Today’s post brings my next Pandora SS18 preview, with an overview of all the accompanying jewellery coming out next month with the Pandora Spring 2018 collection! I previewed the charms and bracelets earlier this week, but this preview offers a detailed look at the rings, necklaces and earrings coming out too.

The collection is due out worldwide on 15 March – I don’t normally get too excited for the non-charm jewellery, but there are some really pretty pieces included this time around I think. Read on for the preview!


I’m starting off with some of the nature-themed rings, which I think are some of the nicest designs in the collection. The Glorious Blooms is priced at $95 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring Glorious Blooms

Next, we have what I think is my favourite design from this whole set – the Spring Bird ring. It’s plain silver, beautifully oxidised and just so sweet! It’s like Pandora crossed with Trollbeads, I think – that kind of older, old-fashioned kind of detail but much cuter than TB’s usual aesthetic. It’s priced at $45 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring The Dreamy Dragonfly has elements of the same older aesthetic in its oxidised wing detailing, but overall looks more contemporary. It’s priced at $70 USD. Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring dragonfly The Enchanted Crown is a design that I hypothetically like but I think I’d need to see how it actually looks on your finger. It’s retailing for $80 USD.
Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring enchanted crown

The Heart Swirls is mostly plain silver, but has a focal point decorated in pavé. This brings the RRP up a little to $65 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring Heart Swirls

The Chandelier Droplets matches the spacer from my earlier preview, and is priced at $60 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring Chandelier Droplets

I like the pretty little silver hearts on the inside of the Swirling Droplets band – not that you’ll see it when you’re wearing it! This one will be $45 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring Swirling Droplets

The Signature Hearts of Pandora is another rare plain silver design, and is correspondingly more affordable at $45 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring Signature

The Arcs of Love is $65 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection preview

This will also be available in a rainbow-coloured version, which cycles through from purple to blue across the ring. It’s also priced at $65 USD.Pandora Spring 2018 collection ring


Next – necklaces! There are some interesting things included in this set. The rainbow theme continues with two new pavé necklaces. The Heart necklace is priced at $100 USD.

pandora spring 2018 heart necklace

The Arch necklace doesn’t have quite so many CZs and so it’s a little cheaper at $80 USD. It comes on a 50cm chain.

pandora spring 2018 arch necklace

The Chandelier Droplets is a very classic design, priced at $100 USD.

pandora spring 2018 chandelier necklace

And now we get on to some of my favourites from this set! The Enchanted Tassel series of charms and jewellery has been some of the most popular with collectors from previews so far, and I think the design works particularly well in this necklace. It’s super pricey at $150 USD, but oh so pretty!

pandora spring 2018 enchanted tassel

The Spring Bird makes a return in necklace form! This is also pretty like the ring, but I think the bar shape of the design is a little less elegant. Nevertheless, it’s very sweet and a little more affordable at $90 USD.

pandora spring bird necklace

The Dreamy Dragonfly looks pretty as a necklace, priced at $90 USD.

pandora spring 2018 dreamy dragonfly necklace

Next, we have something a little more unusual! This is described in the catalogue as being a brooch or a pendant. I guess you can wear it as either, although I’d like to see the back of it to see how it works. it’s quite pricey at $125 USD. It’s got quite a tropical feel to it, and wouldn’t be out of place in the summer collection.

pandora spring 2018 glorious blooms brooch

Our next interesting piece is this pretty choker. Pandora did flirt with bringing out a fabric choker last year, and it must have encouraged them to produce a proper silver version. This is a rather pretty design, not that I would wear a choker, and I could see it being popular with younger buyers. It’s $100 USD.


The Spring Birds will also be available in these silver hoops – these have even more cute details on them, with little tree stumps cut into the silver. So pretty! These are $75 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 spring bird hoops

The Ladybug Meadow earrings are another of my favourite pieces from this collection! That purple enamel is just so sweet. They’re priced at $60 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 ladybug meadow earrings

The Enchanted Tassels earrings look lovely, but I wonder whether they’d be rather heavy with so much silver! They’re tailing for $125 USD.

pandora spring 2018 enchanted tassels

The Chandelier Droplets are finished with a large hanging CZ at the base of each earring, and will be a little pricey at $125 uSD.

Pandora Spring 2018 Chandelier Droplets earrings

The Elegant Waves I guess tie into the water-themed beads we saw in my previous Spring preview – but the design is pretty abstract. They’re priced at $70 USD.

pandora spring 2018 elegant waves earrings

The Enchanted Crown studs will be $55 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 enchanted crowns

The Heart Swirls will be $55 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 heart swirls

The Playful Wink is an odd choice of design to turn from charm into earrings, I think, but I guess they’re kind of fun! They’ll retail for $40 USD, so they’re a little cheaper than most things listed here.

Pandora Spring 2018 playful wink earrings

Finally, we have matching rainbow earrings, priced at $55 USD.

pandora spring 2018 arches

My Comment

As I said, I can normally be more reasonable about the non-charm jewellery and I don’t get over-excited about collecting it in the same way I do the bracelets. However, I love the Spring Bird ring and, if there weren’t so many designs from the regular Spring 2018 charms that I already wanted, I’d be definitely putting it on my wish list! As it is, we will have to see how my budget falls. ^^ Some more designs in that kind of detailed, heavy silver style would be very welcome.

I was so pleased to read how enthused you all were about the Spring 2018 collection in my previous post – I’ll be getting back to comments over the course of the weekend! :)

What do you think of the set? Is there anything you’ll be purchasing?

73 Comments on Pandora Spring 2018 Jewellery Preview

  1. I really like this collection – I am going to have to start saving! I have to get the Spring Bird Earrings and the ring is so cute as well, and I really love the Enchanted Tassel necklace. I usually only buy charms, but there are some lovely pieces of jewellery here!

    • Me too, there are just so many things I like! It’s not quite as good as Spring 2013 but it’s close ^^ I like the Spring Bird ring, too, and might make an exception and get that too.

  2. There are some lovely pieces. I like the heart swirl ring. It would have been nice for a bracelet in the heart swirl instead of the choker design. Thanks for another lovely preview Ellie.

  3. The thing for me is, I have bookmarks with beaded tassels that look like Pandora’s tassels, so I can’t see anything else. If I ever saw anybody wearing Pandora tassels, I’d have to say: “Hey, you’re wearing my bookmarks!”

    But I see Pandora’s threat to get more into rings and other jewelry is really happening. The thing for me too is, matching jewelry is so unimaginative. Nobody should do sets. Going out wearing a bird ring, earrings, necklace, and charm on their bracelet??? It’s so wrong. Lol. I’d like to see Pandora, and many other brands, do complimentary pieces, not matching pieces.

    • Hi Lola,

      You read my mind! Not a huge fan of matching sets. As a child I would get this kind of jewelry for Christmas such as daisies or roses. I’m the first to admit I am no fashion goddess, lord knows I have made my share of fashion faux pas, usually though not with my jewelry. As an adult I learned that putting together complimentary pieces was not only more economical but looked more sophisticated and less like costume jewelry. Hence a necklace with a pendant as the focal point paired with a simpler pair of earrings of the same metal worked so much better than a whole lot of pieces trying to compete with each other. Your description of wearing all three bird pieces together made me chuckle. I keep thinking wow put a birds nest on your head and Voila! A walking birds actuary! When I wear a themed moments Pandora bracelet I want that to be the focal point and tone down everything else. I agree Pandora should think about complimentary pieces and not matching. I also believe that a collection is more unique when there is only a one off in the design either a bird ring, charm, earrings or pendant. I guess Corporate Pandora is trying to cash in wherever possible.

      Lisa K

      • Hahaha,I thought the same about matching earrings, pendant, ring and bracelet as way too old fashioned and dated if all worn together. Complimentary pieces instead.

        • Guess im old but i love matching sets but you are right too many matching pieces would be over kill unless it was simple

    • Haha, I can see that. I have one of those bookmarks on my bedside table right now! ^^

      I wouldn’t wear matching sets either but I quite like the opportunity to choose which piece I like best of all the whole set. For example, I find the necklace an odd shape but love the ring. So really I’d like them to release both matching and complementary pieces – just to be greedy! ^^

    • My thought is they don’t create these styles for anyone to wear them all together. Some people don’t wear necklaces and some don’t wear earrings. However, if a design came out only in 1 format, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if they didn’t wear that type of jewelry.
      Often times if a neat style comes out in just one format, there will be many comments…. I wish it was a charm, or I wish it was a necklace, would love to have those as cute earrings.
      Just because a design comes out in many formats, does not mean it’s meant to be sold as a set. Which is evident since they are always sold independently of one another.

      • That is my take on it as well, Jenna! But I think complementary sets as well as matching sets would also be nice.

  4. Hello, Ellie. Beautiful the preview Pandora Spring 2018. I loved the set heart swirls, the tassels, chandelier droplets earring and the earring elegant waves. Must have for me to ring heart swirls, the others I mentioned would have to see in person at the store. Thank you for another post of Pandora Spring 2018.

    • Hi Aline! Glad you like a good amount of pieces – and I hope you have fun seeing them in store come March! I am going to be so over excited, haha. Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Hi Ellie the first couple of rings are so nice plain silver with lovely intricate design. I love those lady bird earn too they look so fun. Do you know what happened with all the bee themed jewellery that look so nice was it part of a different collection or is it not being released.

    • Hi Nicola! Those are the pieces I like best too! :) The bees are part of Pandora Shine, they’re still coming out in March as far as I’m aware! I am blocked from posting them ahead of release date however.

  6. I’m definitely getting these Ladybug Meadow earrings ! They are so beautiful. Sadly I can’t have rings from Pandora because they don’t have my size ☹

      • Hi! They are all Mickey/Minnie design pretty much for the Disney SS18 collections. Pandora are not letting me post these charms in advance though :(

  7. Swirl and chandelier rings are beautiful and the one with the little bird on it is really cute. However not must-haves. At least so far. I may think otherwise when I see them in store. I’m not interested in earrings because I’m a real desaster. I lose one of them ( if not both) too often, so I consider that pricey earrings are not for me as a rule. I like the tassel ones very much but as I commented in one of your latest post they are too modern to spend my money in. Taking into account that they will be out of fashion and sitting in my jellery box in a couple of years ( that is,if I manage not to lose one of them before) I prefer to go for a cheaper version. There are beautiful necklaces too, but as there are so many charms I like, I’m not even considering any. The chocker is very cute but not for me.
    All in all, thank you for yet another wonderful preview. The more I see of this collection, the more I like it. And you have inspired me in so many ways that I’m having a lot of ideas to build up new designs. So I’ll put the blame on you for my next Pandora binge, lol!!!

    • I will wait to see the spring bird ring in person, but I do really like it from the stock image! Such a sweet little piece, and very refreshing after all their most recent collections. ^^

      I lose earrings all the time, too! First I lose the backs to them and then I forget to put a new one on, and then I’m all sad, not only because one of my earrings is goodness knows where but also because I’ve been walking around all day with just one earring haha. I lost one of my silver bumblebee earrings (not Pandora, but still much loved) on the tube last year, but luckily my local jewellers still had them and I bought myself a replacement!

      Haha, I’ll happily take that blame and encourage you on your binge! :P Glad you like the collection and thanks for commenting!

  8. Oh my goodness, the Spring Bird Ring is absolutely a must have for me. Like you, my first thought was that it looks like a Trollbeads design. Laura (evepink123) on IG has mentioned that she would like to wear it stacked with a Trollbeads pearl ring. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the stores!

    • It would look gorgeous with pearl! I have the Pandora Mystic Floral ring with a little pearl in it and think they would look lovely together too. I look forward to seeing pics of whatever you decide to get! ^^

  9. Pretty but not anything I would buy. I (thankfully for my savings) have not gotten into necklaces, rings, or earrings yet. I have bought compose posts from Rue but these would not work with this collection. Nice update though! Thank you

    • Haha, it is a slippery slope when you start branching out into the other jewellery. I had a phase of collecting the rings but luckily have got a handle on it now! ^^ Thanks for commenting!

  10. Thank you for this preview!

    I’ve been waiting for this and the charm post since the other got took down which was gutting. I’m so glad to see most of what I liked still available. I’ve got my heart set on the rainbow collection as rainbows mean an awful lot to me and my family, also I’m all about bright colours and sparkle. I still will have to see it in person because I’ve been like that over a few previews then not felt like I can justify the price in person. Hopefully they’ll do a bracelet promotion or jewellery case or even a voucher promo which always encourages me.

    I’m hoping to have a rainbow bracelet, the murano is a must! And then after seeing them in person I might be persuaded to invest in the earrings, ring and necklace(s).

    I best get saving! Luckily the valentines collection and the current GWP wasn’t too hard to resist.

    • Hi Jessica! Yes, it’s so great to be able to finally repost these. It’s a lovely collection! I’m glad you like the rainbows. I feel like they’ve been rather overshadowed by the enchanted pieces, but I very much like the murano myself. I would get the rainbow dangle, but I think it would be hard to style with my other Pandora pieces.

      Good luck saving – I will be trying to do the same, as my wish list is so long! <3

  11. Hi Ellie, thank you for this update. I am wondering about the gold plated collection that you had posted that had to be removed. Is this going to be released by Pandora with the spring collection? Would you be able to repost that with the pictures? Thank you

    • Hi Monica! I would love to be able to repost it, but unfortunately I am embargoed by Pandora and not allowed to post the details. I have seen the full catalogue for this collection now though and it should be coming out in Spring :) there will be a Shine charm bracelet and lots of bee pieces!

      • That’s a shame that Pandora is not allowing you to post the Pandora Shine pieces ahead of time, Ellie! I was really looking forward to seeing the pieces ahead of time to decide what I want to buy. Will you be able to post the Pandora Rose collection ahead of time?

        • Yes, I will be able to post rose! :) but I have to get everything approved by Pandora currently. As well as Shine, I’m also embargoed from Disney though… And I’m still waiting to have approval for Mother’s Day and Summer :( i have the full collection details ready to go and have done for a little while!

        • Aww, it’s really a shame Pandora is being so strict! I actually saw the Mother’s Day collection (at least part of it) and some of the upcoming Disney pieces posted on another blog, which you may be aware of, so I wonder what the story is there. I’m glad you will be able to post the Rose soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing Summer as well!

  12. Hi Ellie!

    There are some really beautiful things here to choose from. I agree with Lola in that I don’t like to wear “matchy-matchy” jewelry in sets. But a nature themed bracelet having dragonflies, mice, snails, flowers, and birds on it gives us a lot of options for the other jewelry pieces. You could wear the bird earrings and the dragonfly ring.

    As I said during your earlier Spring 2018 preview, I. Am. In. Trouble. It’s a lovely collection, and I will have to do some preliminary designs before I go to the store. That way I stand a small chance of staying focused on what to buy.

    Thanks again for the previews. It’s so very helpful with planning purchases.

    PS- am I the only one who thinks the little emojis are fun? I’m not into the princess one, but my granddaughters will be. The others will probably make it onto a technology themed bracelet for me.

      • The Bella Bot, the kiss emoji from Valentines, and the winking one in the Spring – so far. With a couple of spacers and decorative things in between, it would be perfect for an open bangle. There is a retired mobile phone I’m hunting. And for contrast, I know there is a typewriter at another company, and perhaps Pandora’s windmill that has recently been on Rue La La to represent green energy. Just my preliminary thoughts. I’ll update when I finish styling it.

    • Hi Deborah! I don’t know wear matching jewellery sets either, but I appreciate being able to pick which item of a matching set I like best. For example, I like the spring ring and earrings a lot, but wouldn’t get the necklace. So I think ideally I’d want to be greedy and ask them to release both matching and complementary sets haha.

      I’m in trouble, too! I think lots of us are is this season. It’s been so lovely reading all the positive comments after a few collections’ worth of disappointment from collectors :D I can understand why they want to release the emojis and I don’t dislike them as much as some people, but they’re not personally my cup of tea!

      Thanks for commenting as always! <3

  13. Thank goodness I didn’t care for the Valentine collection! I really like this selection, but i’m not sure what I’ll purchase until I see it in the store.

    • I know! I only purchased two new beads so far this year (the CNY and the Club charm), which is great considering how much I like from this launch.

  14. Interestingly, although I liked the 2018 spring collection charms, I find this jewelry much more dated, with the chandelier, bar style jewelry, choker and a brooch? Really? I had all this stuff years ago, and don’t miss it. Some of it actually looks like a tie in to royal wedding type jewelry!

    • Some of the stuff does have an old feel. The entire collection together, for me, feels awkward. There’s no natural cohesion. There’s forced cohesion in “matched” items, but no natural unification, no flow, which a seasonal jewelry collection (or season art collection) should have. The charm collection is awkward also, jarring in places. I give Thomas Sabo’s newest collection as a comparison (and because the male model there is stunning!) :-D. The entire collection, running through different jewelry lines, is brilliantly cohesive. Not all the pieces are brilliant, but the collection as a whole is wonderfully put together, and that sells.

      Also, the Karma line now has an open bangle I must have!

    • The brooch is a bit of a throw back, yes! Unless they are making a comeback that I am not aware of, haha.

  15. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I just wanted to tell about the crown earrings they look beautiful. And the price is great so I will look forward to getting the crown earrings.

  16. I love the ring with the birdie on a branch… but might end up buying the earrings instead lol Pandora rings are interesting but I am afraid of scratches. Do the rings keep their shine?

  17. I absolutely love the choker. I’m definitely going to buy that. I really like the styles that they went for with this collection. I like almost everything except the rainbow coloured things. It reminds me of kids fake jewelry at Claire’s

  18. Hi Ellie,

    As always you’ve done an amazing job of putting together this informative post. I have a few Pandora necklaces & chains. I can see where the tassel (the only item I liked) would look nice on a chain, however, the price point is way too high. A few years back ai picked up two versions of the Chamilia tassel style charms for 50% off. I wear them perhaps once a year.on my New Years bracelet.
    The Pandora tassels as earrings are a nice idea but would be a very pricy investment and is it just me but in the photos the tassels do not appear to be very secured to the hoops, one shake of your head and the could drop off the hooks.
    I am sure this collection will do. I am not into matching necklace, rings & earrings but I saw a few charms in your last post that would compliment some of what I have in my collection already and that is what will keep me buying Pandora.
    For now until the spring charms release I will save my dollars and perhaps there will be a spend more save more or similar promo to really entice me.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Ellie,
      Just had another look at the earrings and noticed the ends of the earring hoops are designed to keep the tassels from coming off, I guess the tassel goes over the post. I really need to wear my glasses on weekends too!

      Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! The tassels are pricey. The only pieces that truly tempt me are the Spring Bird ones, although I think overall that the collection is a nice one! <3 I will also be saving up for the Spring charms primarily!

      I will also be saving up for Spring charms - fingers crossed for a promo!

  19. I love the Spring Bird ring! Totally on my list, I usually don’t bother with rings. Disappointed with the pendant though, I don’t like the bar shape at all, so it’s sadly not on my list. I adore the Spring bird and The Ladybug Meadow earrings too, but my ears closed up years ago. I’m on the fence over matching jewellery-I think depending on the occasion, the person and the pieces, matching can be pulled off. But Pandora isn’t really designed to be subtle or timeless, their perceived intention to create a demi parure, especially with such youthful pieces like the rainbow collection would be a cheap looking yet pricey look. I Can’t wait for it all to hit the stores, is there any news on the Bee themed pieces?

    • I wasn’t keen on the bar shape for the necklace either, but I love the other matching pieces! I am tempted by the SPring bird ring, even though I had decided to stop adding more rings to my collection. I Have quite a few now and always wear the same ones!

      The bee pieces are Pandora Shine – they should be out in March. I am embargoed from previewing them :(

  20. Hello Ellie!

    I am very excited for the spring collection as it developed since your first post! It is refreshingly different but at the same time it returns to the older Pandora aesthetic, elegance and fun that I have missed :) Judging from everyone’s reaction, I think it will sell very well, which will hopefully encourage Pandora to tone down the generic sparkles in favour of such spectacular character charms :D I like almost everything from this collection and it is great to have so many options that complement older designs! For now my favourite pieces are the blue swirls, the blue ripples, the rainbow dangle, the Murano with the bee and definitely the teapot/teacup set! I will also try to get the new wildflower bracelet and the dragonfly ring :) Thank you for the previews, Ellie! And well done, Pandora! I am looking forward to see what everybody will get :)

    Take care,

    • Hi Victoria! There are more character charms coming up for MOther’s Day and Summer, although there’s more pavé and enamel on the way as well. Spring is my favourite release of the three, but I am waiting for the green light from Pandora to write about the others, I am impatient to share them :) I love the bee murano as well, if it’s as beautiful in person, I am very excited!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  21. Hi when will the Disney Minnie Mouse petites locket be available in Australia to buy. I have all the Disney petites except the Minnie Mouse set.

  22. Why why why why why all the light pink, purple and light green? UGH! So tacky just like the valentines red and pink glitter bling. Please Pandora are you running out of ideas for charms? I can’t help but say I’m finding the last two seasons have the tackiest charms. Not impressed.

    • Hi….I agree with you! Most for the releases are juvenile….I prefer what Pandora had in past collections like 4 – 5 years ago and even earlier! No bling Pandora and what happened to two tone, 14k gold and mature styles….they’re taking us for granted….sad!

  23. Hi Ellie…. all I can say is what happened to the 14k gold…..and I don’t mean plated….what are the gold lovers to do now? Has Pandora forgotten about me….the 50 + yrs. old ladies. Pandora have any plans for solid 14k in the future, because if not this is one very sad girl….throw us a bone Pandora please!

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