Happy new year everyone! ? Today’s post rings in the new year with my monthly news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2018 – we have the Valentine’s  Day and Chinese New Year 2018 collection launches, some Disney Parks updates, info on the next Pandora Disney UK release, and more! ?

I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating (or not celebrating) the new year! We cooked a nice dinner with family, and then spent the evening playing Pictionary, learning how to play poker and watching The IT Crowd. ?

I apologise again to anyone who was disappointed by the Pandora SS18 sneak peeks being removed. I hope to be in discussion with Pandora about this soon, and will provide an update when I can. I’ve read through and appreciate, as always, all your interesting and thoughtful comments, but will hold off my responses for the time being.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this round-up!

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection release

The main event for this month is the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection. The collection has had mixed reviews from collectors, and features a set of lip-themed jewellery alongside the usual hearts and pinks. It’s due to launch on 11 January – and you can see a full preview if you look through the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 tag.

In the meantime, I have some live images to show you! The first comes from Pandora’s official Instagram, offering a rather pretty look at the new charm bracelet coming out:

These next are courtesy of tiedyedeb – I’ve picked a selection out here, but there are more if you follow the link. :)

The Pandora Club charm for 2018 is also making its debut alongside the Valentine’s 2018 collection. We have a great collection of live shots of the charm from all angles, courtesy of Lady G Forty. As usual, it comes in a heart-shaped box, stamped with the year.

Image by Lady G Forty

Pandora Chinese New Year 2018 release

As is tradition, Pandora are also putting out a special release in honour of the lunar new year. This year, we’re being treated to two new dangle charms – you can see a full preview here.

We have this cute live shot of the two charms, thanks to Sha! The charms strike me as being quite representative of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Pandora: the figure, with its two-tone and red enamel, being more in keeping with existing CNY charms; and the heart, with its sparkly pink CZs, more in line with newer Pandora collections.

Pandora lunar new year 2018

I’m told that these will be available in North America and Australia/New Zealand, but not the UK. :( I am in love with the little God of Fortune and so I’ll definitely be getting him to go on my red Asian-themed bracelet:

pandora chinese new year bracelet

Pandora Disney Cruise gift set

There’s a new Disney cruise exclusive Pandora gift set available, including an engraved version of the Frosty Mint shimmer murano, the Cruise ship dangle charm and a Disney version of the usual engravable pavé button charm. This features a sailor Mickey Mouse on one side, and the Disney cruise logo on the other.

We have a couple of beautiful close-up images of the charms included in the set, thanks to Mark Scott.

Image by Mark Scott

The set is available for $225 USD. The murano even has the copyright symbol next to Disney, which tickles me for some reason!

Image by Mark Scott

The only stock image I’ve seen so far is this one by @dpantry:

Pandora Disney Parks 2017 cruise set

In other news, the 2018 Disney Parks Pandora charm is now available for $75 USD. (I previously previewed this with the Pandora Disney Parks AW17 collection.)

Pandora Disney UK February 2018 Release

The next Pandora Disney drop for the UK will be in February – there won’t be brand new beads included, but we’ll be catching up on some of the charms that have already made it out in other countries. The new Disney beads will be out on 15 February. 

I don’t have specific details of what charms exactly will be coming out, but I can confirm the characters that will be making an appearance:

  • Tinker Bell
  • Winnie the Pooh & friends
  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • Ariel
  • Snow White (including the Anniversary charm)
  • Rapunzel’s Dress (but not Maximus! :()
  • Other princess pieces

I’m told that, once this launch has dropped, our Disney offering in the UK will be pretty much on a par with what’s offered in Australia currently.

Pandora hallmarking changes

I’m sure every collector is familiar with Pandora’s hallmark: 925 ALE if the charm is 2011 or before, and S925 ALE if the charm originates after that point. However, charms have been cropping up over the past few months with new, unfamiliar hallmarks, and I’ve had a few questions about this. After a little research, I found the following info, courtesy of Dora Melinte. :)

This text from a French Pandora brochure explains that additional hallmarks have been added to certain Pandora products to help them pinpoint any quality control issues. The new hallmarks include a range of different symbols:

The text translates as follows:-

As part of our quality control process, we have added different symbols & hallmarks to our products to help us identify manufacturing locations. You will see the following symbols on our products.

Pandora Winter 2017 sales continue

Winding up the round-up, I wanted to note that many of Pandora’s regional winter sales are still running and will do so for the first week of January in many cases. I’ve listed the details for most of the sales in my previous sales alert post. Pandora US has extended their sale until 7 January, too.

I’m aware that I don’t want much from Valentine’s (if anything) apart from the CNY bead and the Club charm, and so I’ve gone a little bigger on my sales purchases than I might have done otherwise. ? After all, I have a little window to absorb my sales spending before March, lol.

I got the red Twinkle murano, the Club charm 2017 and the Koinobori in the US sale. Yes, I finally cracked and got the lovely Koinobori! I’m wanting to put the muranos on my red leather as a complementary design to my main CNY red bracelet.

Then, as my brother is over in Australia again and can be my Pandora mule, I hit that sale too… two Rapunzel muranos for me, and the Lock of Longevity too, neither of which have made it out in the UK thus far.

Finally, in the UK sale, I got the lovely little Wise Owl. I’ve wanted this for such a long time! He’s on my Halloween bracelet. :D

Pandora, as told by SNL

Finally, we have a little oddball contribution to this month’s round-up ? This SNL skit did the rounds just before Christmas, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious:

(The embarrassing thing is that I think the little coffee cup would be a pretty cute charm ?)

My Comment

It’s going to be a bit of a quiet month for me, as I need to hunker down after indulging so much in the sales. ^^ I’m looking forward to seeing all the Valentine’s 2018 pieces in person – I don’t intend on buying anything, but I’m open to being pleasantly surprised by something when I see it in store. The Lock your Promise bracelet is a possibility, although I don’t really need to start a new design.

Have you been sales shopping at all? Are you planning on getting any of this month’s new launches?

103 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for January 2018

  1. Thank you so much for the insights again. I personally do like the heart lock inspired bracelet…as I have had this type of lock on a past bracelet (not Pandora), they are easier to open than the clasps (no nail breaking or jabbing the skin with a clasp opener, lol). I am in the process of starting a red and white themed bracelet so this one will be ideal for that. Its the only thing I like in the entire collection unless a solid gold item is released as a surprise…? PS: Will this bracelet come out in the standard sizes or just a S, M and L of which none fit me as I wear a size 20. Thank you so much…

    • I am not sure on the bracelet! I’m waiting to see if it grabs me in person. I’m also a bit nervous of that clasp – it doesn’t look quite as secure as a traditional barrel clasp. The bracelet will be available in the usual sizes from 17cm, 18cm, 19cm upwards – it’s not just S, M & L. :)

  2. Happy New Year. The Asian Murano is striking. Glad you caved and got it. Look forward to seeing a photo of it on your bracelet. It’s so much nicer than the upcoming pink lips one which looks tacky imo.

    From the Valentine’s collection I do like the locket bracelet. If I don’t buy it, I will probably buy the lock charm or maybe even the necklace. I like the silver and red heart spacer as well.

    Thanks for the update.

    • Happy new year Lozzie! :) Yes, I’ve admired it for some time, but I didn’t want any more glass on my CNY bracelet proper… this is my solution ? I am going to put it with the Lock of Longevity and a couple of animal beads for now I think!

      The locket bracelet is the only thing that vaguely tempts me from the Valentine’s collection. Overall, I believe I will sit tight for this collection and recover from the damage I’ve done with my sales purchases haha! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. :-) Happy New Year!
    I haven’t bought much Pandora in the last couple of months, but I think the Valentine’s bracelet it will be,
    as I’m a great fan of hearts and lockets.
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely start into the new year!
    Claudia :-)

    • Happy new year Claudia! Great, glad to hear you’re tempted :D hope you decide to go for it! Thank you for commenting!

  4. I like the lock idea, but not as a heart. I wonder if they’ll be coming up with other locks, interchangeable locks, like Trollbeads and other brands do. Then I wonder if they’ve done the lock well enough so it won’t malfunction. Pandora are not good with clasps.

    The God of Fortune is just adorable. He’s the only purchase for me from what I’ve seen so far, and I might wait until he goes on sale. The Lion Dance is on sale right now, so he will go on sale eventually.

    And you see, I said Pandora should have done a murano with the date for the club charm this year. Now they’ve proved they can put dates on glass, they better do it for next year’s club charm. This year’s globe is boring.

    • I’d prefer it if it were a more neutral colour. I don’t have any plans for a design with pink pavé!

      I like both the God of Fortune and the Club charm. I like the globe idea, and find it more interesting than the previous straight-down-the-line hearts we’ve had a lot of. You’re sensible to wait for them to go on offer, but I’ll expect I’ll get them sooner rather than later, as I’m not buying anything else from the new collection. Patience is not one of my virtues!

    • I have quite a few muranos from my travels with island names or other images in the glass. It has been done for a while.

      • Yes I have seen them myself. I saw one at the Pensacola Mall that said Pensacola Beach FL it was done on the blue looking glass murano it was interesting.

  5. Initially I wasn’t planning to get the God of Fortune dangle, but it is adorable, so I think I may get it after all. Plus, it sounds very lucky! I don’t think I’ll be getting any of the Valentine beads, but maybe I’ll get the two tone heart key dangle at some point.

    The Disney Cruise gift set is very nice. I like all 3 charms. That’s a nice selection of beads you’re getting from the sales. The muranos are perfect for another CNY bracelet.

    Thanks for all the updates and Happy New Year.

    • It is really lovely, isn’t it? Such a little touch of old-style Pandora as well! And the little dash of two-tone is nice. You should definitely think about it :D

      The Cruise gift set is rather nice, especially considering the fact that two charms are just engraved existing designs. It’s been very nicely done, despite that! It’s a shame that it’s so elusive, both to get and to find information about haha :)

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year!

  6. I love how I can get all the release dates before we get told in store. Thank you! Been wondering when the next Disney lot would be coming in, so at least I know now!

  7. Hi Ellie,
    Happy new year!

    Thanks for your round up. I’m so happy that we finally get winnie the Pooh and friends!

    It are going to be a few expencive months with the disney beads released here and the spring and summer collcetion. Luckily my birhtday is in February so i can ask for charms and giftgards!

    • Hi Manon! Yes, the Winnie the Pooh charms are my favourites from the Disney collection :D Although I think Dumbo is a close second! ? and you can put the Pooh charms with the new honeybee pieces from Pandora Shine, should you be so inclined… :)

      Thanks for commenting and happy new year! I hope you get lots of goodies for your birthday next month ^^

  8. Happy New Year!

    I’m definitely going to purchase the new bracelet. I just finished restyling some of my bracelets to include my Christmas presents and my sale purchases, and I need a few more bracelets. Maybe there will be a bracelet promo soon. And I really like the club charm.

    I don’t have a CNY Bracelet, so I won’t be acquiring those pieces. Yours is stunning though!

    I don’t know about the Valentines charms until I see them in person. I like the red faceted hearts and I think they will work on an existing design. The winking emoji is cute, but I’m not sure how to style her. Maybe just on an open Bangle…I’m trying to get really selective to finish a few bracelets before starting any more new ones.

    My husband thought the SNL skit was hilarious. And I’m with you, we need a coffee cup charm. I have one from a different brand; it looks like a Starbucks cup without the logo. One of my few non-Pandora charms.

    Thanks for the live images. May 2018 be a wonderful, Pandora filled year!

    • Happy new year, Deborah!

      Ah, good job on trying to be a bit more selective haha! I have done better and worse with that myself over the past year. I get quite tempted in the sales, as I have visions of some dark future time when I’ll desperately need a bead and won’t be able to find it. So I go better safe than sorry ^^ Which beads are you intending for the new Valentine’s bracelet?

      Greg (my boyfriend) did laugh about the SNL skit, but was anxious to assure me that Pandora was a much more original gift when he first got it for me ? I think a takeaway coffee cup, with one of their little hearts or perhaps a christmassy/wintry design later in the year, would be excellent!

      Thanks for commenting, Deborah! <3

      • Hi Again!

        I have an existing Valentines Day “string” that I move to a Wishful Heart Bangle every year that has the Love a Note Dangle in the center, with a Red Love Murano on each side, followed by a Forever Fuschia Dangles, the TT openwork Jared exclusive charms, and the Showered with Love Clips down each side. Right before the clips there is the Celebration Glasses Dangle on the right and the Jared Exclusive Cupid Dangle on the left. I’m thinking I might be able to add the new red faceted hearts to the mix. If they look right, great; if not, I’ll keep it like it is. It’s an oldie but goodie.

        I use so many emojis in my texting that I would love to get that new charm, but haven’t figured out what to use to balance out the other side. Any thoughts?

        • HI Deborah! That sounds really pretty! I was tempted by the Cupid dangle in the sale last time around but I hear it catches on things. I recently got the Ox dangle in the sales to go on a Christmassy design and it’s the worst yet! Its horns are perpetually snagging in things!

          Hmm, well, there is that princess emoji style charm that’s coming for SS18? I don’t know if you saw it before it went down. But it’s similar in style. Or the little prince silver head? I don’t really know how to style that particular bead, as it’s not like any other beads they do really!

  9. Happy Holidays Ms. Ellie, May you have a Wonderful 2018 & Keep up the great work with the Pandora charms.

  10. Love your updates! They actually keep me interested in Pandora, as I’ve thought several times about abandoning the brand. I missed what happened…why were you asked to take down your preview images?

    • Thanks Michelle! :) You didn’t miss anything, unless you didn’t see the preview images before they went down. When/if I find out more about why those images had to come off the blog, I will let you all know.

  11. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for this really comprehensive round-up Ellie, it is so exciting to see what is coming up. I love your Asian inspired red bracelet, I am thinking of starting a red one with my existing CNY charms, I hope one day I can get hold of the Dancing Lion! My favourite charm of the winter has to be the red sparkly bauble you have on your bracelet. Nothing in the Valentine’s collection for me, but I am very excited to hear about the new UK Disney release, I will be hoovering up some of those charms I’m sure – I hope Tigger and Piglet will be coming out. I feel I will be ok to spend on those as I haven’t bought anything from any of the new collections since last summer, the Spring collection last year was one of my favourite ever but I don’t think the new collections coming up will be of as much interest to me. I am quite happy though as it means I can catch up on older charms and hopefully get a locket this year as well.

    • Happy new year Debbie! :) Thank you, so glad you like it :D the Asian beads are some of my favourites. I’m not normally a red sort of person, but the colour is done so beautifully with them.

      Tigger & Piglet should be on the cards for the Disney UK release :) I think a lot of people are looking back over past collections rather than looking forward to new releases, so I imagine there’ll be a fair few people doing the same as you! I’m actually quite excited for the SS18 collections. Honeybees are very much my thing ^^

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Im scared of bees haha! I keep trying to tell myself they are really good and not aggressive like wasps, and I’m getting better but I still couldn’t bear to wear them as jewellery – even the images made me shudder ???!

        • Hi Debbi. Bees are considered “sacred” in some European mythologies. Go they are very good. Hope this helps you ??

        • Aha, I do understand that. When I bought the airline-exclusive suitcase bead, it came in a set with the airplane charm. I am so deathly afraid of flying that I couldn’t stand to have the charm, and I exchanged it within days at the store. It’s the only charm I’ve let go from my collection ?

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Here we are in 2018. Yes, to hitting the Boxing Day sale. First, went into my local shop to scoop up what was available on my list. Secondly, I ordered some items online. There were charms I wanted to buy but felt they were way too pricey, especially because I knew they would only be worn once perhaps twice a year. The Valentines release does not have as much appeal to me this year I thought why not invest in what I like most during the sake. Speaking of Valentines, the club charm is what I want from hubby this year. We both believe in the message so that makes it more meaningful. I am good on the bracelets, In fact, I picked up the silver heart clasped bangle at my local store for 40% off! The new bracket is interesting but I would have prefer a more Victorian, secret garden or lock of longevity style padlock. Yes, I’m picky. Pink pave is not my thing, however, there will be plenty of Pandora pink pave lovers out there who will be happy with this design. I will be curious as to the durability of the
    Is design.
    Today I’m assembling my CNY themed bracelet. Really glad to hear the God of Fortune charm will be released in NA, perhaps Pandora has determined there is a broader market base for these charms after all.
    So glad you highlighted the SNL Pandora send up! I have watched this multiple times and laughed just as hard. And hope Pandora Corpoarte finds the tongue and cheek take on there Christmas commercials amusing too, besides it is free publicity. I wouldn’t mind a coffee cup charm, that one I would buy for myself. I think Pandora should give this another go, the espresso pot dangle & most recently, button charm with a picture of a coffee cup released in some markets was not as relatable as the take out cup style. I passed on both charms. Perhaps a version with a gold, can’t believe I’m saying this, Heart!
    Ellie, you have really outdone yourself this past holiday season, I do hope you got a chance to rest.

    Lisa K

      • Thanks Lisa,

        You are right about the OHM coffee cup beads. Both very nice charms & I have a few OHM beads in my collection. They were released as limited edition bead of the month so hard to come by now, regretfully I passed on these charms when they were first released because it was a set. Perhaps that’s why I’m hoping Pandora might do their own version of a take away cup.

    • Hi Lisa! That’s what I’m doing, too. I know that I don’t want much from Valentine’s, and so I’m stocking up on some sales goodies. :) I agree with you about the new bracelet. I think the concept is nice, with the heart padlock clasp, but the pink pavé puts me off a little. Your ideas for an alternative sound much more my kind of thing. I like the idea of a more ornate padlock, and you could do a matching lovely secret garden kind of theme on it. Some pretty silver woodland animal charms would be pretty – a fox, an owl, etc…

      I hope Pandora found it funny! In a way, it’s publicity for them… I saw a lot of comments on the video, and lots of people were saying that they loved the charms and jewellery, but still found the video funny, like we did. I have the espresso dangle and love it, but a little takeaway cup for would be amazing. A Christmassy one would be even better! A gold heart would be super cute.

      Thanks Lisa! I was back to work today, so the blog action will be a little less, but it was fun to have the time off to do it properly like I used to :) glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting!

      • Hey Ellie and both Lisa’s ☺️
        I also love the padlock bracelet idea but wish it was a more Victorian detailed traditional type lock! I have a thing for keys and padlocks and I think it actually stems from the secret garden movie ?

  13. Hi Ellie, Happy New Year!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date, we appreciate all the effort you put into the blog! I took advantage of the winter sale withe the 2017 club charm bring my favorite score. I also got the two tone bangle with the 14k clasp in the winter sale. There’s not much in the upcoming sales that interests me. I’ve started a club charm bracelet but would need to see
    the 2018 club charm in person before I purchase it. I promised my hubby that I would go on a three month no spend so that he can pay off all my spends from 2017. Wish me luck! Lol!

    • My husband knows better than to ask me to go cold turkey! Lol! He has requested that we do a “charm of the month club”. I told him I would try. We will see how it goes…

    • My husband encourages me to buy more, more, more. :-) But then, I don’t carry debt on jewelry. I don’t buy what I can’t pay in full at month’s end. If I did, he might act differently.

    • Happy new year Marsha! Oh amazing, the two-tone bangle :D that’s a great buy. I did eye up a couple of more expensive pieces in the sale, but decided against it. I’ve indulged too much in Pandora lately!

      Haha, a three month ban! That’s ambitious indeed, good luck! ? that takes you just past the spring 2018 collection launch, which is good timing though if you can hold out. Glad you’ve been enjoying the posts, thank you for commenting ?

  14. Happy New Year everyone!

    Thanks again Ellie for the news, I love your blog and I am always looking forward to your posts! I bought the sparkling candy cane, the festive stocking, the ice drops Murano and the sparkling butterfly in the Canadian promotion. I was very happy to combine the 40% discount with my Christmas gift cards! I wanted the butterfly for a long time but the price was quite steep :P From the Valentine’s collection I only like the bracelet, but I will wait for the next free bracelet promotion to choose between that, the mesh and the open bangle. I had the chance to see more of the spring images you posted and I liked the two blue round charms that resembled rippling water. I wanted something to represent lakes and light blue is my favourite colour either way! :) Do you have any information about the colour of the new leather bracelets this year? I hope for lavender as it will go beautifully with the blues and my new butterfly!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful and lucky new year!


    • Lovely choices in the sale :) amazing that they put such new winter charms on sale already, really. I had already got the ones I wanted but it’s great for everyone who held off! I don’t have any info on the new leathers for this year yet I’m afraid. :) Lavender would be lovely, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went for that this year. Fingers crossed!

      So glad you enjoy the blog, thank you for taking the time to let me know! Happy new year Victoria!

  15. Thanks so much for the update.The Disney cruise button charm with Mickey looks so much like him in Steamboat Willie, his first official appearance I wish that was available separately.Happy New Year!

  16. Hi All, Happy New Year, hows this for a start the Pandora update star. Glad you got what you have been looking at,in the sales, not seen the red patterned one befor beautiful, well done. I was a bit naughty in the sales but all bargins to go with my big spend coming up as I love the red valantines coming up, not keen on the modern youthfull designs, to much glitter for me, but each to their own. Not sure on the pink heart bracelet need to see that, but so much like the charm braclets I have in gold and silver from the 1970s, sorry guys I am that old, still ware them and youngsters look at them with great interest and wonder which is really nice, seems it is some thing new to them. But whatch this space when I get my reds, plan to ware 17th Feb for dinner on a certain new year, I am a fire monkey, wish Pandora did a monkey you would want to have. Any way I have got to stop dreaming and go and fix the hoover or I will not be getting my Pandora.

    Love to you all and thanks for all the fun, this post was a great start to the New Year. XXXX

    • Hi Karen! Aha, you are the nicest! Thank you ☺️ The red Koinobori patterned murano never made it out here in the UK, we don’t get a lot of the Asian-themed charms these days unfortunately :( it’s really pretty!

      I am very glad to hear that you like the new reds for Valentine’s Day! It’s nice to hear a bit of positivity about it :) I’m sure it will look lovely when you wear them out next month! I have the little monkey zodiac dangle and really like that one. I’m not as keen on the older monkey & baby charm.

      Thanks again for your comment, Karen, it made me smile! Happy new year <3 xx

  17. I just always get excited about the promos around valentines and mother’s day like the heart or jewellery boxes will you have posts if this is the case this year??

    Happy New Year!

  18. Oh my! Pandora mule?! LOL! And yes I saw the snl skit as well! I was like OMg ? it was pretty hilarious though!!??

  19. A happy new year and thank you for the information regarding the uk releases of the disney charms which I am looking forward to buying them.

  20. Happy New Year! I enjoy this blog & always look forward to new posts. I’m glad to hear about the Disney charms being released in the UK-particularly Winnie the Pooh & friends, Donald & Daisy Duck and Snow White. I do hope Pandora go ahead with some of the Bee themed pieces (that you sadly had to remove pictures of) The Valentines collection has nothing I like. Will there be Valentines & Mothers day GWP promos this year?

    • I am fairly confident that the Pandora Shine pieces will go ahead – I saw a SS18 catalogue proper that featured them, they weren’t just in the survey set of images. But I guess we will have to wait and see :) I would imagine we will see a jewellery box GWP for Valentine’s Day, as there tends to be one every year and that promo usually does well!

      Happy new year Sofie, so pleased you enjoy the blog :)

  21. Hi Ellie,
    First of all, Happy New Year to you an all the ladies on the blog. Let me say it has been an exciting Christmas time with all the posts you have put up for us. It’s given me very relaxing moments to enjoy by myself between heavy meals, family gatherings and arrangements.
    Going on to Pandora, yes I’ve been shopping only without discount ☹. So far I’ve got the wraith,the stocking and a new bracelet and got the green jewelery box with my purchase. The one with the clear cz barrel clasp. I got the candy cane as a Christmas present. So my Christmas bracelet is on the go. Still need the orbit and maybe the Snowy Wonderland. Butvsurely The Three kings will be able to provide these ?
    I don’t know if we’ll have any promotion here after that, so I’m clueless whether I’ll get something else or I will start to
    Save for whatever comes next. From the Valentine collection I like the charm club and the locket and key dangle but neither is a must have untill I’seen them in person.
    And from the spring/summer collection I already know that I want the acqua beads. Well, I really hope we have some sales, too or I’m going to be very mad at Pandora.
    Enjoy the rest of the day, you deserve it. And a very big thank you for your dedication and hard work. Again I wish you a very happy New Year.

    • Hi Marie, happy new year! So glad you enjoyed the posts. It was a busy Christmas for me with all the blogging, but it was actually really fun to be able to write posts like I used to do when I was at university and not working full time. Much less stressful!
      Aw, well, you got some beautiful pieces regardless of whether you were able to snag them with discount or not! I hope you get some sales coming up though, sounds like it’s about time for you!
      Thanks for commenting Marie, and enjoy your new charms!

  22. Ellie thank you and Happy New Year 2018! I really appreciate reading all of your blogs loaded with information for my future buys. Not sure about the new bracelet but I love some of the Valentine collection and continue to admire the red hearts. I think the Asian charms are gorgeous but I draw the line since I am such an addict! Like Deborah, I am constantly overstocked and redesigning my charms into new bracelets and I keep saying, no more! But the addiction continues. I still am a favorite love of the open bangle because it is so easy to slip on. I can see the advantage to the new one and may change my mind! Never say never! I need the 2017 Club and will be buying that if it is still available. Happy New Years everyone!

    • Happy new year to you too! :D I’m glad to hear that you’ve not yet got to a point where you’re unable to draw a line haha. I had so many rules when I first started collecting and I have cheerfully ridden over them all. :D You could always get a couple of the CNY charms and just wear them occasionally on an open bangle design? Thanks for commenting! :)

  23. Happy New Year to you and Thank You! for all of the work you put into your articles. I do enjoy reading them.
    I am not seeing much in the upcoming release that is a must have for me. I do like the style of the new bracelet though not a fan of pink cz’s. Maybe it will come out in a no cz option, or with clear ones (Just not a big fan of pink lol) at a later date. I do like the 2018 club charm, and that it is not another heart is a plus for me.
    As to the winter sale…oh my did I ever! Picked up quite a few pretties. And now that I see it has been extended to 1/7/18…I feel another list coming and my wallet already groaning lol.
    Seeing the photo of this charm,Longevity Lock Openwork Charm, Item #791952FCZ is quite lovely. Is this only available in select regions?
    I recently read that Pandora is retiring the iconic barrel clasp bracelet (the threaded one). Have you had any news of this? If indeed it is being retired, I will need to pick up a few for future projects lol. That seems to be the bracelet I favor most.
    Have a wonderful start to your New Year.

      • Thank you, Manon. I will have to see if I can locate this item. I do like it. Looks similar to the Floral Heart Padlock Charm
        Item #791397, which I think would compliment each other. I am in the US, so may take a little searching lol.

    • Happy new year! Thank you, I’m so pleased to hear that :D it’s been a lot of fun blogging over Christmas!

      I definitely think that the new bracelet would get more uptake if it were in a more neutral colour :) a whole range of different colours would be fun!

      Glad to hear you also indulged a little bit! :D The Longevity Lock was never released in the US or the UK. It came out in Australia, Europe and Asia. It’s cute! And very cheap in the Aussie sale :D

      I have heard rumours about retiring the classic barrel clasp, yes. It was listed as retired on the Pandora UK site recently, too. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to pass as that would be such a big change for them. :o

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  24. Hi Ellie
    I am also looking forward to seeing the Valentines Collection in store. I’m only interested in the bracelet, but always look forward to viewing a new release.
    I have also indulged in the sales, a little more than usual. I justified the spend as I really won’t be spending much on Pandora until March?.
    There was so much on offer at these sales, it wS a little overwhelming to be honest. Part of me was excited that so much was on offer the other half saddened that so many beautiful charms have been retired.
    I’m very happy with what I came home with; Radiant bloom openworks, Shimmering medallion openworks, 2 red pave balls, 2 purple petite facets, 2 Cerise Radiant Droplet, oriental fan openworks, teal studded circles openworks, Fairy tale treasure openworks, 2 white primrose meadow openworks and 2 dazzling daisy meadow openworks and crystallised floral openworks. Gee, I did indulge ? Happy 2018 Ellie, I look forward to another year of your wonderful posts. Thankyou?

    • Hi Janelle! I’m just looking for the Club charm and the CNY fortune dangle, but I’m open to being persuaded by something pretty in store :) I won’t be spending too much until spring either! Which is a very good thing as there were so many great buys to choose from in the sales.

      You picked lovely things! I got the Shimmering Medallion back in the summer sales. A really pretty piece :) glad to hear I wasn’t the only one haha! I just went back for the Cosmic Stars clip in the UK sales too.

      Happy new year to you too Janelle, thank you very much for commenting <3

  25. Happy 2018! I bought quite a lot 40% off, a lot. I will slow down a bit until another big SALES come up. I have enough CNY charms to make a mini CNY bracelet for Chinese New Year so I will wait until Pandora have good promotion to shop for fun.

    • Happy new year! The sales seem to be coming round pretty regularly at the moment, so that’s probably a good shout haha. Hope a good promo comes your way soon!

  26. Hi Ellie I’m excited for the Disney pieces making there way over cant wait to see them in person. Like you after the sale I will have a little break the sale has been so good.

    • Hi Nicola, yes it is exciting isn’t it? We’ve waited so long for Disney here, it’ll be exciting to actually go and pick out our pieces in the store. And we should be getting all the new releases from now on as well. :D

  27. Happy New Year, Ellie! I have Koinobori muranos on my Asian bracelet. I feel sure you’ll love them. Since I am not a fan of hearts, the only thing I’ll be getting from the Valentine’s collection is the God of Fortune charm. I can hardly wait to add him to that bracelet. As far as I can see, there is nothing else to look forward to from Pandora right now, but something new and creative just might change my mind. Thanks for the round-up, Ellie!

    • Happy new year, Angie! Yes, I’m sure you’re right – I’ve always really liked the look of them from live images but just didn’t have the right place to use them. My friend in the US just sent me a pic of it and the Twinkle glass Murano, as they’ve just arrived with her, and they don’t seem to be that good a match though. :/ So I might have to play around a little! Thanks for commenting :D

  28. I am not participating in the 45% off sale (even though that are charms that I would love) because I just bought 4 charms from RLL in the recent sales: clear two of a kind, windmill, topaz cool breeze dangle, and the forget-me-knot.

  29. And thank you so much for putting the information about the hallmark changes, Ellie. I have started getting a few and I was nervous they were not authentic!

    • You are very welcome about the hallmarks! I was puzzled initially as well, as readers have been asking me about it, but as soon as I saw that catalogue shot it all made sense. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the new hallmarks in the wild yet though, so to speak!

  30. Happy New Year to one and all :-D.

    That clip was so funny, hubby’s still chuckling at the coffee cup ;-); I think he’d want to buy me a cooker or pan or something, lol ;-).

    I love the new bracelet, it reminds me of the old style charm bracelets, where you had to have them soldered on so that you wouldn’t lose the charms. I have a silver one and a gold one that I hardly wear anymore :-/.

    • Haha, right, like a vacuuming charm or a dish cloth! :P I remember having to talk my dad out of getting my mum an ice cream scoop for her birthday when I was young, and then I think a new bin for the kitchen after that. Luckily my boyfriend is a tad more clued up haha.

      Happy new year, and thanks for commenting!

  31. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks so much for sharing the SNL Pandora skit! As both an SNL and Pandora fan, I found this to be incredibly amusing! I can’t believe that I missed it! I agree with you regarding the coffee cup charm! I think that it would be extremely popular!?☕️?

    • Hi Carol, haha, I know, I was in stitches watching it :D such a great send-up! And wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pandora got a new idea from a charm from it!

  32. I bought a bracelet last year in new york for my 60 birthday and since then filled iit with charms and now bought a second. In new york i was given two ornaments and would love to start a collection but dont know where to buy them can anyone help

    • I see them often on shopgoodwill.com (if you are in the US). Also on personal selling websites like eBay or Poshmark.

      • I second that I have seen them on goodwill as well. I saw quite a bit this holiday season and there are some on there now.

    • Hi, I see you’ve already had some good recommendations – but yes, eBay or other secondhand selling sites are a good source of them. If you can get into some Pandora trading groups on Facebook, those are good resources, too.

  33. I love that you bought the rapunzel charm! I just bought the Anna one and Cinderella one and have decided i’m going to start a Disney murano bracelet :) looking forward to having new Disney ones in the UK at some point :) i’m going to be waiting up until midnight next week to get the padlock bracelet as i loveeee the look of it!:D Any sort of idea of how much it’ll be roughly? Happy new year! :)

    • Hi Nathalie, yes I was super excited to find it, and at such a good price! I hope I got two good ones for colour. My brother will be bringing them back over later this month.
      Aw, that’s so fun that you’re waiting up to get it! I never get to go into stores on release day since I work full time and I’’m always too sleepy to wait up online haha. The bracelet will be £60. I’ll do a post with prices shortly. Happy new year!

  34. Hi Ellie and Mora Pandora community, I got snake chain bracelet with signature 14k CZ clasp, rose gold sweetheart clearcharm and the rose gold radiant hearts charm in blush pink for xmas gift. I bought two Hearts Aglow clips in store for 40% off promo and ordered online the smooth silver clasp bracelet; Home sweet home,Lucky cat, silver money bag, and Charming owls charms. I am working on CNY bracelet but too many dangles so adding lucky cat and money bag charms. I plan to get the God of Fortune and Valentine’s red faceted heart to add to my CNY bracelet. The other charms ordered are going onto my bracelet dedicated to my two cats and almost completed as just need a charm with trees and/or dragon flies- everything they see from back porch or window. Happy New Year everyone!!!

    • Hi Kelly, oh wow, great haul! That bracelet is on my wish list – next time it’s on sale or there’s a bracelet promo, I’ll probably be after it :) I’m also tempted by the Hearts Aglow clasp to have ready for when I get that bracelet. You picked some really pretty old school beads, and some of the nicest newer pieces to go with them :)

      Happy new year Kelly, enjoy your new additions to your collection ?

      • Thanks. I really want Pandora to come out with a full body chipmunk or squirrel charm to add to my cat bracelet as my kitties enjoy watching them clamouring in backyard.

  35. I was able to preview the valentines collection in my local store and it was tacky to me. I will be saving my money. The only one I will maybe buy is the club charm, that one I did not see. The valentines collection is not really classy and elegant at all. I did see the Bambi charm in person for the first time it is a must have!

    • Hi Ashley, the Club charm is my must-have as well. It looks really nicely detailed in the live shots :) Bambi is gorgeous, though, I’m not surprised you fell for him!

    • I liked the red faceted heart and, surprisingly, the heart spacers in silver and rose. Everything else was just lips:)

  36. Hi Mora,
    New to your blog. Love it! Thanks for all the information and work you put into this great information. Any rumours of a Mary Poppins collection? Mind you, the movie is due for release in about a year, but I am waiting and hoping. Wondering if you heard anything.

    • Hi Tamara, I have not heard anything about a Mary Poppins launch, cute as that would be :) they tend to go more for cartoony Disney films, but never say never!

  37. Happy New Year!!
    I visited my local Pandora just to see the Valentines charms. I’m not impressed with them. I was lucky enough to snatch up the God of Fortune charm! He’s happily on my Asian inspired bracelet.

    • Happy new year! Oh yay, so glad that you got him :D he won’t be available in the UK but I’ll find one ? enjoy!

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