Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for March 2018! There’s loads going on this month, with the launch of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection and various promos – I’ve also got some SS18 live shots, campaign imagery and a sneak peek at the Pandora Mother’s Day gift bag for this year. :D

I can’t wait to get stuck into my Pandora Spring 2018 charm reviews – so you can expect those later in the month too!

Read on to see what’s on the agenda!

Pandora Spring 2018 collection launch

Of course, the biggest event on the calendar is the launch of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection worldwide on the 15th March! I’ve already posted a full preview of the jewellery coming out, which you can see if you follow the Spring 2018 tag, but I also have some additional campaign imagery to whet your appetite for the collection today.

A lot of the campaign imagery focuses on the Bella Bot robot charms, which have been an unusual offering from Pandora – I can’t wait to see how people style them once they’re out.

These next campaign images show the jewellery styled on models. They have a summery, fresh vibe to them that’s quite a departure from Pandora’s usual Spring campaign imagery. The focus is on the aqua-themed beads, and I was interested to see the rainbow pieces in action, as I find it hard to imagine how I’d actually wear some of them!

There don’t seem to be too many campaign images that focus on my favourites from the collection – the beautiful enchanted teacup, teapot and other sweet animals – apart from this one. However, I’m sure I will be showcasing them plenty in my own reviews once they are out! :)

Finally, I have a small handful of live shots to share with you from a Pandora SS18 press preview! In these next two, you can see the new Enchanted Garden Glass honeybee murano, plus some of the new Pandora Rose Spring 2018 pieces.

Image by ecem bayer
Image by ecem bayer

Finally, you can see the Enchanted Tassel in action in this shot:

Image by buseonthego

Pandora Shine release

Also making its debut on the 15th March is the Pandora Shine collection, a new line of 18-kt-gold plated jewellery. Pandora have been posting a lot of sneak peeks for this new line on social media this week, and you can see lots of the new pieces coming out for this line on Pandora Club at

The main motif for this initial launch collection is the lovely honeybee. I adore honeybees in jewellery, and so this is right up my street! ?

*UPDATED* I have had clarification from Pandora to say that I won’t be able to share the Shine imagery until launch on 15 March. I was told by Pandora that the collection was embargoed until launch, so I am not sure whether I am okay to post what has been shared already so that we can discuss it here – I am checking this.

Pandora promotions for the US and Canada

Next on the agenda are promos for the US! The big one coming up is a spend & save event next month. From 22–25 March, 

  • Spend $150 USD and save $50;
  • Spend $350 and save $125;
  • Spend $600 and save $225;
  • Spend $1000 and save $400.

This offer will be running both in store and online!

There will also be a ring dish GWP in celebration of Pandora Shine’s launch – I understand this is meant to coincide with the Spring launch on 15 March. There will also be this cute bag on offer:

Image by Pandora Eastview

After that, there will be a promo in April for Mother’s Day. From April 30–May 13, there will be a white leatherette gift box available as a GWP with spends of $125 USD or more!

In Canada, there’s a jewellery GWP scheduled for later in the month, and I’ll have details on that soon I hope.

Pandora Mother’s Day Earring promo for the UK begins today!

Starting today until 11 March, shoppers in the UK can get a free pair of earrings from Pandora UK. Spend over £125 and receive Classic Elegant Stud Earrings in sterling silver; or spend £145 or more to get them in Pandora Rose.

Pandora Free Bracelet Offer for Singapore

From 1-4 March, Pandora Singapore are running a free bracelet GWP both in store and online! The free bracelet on offer depends on how much you spend:

  • Spend $230 SGD and get a free silver Pandora barrel clasp bracelet
  • Spend $290 SGD and a free Pandora Rose barrel clasp bracelet
  • Spend $750 SGD and get a free two-tone barrel clasp bracelet

Pandora hallmarking changes

I’ve had a few questions from people who have been worried because jewellery they’ve bought recently has had unfamiliar hallmarks – e.g. ‘P2’, which has been a common one. You don’t need to worry if you do see these new marks, as Pandora have indeed changed their hallmarking recently. The full details of the hallmarking changes are as below:

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 gift bag and other packaging

As is traditional, Pandora are putting out a limited edition gift bag to be given out in celebration of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection this year. The 2018 bag returns to the two-tone colour scheme we saw for LE gift bags last year. This one is light pink/cream, and I think this works better than the combination of the bolder green & cream that they went for with the Christmas bags.

Image by Claire Gill

These will be available in most countries with the launch of the Mother’s Day cllection on 12 April. As for the UK, I would expect that they’ll start offering them from today with the launch of the Mother’s Day 2018 earring promo.

The other cute packaging detail we’ve seen in the UK Mother’s Day launch is for the
limited edition Flourishing Hearts bangle. This is being sold with a special white
box, with a silver heart tree on top:

It’s such a shame that the inscription on the bangle itself is so inflexibly family related, as I like the lock design very much, and the pretty box is the icing on the cake.

I saw the Mother’s Day collection myself last weekend, and thought how lovely the Flourishing Heart collection is overall. The house dangle is nice, but very big in person!

Pandora Disney Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Set 2018 Release

The final item of news on the agenda concerns the release of the limited edition US Pandora Disney Parks charm for the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2018. I first previewed this bead a couple of months ago – it’s a green enamel topiary Mickey design:

However, it now turns out that it will be sold in a set with an engraved Pandora heart dangle! One side offers pastel pink enamel and the words ‘EPCOT international flower & garden festival 2018’:

Image by Disney Parks

And the other features a floral Minnie Mouse design, as you can see in this lovely shot from @makeupandpandora via @pandorabyliz.

The set is retailing for $125 USD and is only available from Mouse Gears in Epcot @ Walt Disney World while stocks last. The two charms come with a very cute box sleeve, as you can see in this live shot by @chipandco. I love the little bumblebee and ladybird!

Image by chipandco

My Comment

As you probably already know, I am beyond excited for the Pandora Spring 2018 collection, and I have been avidly planning my first purchases! I think my day one purchases will be the Wildflower Meadow bracelet and the Enchanted Garden Glass murano, but I’m also after the Snail, Tea Cup and Pot, the Mouse and the Rainbow Glass bead…. so I have a lot to budget for over the next couple of months! ;) I have bought a couple of existing pieces to go with them – the retired silver ladybird and butterfly, and two of the Lavender Radiant Droplets. I’ll probably be planning on taking part in the US promo, too.

I have one Pandora Shine piece in particular that I think I might like, but I’ll be waiting to see it in person to make a decision!

What are you excited for this month?

142 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for March 2018

  1. Do you think that Mothers day bracelet Will get that beautiful packaging here In Finland? I think we dont have such a good promos here than USA and UK ?

    • This sort of thing can be so random! :( I would assume that it’s not just for the UK and that other regions such as Europe and the US etc will get it, but I don’t know yet I’m afraid!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the Spring collection. I haven’t made my mind up yet, until I go in store which ones I want to get for definite.

    • I have had info on the Spring Disney collection for a long time, but this is still embargoed unfortunately! :( I have put my case to Pandora to point out that, despite being an April release, it’ll appear in the SS18 booklets for many regions this month. In light of that, there doesn’t seem much point in keeping it off the blog, but I’m still waiting to hear.

  3. I have not decided yet which ones will be my first pieces. Acqua, enchanted garden and two of the new rose Essence charms, whose name I have forgotten, are on my list. I think I’ll decide when I see them in person. Pandora shine doesn’t grab my attention at all. Luckily ?
    Thanks for showing us. I’m very excited about this collection!

    • I like the retired ladybird and butterfly above. I wish they’d release pieces like those again. Here’s wishful thinking! ?

      • I’ve seen many of those butterflies on Poshmark or Mercari for sale. I bought a Retired giraffe on Poshmark and it was authentic. Just have to be careful on second hand sites but I’ve seen them out there.

        • I use the magnet test. Real good quality silver does not have magnetic properties so if it’s real it should not cling to magnet. I will also say learn the markings best you can as some counterfeit use real silver too.

      • They’re so pretty aren’t they! The only thing I wish about the ladybird is that it wasn’t double-sided.

    • Haha, you’re welcome! Great first choices. I *think* that I’ve whittled down my day 1 purchases to the new Wildflower Meadow Bracelet and the Enchanted Garden Glass murano, as I said, but then I want one cute character bead to go with them! Maybe the Snail or Mouse.

  4. The tassel doesn’t work on a bracelet in real life; you can lay it on a table like that in real life, but you can’t wear it like that in real life. :-)

    I can’t actually see the bee glass or the cloud glass in these photos, but hopefully the cloud glass comes off something like Trollbeads 2013 Silver Lining. I have two of these, and they’re spectacular in person. I’m considering getting a couple more before they’re gone for good.

    The green Mickey is cute; the color works, if represented well in these photos.

    • Mm, I was a bit perplexed by the tassel, as I have enough trouble with dangles catching on things and getting in the way as is. ^^ It seems like you’d have to wear it on a necklace to me.

    • That tassel they have designed will get stuck in a key board . have fun all you key board worriers.

  5. I do not allow myselve to buy any pandora till the 15th. And now today they started a free bracelet promo in the Netherlands. I really need to stay strong and not buy anything like i promissed myselve

  6. Hi! I’m in the US, and this will be my first spend and save event (my Pandora obsession is only 2 months old!). Do you have to buy specific pieces to qualify for the promo? Or can you buy anything and have it add up to $150? My ever-growing wish list includes pieces from the spring collection (the enchanted teapot and animals! ❤️), as well as some Disney, including the White Rabbit charm after I found your review of it!

    • I have a question that goes along with this one. Will the Disney collection be included in the buy more save more? I know sometimes Pandora excludes them.
      Also, thanks for all the information!

    • Hi Jan! Oh, yay, how fun that it’s your first one! Normally you can buy anything you like, so long as it is full priced. Disney is sometimes excluded from promos, but I’ve not heard of it being excluded from this one. I don’t think Pandora Shine will be included, however. The White Rabbit is such a fun little Disney bead with lovely detail – great choice! ?⏱

  7. Thank you Ellie!!! So good to know about the promo! I need to start prioritizing my budget and spend. It’s just so worth it to catch up on your wish list with the bigger spend!
    <3 Nichol

    • I know! I’m only planning on doing the little spend, but the savings are phenomenal if you’re willing to put a little more in. You are welcome Nichol! <3

  8. Hi, do you know if there will be a UK promo to go with the Spring launch? I havent liked the recent Valentines and Mothers Day UK promos so am hoping for something nice soon!

    • There’s a Pandora Shine promo – a free gold clutch bag – on launch. Details are in my promos page!

  9. Thanks for the promo detais and thanks for updating the spring collection preview post with prices. I’m glad the promo is just 3 weeks away! And it’s convenient that it’s available online, too.

    The Mother’s Day bag is pretty. It makes me think of pointe shoes. I like the green enamel on the Epcot Mickey bead, but I’d rather have a full bodied Mickey than just his head.

    • Hi Grisell! I don’t know whether they’re planned for a separate release eventually, but for now they’re only available as a set.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    I’m getting more excited by the day! I saw some of the social media sneak peek videos for Pandora Shine at the Club site. It is plated, but it’s 18k instead of 14k. I have my fingers crossed that the Shine will be the same quality and price point as the Rose. I have never been able to wear my gold bracelets on my left arm because my wedding rings and watches are 18k gold. The 14k always looked washed out by comparison. I know this will spark controversy, it already has with my BFF, but I am cautiously optimistic.

    The Spring collection is my favorite in a long time. I can’t wait to buy Bella. My ideas for the history of technology are coming along.

    I recently purchased 2 retired blue trinity spacers and 2 currents charms from long ago. I’m hoping to mix them with the new blue and aqua water-themed charms. Hopefully this bracelet will turn out as a celebration of water instead of a beach themed design. I’m thinking creeks that run through woods and feed into beautiful serene lakes.

    And I want the snail and the mouse too. I think I have room to “hide” them among the flowers on either my poetic blooms bracelet or my blooming dahlia one. I like the wildflower meadow bracelet, and will want the dreamy dragonfly for that design. I’m wondering if the forget me nots will work with this new release. If not, perhaps the daisies. With the birds, both old and new, we should be able to come up with a creative representation of a wildflower meadow irl. And I just know we will eventually get the lady bug as a charm!

    And then Mother’s Day! Luckily my son usually goes overboard. Lol!

    I agree that the tassel charm is a too long to wear on a bracelet. Maybe if you were just going to a party or something where you wouldn’t be knocking your arm over a table or a desk it would work. Not my personal style though.

    Thanks for the round up. As usual, you make getting focused on what we want before the launch much easier. T minus 15 days and counting…

    Soooo glad there’s a promo coming…

    • Hi Deborah! You are very welcome, it sounds like you have been putting your time to good use! I think ‘celebration of water’ is exactly what Pandora were going for with this, rather than beachy vibes. I had to Google the Currents charm to remind myself of it, but that’s a nice choice for your water theme. There are quite a few ‘wavy’ older abstract beads that you could use – you could do a really lovely bracelet celebrating older and newer styles I thinK!

      I hope that you’re right about that little ladybird being its own charm! It’s so cute, and I was very surprised not to see it as a standalone bead. I’m getting a Floating Locket charm purely so that I can wear the Ladybug Petite on my bracelet! ?? I can’t really picture either how you’d practically wear the Tassel either. I guess like you say you could wear it as a party piece – but even then it seems like a hazard haha!

      I’m withholding an opinion on Shine until I’ve had a chance to play with it properly myself. I think they’ve done a very nice campaign for it, and the honeybee motifs are beautiful, but I can also understand why people are resistant to the idea of more plating. We shall see! :)

  11. Do you know if the spend and save event for March will be in Canada too? We usually do have some sort of event here in March…
    I’m also thrilled that it’s after the release day! I feel like in past years, it has sometimes been before the official release day, meaning that none of the new items could be purchased in the promo. The charms don’t really grab me this time around, but I am very excited for the adjustable tie bracelet, and the round lock clasp bracelet!

    • No, you’re getting a different promo, details TBC – spend a certain amount and get a free item of jewellery up to a certain value. The promo will be after release day for you as well though! It’s running from 20–25 March.

      • Oh shoot. I was really looking forward to the spend and save ☹️ Oh well, a free item can be good too, if we get to choose (and get to do it more than once ?)

    • Details are not very forthcoming on Aus promos yet! I hear that the Flourishing Hearts bangle is going to be part of a gift set and not a GWP this year, so I’m not sure what’s happening there yet.

  12. I’m happy to say that in Belgium we will also have a promotion going on! For 119 euros a bracelet of up to 59 euros will be given freely YAY! :)

  13. Wow what a amazing month to be a Pandora collector the spring collection I can’t wait looks amazing. I probly will do the earing promo I wish there were more choice on the earing. My list is quite long so I’m sure I will be able to hit the spend.

    • I know, there’s so much going on – so excited for Spring! I’m not interested in the earring promo, so will save my pennies for then. Will keep an eye on your Instagram to see what you get! ^^

  14. Hi Ellie,
    I’m actually saving for the best promo, either March or April.
    I am very patient.. since I am wearing a lot of new stuff from Rue Lala. LOL
    Have a great weekend coming up!

    • Hi Rachelle! Haha, there have been some great things on Rue lately! I’m hoping they’ll have new stuff on sale soon. I’ve kind of cleaned this round out now! ;)

  15. Hello! Do you know if the two Disney Cutie charms are Shanghai exclusive or will they also be sold in the US?

    Thank you!

  16. Will the shine promo be in the UK too? It’s not as cute as the Valentines one but I didn’t take part as i was hoping for a jewellery box promo soon. I only really wear silver but i want some of the bee pieces. I love the Mothers day packaging, they got the colour combo just right, it’s a sweet balance. The earring offer is a bit meh in comparison to a lot of last years offerings. I am really looking forward to the spring release! It’s a shame the Flourishing Heart bangle is engraved, I would have bought a none engraved version were it available.

    • We have our own Shine promo – we’re getting a gold clutch bag. I posted the details on my Promos page for 2018. :) I have never bought any Pandora gold before, so if I get anything from Shine, it won’t be like at all like any of my other Pandora pieces! I’m also really looking forward to the regular Spring release, though, so Shine might have to take a back seat for now!

  17. I am so excited for the Spring Collection! I can’t wait to see the teapot and teacup and the birdhouse, and I also like the little animals and enchanted hearts pieces, they are all very pretty. I had been wondering whether to add the flourishing hearts bangle to my very long wishlist, and the sweet little box has made it very hard to resist! I am disappointed about the earring promotion, as I had hoped it would be a choice of earrings, and there are quite a few I like, but not this particular style. The box looks nice though, and I really like the special Mothers Day bag. I won’t be interested in Pandora Shine, I just don’t like plated jewellery. But I managed to order the So Many Reasons to be Happy dangle that I liked so much on your happy bracelet Ellie, and it came yesterday, I absolutely love it! I got it from tiedyedeb’s ebay shop and I had to pay a bit more for all the taxes and things to get it sent to the UK, but it was worth it because it does make me feel happy, and reminds me to count my blessings! I am wearing it today on its own on an open bangle with the silicone spacers either side.

    • Hi. I have been wondering if the silicone spacers fit only the open bangle or will fit mesh brackets or bangle bracelet? I tried researching online but no one hss posted about this. Pandora says only open bangle bracelets. Have you tried silicon stopper on mesh or bangle bracelets? Do they fit?

      • I can confirm 100% that the silicone pieces fit on clips on the bangle – i only own 2 charms – for example, I use my rose gold glitter ball in between 2 clips both with silicone pieces inside and nothing has ever moved..HTH

      • I just realized that I think you meant the ones with silicone built in I believe – I am not familiar with those! I only have the traditional clips, bangles + a ball charm + a dangle charm!

        • Yes. I meant the silicon round spacers, not silicone clips, that are marketed for open bangle bracelets. I have use other moments clips for my mesh bangle but like how simple and unobtrusive the silver stoppers look. Any other Mora Pandora community tried see if the silver silicone spacers for open bangle fit onto mesh bracelet?

      • I am pretty sure I asked this question when they came out and someone said the stoppers fit only the open bangles.

        • That is too bad as the bright silver would contrast well against the mesh texture.

        • I just checked, the silver silicone stoppers that are included with the open bangle do not fit on the mesh bangle.

      • Hi Kelly, I can see that other people have kindly answered your question – but no, those stoppers are not compatible with any other bracelets than the open bangles.

    • Me too, I have had a lot of fun planning out my very first purchases! I’ve not been this excited for some time. Last year’s Spring collection was very uninspiring for me – I mostly bought Pandora Disney pieces instead. :D I’m also still very tempted by that bangle. I don’t need it, but I like it and the box is so pretty! We’ll have to see what happens haha.
      I’m so glad to hear that you got the So Many Reasons dangle too! It’s lovely, and one of the engraved designs that really stands out. That is a beautiful styling you have put together for it, too. It is good to have that little reminder on your wrist. :)

  18. Thank you once again for the information on the spring collection and now I will wait for the prices off you. Thank you very much

  19. HI,
    The honeybee murano looks greenish in the live image no?? Hoping I am wrong and it looks more lavendar like the stock photos. For the buy more save more can we add items from the new spring release as well? Also the Minnie/Mickey vintage car do you know if that will be part of the spring release? Thanks so much ?

    • Hi Alex, if you read Marthnickbeads’s blog, she just posted a couple more live images of it. It doesn’t look as vibrant as the stock image but it looks a lot prettier than the live shots above! You will be able to buy Spring items as part of the spend & save. The next Disney release is April! :)

      • I just saw the bumblebee Murano from marthnickbeads blog, and it’s so pretty!!! It’s much more lavender than I thought it would be, but still quite pretty. Can’t wait to see it in person!

        • Hopefully you’ll have a few to choose from! The one I bought is quite colourful but has tiny bees. The others in the store weren’t quite as brightly coloured but had bigger bees. Such is the beast with handmade beads!

  20. Disappointed the Epcot flower show charm is part of a set as I will not be attending this year and a dated charm for an event I didn’t see is a no go for me. I just wanted the Mickey head to stand in for my other flower show visit. Had I gone, I would have liked the dated one, but still been agaisnt a set as everyone’s tastes vary and you might not like both but be forced to pay for both to get the one you want.

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of gift sets in general either for that reason. They are not so bad now, but back in the day Pandora UK always used to pick a charm they thought would be popular and put it exclusively in a bracelet gift set for the first couple of months. It used to drive me wild, it was always the charm I wanted! ?

  21. The inscription on the bangle could stand for the family you grew up in too. Or friends that are like family. I think it’s versitile/subjective enough even if you are not a Mom.

    • Yes Sarah, that’s exactly what I was going to say but thought I’d read all the comments first. You are right! Most people have a family of sorts. We have beautiful fur babies that are family too!

        • What a beautiful thought Deborah! I totally agree – Ellie’s blog is like an extended Pandora family. I love visiting the blog too :)

        • I agree 100% with everyone of you. All of us is part of a family. And many have furry babies whom we love to pieces. And friends and community members …. and counting :)

  22. I think the gold plated will tarnish very easily! I wish they would bring out some more 14k classic pieces… everything they have bought out lately in 14k gold (which isn’t much) has been so shiny!!

    • It won’t tarnish with 18k. It may wear off depending on how thick the plating is and how much use it gets.

    • Me too. I’m disappointed that there aren’t many new designs coming out for 14K pieces. There are a lot of heart shaped pieces which I’m not interested in.

    • There is a definite lack of 14kt in the previews so far – Pandora’s official statement is that they are not discontinuing the 14kt line to make way for Shine, but I guess we will have to see what direction they take and how well Shine does.

  23. Hi Ellie!

    The Spring launch has always been my favorite and this one is no exception. Thanks for confirmation on the Spend/Save promo. I’m so grateful it’s a week after the new release, although I see above the Shine won’t be included in the promo. That doesn’t surprise me, tho’. There is the little dish GWP and pretty white bag to accompany a Shine purchase. I’m not sure I’ll be buying anything from the Shine collection, but it’s pretty and I love the little bumblebee and ring. The teapot, cup, mouse and snail are at the top of my list and maybe the Garden murano and Wildflower Meadow pieces. Do you have a price for the bracelet? I may have missed it. I agree, the Mother’s Day gift bag is lovely. I like the pink and cream together. Ellie, I think you should go for the Flourishing Hearts bangle, since you love it so much. And there’s that beautiful box. You and Greg along with your fur babies make a family.

    I’m so excited to see the Spring release in person, especially the teapot, cup, mouse and snail. I’m thinking I’ll add them to my Poetic Blooms bracelet if the pinks go well together. I’m looking forward to seeing your reviews and bracelet designs from this launch.

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

    • Hi Emily! I love the bumblebee openwork from the Shine collection, and that’s the piece I’m currently considering. I’m thinking it might be nice with the Enchanted Garden Glass as a focal point on the bracelet I want to put together. :D The Wild Flower bracelet is $75 USD, I think I missed it off my preview, sorry! :) I’m really excited for the Spring releases as well – it sounds like our picks from the collection are very similar. I’ll definitely be doing reviews ASAP as I can’t wait to get styling!

      You know, I’m hearing a lot of encouragement to get the bangle ? that is absolutely true about me and Greg, and family can mean all kinds of different things. :) (Plus, yes, there’s the box….) It may still be on the table!

      Hope you’re having a nice weekend too, and thank you for commenting! <3

      • Thanks for the bracelet price, Ellie. I’ve become so accustomed to free bracelet promos that I rarely buy them outright. My open bangle being an exception. This may be a thing of the past, tho’ for Pandora going forward. I would never willingly admit how many I actually have in my collection:-) BTW, would you happen to have a price for the Pearly Dreams charm? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

        • I’m sorry, I don’t have a US price for that one! It wasn’t in the NA catalogue I saw. :(

  24. Hello Ellie! Thank You for the beautiful post. I m very interested in this new collection. I have a question for You. Can you please ask around )if You know where=, what about promotions in Serbia. In my country we have a fwew Pandora Concept Stores, but we are lack of promotions. I asked why this is, but I didn t got the answer.
    For example, for Valentine s Day, I read about besutiful promotions on MoraPandora, and in my country the promotions was ” if You spend more than 100euros You get a candle, and if You spend more than 120e You get a specified charm.

    Thank You in advance, sorry about my English.
    Best regards,

    • Helena, I wanted to say that your English is very good.I did not know there are Concept stores in Siberia.

      • Hy Kelly,
        Thanks for thinking my English is good. I live in Serbia, town Belgrade. We do have Pandora concept stores, but I really don t understand this thing about lack of promotions in my country. I m very said because I like Pandora very much and enjoy wearing it.

        • Helena, I know exactly how you feel. Promotions in Spain are getting started and they are not yet as good as in other countries. I have complained via E-mail to Pandora many times during the last few years. I´m not active on social media, but sometimes I read Pandora´s facebook page and I´ve seen lots of irate comments towards them for their lack of promos, so I´m not the only one. Don´t lose hope.Let Pandora Serbia know how you feel. It´s a matter of dignity after all, you are paying as much as any other lady in other parts of the world, so you should get the same “treats-ment”.

    • Hi Helena! I’m sorry to hear that you don’t get many promotions in Serbia :( have you thought about joining some of the Pandora groups online to see if anyone can help you with international promos in the meantime? It’s not the same I know, but it is an interim measure. :) I don’t have any inside info on Serbian promotions I’m afraid but if I do hear anything I will update the blog. I try my best to keep up with promos the world over but it is something of an impossible task :) I hope you get more promos in the future!

      • Hello! Thank You for Your reply. I must say I don t understand what you meant by advising me to join some of the Pandora groups online. Can You help me with some address.
        Thank You again.

        • Hi Helena!

          When you open Facebook, search for Pandora pages. The options for Serbia should come up as well as some for other countries. You can join any or all of them. People post what they are looking for and what they have to swap or sell. There is usually an admin group that monitors the posts and in some cases verify the authenticity of the pieces. Hope this helps!

        • Hi Helena, apologies for the late reply – as Deborah says, search for Pandora groups. You might find some for your country or you could try some of the most popular worldwide ones – Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe for example. Good luck!

  25. Hi Ellie, thanks so much for the update on the upcoming USA promotion! I am really looking forward to that. The Mickey and Minnie in the vintage car charm is at the top of my list! :) I may go for some other pieces too like the teapot and teacup. I’m hoping that the promotion includes existing bracelets, clips and safety chains too as I would like to pick up some. I’m glad you liked the flourishing hearts and the honey bees from the Spring collection. You might decide to go for the flourishing hearts bangle despite the inscription. But I agree that it may have been better without the inscription. Surprised to hear that the house dangle is large! I guess I thought since it is a dangle that the house may be a bit on the miniature side :) I love your retired pieces! I’m getting the Happy little bird, gnome and strawberry retired pieces myself, can’t wait to design with those. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Hi Pauline! Ah, that Minnie & Mickey bead won’t be out in time for the promo. It’s an April 12 release along with the other Disney beads :( You’ll be able to get the teapot and teacup though, and anything else from the Spring releases! You know, I am still tempted by that bangle. Especially, as Deborah says, there are other kinds of family! <3 I expect I'll snap sooner or later ?
      Yay for more retired pieces! The Little Bird and Strawberry are so cute. I haven't got the Gnome but I should definitely add him to my list at some point. Hope you're having a lovely weekend too :)

  26. I got an e-mail revealing a promo (I guess for the U.S.) from March 15-21. Free charm (1 of 4) with a $100 purchase from the spring collection.

  27. Hi Ellie, I’ve been waiting for this post. I’m going to take advantage of the buy more save more promo. I’m going fir the big spend and knock quite a few things off my wish list. There’s nothing in the new collection that speaks to , so I think I’ll pass.

    • Hi Marsha, ooh that’s so much fun! What are you going for to hit the big spend? A few big ticket items or lots of smaller ones?

  28. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks so much for the updates on the upcoming collections and promos. So far, my must have remains to be the enchanted garden muranos. The rest I would have to see in person before I decide. By the way, do you know if Pandora Disney Park Exclusives are available in Tokyo Disney Sea park? Also do you know if there’s any Pandora charms exclusive to the Tokyo parks as well?

    • Hi Jen! That murano is one of my most anticipated beads as well, although I do hope it’s as beautiful in person as it looks in the stock image.

      Yes, you can buy Pandora Disney Parks beads at Tokyo Disney Sea. If you stick this link through Google translate, it gives you full details, including where to find Pandora Disney at each of the Tokyo locations and what items exactly they are selling:
      There don’t appear to be any Tokyo specific exclusives though!

  29. I need convincing that the spend more, save more event is a good deal. I would be doing the first spend amount. It comes out to only about a 33% savings. Pandora has done way better then this recently in sales. Is there something I’m missing? I’m not interested in anything from the new collection, I really just need a new snake chain bracelet. Any thoughts. I have not participated in a smsm event yet, this would be my first if I choose to. Help!

    • Correction: I’m interested in a lot of the new collection…just not a must have right now. Plus, I think I have gotten spoiled with rue la la prices.

    • Hi Sarah. I think 1/3 off is a good deal. Before last summer, Pandora never ran sales in the US. There were bracelet promos twice a year (usually spend $100, get a free bracelet, which was great), but not outright sales. When I see a Pandora sale I jump on it since I don’t know how long it will be before another sale. (And keep in mind that March & September are usually the big promo months). Rue prices are great, but you have to wait a long time (usually) for something to show up there.

      • Thank you Judy S for the info in your post to Sarah. I live in the US and have only been collecting for a year and am trying to “figure out” when the sales are which ones are better, etc. etc. so I can plan for spending. I collect Disney and have found that they are not always included. As for still trying to nail them down to sales as well. So for the upcoming March promo looks like I will have my list ready just in case some of the Disney charms are included!

    • Hi Sarah! It’s not as good a deal as some past promotions (e.g. the free bracelet promo itself used to be a better deal, spend $100 USD and get a $65 bracelet free) but it’s probably as good as you’re going to get for the time being. As Judy says, you don’t know when the next offer will be, and their regular sales don’t usually include the barrel clasp snake bracelet. :)

  30. Hi Ellie,

    I was going through my emails and found one from Pandora Canada regarding an upcoming sale:

    “Some beautiful pieces are going on sale from March 7 to 11. Don’t miss this opportunity to save 25% on select items!”

    I might drop by the store to see if there is some Disney charms on that list. I need Daisy and Donald and also Jasmine’s slipper to finish some bracelets. Fingers crossed???

    • Good luck to you securing your Disney charms. I just saw the promo too. There are a few charms, more like 15 or so on my list, that I am hoping to get to finish off my Asian NYC and my cat braclets. I will probably wait as buget and hope Rue will as them to their stock as the 25% off is for charms to be retired.

    • Hi Rachelle! Thanks I have this posted on my promos page ? I hope you found the pieces you wanted!

  31. Any world on the NEW SPRING DISNEY COLLECTION & when it’s coming out? Not getting any feedback concerning it.

  32. Hello! I’ve just found your blog and I love it! I do have a question though, a couple posts before you posted a picture of a cowboy boot charm and said it would be a limited release. How do I find it for purchasing and when is it available? Thank you! :)

      • Ohhhh, okay! I just found out about them from this blog! I signed up, so I’ll keep checking there. Thank you!

    • Hi Mandy, yay thank you! :) do you mean the Dallas cowboy boot? I don’t think this is getting a general release – it’s just going to be available in some US stores although I don’t know which for sure. There’s so little concrete information about these regional exclusives. You can buy it from tiedyedeb (the seller whose image I used) though – she sells authentic products! Hope that helps :)

      • Yes, that’s the boot! I just found it in her eBay store. I’m glad to know her products are authentic. That puts my mind at ease. Thank you so much for responding! :)

  33. What are the upcoming promotions for Canada? Will everything in the spring and Mother’s Day collection be available here?

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