There’s one week left to go before the launch of the beautiful Pandora Spring 2018 collectionand, as is traditional, today I have lovely high quality images of all the new charms and bracelet, plus pricing, some live shots and lots of individual commentary! This release, due out on 15 March, has been mostly well received among fans, and offers something a little different after a few years of very floral Pandora Spring collections.

The gold-plated Pandora Shine will also be launching this coming Thursday – I am not allowed to write about this collection until launch. The Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection will not be launching until 12 April – I am currently not allowed to preview this, either.

This preview encompasses all charms and bracelets coming out next week. Please have a look through the Pandora Spring 2018 tag for other jewellery :)

Pandora Spring 2018 collection bracelets

First up, we have a new Pandora bracelet concept – the Sliding Bracelet, which will unclip at the ends to let you add charms. It’s priced at $65 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018 bracelet

The Smooth Pandora Signature bracelet offers a more neutral take on the Pandora Lock Your Promise bracelet that was released for Valentine’s Day. It features a detachable lock, and many have speculated that we’ll eventually see interchangeable locks sold separately, much like Trollbeads. This will retail for $75 USD.

Pandora spring 2018 bracelet

Image by Pandora Mall of Georgia

Finally for charm bracelets, the Wildflower Meadow offers a pretty floral clasp – however, my favourite detail by far is the little hanging ladybird in purple. So sweet! I could have done without the lilac crystals to match, but the ladybird undoubtedly wins the day for me. It’s $75 USD.

Pandora Spring 2018

Pandora Spring 2018 collection charms

As is usual for a Pandora Spring collection, we have a lot of nature-inspired beads – however, the twist in the tale this time around is that they’re focused on water, and not flowers! The Blue Swirls recreates currents of water by contrasting bright silver beading with varying shades of blue enamel. It’s priced at $45 USD / £35.797012ENMX

The Blue Ripples goes for a similar effect, but through using a light blue CZ. It’s a little pricier at $50 USD / £40 / 45€.

797098NABThe Aqua Heart is $70 USD / £55 / 65€.797015NABMX

The Enchanted Pavé charms come in both blue and clear CZs:

797032NABMXThey retail for $70 USD / £55 / 65€ each.797032CZ

Next, we have a selection of rainbow beads! These do feed into the whole nature theme, but they’re also an uplifting and cheerful motif in their own right.

The Rainbow of Love is a rather child-like design, but I do have a soft spot for enamel detailing and colour, and I am quite drawn to it for whatever reason! I don’t think that I’ll get it, but I don’t dislike it. A few people have mentioned that it’s a great bead for pride, and this I’d agree with! :) It’ll retail for $45 USD / £35 / 39€.


I feel like the enamel effect works less well in this openwork heart design – the yellow is quite bright – but you might think otherwise! It’s priced at $45 USD / €39 / £35.

Pandora Spring 2018 Rainbow heartsThe rainbow effect is also detailed in pavé in these next two beads. We have the Arcs of Love spacer, retailing for $45 USD:797010NRPMXAnd the Arcs of Love safety chain, retailing for $80 USD / £65. I really want to like this design, because the little cloud detail at the bottom of the chain is so cute, but I just can’t picture how I’d use this safety chain in anything other than a full-on rainbow design!797021NRPMXAnd finally, we have my favourite of the rainbow pieces – the beautiful Iridescent Rainbow Glass murano, priced at $55 USD / £35 / €39. It has rainbows and clouds interposed over vibrant iridescent blue glass. This strikes me as being such cheerful and interesting design, and I’ve earmarked it for my happiness-themed bracelet. 797013

You can see all the rainbow charms below. The enamel Hearts bead looks nicer than I thought, but the murano is still the star for me!

Image by Pandora Oakridge

Next, we have a series of more traditional Pandora Spring beads, mixing florals and fairy-tales in a very lovely Enchanted Nature collection. My absolute favourite of these is again the murano charm, which features delicate flowers, soft pastels and two little honey bees beneath its glass. If the craftsmanship lives up to the stock images in person, this may well be one of my favourite murano designs to date! ?797014In live shots, the colour of the glass doesn’t look so vibrant, but the beautifully delicate detailing is definitely there:

The Sparkling Snail is an adorable bead, transforming slime into sparkle, and mixing Pandora’s newer style with all the quirkiness of their older beads. ✨? He has been steadily growing on me since I first saw him – he’s now a must-have on my Spring wish list! He’ll be priced at $55 USD / £45 / 49€.797063CZYou can sneak a peak at the Snail in this cute shot:

Image by Pandora Fairview

This little mouse bead, retailing for $45 USD / £35 / 39€, is another one that I really like from this collection. He’s not as detailed as some of Pandora’s classic animals, but he is very sweet nevertheless and he reminds me of an edible sugar mouse. The adorable thing about the Cute Mouse that I hadn’t realised is that his little tail moves! 797062en160

We have these two adorable live shots – to me, he looks just as sweet in person, thankfully.

I love the curlicue detailing around the rim of the Enchanted Tea Cup, and the little bird hovering at the edge. The bail they’ve picked is also, thankfully, free of CZs! It’s priced at $45  USD / £35 / 39€.
797164EN160It has a Tea Pot to match it, also with a tiny little bird detail, just perched on its spout. This is a wonderfully detailed bead, and it looks nice and oxidised from the stock image. It’s priced at $45 USD / £35 / 39€.797065CZ

I love the look of both of these beads in person – the tiny birds are very clearly discernible.

Pandora Spring 2018 enchanted tea party

It’s refreshing to see a plain silver, oxidised design in the Spring Bird House, priced at $45 USD / £35 / 39€. I do wish it didn’t say Sweet Home on the back, as I feel it’s an extra dose of sentiment that this charm doesn’t really need, but overall it’s a very pretty bead.797045Martha of the wonderful Marthnickbeads blog has managed to get her hands on this pretty bead as well – it looks just as nicely oxidised in her pictures as well:

The Glorious Blooms is very tropical in its colouring and, like the water beads above, seems almost more suited to a Summer collection. It’s priced at $75 USD / 69€.

797067NRPMXPandora have started to put out season-specific versions of their popular Radiant Hearts CZ button charms, and this spring season shows a springtime version of the design. It has floral cut-outs around the edge of the bead, and a very sweet little ladybird and dragonfly creeping across the stone itself. I do like this bead, although the large CZ will make it more expensive than I want to pay at $90 USD / £70 / 79€.
797047CZThe Promise of Spring openwork has the words Love Life tucked in amongst its flowers and dragonflies, and will be priced at $30 USD / 25€.797046The Dreamy Dragonfly looks entirely abstract from one side, but only turn it over to reveal a pretty dragonfly! I like the mix of the contemporary and the romantic in this bead. It’s retailing for $40 USD / 35€.

797025CZThe Wildflower Meadow will retail for $35 USD.797042nlcThe Wildflower Meadow safety chain is another floral design that I like, although I’d have really loved a floral safety chain with really intricate detailing. This chain is priced at $45 USD or £35.

Pandora Spring 2018 wildflower Meadow Safety chainThe Chandelier Drops is an elegant design, but I struggle to picture how it would work on a proper bracelet design – its detail would look awkward as soon as you tried to put other charms next to it. It might look nice on its own on a bangle or leather bracelet. It’s priced at $35 USD.Pandora Spring 2018 797106CZDramatic and lovely as it is, you do have to wonder how practical the Enchanted Tassel would be to wear on a bracelet! I’ll be interested to see whether Pandora stores put this out on bracelets in their displays. It’s $80 USD / £65.Pandora Spring 2018 Enchanted Tassel

Pandora Stonestown have styled it on a bracelet, as below:

Image by Pandora Stonestown

The Enchanted Heart Tassel is very reminiscent of the popular 2014 Chinese Lantern red enamel charm, and it would be a great complement to that charm on an Asian-themed bracelet! This plain silver version is $40 USD.

797037My favourite of this set of decorative Enchanted pieces is undoubtedly the safety chain. It offers such a delicate, intricate design, while being more substantial than the Wildflower Meadow chain above. It’s priced at $45 USD / £35.


You can see the safety chain in action as well in this image from Pandora Bayshore, along with the Enchanted Heart Tassel itself:

Image by Pandora Bayshore

This clip reminds me of those beautifully decorated gingerbread hearts that you get at German markets! It would be fun as a Hansel and Gretel bead for a fairy-tale bracelet. It’s $40 USD.797024

We come now to some love/family/decorative beads that move away from the collection’s core themes of nature. The Arcs of Love safety chain offers a more generic version of the rainbow design we saw earlier – there’s no little cloud in the centre of the chain on this one! It’s priced at $80 USD / £65.

Pandora Spring 2018 safety chainThe safety chain is pictured here with two of the new Bella Bots on this Rose styling:

The Perfect Pals would go very well with a lot of the Mother’s Day 2018 beads, with its soft pearlescent enamel and bunny/rabbit silhouette. It’ll cost $50 USD / 45€ / £40.797035EN23The Princess charm, RRP $50 USD / 45€, is not so much to my taste as I find the details of her face quite odd!

Pandora Spring 2018 Princess 797143CZThe emoji-style Playful Wink looks to be double-sided from the stock images, and is priced at $45 USD / 39€.Pandora Spring 2018 collection 797028EN161The Arcs of Love clips will also come in pink and clear CZs:797020PCZ797020CZ

The Enchantment enamel beads come in two colours, the blue matching nicely with the water beads earlier, and the pink with the softer, family-themed charms.


They’re priced at $40 USD / 35€ each.

797091EN160The pink version features in this very nice little shot from Pandora Mic Mac:

Image by Pandora Micmac

The Ribbon Heart Glass dangles, available in blue and pink, offer glass drops with a ribbon pattern swirling round them. They’ll be priced at $45 USD each.

Pandora Spring 2018 collectionThe blues are paired nicely with the Blue Swirls charms in this Fairvew styling:

Pandora Spring 2018 blues
Image by Pandora Fairview

They remind me of the glass drop beads that Pandora released briefly back in 2013, if anyone else remembers those – I wonder if these will last longer! :)797069

The Pearly Dreams charms didn’t appear in the North American catalogue I saw, so I don’t have a US price for them. They’re priced at 49€ each.

Finally, we have the Bella Bot, probably the most talked about charm of this collection so far! She has movable snake chain arms and legs, and will hang off your necklace or bracelet from her head. This is a pretty unprecedented kind of design from Pandora, and I can’t wait to see how people style her. She’s priced at $60 USD / 55€ / £50.797141EN160

In this live shot from Patty Ng, you can see both the silver and the Rose versions of the Bella Bot along with a cute matching box for Asia! I don’t know whether this box will be available in other regions.

Pandora Spring 2018 Bella Bot
Image by pattywkr

My Comment

I am very Pandora happy at the moment, looking forward to this collection! There’s so much that I like. My favourites of this release are the Enchanted pieces, both in terms of the tea party and the heart/tassel designs. It’s great to see so many new safety chain designs, as well – I think Pandora have finally cottoned on that customers like to be able to customise this aspect of their bracelet as fully as possible as well. :) Of the four new designs, I will be wanting to get three – all of them bar the rainbow one.

My wish list currently stretches to the Wildflower Meadow bracelet, both murano beads, the Cute Mouse, the Sparkling Snail and the Enchanted Tea Pot Cup… and those safety chains. So, yeah. I’m going to be busy for a while! ?

Are you excited for this collection? What’s on your wishlist?

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  1. Hi,
    I’m excited to see the brighter colours and fun child-like designs, especially the rainbow ? styles. I will probably buy the rainbow dangle. Do you know the price in £ for the rainbow arc earrings, matching necklace and ring? These will be definite purchases ?!

    • Yes I would be interested in UK prices and styling of the rainbow design in the earrings/necklaces please. Also the silver choker piece to!
      Great post ☺️

      • Sorry I don’t have the UK prices for any of the other jewellery yet! It’s so hit and miss what I get in terms of the UK in terms of advance info sometimes. :(

    • Hi Colleen! I’m sorry, I don’t have those prices I’m afraid. :( If I find them out in the meantime, I’ll reply to you again!

  2. HI Ellie!

    Wow! You are on a roll! Two posts in one day. We had a hasty blizzard here today and what a treat to come home from work after white knuckling the ice and snow drive home to find these posts! Better than a glass of mulled wine!!! I agree this collection is something to look forward too, the water charms are my absolutes. Okay about that fabulous snail, brace yourself, I want this snail to celebrate my love of French cuisine. When I have a chance to travel abroad I never pass up escargot! The pave slime is more like garlic butter for me, Yum! Probably not the same reason you will be purchasing this incredible critter. Such a well done charm with pave that makes sense. Ok the mouse with articulated tail may also have to come home with me. It is not something I normally go for but it is darned cute and the enamel is well placed on this charm.
    Ok well the tea pot and tea cup are coming home with me, my mother and law loves afternoon tea and I am one of the few in the family who will indulge her, because I like the tea sandwiches, tea and China cups. So if ever there was something to celebrate her this is it!
    The enchanted heart tassel & safety chain may be on my birthday wish list. Hubby will have an updated list soon. You summed it up beautifully when you compared the design to gingerbread, Hanzel & Grettle.
    There appears to be a little something for everyone. The enamel rainbow is not for me but I may pick up a rainbow clip to honour pride week and celebrate the diversity in my family.

    Thanks for this, sorry you can’t publish the other info & photos, I guess Pandora’s Lawyers need something to focus on and earn their retainer fees.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, haha, you are sweet! I hope you’ve had better weather over the weekend, glad as I am that the posts were a nice distraction. ^^ Lol, yes, we do want the snail for quite different reasons! That’s hilarious. Even before I was veggie, I don’t know how much you’d have had to pay me to eat a snail but it would be a LOT haha. I agree that the pavé works really well in that design. I have no objection to a little sparkle when it seems intuitive and not superfluous to a design!

      I’m still making a case to Pandora for showing the Disney beads, seeing as they’re going to be in many regions’ SS18 catalogues next week, but I’ve not heard yet. I’m trying my best! :)

  3. I will probably be in line as the doors open on the 15th. I am very excited with several of the pieces and already have a bracelet designed with just the spring pieces. The pinks and blues are very appealing and can’t wait to start just one more bracelet. Please don’t tell my husband how many bracelets I have. He always just says I haven’t seen that one in a while even if it is brand new. He is a great enabler.

    • Excellent, I’m starting a new bracelet design specially for the new Spring pieces as well. ^^ I’ve bought the retired silver Ladybird and an older silver Butterfly charm to go with the new beads too! Your husband sounds like a keeper! My boyfriend is also a great enabler. He knows just how many bracelets I have, but finds it endearing for whatever reason haha.

      • I’m in bed with a pulled back so I spent the day designing a new bracelet. Well, make that two. Need one for all the blues then another for the other cute designs. I need to start one for the teapot and cup and the snail will have to go on my cutesy animal bracelet that has a few spaces. The jury on the mouse is out until I see it. I told DH my plans and he laughed. If I want to spend enough for all this though I will have to wait until the promotion. It will take a lot of willpower to not be waiting in line on the 15th like I said I was going to do.

  4. Not super excited by these designs for Spring…Bella bots cute for granddaughter. I will have the enchanted teapot and cup. Maybe I will change my mind when I see them. Excited to see what you all do with them.

    • I will certainly be posting reviews of lots of my new purchases! Although I’m planning on putting most of them on the same bracelet haha. :)

  5. Love the promise of spring, I’m considering it as it is at an affordable price point and pretty. Love the blog Ellie, thank you for all your painstaking hard work to keep us in the know.

    • It is nicely affordable, isn’t it? I like that a lot of this collection isn’t as expensive as it has been in recent years. My pleasure Ashley, thank you for commenting! <3

  6. Not super excited by these designs for Spring…Bella bots cute for granddaughter. I will have the enchanted teapot and cup. Maybe I will change my mind when I see them. Excited to see what you all do with them. The snail for my garden bracelet will be fun! Company for the lady bugs! Maybe I will need two teacups for my enchanted garden!

    • Haha, looks like you’re good! :) I’ve noticed a couple of people seem to have had trouble with duplicate comments, I guess the site is acting up? What kind of error message do you get if it happens?

  7. Hi Ellie!

    I’m thinking maybe 2 new bracelets. The wildflower meadow for sure. The new bolo maybe. And I am waiting for the Flourishing Hearts and the locket “lock” in the Mother’s Day collection to venture into the new lock style.

    I love the mouse and snail. I too like escargot! And the scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts sends one flying across the room and says, “slippery little suckers”.

    The teacup and the teapot with the birdhouse will finish out my bird themed bracelet. I have exactly 3 spots left. The mouse and the snail are going to hide among the flowers on my Poetic Blooms bracelet.

    So that leaves the water theme and the wildflower meadow. I love the dragonflies, and the purple spacers for new charms. I may see if the forget me not flowers will work with the new charms. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy those.

    The water theme will get its own new bracelet. Love all of those new charms – Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

    Bella will be going on a history of technology bracelet. Details to follow.

    And then there’s Shine… I am hoping to add a bracelet there since it’s 18k.
    We will see after I hit the store.

    I’m going to be a very busy stylist for a while!

    Thanks for the live shots and pricing.

    • Hi Deborah! I am definitely getting the Wildflower Meadow. I actually quite like the Signature bracelet from the live images, but I got the Valentine’s Lock your Promise already and still haven’t decided how to style it so I won’t double up on those! :) I decided against the Mother’s Day bangle in the end but now it’s sold out almost everywhere here which kind of makes me want it again. I am impossible lol!

      Aha, sounds like you have a healthy wish list like mine! Am looking forward to hearing about your technology bracelet, too. I’m looking forward to seeing all the Shine pieces in store. I suspect that I’ll like them in person, but the test will be how well the finish wears. And, of course, there’s the price point – they are very pricey!

      You’re welcome, Deborah – thanks for commenting! :)

  8. Bonsoir Ellie,
    Tout d’abord merci ? pour vos publications car elles sont trop sont trop génial …
    Je suis fan de Pandora depuis très longtemps mais j’ai eu mon 1er bracelet en mai 2017 pour mon anniversaire par l’homme de ma vie . Depuis en moins d’1 an je l’ai déjà rempli …
    J’ai découvert votre blog depuis janvier 2018 je l’adore ?.
    Vous changez ma vie …
    La nouvelle collection est pour moi une tuerie je l’attends avec impatiente j’ai beaucoup de choix mais mon préféré reste l’escargot.
    Merci encore de nous faire rêver ?

    • Hi Elisabeth! I had to translate your comment, but thank you for leaving me such a lovely message. :) I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog and your Pandora! ?

  9. Hi Ellie,
    I was planning on waiting a little longer for the spend and save promo, but now I want to get to the store on the 15th! I’m actually afraid that the pieces will be sold out before the promo, they’re so pretty! ?

    • Hi Jan! Haha, let’s hope that doesn’t happen! I’ve planned out my promo spends and will be very sorry not to be able to get them ?

  10. I love a lot of this spring collection. Definitely on my list are both the new muranos, teapot, cute mouse, snail, new wlidflower bracelet and the queen bee from the shine collection. I will also look at the blue ripples and blue swirls but don’t know if they will be coming home with me. I like the sliding bracelet and want to see how secure the end(s) are. I would hate for the charms to slide off. The traditional clasps seem more secure but i will see. I will select my charms and put them on hold until the buy more save more in 2 weeks. I am going to be in the mall tomorrow and will see if my concept store has the new charms and if they will let me put them on hold tomorrow or if i have to wait until next Thursday. Sometimes they will sell early or put on hold early, sometimes they have strict instructions from headquarters not to let anyone see the new charms until the launch date.

    • Amazing picks Katie – all your chosen beads are on my wish list, too! I’d like to be able to try out the Sliding Bracelet as well. I like the idea of an adjustable bracelet – being able to adjust the fit depending on how many muranos you had on there, or just on where you wanted to place the bracelet in a stack, would be great.

  11. I am loving the slide bracelet, the teacup and the “Better Together” bear and rabbit. I haven’t seen anything new that I’ve liked in SO LONG! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

    • I know! I have seen and bought things I’ve liked over the past couple of years, but there’s not been so much in one collection in a long time. Very exciting!

  12. Bees have a special meaning for me so Hubby’s getting me Enchanted Garden murano as a late mother’s day present. Did I miss pricing in there for that one? Want to make sure he’s 100% lined up and gets me the right thing!

    And Rainbow of Love, for the rainbow baby I’m hoping for, to remind me what I’m aiming for during the painful battle ahead to get there ?? ?

    • Oh, so sorry, the price for that one is the same as the Rainbow murano – $55 USD / £35 / €39. I got carried away writing about the sweet little bees haha!

      Wishing you the best of luck with your baby! :) ?

  13. Hi Ellie. Thanks for this great post with all the high quality images and live photos.

    My favorites are the blue swirls bead, the teapot, and the tea cup. (Did you notice on the stock image of the tea cup the bird is by the bail, but on the live image, the bird is on the other side, strange!).

    I also really like the 3 dragonfly beads – enchanted nature, promise of spring, and dreamy dragonfly. I also want to check out the two new muranos and look at the enamel enchantment beads. I like the colors of the enchantment beads, but I don’t know if I like the bumpy surface. I may be interested in the aqua heart if it looks like it matches the blue swirls bead.

    Wow, lots of beads to consider. I’m glad many of us see designs we like.

    • I wonder if there has been a design or production fault on the teacup dangle. I have seen insta photos with the bird in 2 different spots on the teacup. Personally I would prefer the teacup without the bird.

      • Just saw some live shots of the teacup on another site. The bird in those shots were st the bale, same as the drawing here. I agree, weird.

        • Yeah, I’ve been collecting up live shots for my launch post on Thursday as well and in all of them the bird is back on the bail, just like the stock image. The only thing I can think of is that the live image here shows an older version of the charm – I got sent that live shot a couple of weeks ago from an employee who I think was shown the bead by a visiting Pandora rep. So perhaps that was an earlier prototype? Either way, I guess we’ll see!

      • I find the little birds cute, but it does make the charm less versatile I suppose! I’m not sure on the whole moving bird issue. Perhaps part of the ‘enchantment’, lol!

    • Hi Judy! I hadn’t noticed that at all until you said it. As I said to Deborah below, I wonder if the live photo is of an earlier version of the charm (it was shown to a Pandora employee by a sales rep or during a Pandora SS18 roadshow, one of the two). I’ve been collecting other live shots since and in all of the other ones, the bird is back by the bail!

      I’m not sure about the Enchantment beads either – there’s also just too much in the way of murano glass and character designs that I’d want to get ahead of the more simple decorative beads too! So much to save up for. ^^

  14. Just out of curiosity, but is there going to be a price change or price increase in north america (Canada), I seem to see that some prices have changed online but not on the e-store?

  15. Was going to get the Rainbow safety chain until I discovered it was a screw on and not a clip on. Disappointing since the clips are the silicon ones; was going to use it to make an all Disney Murano design on my smooth bracelet but now it looks like I’ll have to skip adding a chain…

    • Oh that’s a shame Nicole! You could go for one of the clear pavé clip-on ones – at least that wouldn’t detract from your pretty rainbow design?

  16. Hi Ellie
    Do you know if the Bella Bot will be released in rose gold on 15 March here in the UK. That’s the bead I want to buy the most as my granddaughter is called Isobella & I’ve just purchased a rose gold bracelet for this charm to go on. Thank you, great review. I’m excited to see the Shine collection too.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, you’ll be able to get Bella Bot in Rose in the UK on Thursday! I’m sure it’ll look lovely on your bracelet. :) I’m excited to finally be able to write about Shine this coming week, and will be interested to see it in person this coming weekend!

  17. I missed out on the buy 2 get one free sale so I am keen to make a few purchases from this collection. Having returned from a cruise holiday, the blue ripples is a must for me.Reminds of gazing at the sea from the cabin balcony. The tea cup would go nicely with the two-tone cupcake that I already have. Its nice to see that Pandora are still making the inexpensive silver charms like Love Life. Will get that one and whatever else takes my fancy when I see the collection instore.Thanks for the update.

    • Absolutely, you could make a very cute enchanted tea party bracelet with some of these and the older tea-time/fairy-tale beads. I love that whole idea. I think this collection overall seems much more affordable than some of their most recent Spring collections. More silver-based designs, which is lovely both in terms of RRP and aesthetics! You’re very welcome Lozzie – thanks for commenting! :)

  18. I can’t wait to see this collection in store. My list has slightly changed for what I possibly want to get. When I see the collection in store, hopefully I’ll be able to make my mind up.
    On my possible list is the enchantment charm in the pretty pink colour, wildflower meadow charm and ring from the Pandora rose line and heart swirls ring.
    Look forward to seeing the Disney preview.

    • Lovely choices! Very restrained though. I feel like I have half the collection on mine haha!

      I am trying to get permission to post Disney, as it’s going to be in the catalogues for a lot of different regions come Thursday, but I’ve not heard back yet. :)

  19. The mouse and teapot are cute, but the teacup is out. My tea is never pink. That creeps me out. Lol.

    In the glass I see too much Trollbeads. You know when Pandora began making glass beads they paid Trollbeads to help them, and they paid royalties to Trollbeads for years for those designs. And even tho that’s over now, Pandora still isn’t standing on her own feet in glass.

    • The founders of Pandora and Troll Beads are brothers; They started Pandora together then a disagreement drove them apart and caused one of them to start Troll Beads.

      • Ugh. That’s an internet myth. The same myth goes for Pandora and Chamilia, and Pandora and all other brands. Jewelers even tell customers thay myth. My sister had it told to her last month in a shop and she cleared it up fairly quickly. Stop it.

        This is the truth: Trollbeads was founded in Denmark by Lise Aagaard and her brother and Pandora is founded by Per Enevoldsen and his wife. NO RELATION.

      • Trollbeads as a company was started before Pandora – TB started in 1976, while Pandora’s origins go back to 1982. Pandora didn’t start making charms and charm bracelets until 2000 however! :)

        I like the idea of a Romulus and Remus style story behind it all though! ^^

        • That’s right. Pandora’s founder is a goldsmith who originally imported a lot of jewelry from Thailand.

          Where Pandora has topped Trollbeads is in marketing. When people in North America are shown Trollbeads without a name attached, they instantly say Pandora, though the two are very different. But Trollbeads has a very low profile here; they’re not vastly corporate.

          You’ll excuse my frustration with internet misinformation. It’s far too prevalent, and now being handed out by retailers. If retailers believe internet myths and hand them out, what other internet misinformation are they giving customers about products? It’s frustrating.

  20. Hi Ellie!
    Ooooh, still one week to go! I’m super-excited. I like the enchanted and the acqua pieces quite a lot. Teapot and tea cup can be must-haves. They are sooo beautiful and free of pave. I hope the teapot it’s not too chunky, I have already decided against the lovely bird house because of its size ? Unfortunately big pieces don’t sit well on my wrists. Therefore I’ll have to see them in person first. So, fingers crossed ?? because I have an interesting idea in mind which will be a completely diffeent styling for me ? and I really fancy it.
    Only the snail and the mouse are not my cup of tea. I’m one of these women who would jump up on top of a table as soon as she saw a mouse ? so I don’t think I want to wear one around my wrist. However it’s a really nice little guy, so never say never ? ( just in case, lol). As for the snail, well let’s say that the French are not the only people who eat them and
    I don’t like creepy things, so I haven’t been able to taste one since I was very, very small.
    The rest of the enchanted pieces are pretty, too. I love the safety chain and the shorter tassels could complement it perfectly as dangles (here’s the matchy-matchy me speaking, lol). The longer tassel is a wow, but not for me.
    My other favourites are the aqua pieces. I like all three of them, so my list is quite big! And then there is that flourishing heart pendant, plus the dangling piece of cake from mother’s day collection ? I think I’ll go broke!.
    Luckily, shine is a big no-no for me! ???
    Well, thank you, as always, for your hard work and I will be counting the days till L-Day!
    PS. L-Day= Launch Day ?

    • Forgot to mention the dragonflies. If the teapot adapts well to my size, I may need a dragonfly, too!?????

    • Hi Marie! Aww, I understand not wanting to eat snails, but to be honest that aspect of the charm had never even occurred to me before reading the comments on this post haha. :) I also understand not wanting to have the mouse on your wrist if it scares you! I once got the airplane charm in a set with the I Love to Travel suitcase (airline exclusive charm) and flying scares the living daylights out of me, and so I couldn’t bear to keep it and a local store exchanged it for me. I did get on a plane to Barcelona last year, which only reconfirmed that, yes, I am very afraid of flying metal boxes – I did consider getting the plane to celebrate that I was brave and got on one, but chickened out. ?

      I am glad that there are some others that are must-haves for you however! And it’s good that your wish list isn’t quite so long as mine lol! Thanks for commenting – I’m sorry I missed this comment first time around! :) I am super busy trying to get three posts ready for launch day tomorrow!

  21. I see someone’s been having fun photographing mouse bottoms, lol ;-).

    What happened to the pave heart rainbow clip? I wanted that and the rainbow safety chain but if I can’t get that then I will forgo the safety chain :'(.

    There’s not much I need for my current bracelets, so I’m waiting for a free bracelet promo before deciding on my next design :-D.

  22. Hi, thank you for your beautiful preview! I cannot wait to get the ones on my wishlist! I am wondering are there any of these in spring collection that’s limited edition? Thank you!

    • You are welcome! :D There are some Shine LEs, but all of these are just regular releases, as far as I’m aware.

      • Thank you for your time! I decided to get the bracelet with little cute ladybug, the enchanted heart clip, and the safety chain. Also some other old charms on the promotion day. Very excited! I am going to get a double pink leather bracelet, i have never tried before but I hope leather bracelet goes well with silver bracelet and bangle if I stack them together.

        • Hi Chong,
          Yes, leather bracelet stacking with bangle and other bracelets does look wonderful.
          I wear mine mostly in the Spring/Summer seasons. They also bring lots of color to your other bracelets.

  23. Hey Ellie, hope you are well and as always thank you for such detailed posts! I feel like I have done my research thoroughly and the Pandora sales assistants always seem to be surprised with my knowledge when I go to my local store, thanks to your blog!

    I particularly love the wildflower meadow bracelet and the enamel rainbow heart charms. I am saving to get my first Disney charm do nothing else appeals to me just yet from this collection.

    • It’s my pleasure, Jemma! :D The Wildflower Meadow bracelet is on my wish list too. I don’t fancy anything from Disney this time around, but I have so much else I want that that can only be a good thing!

  24. I have to get the mouse. My daughter’s Chinese zodiac sign is the rat (although we tell her mouse because she thinks that is cuter) When she was little she carried a little pink beanie baby rat (named Mousie) everywhere. There were quite a few stories of misplacing Mousie and locating her again. One involved the cast at a Disney hotel going through the laundry (they found it).

    • I think you can always call it’s a mouse, in China there isn’t much different between mouse and rat when you say it. Because in the chinese language when people say “Lao shu” it means both mouse and rat. And in dictionary that I just checked, it means mouse. So your daughter’s chinese zodiac is mouse. Btw my two sons, their zodiac is one rooster and one dragon.

    • Oh bless, that’s such a sweet story and a very nice reason to get the mouse bead! I had quite a collection of Beanies when I was little. I also used to carry favourite toy around with m everywhere and leave it in unfortunate places (although I didn’t always get them back!). ^^

  25. Thank you for the updates pictures and prices on the new spring collection, I am counting down the days until they are released.

  26. I am retired and travel with my husband who teaches all over the country. On Fridays he always takes his students to lunch and today we went to a grill at the mall down the street. The grill just happened to be next door to of all places the Pandora store. I was looking at a couple of Rose pieces and the SA was trying to talk me into getting them. I told her I would just wait two weeks until the spend and save event and she looked shocked. She ask just how I knew about it. She was the manager and hadn’t even told the rest of her staff. She said nobody was supposed to know until after the spring release. I just smiled sweetly and said I had a guardian angel who was prophetic and just knew. She was still standing there with her mouth open when we left. Thank you so much Ellie for all the time you put in with the research, pictures and information. You just saved me at least $50.

      • I can understand Pandora wanting the sales be a surprise. I get far more excited and spend quite a lot more at a Trollbeads or Thomas Sabo sale — which are not known in advance and always a pleasant surprise — than I’ve ever spent on Pandora. Too much time to think gives customers too much time to know what they really don’t want or need. I prefer not to know, anyway. I like the surprise. :-)

        • For me at least advance notice of a sale makes me spend more on Pandora. If I know a sale is coming I forego that cute blouse I really like or that set of kitchen towels that catch my eye and save all the dollars for the Pandora sale. It’s funny how each of us is different.

        • Yeah I’m just the opposite. Too much time to think makes me realize I need clothing and towels more than I need more jewelry. Jewelry is absolutely unnecessary to daily life, and jewelers, of all people, know it. It’s always a want, never a need, unlike clothing. We can go to a business meeting without wearing jewelry; we can’t go without wearing nice and proper clothes.

        • And you know what else. I actually resent what I spend if I plan too long for it, and I’m not happy with my purchases after. Although with Pandora I’ve been unhappy after sales too given their faulty products of late. I do understand the need to plan if money is tight and people are trying to match spending with billing dates, etc. I don’t fall into that category, but if I did, I’d resent the cost even more.

      • Well I have to say I don’t like surprises (except Ellie’s review ??) because I am a planner. I am not rich and like to think in advance where I spend my money.

        I don’t feel embarrassed to tell the sale associate that I am waiting for the next promo. My favorite S.A. will give me a hint of the next one coming soon, like March 20th, if you spend 150$ get a free 65$ value charm.???

        I agree with you Beth, why spend $$$ on fancy towels since you don’t wear them LOL ?? I just stay away from other shops to prevent any temptations.

        I learn a big lesson when my mom moved into a retirement home. She had to get rid of lots of good furniture, kitchen stuff etc… but she was able to keep in her bedroom her huge jewelry cabinet full of little treasures which she collected over the years. When time comes, she will pass them on to her daughters and granddaughters.

        Last weekend my mother gave me one of her porcelain doll wearing this beautiful aubergine dress; it is now sitting on my dresser. She has one doll for every girl in the family… although it was a nice surprise, I felt I was not ready. Mom is 86 years old and had undergo surgery last February for a new Pacemaker, but she feels much better now.

        I enjoy Life everyday wearing my Pandora?

        • My 93 year old Mother loves Pandora. She has bracelets in the double digits. At the Wellness Center where she exercises 3 times a week, all the staff look forward to seeing her bracelets. And her rings. She has more of those than bracelets! Hope your Mom continues to do well. We are so lucky to still have our Moms in our lives!

        • I feel similarly to you, Rachelle! And if I didn’t know about promos in advance, I would not necessarily be able to take part if I’d just spent money on something else just beforehand.

          So glad to hear that your mom is doing well! :)

    • Haha, I can just imagine her surprise! :) It’s funny though as I’ve seen a couple of stores post about it on social media, so the level of hush hush does seem to vary greatly by franchise. You are more than welcome, and I am very glad that the promo info is useful – I am like you, I would far rather be able to plan! And I have a lot of fun making lists and deciding what to get. :D

  27. Hello Ellie,

    Thanks for this lovely preview of high quality images and live shots. I always look forward to seeing them. The teapot, cup, mouse and snail are still absolute must haves, as well as, the beautiful garden glass murano. When taking a closer look at the teacup, I found it strange the little bird is on opposite sides of the cup in different shots? After seeing these HQ images, the garden glass is a must. It’s even prettier than I initially thought. There are other possibilities, but I’ll need to see them in store to make a final decision. Can’t wait!

    • Ellie, You mentioned in one of your earlier previews the teapot was listed as having pink enamel and cz. I’m guessing the lid must open? That would be so cute if it does.

      • I think I was mistaken about the pink enamel – it has CZ, but in one of the flowers on the outside. It doesn’t open :(

    • Hi Emily! My pleasure, I love doing these sorts of posts and looking at all the high res images! :) The teacup issue is an odd one. The live shot is one I got a couple of weeks ago, and it was taken by a store employee either during a roadshow or when a rep came to visit – so I’m wondering whether it is an earlier prototype of the charm. Other live shots seem to have the bird in the correct place! The Garden Glass is my favourite of this collection too and I can’t wait to pick one out this weekend! :D

  28. Off topic but do you (or any reader of this blog) have a suggestion for a light pink murano that would go well with the classic (light) pink cz? I have the pink effervencent but that looks more peachy to me and I’m not a huge fan of the faceted muranos. I was thinking of Aurora’s Signature Color Murano but I don’t want it to be too light; I want a nice obviously pink color. What do you think? Thanks!

      • Thanks; was looking at those too. Not sure if I like the shimmer!

        Open to more opinions of anyone else has pink muranos! Especially if you have Aurora’ s color.

      • I had another thought, how about the pink petite facets? They are glass, but smaller than the Muranos. They are a really pretty shade of pink.

        • Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the color of the bloom murano. But it’s going on a fairy tale/disney bracelet. So I’m not sure I want to commit to the flowers haha.

        • I like the wild hearts murano.. It is not entirely pink but a nice pearl with pink hearts on it. I used to have it on my fairy tale bracelet

    • Most of the newer Pandora pink muranos are much more of a true pink! It’s the older glass that is very peachy.

      The Pink Hearts CZ murano is a nice true pink that goes well with light pink CZ – it is a lighter pink, though. I also absolutely love the pink Looking Glass murano – again, it’s lighter, but such a pretty pink.

      Otherwise, you might try Anna’s Signature murano, or the pink Blooms murano. I find the Nostalgic Roses quite a bubblegum pink, it might be a bit bold for what you’re looking for.

  29. After seeing this post my mind has changed a bit on a few pieces. I don’t like the textured look of the enchantment. And the colors looks so different from the Pandora Stock Photos. I wish they would more accurately represent the colors, in general because I don’t think they match in real life. Buuuut now, I love the teapot! And I’m still interested in the blue ripples, enchanted heart safety chain, and dreamy dragonfly (love the back of the charm)!!

    • After seeing the live shots, I agree with you about the bumps on the enchantments. But maybe they will look better in person…

      • I don´t mind the bumps but I had thought from the earlier pics that it was acqua green and it was going to live with my acqua RH from last summer. Now it seems blue, therefore not a perfect pal.

    • The Enchantments don’t appeal to me that much from the live photos either. Or, at least, I think there are other beads in this collection that are a lot more interesting! :) The Teapot is beautiful, I agree, and I am definitely getting the EH safety chain to go on my Victorian floral bracelet. It is perfect!

  30. It’s lovely to see 2 posts from you in a day Ellie, a double dose of yay! :) Thank you so much for the wonderful preview. The spring collection looks so pretty and has those soft colours that Pandora is so good at. I like the teapot, the enchanted murano, the teacup and the bird house. I am sure there will be queues in front of the stores when the collection is release. Must go to my local Pandora and see if I can reserve in advance of the promo. Have a great weekend!

    • The reserving must be a store by store privilege because mine says they never reserve. How nice it would be if they did.

    • Haha, thanks so much Pauline! ☺️ I love all the beads you mentioned, and more! I will certainly be heading down as soon as I can to the store on Saturday, and it’s going to be tough picking just a couple of things out. :D I am saving the bulk of my purchases for the US promo but will allow myself a couple of things in advance just because. Hope you had a lovely weekend, and thank you for commenting! <3

  31. Girl ellie I love this collection amazing, I not sure if anything fits in my current collection so I will have to see there still lots going on my wishlist though.

    • I totally agree, it’s one of my favourite collections in a while. You will just have to start something new! ;)

  32. Thanks for the great review Ellie! It’s a great collection. Sorry not to see a Disney preview though. Do you think they will let you preview it at a later date? I’m very anxious!!!!

    • Hi Randi, their current line is no Disney previews on Mora Pandora, but I am trying my best to make a case for it. Especially seeing as it will be featured in some regional Spring catalogues. :)

  33. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for this lovely post. I can’t wait to see the new Spring collection in person.????

    In the meantime, I stop by Pandora Rideau during the 25% off sale and bought the 2017 Limited Edition dangling heart and the Openwork Love pendant charm with a vintage look. Did not have any Disney charms on that list… mostly earrings and rings. I tried the Daisy Signet ring but unfortunately they did not have my size… really too bad because it looked gorgeous next to my wedding rings. I will look for it on Rue La la’s next sale.

    Have a great weekend! Do you get to put your clock Spring forward? An hour less to sleep for us on Sunday in Canada???

    • Hi Rachelle! Me too. I am making a special trip to go and see it on Saturday and am so excited! Oh, you picked nice things. I got the Club 2017 pendant last year in the sale as well :) The Daisy Signet ring is beautiful – I have the pendant and it is one of my favourite pieces. Definitely look out for it on Rue!

      No, our clocks don’t change until later this month! Hope you don’t feel too sleepy today! ^^

  34. Rachelle and Beth, same here. I´m a planner by nature and I also sacrifice clothes when I know what lies ahead with Pandora. So, letting us know in advance may not be such a bad deal for them, after all. Many of us put aside some money regularly to treat us to the things that just appeal to us and quite often that means having to make a choice.

  35. Hi Ellie,
    Such a wonderful review and photos. I am looking forward to this collection tho I am sure my wallet is already groaning lol.
    The Enchanted Heart collection is def on my list. I am so pleased it is an all silver design. How nice I think it would be to have a bracelet with clasp to match.
    The Dreamy Dragonfly, Teapot, Snail (I’m hoping the pink cz is very subtle), Birdhouse, Garden Glass are also on the list.
    I will wait to see in person the Teacup as the pink enamel is not my “cup of tea” and also the Mouse (just not a huge fan of pink). I was also hoping the teacup would not be a dangle.
    All in all, this is a delightful collection with something that will appeal to most.
    Thank you again for a wonderfully detailed article. Hope your week is terrific!

    • Hi Terik! I saw the teacup and the mouse in person today, and the pink enamel varies greatly between charms. It has a surprising effect on the overall look of the teacup, so I would choose this one in person if I were you!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article – thank you very much for commenting. :D I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  36. Hi Ellie!
    I found several of the spring charms in the store today! I wasn’t expecting to, but there they were! I went ahead and bought the enchanted garden glass, but steeled myself to wait for the promo for the other pieces of my list, which grew after seeing them in person, haha. The iridescent rainbow is especially gorgeous. Can’t wait to design with that one.
    So giddy!

    • Hi Jan! Amazing, I just got the garden glass in store today as well! It is so lovely. I picked one with clearly defined bees. ^^ The rainbow murano is also beautiful but I made myself be good and not get that one yet either haha.

  37. Hey, I’m a guy and I’m trying to get a small bracelet for my own, I have the navy blue double leather charm bracelet to start but I’m looking for gender neutral-like charms to go with it. Any suggestions? Also gonna get the open bangle for myself just cuz I like how it looks. Thanks in advance (looking forward to the Pandora shine collection for the honeycomb inspired charm that was accidentally leaked, let’s see if it’s releaseed now)

        • If you like deep red, the Lion Dance is chunky and really nice on its own on a black leather it would be stunning. I have seen it on a male associate at Pandora. He had also some plain stopper on each side.

    • How about travel themed ones like the globe clip or plane for example? Maybe sports themed ones. How about the (darker?) muranos for some color.

    • Hi Pandora-guy, Take a look at the 2018 Club Charm. It’s a nice silver globe charm with ‘More Love’ across the center and a tiny little diamond. It would be awesome on any of the dark leathers or even on an open bangle.

    • Hey! How fun that you have a bracelet to put together. There are some pretty neutral decorative beads – the Galaxy openwork would be fab on the navy leather, or some of the other star beads. I like the idea of the Celestial Mosaic on there too! Or you could go for a bunch of murano glass beads, too. If you have any hobbies or interests, the sports might be good, or the animals are pretty neutral too, if you have any favourite there. Have fun designing! :D

  38. Reread all of the comments and don’t see that this has been addressed. Are the pink and clear CZ clips clip anywhere with inserts?

  39. Hi Ellie

    Im really excited about this release and have settled on getting the bird house, bee murano and tea pot to fit in with my existing collection.

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  40. I’m sorry they aren’t allowing you to show some images. They should be glad they have someone as knowledgeable as you. I always look here first. My feeling is that once they are leaked online, they are fair game. Making them more private doesn’t make me want to support them. I support YOU.

    • Karin, this was a lovely message of support to receive, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! :)

  41. Hi Ellie
    Do you know when or what/when will be the next UK promotion as I’m wanting to purchase quite a lot of the forthcoming release & the one in April & don’t want to splurge if there is a promo just around the corner. Any info will be appreciated.

    • Hi Nicola, there’s a Shine promo running currently – there’s also a build a bracelet offer where you can get a heart clasp bracelet and two £35 charms for £99 :) that’s running indefinitely!

  42. Hi Ellie,

    Very excited to see the upcoming collection.
    By the way, there wouldn’t be no Disney charms at all for this spring? I’ve seen some charms especially Vintage Minnie from the sneakpeek before. Do you know it is coming out including other Disney charms in March as spring collection? Any updates will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Chloe, there are some Mickey/Minnie beads coming out in April. I am currently not allowed to preview them but have been trying to get permission! :)

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