*UPDATE 1 Feb* A full preview of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection can be found here. **UPDATED* Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora.

Today’s post brings a little post-Christmas treat, with a first little look at the Pandora Spring 2018 collection, with a sneak peek at a handful of the new charms and jewellery! Offering bright, rainbow colours and a new bracelet concept, this little set of jewellery seems like something of a departure from the usual. :)

This is by no means the full set, and I expect that there will be lots more to see, but it gives us a little taste of what ideas, colours and themes Pandora have in mind with this release. :) Spring releases normally launch in mid-March, which is when I would expect to see these pieces in stores.

Read on for the sneak peek!

Pandora Spring 2018 collection sneak peek

First, we have a look at new charms and a bracelet! The charms are colourful, inspired by rainbows and spring shades. The murano has a vibrant blue and cloud pattern, like a summer sky, and then looks like a rainbow swirled into the glass, as well? I love the look of this one!



The new bracelet appears to be a fusion of the smooth Moments bracelet with the adjustable bangles. I don’t really see how you’d put charms on the bracelet, apart from clips? Unless one end detaches from the main chain, perhaps. I’d be interested to know more about this one!

Next, we have rainbow-themed jewellery to match, also decked out in a bright array of colour.



Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 Teasers

I don’t have any pics of these pieces yet, but I’ve been told about a couple of the upcoming pieces for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection:

  • A child holding a balloon – the balloon is attached to the bracelet, with the child dangling from it
  • Tree of Life-style designs
  • A bangle version of the new Pandora Valentine’s 2018 heart padlock bracelet

Apparently it’s quite similar in style to the Valentine’s collection.

Pandora Consumer Survey Spring/Summer 2018

The next set of sneak peeks is rather unusual! Pandora in the US have sent an email survey out to a select number of collectors, asking them to give their opinions on some of the planned designs for the Pandora SS18 collections. Inevitably, these initial sneak peeks have made their way online, and I’ve collated what I’ve seen so far here. Many thanks to the lovely Jahndra at MyXpressions, Grisell Martinez and everyone else who helped me get the info on this! :)

Pandora have noted that these are provisional designs, and that we’ll see ‘our favourites’ in store for SS18. However, as there’s some overlap with the designs I’ve already seen in a separate preview, I suspect that all of these designs might be planned for release in the coming months.

The Aqua Hearts is one for blue lovers, and seems like it might be a Summer 2018 design perhaps?


There’s also a clear version of the blue pavé charm I previewed at the beginning of the post:

The Radiant Hearts charm and pavé Open Your Heart clip have been given the multi-coloured treatment to match the rainbow charms I previewed above:


But I think this one is my favourite! It looks like the Essence mosaics that came out for Autumn 2016 last year, but I’m hoping that this is actually a Moments charm. It looks lovely – a bit more of a subtle take on the rainbow theme.

To finish off the rainbow theme, we have a matching safety chain! I love the little cloud detail on the chain, but am not sure about the pavé rainbows at the top. I’d have to see it in person.


If this one is a bit much for you, however, there’s also this one in plain CZ and no rainbow:



Pandora appear to be pondering a charm in celebration of Women’s Day 2018 this year, with pink CZ ribbons:

This one is one that’s very different from anything we’ve seen before – and my first impression is that I really like it! It would be difficult to wear, I think, depending on how the tassels are in real life, but I love the look of the stock image. Very elegant, and unique in Pandora’s current collection.


Next, we come to three new Pandora Disney Spring 2018 designs! The first is this Climbing Mickey safety chain, which I think is great. I love how creative Pandora are getting with their safety chain designs lately, and the addition of the little Mickey crawling up the side is too cute.


The Mickey Gestures safety chain is also fun, and I like that it’s plain silver.


I don’t care as much for this Vintage Minnie charm – normally I like pretty pastels, and I get that this is going after a very iconic kitschy vintage shade of baby pink, but I think it would be hard to style.


Moving on, we come to a set of Pandora Rose designs.The first is called Part of My Heart, and mixes pink, purple and clear CZs with a Rose plate heart.



I missed the name of this next one (did anyone catch it?), but I’m guessing this would be a Mother’s Day 2018 offering.

The Wildflower Meadow has elements that I like – the warm ochre CZs in the flowers mixed with the Rose metal is lovely, but it’s ultimately a bit busy for my liking. The detail of the little ladybird hanging from it is adorable, though!

Two of the Spring 2016 Magnolia Bloom charms from last year have been given a makeover in Rose:



Of the Rose beads, I’m leaving the most interesting until last – the Bella Bot! Normally we don’t see character beads in the Rose collection, but Pandora have managed to deviate from that with this wonderfully off-the-wall design. The charm is threaded through its head, so its body would dangle from your bracelet…



Finally, however, we have what is rather a new concept – plated yellow gold charms. We have a couple of heart designs:


Including the Fan of Love, which looks to be like it’s based on the Bride & Groom charm that came out in 2016:

The Shining Elegance clip also makes an appearance…

And the Shining Path clip, also, with the addition of warm amber CZs as well as clear:


This one strikes me as another Mother’s Day 2018 offering – one side reads Love you More and the other one Love you Most. 

My favourite of these is the You are my Sunshine dangle, which looks like the sun when closed and contains a little message when open.
The Golden Honey charm is another one that’s a bit different from the usual – offering warm amber enamel and plated yellow gold. It’s like a Crunchie charm, haha. This is pretty but I’m not sure how I’d style it…



Moving on to other jewellery, I’ve collaged the earrings below. Surprisingly, some of my favourite designs from this sneak peek are in this selection – the Springtime Bird earrings are beautiful plain silver designs that remind me of Trollbeads, while the feathers with their pop of blue are also lovely. The purple ladybird earrings are sweet, too. I’d love to see matching charm designs to go with those!



Finally, we have a couple of new floating locket pendants and a Disney necklace.


My Comment

This is a fun initial sneak peek, and one that piques my curiosity more than usual.  I can see it being divisive among collectors, as the primary colour scheme is vibrant and bold, even childlike, but I love the cheerfulness of it. And the fact that it’s different from pastels and flowers (much as I love those!). :) I just bought the mesh bracelet in the US sale, and I could see myself doing a mini design on that with the murano and the rainbow dangle. ? The heart design I feel works less well with the mixture of colour.

I suspect that all of these survey designs will be making it out to the public, but the ones I particularly like and hope to see for sure are pretty much all the safety chains, the Enchanted Tassel, the Rainbow Mosaic and then the Sunshine / Honey charms from the gold selection.

The concept of gold-plated jewellery will, I imagine, be controversial. If it’s intended as a replacement for the solid 14kt gold range, then I’m not keen – however, as another option, I’m not exactly against it. If it’s as well-executed as Pandora Rose, then I’m not necessarily against it.

What do you think of these pieces? Are there any you might get?

*UPDATED* Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora.

203 Comments on Pandora Spring 2018 collection sneak peeks

  1. I received that survey and all the pictures they showed me were of earrings and one design was the tassel another was huge feathers,and several big dangly earrings. I didn’t really like any of them and I never thought to save the pictures. Honestly there wasn’t a picture of earrings I would have bought, and wasn’t shy about that in my comments LOL

    • I’m with you – I also received the survey and personally did not care for any of the “new” concept designs. And I too was not shy about letting them know. Lol!

    • Oh really, that’s a shame! I really like the spring bird hoops, the feather designs and the tassel collections. I don’t really buy expensive earrings, as I usually wear my hair long, but I did like a few of these!

    • Anne, I completely agree with you. It is possible, that there are different versions of the survey, mine seemed to have been the same as yours. There was nothing that made my “must have” list which is a shame. The new stuff is great for teenagers but not for someone like me (in my 50s). Pandora needs to go back to its roots.

  2. Hi I am exited it’s going to be a great spring so many pretty jewelery I need to save money to buy a lot have a happy new year

  3. I’m disappointed in this collection. There is nothing here that I am excited about, which probably will make my wallet happy!

    • Agree. To be honest nothing appeals to me at all. As for the gold plate jewellery. I think they will look cheap and nasty

      • I agree too! Nothing jumps out as something that I’ve got to have- maybe in person the new charms will look better? I agree that the gold plated ones looks cheap but maybe it’s the photos as they look real yellow. I have 2 gold bracelets and 2 silver and gold ones. Note to Pandora- We like the solid gold charms- do not discontinue making them. I too received the survey and mine was also on earrings. I wish they would make more muranos. Living in the US we still do not have the blue field of flowers. On a positive note keep those sales coming!

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Christmas dinner is cooked and eaten, and presents all put away. I have some Pandora styling to do tomorrow. Some of the charms I received have homes designated already on existing bracelets. Some will find their way into the start of a new design

    The Spring pictures intrigue me. We have all gotten a little bored with recycling the same hearts and flowers, but honestly I didn’t know where the design concept could go. And those of us who have large-ish collections already own so many hearts and flowers…

    The Mosaic pastel bead you showed is really pretty in the picture. I wonder if it’s mother of pearl and acrylic like the celestial mosaics in the latest release. If so, it should be beautiful in person.

    The tasseled charm would be beautiful worn on a necklace I think.

    The bracelet looks like a snake with bolo fastener to me. I have seen these all over Pinterest with charms on them, so maybe it comes apart some way. At least I hope.

    The Rose offerings look different and pretty. I quite like Bella. She will probably come home with me. Talk about a new character charm!

    The plated gold, I agree should not take the place of the solid 14k gold. But I concur that it has its own niche. And the Rose gold holds up so well that if the yellow gold plate is the same quality it will certainly have a place in the product line.

    What a lovely final Christmas present to have this sneak peek at the end of the day. You are such a lovely person. We all are fortunate that you have brought us together as “pen pals”!

    Here’s hoping the New Year will bring us much joy in our lives as well as in our jewelry boxes!

    • Hi Deborah! The rainbow mosaic strikes me as being most similar to the Essence mosaics, but it looks like a Moments charm to be me. I’m hoping that they’ve upscaled it like the Celestial Mosaic bead :D I imagine that one will be really shimmery and pretty in person, and a bit more subtle perhaps.

      I can’t make up my mind about Bella ? I love that they’re doing something so different but I also have no idea how I’d wear it!

      You are very welcome, Deborah! :D I’ve had so much fun blogging over the holidays when I’ve had more time to do it. You are such a lovely bunch, it was wonderful to read all your Christmassy comments over the past couple of days. Happy new year!

  5. Not inspired, only one I fancy, bound to costly and thats the honey charm. My hit is the red coming soon, but I am and always have been a fan of the colour red. Hay but it is some thing new, may be it is a younger thing ??
    Thanks again you keep us well up todate.
    Have A Great NEW YEAR

    • I like the honey charm as well! They’re doing a whole bumblebee collection in the new plated gold line, which would go really well with it too :) happy new year too!

  6. Ooh, I actually like the look of a few of these! The rainbow mosaic,The murano, the Bella Bot(I would love this in silver) the You are my Sunshine dangle (links of London have a sun locket I have been eyeing up for a long time, I love anything with suns & bees) which leads me to the golden honey charm, they should release a bee charm & honey pot along with it (or make me a very happy person and have a Winnie the pooh collection) I like the spring bird hoops, it would have made a nice pendant.

    • I received the survey too and they’re making two pendants to go with that honey charm. One is a beautiful bee and the other a honeycomb heart.

    • Me too! I’m properly excited for this spring collection so far, which is more than I’ve been in years :) As Jackie says, there will be more bumblebee pieces – several more charms and accompanying jewellery – so you could definitely do a whole Winnie the Pooh / honey design if the mood strikes you! I think the Hong Kong Disney exclusive fortune muranos would be nice with them too.

  7. What an interesting post. I may like some of the multi colored beads (pave heart, rainbow mosaic). I’ve wondered before why Pandora hadn’t come out with any multi colored beads, so I’ll be interested to see what’s for offer.

    I think the women’s day 2018 bead is neat – the infinity sign with hearts (ha, no surprise). I think the climbing mickey safety chain is quite cute!

    • I was thinking of putting the murano and maybe the rainbow dangle with the So Many Reasons to be Happy charm on a mini design on the mesh bracelet. As like a mini happiness / sunshine-y sort of bracelet. The Sunshine gold plated charm would also be nice, and the Club 2018 charm.

      I hadn’t twigged that the Women’s Day charm was the infinity sign with hearts! What a Pandora-esque twist on it, haha. I was thinking of BCA ribbons, I think.

  8. No words can describe how upset I feel to even hear that Pandora is slightly considering making a plated gold. I can already see people not buying the gold anymore. I have such a huge collection of gold and now what. Oh this has broken my heart. Over 10+ years collecting and I just didn’t think it would have come to this. I also work for Pandora. They’re really pushing to make Pandora more affordable. The beauty behind the gold is you can’t mimic if you can’t afford it. On the other hand I’ve been waiting for that Mickey locket and those safest chains. How beautiful, so creative and new.

      • I don’t think the gold looks cheap and fake but it is certainly overpriced. This could be the reason why there has been a decline in hold sales, design would also be a factor. But it would be price that will force people to buy plated stuff. I won’t because I am a real gold collector

    • I agree with Stephanie. I work for Pandora too and I have been a collector for over 10 years and to have them think about putting plated gold charms out on the market is in my opinion making the gold product lessening the product, giving it a cheap appearance. Pandora has always been known for it’s quality and beauty. Offering gold plated charms is in my opinion making the brand cheap. We would no longer be able to say we do no offer plated silver or gold (not counting the Rose). If customers wanted plated charms they could go purchase cheaper charms without the quality. This really upsets me. I paid too much for my Pandora gold to know they are considering putting out gold plated.

      • Sorry for the misspelled words in my last reply. I hate to see Pandora cheapen the product by considering this idea.
        Some of the designs are not appealing and going back to the basic, clean looks without so much bling and goofy designs appeal more. It is difficult to create great designs with some of the new designs coming out. They need more designs that people can relate to such as travel, work, sports, music, holidays, and other interest. Too many hearts and flowers.
        Some of the charms look too much like other product lines.

      • Yes, this is true. The Pandora Rose collection is very easy to differentiate from the solid gold pieces at the moment as they look so different. I do understand why people are upset about this! :(

    • I’m sorry to hear that and I totally get where you’re coming from / why people are concerned. They’re definitely going to be bringing out the plated gold range, however, and I guess time will tell whether it sticks around or not. I suspect that the 14kt gold offerings are going to be greatly reduced from now on, if the plated gold proves successful. Glad to hear that you like the safety chains, though – I’m also really excited for these. :)

      • I work in one of the Pandora stores in the UK, and to be fair, yes the solid gold charms are beautiful, they just simply aren’t selling like they used to because of their price. A lot of customers I get, are put off by the price, even though they love them. I’d consider them to be “very special gift” options, or if the customer is only interested in the gold collection by itself. Whilst it would be a shame to have gold plated, it would be a nice and affordable way to introduce gold to a customer’s bracelet (you can tell I’m thinking with a seller cap on lol) without paying a big cost. Pandora have been scaling back the gold collection, I suspect, because that not many people buy those pieces (and let’s be honest, they cover those pieces with so much CZ it spoils the effect of the gold, and they’re a bit naff). I think it’s just a nice way to introduce gold at an affordable price, and give the customer another option.

  9. Hi Ellie
    I am so excited to get a sneak peek at the Spring 2018 Collection. I must admit I do find a few of the pieces childlike as you mentioned. I do like the rose magnolia bloom clip, the rose floating locket and rose dangle with no name lol. I’m not keen on all the rainbow, but the rainbow mosaic has caught my eye. In the Yellow Plate I like the you are my sunshine dangle and the shining path clip, as long as it looks as good as the rose. Would only use the yellow plate mixed with sterling silver, nice way to add difference to a bracelet design without the price tag. I’m excited to see a few pieces that I like Ellie, good reason to start saving again.
    Thanks for a great preview. Merry Christmas ?

    • Hi Janelle! I think the rainbow would be nice in small doses. I wouldn’t wear the jewellery pieces, but a couple of rainbow beads on a bangle or mesh bracelet would be cute, I think. :) I also like the Sunshine dangle, it’s a really sweet design! I would be happy to put a couple of these plated beads on my two-tone bangle, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to just mix them in with a full 14kt gold design.

      You’re welcome, Janelle! Thanks for commenting and hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

  10. The u.s. sale is up on Pandora site and a large amount of the 14 karat gold charms are included which makes me wonder if their not going to be phased out and replaced with the plated charms.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Anne! I suspect that if the plated gold range takes off that the 14kt gold range will be greatly reduced / retired entirely.

  11. Thanks for the sneak peek like
    The rainbow pieces but hope the
    14k gold is not going to be replaced
    With the gold plated

  12. Maybe if price is an issue
    For 14k gold maybe pandora
    Could use 9k gold to lower
    The price of gold pieces
    Instead of gold plated would
    Be a shame not to have real
    Gold pieces

  13. You are a wealth of information….thank you for sharing. I like the honeycomb charm…..but whyyyyyyyy gold plate it? I would buy a few of them if they were 14K gold….so disappointed…

  14. As always, thanks for the preview!
    I like the safety chain ideas but I really wish Pandora would use some different Disney characters instead of yet more Mickeys…
    I also really like the birds and feathers on those earrings, but I’d be more excited if they hadn’t been hoop earrings.
    Overall, I kind of like the look of this collection and am really excited that Pandora is apparently willing to try some new things!

    • I know, they do tend to play it safe when it comes to Disney bracelets / clips / safety chains. I have two Mickey/Minnie SCs already and would have preferred other characters, but I do really love the Climbing Mickey so will probably get it anyway haha.

      I’m excited too! I like the mix of more classic designs (the spring bird earrings, the feather earrings) and the new.

  15. Interesting. That bot charm is a bit left field. Think it will end up on sale quickly like the origami crane and alligator dangles. I quite like the honey charm but think that will go on sale quickly too. Rainbow colours will appeal but they are not for me. Thanks for the update.

    • Haha, that alligator one was always baffling! I wonder what they were going for with it. I’d be interested to see how they market the Bella charm, it’s such a left field item from them. ?

  16. There are only a couple of charms I would buy. I don’t like the coloured charms and they do not have the usual high class Pandora look. And not sure unless cost involved why use a plating? Thank you fir sharing the preview.

    • I guess they’re thinking that the plated gold will have more mass market appeal, and also that they’re trying to replicate the success of the Pandora Rose line. You’re welcome! :)

  17. Forgot to add that climbing Mickey safety chain is very cute. Not for me but such a cute design that I imagine it will be very popular with Disney fans.

  18. This stuff is for toddlers, and the design repetition is now just mind-boggling. Horrendous, every – single – item.

      • I’m responding again because I am shocked reading all the responses! This is one of the best releases yet! I am 44 and I don’t know I don’t find any of the looks childish. OK maybe the little rainbow and robot , but worn with other charms and the outfit done tastefully, I can’t imagine anyone thinking it looks childish. A lot of it looks a little 80s , and 80’s style is on its way back . You can see in most of the horrible clothing that is been out. If anything I would think Disney would be childish as it’s Mickey Mouse and all of that, which I’m never really into. I love love love love the pastel colors and especially the cloud Murano. Pandora needed to change it up. Every season we have seen the same flowers and gaudy CZ‘ designs . This is finally a fresh take !!!!!!

        • I think so, too. I received the survey from Pandora and was amazed to see many fresh ideas and original designs. I didn’t love all the pieces, of course, but I did feel happy about the collections, overall. I also felt a bit worried about my spending, because there are actually many pieces I’d like to own.

        • The same old hearts covered in MORE bejeweling is not a fresh take. Some of the pieces are very slightly different, but different does not always equal good.

          Style is subjective, but stones are not. CZ is, always has been, and always will be the poor woman’s jewel and everybody knows it. Pandora knows how cheap their jewelry is now, and that’s the real insult to customers as prices go up, silver gets less, and cheap bejeweling and enameling gets greater.

    • Wow! I think the Spring Bird earrings would definitely have slotted in well with older collections. There’s actually a fair bit coming up that I like!

  19. Nothing, absoultely nothing from the new collection is catching my eye. Their target market is clearly teenagers and young people. I am sad to see them leaving the plain and detailed sterling silver charms behind. So sad that the elegant and classy Pandora look a lot of us love is way gone!

    • Ah, I am sorry to hear that you’re not enthused! :( But there might be something you like in the fuller previews, perhaps.

  20. Hi Mora,

    Merry christmas! I’m a bit diveded about the spring collection.

    I really liked the flowers they did last spring but there are a few new interesting pieces. The new bracelet is one of them. I think you can open it by the thicker silver pieces on the bracelet. I also like the enchanted tassel for on a necklace and the brilliant bow earrings.

    Bella Bot i need to see in the store before i can make a decision about that.

    Thanks for your revieuw and i’m looking foreward to see more.

    • I got to see the preview, since Pandora sent me the survey. The brilliant bow is a whole new collection, with matching ring and necklace. So is the enchanted tassel, with hanging earrings and a necklace. I really loved both of them. There are many pieces that aren’t shown here that I’m sure you’re going to love.

    • Hi Manon! Yes, I’m sure you’re right and there will be a way of getting charms on the new bracelet :) I just can’t work it out exactly from the stock image haha. I don’t think that one will be for me, but it’s always fun when they get a bit creative with the classic bracelet.

      You’re welcome, thank you for commenting!

  21. I actually like quite a number of things in there. The songbird hoop earrings(must have), honey charm, bella bot, climbing mickey chain,rainbow murano and rainbow mosiac. However not sure if i will end up buying them or not. Bella is cute and original but childlike. Rainbow theme charms are beautiful but not sure how to style. Nevertheless i’m looking forward to see them. I also like the idea of child holding balloon charm. I was about to buy the bow bangle online. After looking at your post, i will think twice. Might need to start a new bracelet for those new interesting charms. I can’t put them on a bow bangle can I!

    • I still end up ordering the bow bangle and lavish heart online. Lavish heart was $89 and now $30. What a good deal. I intend to give it to my sister as gift when i’m back for holiday later next year. I always try to bring back some present for family and close relative.

      • Oh yay! Glad to hear you’ve been sales shopping too :D I went for the Rapunzel muranos and the Longevity Lock in the Aussie sale. Very good prices!

        • Bummer. Pandora just further reduced their sale by 20%. They are doing it again. Should have waited now that i know.

    • I think you might anticipate my solution – get the bow bangle AND start a new bracelet! :P I love the songbird earrings as well, and would love a matching charm design. That would make me really very happy!

  22. Ms. Ellie, I love the Aqua Heart Charm it’s gorgeous, beautiful, & It’s spells Spring. I would like to know how much is the charm. Thank you & Happy Holidays.

  23. Just one more thing, the Rainbow Heart Charm is beautiful and I will look forward to getting the charm in the near future.

  24. Well, first of all you are awsome!!! Spring collection sneek peek on Boxing Day! Ellie really, you overdo yourself constantly.
    Going to Pandora I, quite frankly, don”t know what to say. There are some individuals that I might like, for example that blue enchanted pavé, which I find very versatile to wear allyear round. The tassel is really original but doesn’t seem very comfortable to wear unless you use it as a neclace. The rainbow colours ….. well, I was fed up with czs and here comes Pandora with the same amount of pavé but in different colours!!!
    Rose line. If they keep this way, I think they are very capable of destroying the line as they’ve done with Essence. And plated gold …. I must see the prices before I can comment. Not my cup of tea. On the other hand I like the “you are my sunshine” and honeycomb beads but truth be told I prefer not to buy gold that buying something that won’t hold well. Let’s see. This year I ‘ve been totally dissapointed collection after collection until the Christmas release. However the odd charm has now and then caught my eye once I’ve seen them in person and that has led me to others I had not even considered but suddenly made sense combined with it.
    Soooo, my first impression is that as a collection I find it a disaster but some pieces can be saved. And anyway I must acknowledge that pics don’t usually do them justice. Maybe they look better on a tray in store (?).
    That is good for me because I’ll keep catching up with older beauties. And I need some bracelets, too. And there are still quite a number of rings I want. So, no problem here. I’m glad to be able to focus on what I really like ???
    One more thing: I suspect that I’ll become a regular customer at Rue sooner rather than later ?
    Zillions of thanks for this post. You have us completely spoiled ??
    Happy Boxing Day for everybody ?

    • Just one more thing. Pandora has made smaller regular bracelet and dangle sizes. I wish they would made smaller limited edition bangles too. 17 cm is huge for me and they can only be cut 1 cm, which is still 1 cm tok big for me ? And the mesh bracelet. I would buy it if there were a size 15. So if the want to innovate they could consider sizes, as well (?)

        • Again sorry for spelling mistakes. I can destroy every possible language when I’m at a keyboard. Including mine ?
          And I meant that I prefer to buy the real thing rather THAN buy sth that won’t hold well. I don’t know what I was thinking about when I made such a grammar mistake ????

        • I’m glad to see I’m not the only one wishing for smaller bangles! Maybe some day…
          I did come across some fake Pandora bangles on aliexpress a while ago that came in a smaller size, but I have no idea what the quality is like. Might be something you could check out if you don’t mind taking a chance, though.

        • Thanks Laura, but I’m afraid I’m a Pandora purist. Unfortunately ?
          I hope they’ll consider it some day, thouh.

    • Haha, thanks Marie! I was worried that people would think a Spring sneak peek was a bit much over Christmas but happily people have seemed excited to see it.

      With the plated gold, on a personal level I’m quite excited – depending the price, as you say. The Pandora Rose collection, for me, has proven very durable and I’ve not had any issues with fading, flaking etc., and if this new line proves of the same quality, then I’d happily add a couple to my collection. I really like the Sunshine and Honeycomb pieces. At the same time, I appreciate the concern of everyone who has invested in the gold charms over the years. Pandora is a very different kettle of fish these days and continues to transform itself with every year…

      There will be more to see, so I hope you find something you like in the fuller previews :) you’re very welcome and I’m glad you were excited for the post, even if nothing takes your fancy yet! Hope you had a lovely Christmas <3

  25. Hi Ellie, thanks for sharing…it makes me so excited to see the new collections for 2018. I really love the rainbow spring designs, I don’t actually thinks it’s childlike though :) I also like the aqua hearts, mickey locket and climbing mickey safety chain…absolutely gorgeous ? hope to get them all next year…

    • Hi, you’re most welcome! :) Pleased to hear you’re enthused as well. There are definitely some things here for me, too. I like the cheerfulness of the rainbow designs, and it’s always fun to see new safety chains!

  26. I have been online shopping the Boxing Day sales this morning, I was so excited to get this year’s Glacier Blue radiant heart, the frosty mint murano and the pink glitter murano, all nearly half price! They were all from Swag though, the Pandora online site didnt have all the charms that some of the other online retailers did. I could have spent so much more, I thought the sales were really good this year! I think I will be buying more of the older stuff in future. I was not so excited by next year’s stuff, the rainbow colours are not for me, I couldn’t imagine what I’d wear them with. And I am very sad to see more plating. I agree it will cheapen the range. I wish they had stuck to making a limited range of 14k gold charms to complement the silver, as then I would save up and buy a special piece when I could. But they started doing gold with cz, which I thought wasn’t worth the price, and there was hardly any pieces without cz to buy. Now they will flood their range with gold plate and to have gold charms won’t seem so special anymore, even if they are available in the future. There must be a big market for plated jewellery though so I assume that is the way the brand is heading. If Pandora is now going to be known as a brand of fun costume jewellery rather than the original idea of capturing your own treasured moments in genuine metal though, perhaps they should bring their prices down! On a positive note I love the earrings and will definitely get the bird hoops if they come out. The Mickey safety chain is cute and I even quite like the kitsch baby pink Minnie charm! But otherwise, I wish the designers would consider more delicate and tasteful designs for those of us who like that style. Thank you Ellie for giving us so many posts over the Christmas holiday, it feels like an extra present!

    • I know, I thought the sales have been great this year! All the different sales around the world had rather different things in them – I’ve taken part in the UK, US and Australian sales lol. I saw the glacier blue Radiant Hearts bead and was tempted to get it to add to my periwinkle blue bracelet, which I showed in my last post, but I don’t think the colour is quite a match. Such a pretty charm though!

      Yes, it will be interesting to see where they take everything from here. I notice that many of the hugely expensive button pavé beads have gone in the sales pretty much the world over, so I hope that they’re going to avoid doing quite so many of them. There are some in this preview, but there’s also more plain silver & enamel than usual I think.

      So pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying the posts, it’s been so much fun to do them! Thanks for commenting :)

      • I find that the glacier blue radiant heart works well with the frosty mint items – the Muranos and the oceanic starfish. With the happy crab, the shell with the pearl, and starfish with the spinels from Rue La La I made a lovely beach bangle. Just an idea…

        • Oh thank you Deborah that is good to hear as I was planning to put the glacier blue radiant heart and the frosty mint murano on mu summer bracelet and I hoped they would match. I was thinking of the colours of the ocean where the blue merges with the white surf – hope it will work out, I cant wait for my parcel to arrive!

  27. When will the Disney Climbing Mickey Safety be released in Australia. is the Disney Micky mouse locket being released in Australia. I brought my daughter the Mickey Mouse petites and a locket and she said mum Pandora should make a locket shaped as Mickey Mouse. It looks like her wish has came true.

    • I don’t know yet, Emma, sorry :) I assume both will be in March with the Spring collection, so long as they’re not Parks exclusives (I’d be surprised if they were though!). Your daughter was on to a good idea with the locket, it’s cute!

  28. After all these years of collecting the gold charms, it looks like I will finally be done with Pandora. The quality is completely gone, as is the design. Very sad to see this!

    • I’m really sorry to hear that :( I don’t have any gold beads but I can completely appreciate how you feel about these plated ones.

    • I agree with you Robin, the gold plated does not come close to the 14K gold charms. I have a plated gold Chamelia Angel and it’s so shiny you can tell it’s plated.
      I could not afford Pandora gold charms but I managed to filled a beautiful Pandora Signature bracelet with two tone charms and I cherish it. I would be greatly disappointed not to se more of this quality charms.

  29. Hiya!

    Thank you for the review – a little extra present when I woke up this morning!

    I was so looking forward to the spring preview; I adore the pale pink florals and white daisy designs of the last few years and was hoping for some charms that would compliment the previous spring collections.
    However I have to say I am a little disappointed with this collection – I do like a sprinkling of CZs but there are just too many for my taste and I really have mixed feelings about the colour scheme – I agree that it’s very child like and very girly. That seems an odd thing to say but my brother has a black leather bracelet with an NFL charm and an older oxidised openwork which looks fab but I can’t imagine him going anywhere near anything like these! It really does make me think they are going for a younger teenage audience much as one of the other responses has pointed out.

    My one positive is the rainbow mosaic; I have an essence bracelet and got all 3 (white, blue and pink) versions of this as I think mosaic is stunning and so well crafted (Btw what happened to the celestial mosaic from the winter collection – not seen that around and reeeeeallly want it!). The colours are much more subdued and subtle so if that comes out it’s the one from this collection that will coming home with me.

    As for the gold plating…I’m not fond of the gold charms anyway (or gold jewellery in general) but it does seem a shame to cheapen the range. Having said that, in a bit of a turn around I have to say I think the honey comb charm is just lovely! It’s so warm, almost orange and I think it would be beautiful on a silver bracelet alongside some of the older silver charms.

    Anyway, now I’ve rambled on. have a lovely week and happy new year to everyone!

    • Hi Kerry! You are welcome! ? I think there will be more florals etc as there is usually. Or so I would predict. I’d expect Pandora to want to market test some of the more unusual designs, seeing as they know how well florals sell from pretty much every other spring collection they’ve ever done haha. So fingers crossed for you!

      The Celestial Mosaic never made it out in the UK for whatever reason :( I got mine from the sale in the US and it’s really really pretty! I have it on my Halloween bracelet. I like the rainbow mosaic too, and agree with you that the colours look like they’d be a more shimmery, toned down version of the pavé CZs. I’m looking forward to seeing that one!

      Have a lovely rest of the week too – thanks for commenting, and happy new year! :)

  30. Thanks for posting this, very exited to see all the new designs. So plated gold? Omg, never thought Pandora would actually ever make that.
    I like the rainbow theme, would also be nice for people looking for jewellery with an lgbtq message. I love the big tassel, it would look great on a necklace, or as 1 earring.

    • That’s what I told Pandora when I took the survey, that the rainbow collection will be loved by people from the LGBTQ community. The tassel charm will have a matching necklace and a pair of earrings, which have a very nice and elegant vintage look.

    • No, I would never have predicted that either! The brand is changing so quickly these days. I was looking back over some of my older previews, and even just a couple of years ago, it seemed very different…

      Yes, I thought of the LGBTQ connection as well! It seems like a very cheerful, positive set of charms in that sense, especially in connection with the ‘More Love’ Club charm for next year :)

  31. Love everything! Especially the rainbow designs . Love the rainbow heart . Finally something different trendy and modern from Pandora . I don’t thonk it looks childish at all and Im im my 40’s. As far as the gold plated it’s a nice idea . I love gold but would never pay over 300 for a tiny bead . Honestly I think many , not all , of the real gold ones look fake and gaudy anyway . Hoping the plated looks a lighter gold color so it looks more real. The open bangle has been a game changer for me to come back to Pandora . I Love that it looks so pretty on the wrist even with one bead and the sizing can go really small . For ex, yesterday I just wore Rudolph on it ! The charm stood out instead of being mixed with a huge full bracelet . I love that the oval bangle doesn’t turn on the wrist with just a charm to a few charms . The round bangles were always too circular and big for my wrist , do the oval is perfect . Way to go Pandora !!!!

    • Yay! I like some of the rainbow designs myself – particularly the murano and the rainbow dangle. I think the latter would be hard to style but it might be easier to arrange in a mini design. :)

      Yes, the open bangle is great! I actually don’t change what I wear on it, but it is a beautiful way of showcasing a particular charm and so easy to wear. I have a Trollbeads murano on it, the only bracelet I have on which it fits! ^^

      • Ohhh , I had no idea the troll bead Murano’s fit on there ! I will have to check it out! I want to get another open bangle by Pandora so I can use that one to switch beads up on and my other one to leave my main beads that mean something to me .

  32. Hi I know this is off topic but I can’t seem to find the dumbo Disney charm online can anyone help? Looking for official website please

    • Hi Margaret,
      I am new to Mora and Pandora. But when I saw your post I thought I’d give you MY answer since I collect only the Disney line. I live in America so the site I go to is shopdisney.com then click on the link Parks then under brands Pandora. Or just type in the search on the site Dumbo. Right now I do not see it available. There stock on all Pandora is low. I watched it all of December and it is at its lowest point. The other way to shop Disney is if you visited a park (at least in the US) and you have a smart phone you get a shopping app while there. And for some reason as I type this it is slightly different than shopdisney.com. They were supposed to merge all of it, maybe they have. All I know is when I looked at my husbands smart phone in late November there were items on that app I couldn’t get on the website. I hoped this helped. When they launched it on Disney you could get a collectors set of Dumbo, Alice in the tea cup, the carousel AND a litho graph of something of Fantasyland. I shop for my Disney at the Pandora site & stores or shopdisney.com. Never heard of Rue La La until coming to Mora so I have added that to my list as well. Happy New Year and good luck getting Dumbo. Just keep checking back.

      • Thought I could check my spelling and use of capital letters before it posted but… well when you’re new and in a holiday haze from all the food! There should be their and MY & AND should be small letters and I’ll just apologize for my grammar. Happy New Year! And thanks to Ellie and all who post their comments I really enjoy reading them!

        • Thanks for stepping in with some great advice Heather! It’s nice to have you here, happy new year ^^

    • Hi Margaret, it doesn’t appear to be in stock online right now. I would imagine they’ll get more in, as I don’t think it was limited edition, but I don’t know for sure!

  33. I took the survey also. I had all rings. I am not a ring person due to the fact that in stores most ring sizes only up to 9. I did let them know I was not interested in gold plated jewelry and would not purchase. So disappointed with Pandora with going with gold plated jewelry. I asked what are they thinking? I think they are targeting younger customers especially with Valentines collection so childish. Need to return to basics. Siver, gold, and real stones. Will be looking for retired pieces. Great blog thanks for keeping us posted on all Pandora ?

    • I received the survey too and provided almost the same feedback – that the brand was more exclusive when they did real gemstones, character charms with wonderful oxidized detail and two tone and gold plated. I also indicated I wasn’t that happy with the recent abundance of CZs and enamel… Back to basics for Pandora would be great. Guess they are looking for more Mass market appeal here…

    • I’d also love to see more of the older style of Pandora – character beads and gemstones in particular. :) I spent a lot of time this year hoovering up retired pieces to fill that little hole, but I’ll run out of ones I need sooner or later haha. You are very welcome, thanks for commenting! :)

      • Thanks for your blog Ellie, I was able to get most of my two tone and older charms from Rue La La at such a bargain and I did invest quite a lot at the 40% Pandora sale to finish my designs.??? I am happy I have done it while the older styles were available.?
        I don’t like this coming Spring release and my wallet will be very happy.?

  34. Hi Mora,
    I was chosen to take the survey and was disappointed with the pieces. After building a nice collection of the 14kt gold pieces, I would never buy the gold plated. Pandora is phasing out the 14kt gold because I’ve able to acquire many pieces from the outlet with at least 65% or more savings. Some of these pieces have real diamonds not cubic zirconia. If you look at the current 14kt gold pieces they are gaudy and encrusted with cz’s and at the same price point. I’ve enjoyed collecting Pandora over the years and must admit that with the direction they are headed with design it’s time for me to retire from collecting and enjoy the wonderful pieces I have! It’s been an amazing adventure!

    • Hi Marsha! Personally I’m excited for more affordable gold pieces, as I don’t collect the 14kt gold charms, but I get why you’d be put out about the gold plated jewellery. The thing about Pandora Rose is that it’s easily differentiated from the existing 14kt yellow gold jewellery. This blurs that line somewhat :(

  35. Hi Mora,
    I was chosen to take the survey and was disappointed with the pieces. If you look at the current 14kt gold pieces they are gaudy and encrusted with cz’s and at the same price point. I’ve enjoyed collecting Pandora over the years and must admit that with the direction they are headed with design it’s time for me to retire from collecting and enjoy the wonderful pieces I have! It’s been an amazing adventure!

  36. Hi Ellie very different to usual Pandora, I quite like a lot of it I really like the safety chains especially the Disney ones. I like the robot charm but I don’t know if it’s like to represent a child. The bracelet is intresting. I really like the earing so different quite quirky hippie design looking forward to seeing more. Very different to the usual flowers which I love but there are plenty to choose from already,

    • Hi Nicola, glad to hear you’re a fan of some of this as well :) I think the robot can represent whatever you’d like it to! As is the beauty of Pandora ^^

  37. Hi Ellie,

    First and foremost, kudos to you for putting this together! Very kind of you to treat us to this advance sneek peak! I have mixed feelings about this collection. I truly want to embrace it, but I can’t lie the childlike feel, is not a draw for me. Perhaps if it was more whimsical and less like something one would find on a the Carebear toy. The Bella Bot is certainly out there and strikes more of a whimsical note, however, the gold plating on this particular charm is not a sell. Gold plating is like Avon jewlryvto me, cheap and temporary. The Honey comb looking charm in actual 14k Gokd would have been a purchase for me. Had the Bella Bot been in silver it might be something I’d consider for a leather bracelet as a conversation piece. The pave is well, a lot! The tassel is almost the same as the Chamilia tassel I purchased a few years ago to wear on my neck chain. So an interesting addition to the Pandora line, very Disco. Perhaps we will see some nice travel beads and less blinged character beads. I will reserve final judgement for the release but If this is a sign of the direction Pandora is going I may be saving money a lot of miney. Thanks again for a look into Spring 2018. We just came in from shovelling snow from yesterday’s storm. Just thinking about spring for a few minutes warmed me up.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, well, they will be doing the Bella Bot in silver as well :) so you might be able to get your conversation piece! What I find really funny about that particular design is the way it hangs from your bracelet by its head. Is it a charm or a dangle haha.

      And, of course, there will be much more to see than this! :) I think it much improved over the Valentine’s release, which has been my least favourite Pandora release ever, I think. And I imagine they’ll select the wackiest pieces for their market research, as these will be the ones that they’re unsure on!

      Glad you enjoyed the preview and thanks for commenting!

      • I can see the Bella bot on a Christmas bracelet with a tree in the center, 2 presents on each side, and toys under the tree with the rocking Horse, Soldier, bicycle, little girl dangle or one of the dolls…you get the picture. Maybe Santa and a gingerbread man since we leave cookies and milk out for Santa.

        • Deborah,

          Yes! What a great chat to feature and style this quirky charm! I love the idea of it being that special toy Santa brings.

          Lisa K

  38. I’m not loving the rainbow colours for some reason , but maybe they’ll look better in person!

    What I’ll definiteky have to have those though are the safety chain with mickey clutching on , Snd maybe the new Disney floating locket.

    I could never afford the 14 k gold line so I might be interested in the fan of love charm just to give some more mixed metal look to a bracelet or two! I think the yellow gold might look interesting against some Pandora rose and could try a three tone look!

    I’m still really looking forward to the heart lock bracelet from the valentine collection!

    Thanks for the update, Ellie!

    • I like some rainbow pieces, and am less keen on others – I think it works less well in pavé form. The enamel and the murano I like! I could never afford, or persuade myself to save up for, the 14kt gold pieces, either. I’m much more keen on getting more silver beads for my money, haha. Tri-tone is a really beautiful look, and I actually have a little bit of it on a Pandora Rose bracelet. I’ve used the Shimmer stripe muranos, a few two-tone pieces and then a smattering of Pandora Rose charms as well. It looks nice! :)

      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting!

  39. Thanks for the great review Ellie :) I really like the climbing Mickey safety chain – it’s SO cute :) And the rose dangle charm part of my heart is so pretty too! I wouldn’t be on for buying gold plated, so hope they continue doing two tone as I find that range really pretty! Not too sure about the rest of the collection either.. in the survey I urged Pandora top please go back to some basics and not to lose brand exclusivity! I am looking forward to seeing the heart locket bracelet from Valentine’s. Thank you again for such great reviews and information on the promos! I smile whenever I see MoraPandora emails in may inbox! :)

    • Me too! I absolutely love that they’re being a bit more creative with the safety chain designs. The little Mickey clambering on is so cute. :D I don’t really have anywhere to put him but he’s got a bit of red on so he might work on my Asian design… we shall see!

      You are so welcome, thank you very much for taking the time to let me know ? that makes me smile too!

  40. The Honey charm would be a must have for me – it would be perfect on my Pooh bracelet. I also love the climbing Mickey safety chain and the spring bird earrings. The rainbows aren’t really my thing, but might make a nice gift for my granddaughter.

    • Yes, that’s such a great idea! They’re doing a whole honeybee collection in the new plated gold, so there might be some other beads in there you could use too. <3 I also like the safety chain and the earrings! The earrings are very reminiscent of Redbalifrog or Trollbeads, I think.

  41. Hello Ellie!

    I hope you have had a wonderful time during the holidays so far! Thank you for this preview and for taking the time to give us all this information! :) I appreciate that Pandora decided to try something new and I like that they used pastels to represent rainbow colours. However, the design aspect suffers for me as most charms are similar to existing designs. For example, we have yet another take on the radiant hearts which is pretty but it is after all an abstract shape that will cost $100 and not say anything on a bracelet. I guess that’s my biggest complain about recent collections, I find it more and more difficult to “tell a story” with new Pandora charms. From what I see in this collection so far I am only really interested in the rainbow dangle, but will check the mosaic and the honeycomb charm in the store too. I hope Pandora will eventually go back to making unique character charms that made the company who they are today! On a different note, if the new charms don’t sell, it means that Pandora will keep offering promotions that I can use to buy some good older designs :P Thank you again for an amazing preview!

    Happy New Year to all!

    • Hi Victoria! I hope that we might see some more original designs in the wider collection – there are some honeybee pieces coming that aren’t like previous designs. :) I know exactly what you mean about Pandora drifting further away from character beads that are designed to represent something unique about you and more towards beads that appeal to as many people as possible. They dropped their ‘unforgettable moments’ slogan and have moved more towards the idea of fashion jewellery I think. I do miss the specific character beads, and hope that they might go back to it some day too :)

      Thanks for commenting, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, even though you haven’t seen much you like yet. Happy new year! :D

  42. I love the blue enchanted pave that looks like clouds on it and will need that for my sky bracelet!! I also like the aqua hearts – my favorite color is blue!

    As for the rainbow, I think it can be designed tastefully if done in minimal amounts and I think it’s pretty, soft colors. Other then that I’m not seeing a ton I’m that excited about. But I loved seeing it all and seeing the responses to it too. Thanks!

    • Ah, I hadn’t thought of clouds, but yes it does look like sky doesn’t it :D I would also go for a very minimal design if I were to get the rainbow. I hope it isn’t too pricey as it’s quite a fun, whimsical bead and I wouldn’t want to pay lots for it.

  43. The best design is Bellabot should be offered in silver and gold as well and the disneycharms. I will be so glad when someone at Pandora says enough with flowers hearts and bling and get back to charm making. Im saving a fortune for a while now!

  44. I like the rainbows, my girls choose me a charm each for birthdays and Xmas and can see them choosing these. Yes it appeals to a younger audience, I’m in my 30s and never considered pandora a few years ago, looked like old lady jewellery to me, now it’s cool and classy.
    Love the rose gold Magnolia and robot and the idea of plated gold is good with me, I live gold but could not afford it before so this is an excellent alternative, hope they bring out a plated bracelet too.

    • It’s not cool with young women where I live. My youngest daughter is 27, and she and her friends won’t touch Pandora anymore. I don’t know many young women who want to walk around looking like a pawn shop window or a toy store.

      • Hi, first of all thank you for all the valuable information found on your site. I wrote reply’s yesterday and at the time I was very unhappy. Now that I have calmed down I read your blog over again as well as the 2018 Valentine line. I am very disappointed in the new styles. One reason I do not purchase other brands is because of the charms looking cheap and childish.
        Pandora has always been a collection to be proud of. Lately a lot of the charms have become cheap looking with a big price tag.
        I love the older pieces because of the workmanship and details. Not so much now. Example: They put out a stick person on a Dangle charm which looks like a kid. On the back it says DAD.
        I really don’t like much of the new designs. I really don’t like gold plating.
        Have a good day. Maybe Pandora will listen to everyone and re-think this release.

        • Hi Cheryl, I think a lot of people feel the same way as you :) I guess only time will tell which direction Pandora will ultimately choose to travel in – aiming for younger audiences, or appealing to their original market. I would hope that they would offer both styles, as I do actually like to mix old and new Pandora – it works quite well! Some of the newer beads are perfect for giving some of the older, heavier silver beads a little bit of a contemporary twist.

          Have a good day too and thanks for commenting!

    • Well I’m very glad to hear that you’re a fan of these new ideas :) I like some of the rainbows, too (although I’m less keen on the multi-coloured pavé) and I also don’t mind the idea of plated gold jewellery, but then I haven’t invested any money in the 14kt gold charms.

  45. To say that it is the most awful collection is like to say nothing at all. I would never throw away my hard earned money to buy worthless plated jewelry with cz. As a lover of old Pandora I can see how different this company has become. The designers are completely different. This is jewelry for teen girls. And I would never buy it. For a teen girl. Because in reality it is too expensive. A money thrown away. RIP Pandora

    • I’m sorry to hear that :( I love my Pandora Rose pieces, but understand why you wouldn’t want to buy the more modern stuff if you’re principally a fan of their original style.

  46. OMG, I have to have the rainbow heart clip :-). I have a pink clip on the white clasp bracelet and I NEED a different colour for the other station :-). I also have a white pave heart charm opposite the clip and a pink pave heart charm opposite the pink clip so I need that same charm in a charm version ;-). I’ve just ordered the red pave heart charm in the sale, so I was hoping for a red pave heart clip but this rainbow one is stunning so I’m sure I will be able to find somewhere else for that to go ;-). That will be first on my list for our next free bracelet promo. I also love the rainbow safety chain and need that too :-).

    • Yay, I’m glad that works out for you :D I wasn’t sure about the rainbow safety chain, as I’m not as keen on the multi-colours in pavé, but I think it would look nice on a mini design with the rainbow dangle and the new murano.

  47. Hi Ellie, I love the rainbow charms!!!? They are a little childlike but that’s not a problem for me, finally my unicorn ? is going to find a place in a bracelet because I tried several desings but I didn’t like them a lot. The safety chains are awesome, I need them all, and the Mickey floating locket is a must have, I want a floating locket since I saw the Disney petits, so now I don’t have a excuse because this is perfect!!
    Thanks forma this beautiful preview!! Merry Christmas ?

    • Hi Priscilla! I like them too :D I do think they’re quite cutesy, but I think in small doses they’ll be fine. You are very welcome for the preview, and a very merry Christmas/happy new year to you too!

  48. I’m a little confused about the sale too. How do you put brand new charms on sale for half off when people just bought the same a week ago at full price? Doesn’t that annoy customers?!

    • I think customers are going to stop paying full price when items are first introduced, knowing they will be on sale soon. I know I’ve started waiting a month or so before shelling out full price for a newly introduced charm.

      • I just bought my last piece of pandora ( and returned it). I’m so done. I bought the red twinkle muranos about 2 weeks ago and now it’s half price. These business practices make me sick.

    • I know! It’s a bit bonkers. All the winter charms I bought are now on offer. Luckily, I didn’t buy many! :o Definitely makes you hesitate before rushing to buy anything on release day.

  49. I really hope they do the climbing Mickey safety chain. I really like that one! Like a couple of others, I received a survey but all of the options were very large, dangly earrings. I am happy to see that wasn’t the survey everyone received. :-)

    • I would love to have seen all the surveys! It’s good that they’re interested in what people have to say. :)

  50. I’ll be curious to see how the results of the Pandora survey will affect the release of this collection. It will be interesting to see if the whole collection will be released or only specific charms.

  51. I feel rather annoyed that pandora have yet again cheapened their brand by plating. The rose is notorious for rubbing off which is why I won’t buy it anymore. The 14ct was the more elite of the range and I think by plating some they will detract from the top of the range charms ECT. I can see the complaints coming… “my gold rubbed off”… we will see lol.

    As for the rest I see some lovely new charms and some great new designs. It looks like they be stepped up their game on upcoming trends ECT although I do think the rainbow/unicorn themed charms are very gimmicky :/ and rather late compared to all the other unicorn things I’ve seen all over shops for the past year.

    The safety chains I’m really excited about. New styles have been long awaited andd im glad they have tried to think outside the box a bit. I like the idea of the chains having detail on and making the bales more like charms themselves. I would love to see silicone clip safety chains as the screws annoy me getting caught on the threads so I have shining elegance clips on both ends to stop this. Silicone safety chains would help loads haha.

    Overall I’m pleased with the new collection. It’s nice to see them changing things up from the usual pavé in various colours. They do however need to do more 14ct SOLID charms. I hope their decline isn’t more evidence of them replacing the line with plated ones :(

    Merry Christmas and a happy New year to all.
    Sammie xx

    • I’ve only had good experiences with Rose and for the most part have heard the same… I wasn’t aware of any widespread problem with the quality. If the new Pandora yellow plated charms hold up as well as my Pandora Rose charms have so far, I wouldn’t have a problem buying them :)

      I’m also really excited for the safety chains! It was only a couple of years ago that we were complaining about how few new safety chain designs were released and now there are so many! There are actually more than I need for new bracelets at the moment, which I think is unprecedented lol. There are silicone lined safety chains out there already, though :)

      Happy new year to you too, and thanks for commenting! :)

  52. I think my collecting days with Pandora has run its course. I have a few complete bracelets including essence. I have always like the character charms rather than the pave or other blingy charms. I do prefer plain silver and find these new ideas not to my liking. I agree the solid gold charms should be kept but the price more in keeping with the weight. I will be collecting redbalifrog silver charms instead. Their Yule and woodland series are beautiful.

    • I just looked at redbalifrogs and the charms are gorgeous! So detailed and a lot of nature and fantasy beads – do you know if they have any major UK stockists? I have only ever bought Pandora before, I just never cared for chamilia, trollbeads or Thomas Sabo when I looked at them in person. I think I could be tempted to start a redbalifrogs bracelet! Has anyone ever tried Clogau? I liked that they use genuine rose gold, but I have never seen any in person.

      • Moonflowershops.co.uk stock Redbalifrog, and their shop is quite near where I used to live! :) RBF do some wonderful nature-inspired beads, their enchanted collection was just stunning. Never tried Clogau, they’re quite pricey I think!

      • They have a couple of stockists in the uk go onto their web page for retailers in the UK. However, as they have sold out of the pine cone I have ordered direct from redbalifrog in Austrailia the postage was reasonable

    • Yes, RBF do some gorgeous oxidised silver beads. I absolutely loved their enchanted forest collection, with the nest of owls and the little mushroom house etc. <3

      • I have the little mushroom house it really is cute whilst being a substantial charm What introduced me to them was their Alice the greyhound charm………looked so much like my lurcher I had to have it. I have been hooked ever since. Arthur the cat is on my wish list ready for 2018 halloween bracelet

      • I have the little mushroom house it really is cute whilst being a substantial charm What introduced me to them was their Alice the greyhound charm………looked so much like my lurcher I had to have it. I have been hooked ever since. Arthur the cat is on my wish list ready for 2018 halloween bracelet.

  53. Firstly. Thank you for your wonderful site and updates. I am over the rainbow excited about the spring rainbow collection. It’s just enough fun without looking too childish like the upcoming Valentines collection?. I am an avid gold collector and do not like the idea of gold plated. Why? Just extend the solid gold line to offer more of a selection. It cheapens the pandora gold appeal for me (if that makes since ). There is something special about putting aside money to finally grab that sacred gold charm that appeals to me!
    The robot looks a lot like an old Betsy Johnson earring, Necklace that I considered purchasing years ago. I will likely purchase this considering how well my Ross gold collection from Pandy has held up.

  54. Hello Ellie,

    I trust you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed holiday time off with friends and family. Your undivided attention to this lovely blog never ceases to amaze me, even at the most busy time of year. It has been such a pleasure to unwind at the end of each day with new reviews and posts from you. I’ve enjoyed each and every one. I especially enjoyed seeing your beautiful Christmas bracelets. It’s always nice to see your lovely designs. Thank you. Your dedication is much appreciated!

    Seeing what’s to come in 2018 was a nice surprise. I echo others when I say it was like getting another Christmas gift! I have to admit I’ve been over this latest info many times before commenting. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more to be released with the Spring collection as it’s usually a fairly nice size drop each year and I can honestly say I hope we do! I’m not necessarily opposed to the rainbow colors we’re seeing here, but think I might have a hard time figuring out what to wear them with. The rainbow mosaic is lovely and I’m wondering if this is part of the Moments line or Essence. The climbing Mickey safety chain is just too cute! I’ll reserve judgement on the new rose pieces until I see them in person, although the nameless dangle is very pretty. Hope it doesn’t have writing on the back of the disk making it unsuitable for me. I have mixed feelings regarding the plated gold pieces. I had decided to save for some of my favorite solid gold pieces a while back when I started to get bored with Pandora’s repetitive designs. I’ll have to rethink my decision if they replace solid gold with plated. This will make the solid pieces much less special in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what the prices will be for their plated gold. I feel like the solid gold is waaay over priced and would only buy during a good sale. I think about those ladies who are fortunate enough to have a nice collection of solid gold pieces and how disappointing this new direction would be for them. On the other hand, the plated gold would allow a touch of gold without the steep price tag for the solid. All in all, I think it’s a bad move for Pandora.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone on the blog. I soooo enjoy reading all the comments and opinions. Looking forward to more in 2018!

  55. I’m also curious to know more about this pandora survey. I did not receive one, but if pandora is desperate enough to solicit feedback from customers then business can’t be great. I suspected as much with all the sales, which pandora never did in the US before. It’s interesting also that the spring collection does show some different pieces, like the Bella bot, which shows you that pandora is aware of their own issue with design repetition. Also, charms like Bella bot and the cloud murano are themes from companies like Ohm beads, which has taken off in a big way in 2017. I do think that pandora have missed the boat, as most of the collection looks childish and cheap. But the point is they are changing it up, especially with the plated gold. It will be interesting to see the price points for spring, also. If anyone has any more info on this survey I’d love to hear about it.

  56. My 3rd comment . LOL. Im still reading thru all these. I think Pandora needed to do something different. Which is what they did with this collection. After awhile, how many designs for beads can you possible come up with over the years. For the past 2 yrs I strayed from Pandora and headed to Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo because every bead was starting to look the same. They took a slight risk with some of these , but I think they will sell. Aren’t you all tired of the same flowers and cz designs they have been replicating? This line is so refreshing and fun. It is high quality so to me it doesnt look cheap and childish. I also loved their Summer line. So , I am back to Pandora because I absolutely think the open bangle is the best fit! Better than the Trollbeads bangle too. :) I can;t wait to get to get many of these pieces. A little modern and 80’s! As far as the gold, it is kind of nice to have a cheaper alternative ONLY if it looks well done. I for one would never waster $300 or more on a tiny bead. I would rather save for David Yurman gold at that point. :)

  57. Hi Ellie!

    I am finally absolutely thrilled about these impending releases! The magnolia bloom duo is a must on my list as a gift for my mom. I started her pandora bracelet with the silver toned magnolia charms, it’s only right I purchase these -particularly since she adores rose gold. Speaking of rose gold, I have decided to give in and purchase my first rose gold charm with the Bella bot! Since I am a Tech Geek at heart, this charm just took the cake for me! Again, rose gold is not my favorite tone, but I cannot resist a charm theme that is so near and dear to my heart! She is adorable!

    Thank you for all of your AMAZING posts. It’s been a while since I have commented, however, I have yet to miss a single post! Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright. May this season be filled with an abundance of love, peace, joy, and prosperity from now and throughout the New Year! ?


  58. Hello, Ellie! Thanks so much for always keeping everybody in the Pandora world updated. I wanted to let you know that I received the survey from Pandora and got to review over 100 items. I think what you put together is a very good summary of what (hopefully) we’ll see in the 2018 spring and summer collections. However, you’re missing some of my favorite pieces. There’s a floating locket ring that I can’t wait to get. There are also many sets/collections following a common theme. For example, the bee/honeycomb theme was used for a charm, two pendants, a pair of earrings, and a beautiful ring. The Brilliant Bow collection includes a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a ring. The Enchanted Tassel charm comes with a matching necklace and a pair of earrings. The Spring Bird hoops also have a matching necklace, and so do the Bright Hearts hoops. The other two collections that I also found very beautiful and elegant are the Chandelier Deoplets and the Dreamy Dragonfly ones. Even though I don’t like everything they came up with, I am very pleased with the collections in general terms. I’m afraid I’ll be spending a lot (and actually not on charms, surprisingly).

  59. Hi Ellie -Happy Holidays! I like the rainbow designs. It’s really nice that they went with something different for Spring. I really like the rainbow/cloud safety chain, but I love, love, love the climbing Mickey one! I’ve got to get that! I think the vintage Minnie and that Epcot Mickey charm are really cool also. I like the cutie Mickey and Minnie charms, but I’d pick many of the other Disney charms over them. The honey comb one is really cool, but I’m not going to venture into gold. :)

  60. No surprise Pandora will offer gold plated charm since they have so called Pandora Rose line ( not real rose gold ) and a lot of CZ ( not real diamond ). Silver is the only real metal they have left now. As long as the price is reasonable like Pandora Rose line, it will sell well for people can’t afford to buy sold 14k gold before. Pandora is doing the right thing, why not have gold plated items as a more affordable piece for more business. Pandora don’t worth anything, just a fun fashionable jewelry. People want real jewelry will go Tiffany, Van Cleef, Cartier…I have been collected many many two toned chams but not 14k gold pieces yet because of the high price. I alway want 14k Cherry Blossom clip, if it come in gold plated under $100, I will buy it. Pandora already lower the value of their 14k charms with CZ on, I don’t see why not use gold plated instead of 14k. People want real jewelry never buy CZ or so called Pandora Rose. Pandora is heading to right direction.

    • Hello, I too used to believe that Pandora wan simply fun fashionable jewelry not to be taken very seriously. But after attending a novice gemology class discovered that It is in fact fun and fashionable but is as quality made as Tiffany,, Van Clef simply without the long history and name. All stones are hand set, they use the highest quality gold and silver certified by master jewelers on par with my Tiffany and Van Clef.

  61. To any ladies here who bought Moments bangles at the last Canada sale, not the Boxing sale, did anybody get one with a faulty clasp? Ellie, remember the bangle I showed you that had the bent end bit? All three of the bangles I ordered from the sale (arrived today) have the same fault, and really badly. I still love them, and wouldn’t return them even if I could (final sale), but now I’m worried the Essence bangles I ordered at the current Boxing Week sale will be faulty as well. I’m tempted to order another Moments bangle from the current sale and see if it’s faulty as well. I hope they’re not having sales to get rid of faulty product.

      • The sale is final, so final they didn’t even include a return label this time, so dealing with customer care on it would be a nightmare. It’s just faulty clasps, faulty end bits that are bent so they don’t fit easily into the clasp slot, so when closed, the clasp doesn’t turn at all, and it’s very difficult to unhinge. This fault isn’t uncommon on the bangles, I’ve had it before, and many other people have too, but for all three to have the same fault seems a bit too much bad luck.

  62. Hi Ellie! I’ve been very excited for this preview—especially since I’m not too thrilled with the upcoming Valentine’s Day collection. I’m so jealous that so many people received the survey and got to sample so many potential pieces. Although these pieces don’t “wow” me, I’m surprised at some of the very negeative views on it. One of my favorites is the Rainbow Mosaic Charm. I do hope it’s a Moments bead, as I haven’t really dabbled in the Essence collection in quite a while. While I’m not thrilled with the other rainbow pieces, I don’t think they are too childlike in a bad way—particularly if styled in a tasteful way. In fact, I like that Pandora seems do be do something a bit different with some of these pieces. The Enchanted Tassel would look lovely on a necklace, I think, and I’m glad to hear there will be matching earrings. I know it’s an unpopular option, but I have been wearing more and more gold-colored jewelry lately, so I’m eager to see the plated gold pieces—especially since the Rose jewelry has stood up so well. The true gold pieces are out of my price range, and I don’t think they are worth the price TBH. I am wondering what the cost will be of the plated gold jewelry. The Rose pieces cost slightly more than the silver, so I wonder if it will be similar for the gold.

    Ellie, I hope you have enjoyed your holiday and have gotten some relaxation time in! I enjoyed looking at all your Christmas bracelets and am glad you were able to get the cute wreath charm. Wishing you (and all the readers) a Happy and Heathy New Year!

  63. Omg I how everything is ok. I see pandora made you take the images off. Glad I saw them first :(

    Hope they haven’t stressed you too much hun x

    • I’m glad I saw them too.?

      Hope Pandora is reconsidering their new collection after reading all our comments.?

      I wish I had the request Pandora to review it. Both Disney Mickey security chains were awesome and the blue heart will certainly please my sister.

      Have a great weekend everyone!

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