas Ellie and family! Thank you for updating us even on a holiday! Love the way you styled your bracelet – the baby blue works very well with the rose gold. I did get Pandora in my gifts today – Mum and I bought our final essence charms from the sale, to add to our essence bracelets. We are also waiting for one more ‘cheeky’ sale order to arrive – got some of the fabric cord friendship bracelets as a gift for my aunty, myself and Mum, plus the cerise heart charm which I have wanted ever since their Valentine collection, and a pair of earrings for Mum. After that, it will be strict window shopping only hehe! Enjoy the festive season ?

    • Merry Christmas Jemma! You are very welcome, there’s been quite a lot of Pandora news to blog over this Christmas haha. To be honest, it’s nice that I can do it at my own pace at home during the holidays, rather than having to fit it around my job ^^ Glad you like my bracelet as well, than you! :D

      Oh yay, I may or may not have gone for a few more bits in the sale as well… I went for a couple of things in the Australian and the uS sales, but have managed not to go back for more in the UK. There are some nice things included though! <3 Enjoy the rest of Christmas and your new Pandora purchases too!

      • Thank you so much Ellie! My sale order arrived today (ordered on 22nd so not too long a wait, despite Christmas in between.) I am overall happy with the friendship cord bracelets but would no way pay the full price of them, so if you are thinking about getting them, I definitely recommend considering the UK sale option. The cerise heart charm is beautiful and looks better in real life than the website imho. Plus its very light weight!! Hope you had a good Christmas, enjoy the New Year celebrations!

        • Amazing! My UK sale order arrived in record time, which I was surprised by. Enjoy your new goodies and a very happy new year to you too!

  2. My husband gave me the bright ornament charm. He is a bit of a procrastinator and I reminded him three times to go get it (or tell me he was getting something else so I could go get it). However based on previous years’ overstock I wasn’t that worried. But he told me today they actually had sold out and he had to drive an hour to find one. I am really surprised they actually stocked properly to sell out this year. Especially ironic with all of the previous Black Friday charms being sold on rue la la right now.

    • Aha, well done that man :) I’m surprised to hear that they sold out as well – as you say, historically Pandora’s limited editions have been easy to find for years after their release, haha. I’m glad he managed to find you one!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I must have been very, very good this year! I received the Rose Gold Gift Set from my husband. A fair trade don’t you think. – he got Apple mince pie and I got Pandora!!

    From my son I received way too many charms from my wish list. He went as overboard as I sometimes do.

    Now to check out the sale. I still haven’t gotten the Heart of Winter Clips to go with my bangle. Hope they are in the sale.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas filled with Pandora under your tree. And Merry Christmas to everyone!

    • Merry Christmas for a final time Deborah, and a happy new year! :) Hope you have had a lovely couple of days. Haha, that sounds like a very good trade! :P To be fair, I’d give a lot myself for a slice of my favourite cake. Maybe not some rose gold Pandora, but still ?

      Aw, how sweet of your son! I hope you got your Heart of Winter clips – I thought the sales this year have been pretty great all round, from what I’ve seen. it’s fun that they’ve all included so many different things.

  4. I was happy to see a straight sale here, and not a spend to save or another GWP; I really dislike those. I hit Pandora this morning, now I’ll wait a few days to see if other brands I collect offer anything good before hitting Pandora again. Thomas Sabo opened their sale yesterday, but there’s nothing I want.

  5. Merry Xmas Ellie and to all our blog friends.
    My niece got me the spacer Minnie bows which will go on my Princesses bracelet. My sister gave me the dangle Sweet Sister which is great since I love dangles. Under the Xmas tree was all my charms to make my new Canadian holiday theme bracelet which I just love. I will post a picture on Instagram today… look for love.is_magical

    • A belated Merry Christmas to you too Rachelle! I just found your Instagram with your two bracelets :D So nice to actually be able to see them, they are beautiful!

  6. Will more items be added tomorrow in the UK boxing day sale? Seems a little thin on the ground compared to last years offering. I was happy to see the bow safety chain on sale, I was going to purchase it during the GWP promo but but talked myself out of it (then regretted it!)

    • I think they already added in the extras a little early – but perhaps they might keep chucking stuff in, you never know :) the eStore often seems to add this and that to sales and the outlet section of their website as they go along. I thought the sale was quite good to begin with, there’s not as much left now!

  7. I’m glad I missed the previous 35% off sale because now I have money to splurge on this 40% off sale (in canada). And I may or may not use this opportunity to buy some 2018 birthday presents early haha

    • Excellent idea! ☺️ Unfortunately I did not miss the 35% off sale and I didn’t miss this one either haha!

  8. Merry Christmas to everybody again! ? Happy to know Santa was generous to you all!
    For my part I’m relaxed and well fed. In fact, I don’t think I will be able to eat anything else in at least a week!
    The green jewelery box is offered in Spain with a purchase of 129 € or more till 6th January. I will take part as there are enough charms I want from the Three kings to hit the spend. Hope you had fun at baking and that your Pandoras survived the proccess and are safe and sound, in the best posible condition welcomming their new family members ?
    Btw, that light blue and rose styling is sooo lovely. I’d never had thought of that combination but it is lovely!. I may copy it (with your permission) in the future when I had rose beads.
    Well dear Ellie, dear ladies may the new year bring you all the peace, love and health every human being deserves. And if it comes with some treats in the form of Pandora pieces, souch the better ?

    • Correcting myself: spent (not spend), possible ( not posible), (wellcoming, mistake at duplicating the consonants) and so much the better. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I hate making mistakes. Buttons should be bigger than fingers! And I should check before hitting “send” ?

    • And to you Marie! Father Christmas was definitely generous for me this year, I’m loving my Rose bracelet :) and I also got the Filled with Romance heart from my family. ^^ I also had a truly scrumptious Christmas dinner! All the cooking paid off, with only a few culinary crises along the way ? All my Pandora did indeed survive, although the kitchen needed a bit of TLC afterwards lol!

      Thanks for letting us know about the box! Have fun picking out all your beads, although I’m sure you don’t need telling :)

      Yay, thanks Marie! I would be thrilled if you copied it, be my guest ^^ a very happy new year to you too Marie, I look forward to reading more of your comments next year too! <3

  9. Hi Ellie you have filled your bracelet lol that was quick very quick on the sales too. :) I got the floating locket necklace which is so lovely, the sale is so good lots of lovely charms and rings. Hope you have had a good day.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, I have been collecting all the charms for a little while now… I originally had them on an oxidised bracelet but prefer this much more! :) Yay, you got the Floating Locket – and which petites will you put it in it?

      I had a lovely day, thank you, and a really relaxed Boxing Day too – hope you did as well Nicola!

      • I got the three different flower petite I have had a lovely few days off but it back to work for me sadly tommorrow.

        • Oh amazing :) aw, it’s back to work for me tomorrow. Sorry to hear you got such a short holiday :(

  10. Hi Ellie, your bracelet looks lovely. Didn’t know that baby blue look so good with rose gold. The Australia sale looks pretty good. Some items have came down abit since good friday sale. I’m thinking of getting the bow bangle that i have been eyeing since it’s release and the rupunzel murano. But will hit the store first. If unavailable, will buy online. Bcos i’m too impatient to wait for the mail. ?

    • Yay, glad you like it! :) originally I just had the blues on an oxidised bracelet but it looked really washed out, and then I was playing around with my beads and realised how great the Rose was to give it a bit more life :D I have ordered a couple of things from the Australian sale to my brother, who’s currently out there on holiday again, including the Rapunzel murano! Hope you got one too ? I always used to be too impatient for the post to arrive when I ordered Pandora, but now I quite like the build-up haha!

      • Ah, that’s a shame! There’s quite a lot in the US one. I went for the Club charm (I had a feeling that it would be good to wait for that one) and then the Red Twinkle Murano and the Koinobori murano. Really pleased with those!

  11. Thank you for lovely ongoing blog with such brilliant information and ideas. I had some lovely Pandora treats and gave a lot too. Been tempted in the sale to get the essence dedication charm and the pink sweet sentiments charm just now, seemed a great bargain and have had them in mind to get for a while now. Happy new year. Best wishes.

    • Yay, thank you, Liz! Glad to hear that Pandora was received, what did you get? ☺️ Hope you decide to go for your sales picks! I got the owl and the horse pendant in the UK sale, and on a whim just got the £10 kangaroo charm too.

      Best wishes for the new year to you too, and thank you for commenting!

  12. I got 3 beads today which was nice. Good job filling up your bracelet! The ice drops murano looks nice with the Pandora Rose. I will check out the US sale, but I really shouldn’t get anything.

    • Thanks Judy! I originally had the blue without the Rose on an oxidised bracelet but it was too pale for my liking :) this is better! Glad you got what you wanted for Christmas, enjoy :)

  13. Hi all and merry Christmas and a happy New Year, all my Christmas presents arrived to my letterbox in Australia from rue la la the day before we left. I was praying they would arrive otherwise all would be lost lol. I received a charm from each of my family members. The Christmas pudding because we have a tradition to buy Darrell Lea Christmas puddings and see how many we can find half price on boxing day. And i received the black Friday 2016 charm. Oh my, it’s so much prettier in person. Super pleased. Also the dog bowl from my grand-puppy. Unfortunately my coffee pot was defected but i contacted rue and they were wonderful and sorted it out. Another is on the way. My husband gave me the perfume bottle instead.

    Thanks Ellie for your dedication and the wonderful job u do keeping us informed.

    • Hi Leanne! And to you ☺️ That’s lovely timing, you started Christmas a little earlier! Glad you got the coffee pot sorted with Rue, it’s a really sweet bead. Sounds like you got a great haul, I hope you had fun styling them all :D

      You are very welcome Leanne, and thank you for commenting! Happy new year! :)

  14. Hi Ellie, your new bracelet is so pretty. Love the combination of rose gold and baby Blue. I have been in store for the sale. By the time I got there mid-afternoon there weren’t many charms left. Much more available online. I picked up the tropical sunset charm. This is my first button charm. Wouldn’t have paid full price but couldn’t resist buying it at the sale price.

    • Hi Lozzie! Thank you, I’m so glad you like it! ☺️ Yes, I notice that a lot of the button style charms end up on sale – I loved the Shimmering Medallion from last year but also wouldn’t have paid full price for it. Got in the summer sale! :) The Tropical Sunset is a fun bead!

  15. HI Ellie,

    Thanks for the heads up on this promo between cooking Christmas dinner. I was able to pick up some older silver charms and spacers that I was pretty certain my local retailer was out of. Tomorrow I will go to my local shop in shop and see what they have in the way of newer stuff. Hubby was very generous and to use your words he was primed for the shopping trip. I couple of weeks ago SNL did a Pandora skit/Christmas commercial and I roared with laughter and reaffirmed why giving a wish list is a good idea. My husband has never bought me a coffee cup charm because I like coffee (boy do I love coffee) and to be honest he wouldn’t be so literal in his selection for me but he got a kick out of the satire. Your OH might find it amusing.
    I am very pleased that Pandora has broken the “Pandora doesn’t discount” rule for NA. I am impressed that they have included new charms in the selection.
    Hope you are enjoying your holidays – the extra updates are appreciated.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, I know, wasn’t that SNL skit hilarious? I fully intend to include it in my next news round-up, I hope I don’t forget! And you know what, I actually thought that little coffee cup was really cute. ? So we could well have had the exact same conversation as they did in the skit, only I’d have been very sincere in saying, ‘Oh it’s one of these!’ ? My boyfriend also laughed a lot, but hastened to add – ‘I think Pandora was a more original present back when I got you it.’

      You are very welcome Lisa, glad it was useful and that you got some pieces on sale! I finally caved and got the koinobori murano, seeing as it was such a good price :D it’s no use buying anything full price from Pandora these days it seems, it just comes back around on sale within weeks at the moment!

      Hope you are having a lovely relaxing time, and thank you for commenting :)

  16. Merry Christmas Ellie! I already knew what my Pandora for Christmas was as I had husband put away my haul from the Christmas ornament and Black Friday sale. Nothing from my wish list was in the NZ Boxing day even though there were a lot of charms in it! I’ve got two Cosmic star clips on their way from the sale as they were a great price in the sale (they were too pricey for me at $100 each). I also bought the pink field of flowers which wasn’t in the sale. That was a bit of a panic buy fear of missing out as the purple version has just retired here.

    • Merry Christmas Emma! :D I knew mine too, but it just meant that I had a month or so to look forward to it. ^^ Oh, nice, I was tempted by the pink Cosmic Stars clip in the UK sale as well. I still might be, lol! The pink Field of Flowers murano is stunning, I’m very surprised that they retired so quickly. Enjoy! <3

      • My Pink cosmic stars clip arrived this morning! I’d never seen it or the purple version in store before but I wasn’t disappointed! Loving my new clips . My nearest pandora is almost 2 hrs drive away but I found out I could do phone orders from them . The cosmic star clips had sold out from pandora online by the time I had decided I’d get them ? so I was lucky

        • Oh amazing! I just went and ordered it in the UK one :P it should arrive later this week! Enjoy yours too <3

  17. Hi Ellie!

    I hope all is well. I’m hoping to participate in this spend. I did participate in the last sale. I’m hoping i can get my local store on the phone to put my items on hold but they have been quite busy. I’m broke as far as spending money until late Thursday night so I’m hoping they will hold them. Seems like the items I want may sell out.

  18. I was able to get my store to hold a rose gold barrel clasp bracelet, family sentiment charm, cuddly koala and the sparkling bow pendant charm. So I plan to put my charming owls, August signature heart, lavish heart and I love you script heart all on that same bracelet.

      • Hi Ashley! Yay, what an amazing haul. :D The Jasmine muranos are a beautiful colour, I’m sure you will love them. I got a fair few pieces myself, and will be excited when they finally pitch up here with me in the UK :D

  19. Australian sale is now offering further discounts. Should have waited. My charm has dropped by $10. At least I didn’t buy the necklace I had my eye on – it has reduced further – $70 to $56 now.

    • I saw that, and felt a bit annoyed, but the Rapunzel muranos had gone by the time that the extra discount came into play, so it doesn’t actually affect me too much. Sorry to hear you got caught out :(

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