Following from the Mora Pandora exclusive offer that just finished, US shopping site Rue La La are opening up the sale to everybody! Their next regular Pandora sale starts today (19 January), offering discounts of up to 60% on retired Pandora jewellery.

The banner for the sale is pictured below. There aren’t any new styles included, but you will be able to shop from a much larger assortment of items than in the Mora Pandora mini sale. :)

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale starts today at 11am ET (this translates to 4pm GMT, but you can google the world clock to work out how this translates to your time zone). Also, for readers outside the US, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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      • same goes for me – usually you can at least look at the Pandora collection but its not coming up at all – not even for full priced items – but almost 4pm so will give it another go in a minute

        • Maybe that you are using a phone or a tablet?. I can only access to Rue´s site when I´m on my desk top. HOWever when I try it from my tablet it doesn´t go. Not even with Ellie´s code.

        • Pandora is not on the website all the time – so you won’t able to search it or see it at all in between sales :)

    • Hope you found something Karen! I was excited to see the moonstone Balance bead from a few years ago and snapped that up :)

      • You said it Sarah. The poinsettia charm is now $15 more than it was a few days ago during the mini sale. Give me a break.

    • Yeah, the increased discount is only usually offered as a special offer in the shorter pop-up sales :( I didn’t get anything other than the moonstone Essence Balance bead, which I was quite excited to see! That’s not been on there before. Otherwise, I’ll wait until the Kiss Me I’m Irish bead is on at a better price again I think.

      • The old Essence Balance has been on Rue before; early last year was the last time I saw it. It sells out fast, and then I hide sold-out items. I don’t buy it when I see it because I have so many dark Essence stones already that I’m not sure I’ll use another. I’ve looked for good live images of it, but they’re scarce. If you could show it when you get it, Ellie, that would be awesome.

        • It is sort of a warm dark gray. But it catches the light and sort of glows. Pretty, but understated. I use it with the white hope, the purple faith, and the fuschia passion. I picked the balance up in the last Rue La La sale. They sometimes add stuff the last couple of days that weren’t there at the start, especially if a lot sells out. That’s when I spotted it. Now I just need the orange energy and I’ve got all the colors in that series.

  1. Hi Ellie!

    Nothing new, but nature abhors a vacuum…

    Bought 2 of the gold seeing spots clips.

    Thanks for the heads up, I think! Lol!

  2. I´m very tempted by the Essence beads. They are currently on sale in the spanish online shop toothough not as cheap as at Rue. However with currency change, shipping and taxes … Anyway thank you for this piece of information.

    • I got the moonstone Essence balance bead! Very excited to see that, it doesn’t crop up very often these days :) I hope you get your beads too, one way or another!

    • Hello Marie,

      I live in Spain and I recently ordered from Rue. On the 17th of Feb to be precise. They send me a shipping confirmation message on the 22nd. I am a little worried because I cannot track my order online even if I contacted them. Have you ever ordered from them? If so, how long did it take and how did get your package? Was it through Correos? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Ellie,

    The tropical sea glass murano was offered this time around. I was so thrilled to see the guardian angel too. I got the pineapple to finish one bracelet. I am so happy!????

    My sister received a poetic bloom bracelet for Xmas so I got her the dancing shoes; it has pink zirconia so it will look nice on it. Since its for her birthday… in November… now I will need to be patient until than lol???

    Items were more or less 40% off but could not pass on this sale. Now I am really broke.?

    • Surprise your sister with an early birthday present, and tell her she gets nothing in November. Then surprise her in November with a birthday present. :-) I do this. But now everybody knows I do this. :-( It only works well once. Lol.

    • Hi Rachelle! Yes, I saw that one and thought of you! Glad you found one ? the pineapple is adorable, too, and I have mine with my tropical sea glass murano as it happens! They go beautifully together.

      Hope you don’t regret your purchases too much, Rachelle, and enjoy your new beads when they arrive!

  4. I went and had a browse again. I got the snow angel. I’ve been looking at it for years. Lol. My when my youngest was 5 years old she made an angel at school out of white lace paper and yellow yarn for hair, and it looks exactly like the Pandora snow angel. I have it framed on my office wall. This is what Pandora has always been lovely for — moments and memories. And this is what we miss. :-(

    • Oh, lovely! Yes, I think they’d be better to go back to the old concept – the unforgettable moments – as well.

      • I guess they are getting rid of all there plain solid gold charms. I was just looking at my new Pandora book and comparing the gold charms listed to the older books. since last year the amount of pages of gold listed has gone grom 4 pages to 2. And there are 5 charms that do not show up in the current valentines 2018 or the Autumn 2017, so im assuming they are getting discontinued. They are all gold with no cz. After these go there are only 4 left without cz, the diamond dangle heart, angel, ingot and heart spacer. The ones getting retired are key to my heart,open your heart,open heart diamond, butterfly garden,and mystic serenity. 2 clips as well i think.

        • And I love my butterfly garden and mystic serenity, which I snapped up at the last buy more, save more sale.

  5. I did get one charm (even though it was only 50% off). I got the symbol of aspiration star, for either a pendant or on my night/day bracelet. I have seen that one not come back for a few sales so I figured I better just get it. I’ve let a few others go too long and I fear I’ve missed out on them for good :(

  6. Hello! I received my first Pandora bracelet as a gift two weeks ago, and I can’t believe I hadn’t fallen in love with these charms sooner! Your blog has been so helpful—thank you! I ordered my first charm from Rue La La thanks to your site. I’m still waiting for that order, but I’m already eyeing another one on Rue’s sale site! It’s the Royal Carriage charm. I’m torn between getting this or saving up for the Cinderella coach. Also, do you know if the Happily Ever After castle charm has been available lately? I’d love to put together a fairy tale/Disney bracelet, and that castle is a must-have!

    • I’ve seen the castle recently but not often. You really have to watch the site for it. Also, those sometimes go 65% but not always. Good luck deciding and finding what you want. I love the royal carriage but I don’t have the disney one so can’t say on that one.

    • Hi Jan,
      I also have a fairy tale in progress. In regards to the carriage charms. I looked at both. I decided to purchase the Royal Carriage from Rue. I think it is such a detailed charm, I also like the little pearl in the crown. The Cinderella coach is pretty as well, but I felt the other fit better, seems more..vintage…for the theme of my bracelet. Though I am still thinking on purchasing Cinderella’s carriage. I’m sure I could find a home for it lol.
      For the Castle, check if you have an outlet store in your area. They may have it. You can also message them to see if they have in stock. The outlet stores will ship. Pandora will give you a list of their outlet stores if you ask. (Don’t do an online search. I did and ended up with so many fake sites.)
      Also, check your local stores. They may have it. I found mine at a local jeweler that sells Pandora. Just tucked away on a tray.
      And I do agree, the castle is a must lol…
      Have a good day and happy designing…

      • Thank you for all the information! Yes, I agree about the royal carriage, and will probably get it at this sale. And there’s nothing wrong with having both carriages in the future, right? ;-) As for the castle, I’ll ask around the local jewelry stores. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

        • Hi Jan,
          You are so welcome…
          I think you will really like the carriage. And yes I agree, nothing wrong in having 2 (or more lol) carriages.
          Hope you find your castle. if I come across it for sale, I’ll post here for you.
          Have a great day!

      • Hi Jan, I just saw your post after I posted lol. Did you get the castle?
        I bought another and the Frog Prince (He is so cute, I couldn’t resist.).

        • Hi Teri, I did get the castle! I ordered it as soon as I saw it. Thank you for coming back and telling me. So you bought another one? Lol. I wasn’t interested in the frog prince before, but when I saw it also pop up this morning, I’m thinking about it…! It’s very cute.

        • Hi Jan,
          I’m so glad you got the castle. It is a lovely piece.
          Yes, lol, I purchased another castle. I think it will work with the in progress fairy bracelet as well as the fairytale bracelet.
          Hope you consider the Frog Prince. He is adorable. The pictures just don’t convey how cute he is. I bought 1 for the fairytale bracelet and decided he would work on the fairy bracelet as well, lol.
          I hope Rue will have the Forest Fairy and the Sitting Pixie charms again. I missed them the last time they were offered and haven’t seen them back. So, fingers crossed there.

      • Hi Jan,
        I hope you see this in time. Rue has a 60% off on Pandora right now. The castle and the frog are included in sale.
        If you contact Rue and let them know you just purchased the castle and now it is less, they will give you the difference back. Either to original form of payment or as a Rue credit.

        • Wow, they’ll credit you the difference? That’s great! Their concierge hotline is closed for the night, but I’ll try in the morning, I’m also eyeing the vintage heart charm, so the credit would help there. ;-) Thanks for the heads up!

        • Yes they will! I got the credit back for the castle and frog. I just let them know I had purchased a few days ago and now see for less. I had them do a Rue credit and it pops in in just a few minutes. So of course I had to shop again lol.
          I have the Vintage Heart. It is lovely! I’m sure you will like it.
          Did you decide on the Frog Prince? You won’t be disappointed, he is indeed so cute.
          Have a good day Jan.

        • Hi Teri, I called Rue, and they credited my account. Thank you for letting me know that they do that! I’m still on the fence about the frog prince though.
          My fairy tale bracelet is taking on a Sleeping Beauty feel—touches of pink, Aurora’s dress, and recently, an adorable owl charm that I just had to have. I’m keeping an eye out for the song bird cage and maybe the celebration cake charms. Maybe I’ll get the frog prince after I’ve found my other must-have items.
          Plus, there’s the spring collection to save up for—did you see the beautiful teapot, teacup, and mouse? I could feel my wallet get lighter looking at it! Lol

        • Hi Terik,

          How long do you think we can go back to get a credit for the difference?
          Yesterday, I received by mail my last order and now I see all four charms on sale at 60%.

        • Hi Rachelle
          I think it would be worth it to give them a call since this is a pretty recent order. And the sale is still in progress.
          If you opt for a Rue credit it will pop in your account pretty quick. And then of course that means time to shop again lol.

        • Yes Teri I did email and got a reply within an hour. They agreed to credit on 3 out of 4 charms which were available on sale that day. Thanks so much for your input. Rue LaLa has rules but they are also flexible.

        • Hi Rachelle,
          I’m so glad you were able to receive the credit. Rue is very good about that.
          I added 2 more charms to collection with the assistance of the credit I received lol.
          Now I need to be reeeaaally good as there are a number of items in the SS2018 that have caught my attention.
          Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Jan,
      Just wanted to let you know the fairy tale castle is on the Rue La La sale.
      The Frog Prince charm is also available.
      i hope this helps for your search.
      Have a good day!

    • Hi Jan! Oh that’s great, welcome to the Pandora community! ^^ I can see that everyone else has jumped into help (sorry for the delayed response!) but yes, things do come back on Rue reasonably frequently. They get new shipments in and resist things :) I have the Royal Carriage, the Happily Ever After and the Frog Prince in my collection, and all three are among my favourite charms. They look wonderful together, too – you should definitely aim to add all three at some point haha! :)

      • I check out Rue’s web site daily now, so I’m definitely working out my will power! That said, I couldn’t resist the Full Moon sale last night and picked up the silver Twice as Nice spacers and the Vintage Heart charm. Resistance is futile, I guess, lol.

        • I’m sure you will like the Vintage Heart. I like how delicate they look and the little pop of gold is so pretty.
          The spacers are very nice. I chose the clear ones. I like that the pattern looks like leaves. Perfect for the Forest Fairy bracelet.
          I agree the Spring collection is definitely going to put a huge dent in the wallet.
          Very much like the teapot, mouse, and too many others lol.
          Don’t give up on the Frog Prince yet. He is adorable.

    • On search I get a lot of charm repetition and many broken photo links, and titles under the broken links that say “DNU (Do Not Use) until 3.1.2018”, and the charm name.

      • I see those and some new things that I already see are being sold. The “number left” keeps going down. Maybe everyone can’t see them. Sorry you are still unable to… Maybe they will be having another sale soon that you can partake in.

        I’m hoping they have a “blue moon” sale since there will be one on Jan 31st. FX!

        • They might be having a secret sale on Pandora right now too, and not everybody gets in for those. I used to always get the emails for secret sales, but I shut off Rue emails because I was getting too many with flashing banners, and those give me ocular seizures.

          I hope we get a deeper discount sale soon too. This current one isn’t great.

        • I think the DNU 3-1-18 was Do Not Upload until March 1st. I was able to order a few things before they caught their mistake and took them down. I guess they will be back March 1st!

    • I saw them too – snagged a blush spacer before it went off sale! It will finish off my Arabian brown leather bracelet design :)

  7. Hey more items show up if you do a brand search for pandora. Some rings and charms that have never been on there before. Dark blue effervescence murano, pave watermelon, white primrose clip etc. there are no pics of these but you can still purchase.

        • The charms were DNU until 3.1.2018 – do not use until 3.1.2018. I’m reading that date as March 1 2018. Rue’s website is always a mess anyway.

        • Lola they were not all FUN. Many were just normal items that were not seen on Rue before. I’m sure we’ll see them soon enough.

        • All the new listings were DNU for me with broken photo links. By the charm names I recognized some haven’t been on Rue before. But every item I could see photos of were not DNU, they were all old stock, long been on Rue. Maybe what we saw depended on where we were, what device we were using, whether on the app or not, etc.

    • I saw that as well (I often stalk Pandora in the ‘brands’ section, just in case anything extra pops up). Bit of an error, but it’s good that they honoured the orders and dispatched the items :)

  8. well, i got my watermelon and two dark blue effervescent charms in the mail yesterday. its weird how they just had them up for sale for a day like that. hopefully they will be back on there for their next sale.

  9. Hi, I am new to Pandora and I love your blog. I had ordered a the gorgeous Mickey and Minnie infinity CZ charm from Rue and they were delivered this morning. But they weren’t in a box. Is this usual?

    • Hello Natisha,
      I never receive my charms in boxes either. Probably due to weigth, Rue LaLa wants to save on shipping fees. It’s a shame since other companies like Chamilia do send their products in better packaging with beautiful suede look light green pockets.

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