Following on from my overview of the Pandora Shine range earlier today, I am excited to already be able to offer my first review from the collection, with a closer look at the Pandora Shine Queen Bee pendant! As I’ve said before, bumblebees are one of my favourite motifs in jewellery, and so this was probably the aspect of Shine that I’ve been most excited for. ?

Pandora Shine review

I was fortunate enough to be given this piece to review, but of course this doesn’t affect the opinions expressed in this review at all. :) I haven’t been able to see all of Pandora Shine in person yet, or to have an extended play with it, so this will mostly be a review of this specific piece, but with some observations on Shine overall, too.

Read on for close-up shots and styling inspiration!

Pandora Shine Queen Bee pendant review

Before I get started properly, I just wanted to highlight how pretty the Shine gift packaging is! This charm box has honeycomb and bee detailing on the top, and it’s just beautiful. Pandora has got so much better at making special pieces feel even more special with little extras.

Pandora Shine limited edition boxAnd now, for the bead itself! I can’t comment on the other beads, but I was taken aback by just how vibrant the colour is. Shine is a good name for the collection. This pendant is stunning. It is small, and yet it makes a big impact with its rich combination of yellow, black enamel and a little sparkle.

Pandora Shine Queen Bee review

I love the delicacy of the detailing across the wings. And you do notice the little details – one of my problems with heavily pavéd Pandora charms is that there’s often a lot going on, and you’re left with an impression of bling and not much else. Here, I don’t mind the little dash of pavé on this pendant – the colour of the bead in contrast with the vibrant black enamel is so striking that the pavé sparkle fades a little into the background, adding to the effect without feeling like overkill.

With its contemporary style, it’s quite different to their existing jewellery. Nevertheless, Pandora wouldn’t be Pandora without adding a little dash of cuteness with a tiny heart detail – this nestles in between the bee’s wings.


The bead has Pandora branding right at the base, which I don’t think adds to the design all that much, although it is only really visible from the back of the charm. You wouldn’t normally get that on a little animal bead or pendant of theirs. With Shine, Pandora is making, or trying to make, a big statement as a brand – they’re doing some new and exciting – and this is a signature piece from the collection, one of the ones that I’ve seen most in the promo material. So I can see why they want to put their logo on it.

Pandora Shine review

Moving on to Shine itself, the colour is just so rich in person. Putting this pendant next to my 14kt gold two-tone bangle, you can appreciate how the colour of Shine is much more vibrant. The finish is completely different. In fact, it’s different enough that I actually don’t think that I’d want to mix solid 14kt gold charms and Shine. And it might be reassuring to some 14kt gold collectors that the two finishes look so distinct from each other, too.

Pandora Shine and 14kt gold comparison

I’ve heard some reservations from people who feel that the Shine line is too yellow, and I can understand that, as it does look very bright on the regular clips and decorative pieces if you’re not used to it. However, in these bee pieces I’d say it works well. The colour contrast with the black enamel is great. The hallmark is the same as sterling silver – S925 ALE.

Pandora Shine S925 ALE hallmarks


Doing the styling for this review was such a novelty for me, as I have never had an all-yellow-gold bead to style before. A lot of Pandora’s marketing focuses on putting together full Shine designs, stacking multiple Shine bracelets with a multitude of Shine charms, but I suspect that many collectors will be wanting to make their new pieces work with their existing Pandora collections, or won’t have the spending power to indulge in a full set of Shine beads fresh off the bat.

I find that the richness of Shine’s colour goes beautifully with similarly richly coloured murano glass – the deep cerise of the Flower Garden muranos is lovely with the gold, while the hint of 14kt gold in the retired Bee Hive and the Saturn Flowers charms brings it all together. Pandora Shine and classic Pandora can go well together! :)

Pandora Shine Queen Bee Review

The other place that my mind immediately went to with all the honeybees was Pandora’s lovely Winnie the Pooh collection, of course! This is a Hundred Acre Wood styling, bringing in pretty daisies, honeybees and the usual suspects – Pooh Bear, Tigger and my beloved Eeyore charm. ^^ I didn’t add Piglet as his colouring is quite bright, and I think that would be a bit of a clash with the Shine. 

Pandora Shine Review Queen Bee

I alternated clips and charms to do something a little bit different on this bracelet, and I quite like the effect. Ideally, I’d have put two more Mint Glitters, if I had them, in the outer sections! :) More Pandora Shine beads would also, obviously, work well on this design – perhaps one of the Honeybee openwork charms on one outer section, and then either the Golden Honey or the Honeycomb Lace on the other.

Pandora Shine review

Ultimately, my instinct is that I would like to get a Shine bracelet on which to wear it, and some other Shine pieces, as it is quite a different finish to the regular 14kt two-tone beads. I’d like to do a little mini design on the sliding bracelet or bangle, putting together the Golden Honey charm, the bee openwork and the murano. ?


It’s funny to be reviewing such a controversial piece – or, rather, a piece from such a controversial collection. There’s been a huge amount of marketing dazzle surrounding Shine thus far, and I think we’ll be able to get more of a measure of it overall once the dust has settled, and we’ve been wearing it for a little while. The test will, of course, be in how well the bead wears. In the meantime, my first impressions of this little bee pendant are very positive indeed and I am now excited to see more of the collection – and maybe to get a couple more bee pieces to go with this one. ?

The Pandora Shine Queen Bee pendant is $90 USD or £70. If you’re in the UK, it’s available for purchase at authorised stockist John Greed Jewellery:

where you can also get this pretty Pandora gold clutch and box if you spend £125 or more on Shine products. :D

Are any of the Pandora Shine bees on your wish list? And have you got a chance to get a good look at Shine yet?

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  1. The more I see the shine collection the more i am tempted by it. Does It pair well with the mint glitter murano? I have this but it’s yet to find a permanent home on one of my bracelets. Great review Ellie!

    • I think so! :) The gold of the Shine brings out the flecks of glitter in the murano really nice. So pleased you enjoyed the review, and thank you for commenting! <3

  2. You’re right, Ellie, you can’t mix different golds. Mixing metals is fun, and while you can mix silvers, you can’t mix golds. You can’t even wear white gold and rose gold together, it’s a washout. Shiny silver doesn’t work either, for me, with any gold; shiny silver doesn’t work for me with most things, but black silvers work well, or even black leathers. I wear my 18k plated pendants on black leather. As you see on the bee, black works well. Red will also work well. You want bold colors with bright gold, or very dark, but no color that doesn’t quite know it’s a color. :-)

    The bee is adorable. My daughter will love it — she’s all about saving the bees. But she’ll have to pay for it herself. Lol.

    • Ooh, I like the sound of the Bee threaded onto black leather, It’s a shame the Pandora black leather bracelet is a silver clasp. I think I may need to see if i have any leather bracelets/necklaces that will do. I really want the pendant, I was just at a bit of a loss on how to wear it.

      • Maybe your hair would cover the clasp, although it would spin down eventually. I have leather in all lengths and sizes, clasped and clasp-free, mostly from craft-fairs. But I also use my Essence black cord bracelets as chokers. The size one double-wrap fits me perfectly for a choker. I wear it with one Essence bead, but I’d wear the bee on that, even with the silver clasp, because as a choker the cord doesn’t spin as much.

        The bee is really too adorable not to use somehow!

    • I don’t mind rose gold and the regular 14kt gold mixed together, that can look quite pretty – I think it’s that the 14kt and the 18kt is so similar in shade but differ in vibrancy that makes it look a bit odd! Love the sound of your gold on black leather. I should have tried that for my review!

  3. It does look different now that I see it next to the 14k. For me I think I would style it as many of the models, as a pendant in a 18k gold chain I already own. I would be afraid to use it as a charm because, as you alluded in your review, we don’t exactly know it will hold up.

    • I think I’m going to give my Shine pendant the benefit of the doubt for now and wear it as a charm – my Pandora Rose pieces have held up very well so far, so hopefully the Shine will too!

  4. I have been so looking forward to this review! I’m glad you received the Queen Bee, it is exactly the piece I’ve had my eye on. I appreciate your thoughts on the vibrancy of the gold, as I had been wondering if I could add it to a necklace with a couple of my other gold charms. I do have a couple of 18K ones, but I don’t think they are quite this yellow. Lola’s thought is perfect though, and hadn’t occurred to me for some reason – I do have a black leather necklace! BOOM! I think it will look absolutely smashing with black leather! Now to make up my mind whether this one will be the item I allow myself for Spring… lol!

    • Aha, I hope you decide to allow yourself it Lydia! ;) It sounds like it would be a perfect fit on the black leather necklace. I don’t have anything other than Pandora 14kt gold to compare it to, but it is very yellow and really vibrant in person!

  5. The pandora shine really brings out the gold color glitter in those mint muranos! Gorgeous! I bet it would look good with the pink and red glitters muranos as well. Maybe pink would be too light though. It’s nice you were gifted the pendant – congrats!

    I have to say I never thought I’d like the muranos (I’ve had pandora for about a year now) but I am getting more and more excited about them as time goes on and as I read your posts.

    • Oh yay, I’m glad to hear that the posts have turned you on to muranos a little bit! As you probably know, I absolutely love glass beads and I always design my bracelets around them. :D I think the Shine looks really pretty when put with vibrant glass beads, too. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I had a sneak peak at the new shine collection today and i fell in love with this bee. Unfortunately it was a little out if my price range so i treated myself to a new murano with the bee design as that was also beautiful

    • Ah, that’s such a pretty alternative! The bee murano is possibly my favourite of the new Spring charms in any case :D

  7. Shine display looks stunning in my local shop. Bee is on my list. Tried the ltd edition bracelet on but felt light so settled on the smooth moments bracelet today so received the free gift and special bag. Shame it came out with the spring range as those on my wish list will have to wait now and some of the range were hidden around the shop where the main promotion was for shine even got ferrero roche with it!

    • It does, doesn’t it? I love the pretty floral design they’ve used for the glass displays and windows, too. It is a bit of a shame that we’re having to budget for Spring and Shine at the same time – but on the plus side, it does mean that I’ll be able to wait and see how my first Shine piece wears before buying any more. Glad to hear you got something, that bracelet was stunning in person!

  8. This is the one I’ve had my eye on the most! So pretty. I’d be more inclined to wear this as a pendant though, I like the idea that someone else suggested of wearing it on black leather-most of my gold necklaces are rather dainty so I’d have to invest in a longer one if I chose to wear it on a necklace. I can’t wait to see the collection in person, along with the spring range.

    • I hope you enjoyed seeing everything in person Sofie! :) It would definitely look great as a pendant. I’ve not quite decided how I’m ultimately going to wear this myself. I’d like to get a Shine bracelet and maybe wear it with one or two of the bee charms, but if not, I might be tempted to just put it on one of my silver chains!

  9. What a cute little Bee! So glad you have it and are enjoying it’s cuteness. I will have to stop by the store for a look. I had hoped to wear it on one of my 14k chains but your review has nixed that idea. I have a niece who makes leather jewelry so I may have to tap her for a black leather necklace to wear the cute little Bee on.

    • Ah a black leather necklace sounds perfect! It’s a dramatic little pendant, so having the black backdrop against would be wonderful. :D

  10. I’d like to wait until the US promo starts Mar 22nd. Do you anticipate any of the new collection selling out before then? Should I wait for the promo or should I grab my favorites now?

    Thanks! Love your blog.

    • So sorry for the delayed response, Linda! I bit off a bit more than I could chew with three posts for release day, haha. But now I know not to do it again! ;) Stock still seems to be good at most retailers. However, if it’s Pandora Shine you’re after in particular, that will not be included in the promo I’m afraid. :(

  11. Hi Ellie,

    Your reviews with design tips are what I enjoy the most. Very glad Pandora sent you the bee, it proves they are paying attention and that is good to know since I spend a fair amount on their product, when it is done well.,
    I love how you styled this little gem. I agree the pave is well placed and is not overpowering, in my opinion the hallmark of a good design. I was wondering how the Golden faceted muranos would look with the 18k yellow. I have three of these Muanos and two of the black. I wouldn’t use the golden facets and black muranos on the same bracelet as this but I wonder how well they might work. I do have two of the mint muranos and until I saw your design I can honestly say I would not have thought of using them in this way, but it looks great! I also have two of the flower garden muranos, ok I usually buy muranos in twos, I love symmetry! You have given me two great inspirations should I invest in this piece. The shine Bee is $100 in Canada, is it really a limited edition? The hive is nice but I would have preferred it without the pave. So fingers crossed Pandora continues to release charms in all their lines with pave free bales. Really like the ways you styled this bee charm in all three of your bracelets. It does look nice on the chain too. Hope you get some well deserved sleep, you have been going like a house on fire.

    All the best,
    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy them! Reviews are so much fun, as I get to be a bit creative, but they’re also the posts I get most nervous about as I put so much more of myself into them. Pandora didn’t gift me the bead, it was actually from John Greed. :)

      Ah, I don’t have either of those two muranos to try with the Shine! The bee is not a limited edition – the only limited edition pieces are the honeybee choker, sliding bracelet and ring, and then the rays of sunshine pieces are also marked as ‘seasonal’ in our UK catalogue.

      Haha, thanks Lisa! I definitely overdid it with these three posts – hence why I’m still replying to comments now. Thank you for commenting, and for your kind comments – I appreciate it! ?

  12. Hi Ellie!

    Love your review! If bees didn’t completely creep me out I would have bought this charm in a heartbeat. I like all your stylings, but the flowered Muranos are my favorite.

    Instead I purchased the Shine Smooth Clasp Bracelet with the Shining Elegance Clips. I bought the Sweet as Honey Dangle for the center with two honeycomb lace hearts ( more hearts ? ).

    This bracelet looks awesome with my 18k gold watch and tennis bracelet. I was going to add a couple of more charms, then decided that less is definitely more with this collection. A little goes a long way. But I love honey, even cook with it, so I will skip the bees until there’s a little epi pen charm to go with them. Lol!

    I agree with everyone about combining the 14k and 18k gold. I’ve had that problem in reverse for years. The Pandora 14k Gold has looked completely washed out against my other jewelry. So I’m happy to see Shine, even if it is plated. Only time will tell if it wears as well as the Rose.

    Thanks so much for the review.

    • Deborah, had it not been for those adorable bees I would not have bought any! Black cz in gold “something” would have been awesome!

    • Hi Deborah,

      I am glad you said less is more with regard to this collection. Ellie has done a great job styling this bee dangle. Still debating if I will invest in this collection. The one charm that stands out to me is the enamel honey comb, Like the bee dangle I could see it as a focal point or integrated into a mixed bracelet or necklace deign. Since the honey comb enamel charm has less exposed gold plating I,thought it might still look good a few years from now if the sides wear from friction with the other charms. Did you by any chance see that charm in your stor, if so what did you think? I have a shop in shop and they aren’t getting the shine line so I have not seen this collection in person. The bee dange is sold out online in Canada, and I suspect in other countries as well. Glad you got the look you were after, nice when ideas pan out.
      It will be interesting to see how this collection holds up a year from now, curios to see what theme they come up with for the next shine collection.

      Lisa K

      • Hi Lisa,

        I did see that charm in the store. It is quite lovely. The amber color is very well done. It is not a color that works with my skin tone, so it wasn’t for me unfortunately. The other enamel one I really liked was the Rays of Sunshine. It is a lighter colored enamel which I could easily wear. Unfortunately, our store only had one left. My friend wanted it worse than I did, so I’ll get it later.

        Either of these would be a good way to “dip your toe in the water “ so to speak.

        • Thanks Deborah,
          That is good to know very helpful, I love the look of that charm, and anything that leans toward an orange hue Is very flattering on me so it could prove to be a good Initial investment in this collection.
          The rays of sunshine looks lovely too would probably hold up well overtime.

          Lisa K.

    • Hi Deborah! Excellent, I’m glad there was enough in the Shine launch collection for you to avoid the bees! Your bracelet sounds divine. If I wasn’t saving my pennies for more Pandora Spring beads, I’d have been very tempted to start a little Shine mini bracelet. But mine would have had some more bumblebees on it, I’m afraid! ;) Your epi-pen comment made me chuckle – picturing a very small one in an 18kt finish, haha. :)

      I’m optimistic about the durability of Shine based on how pleased I’ve been with my Rose pieces. Hopefully that will prove to be the case!

      Thanks so much for commenting, Deborah! :D

  13. I took the plunge and did two bracelets.. 1) fPandora shine smooth bracelet with Sweet As Honey center charm with tiger eye, 2 round pave charms, 2 queeen honey bee dangles, and 2 shining elegance clips. The second smooth bracelet with Rays of Sunshine Charm (love this!) with 2 honeycomb Lace charms and 2 shining Path Clips. Had to have at least 1 white waves murano and chose the adjustable slide gold necklace with another Sweet As Honey Tiger Eye, stacked!! Now I am finished with Shine. I didn’t think I would buy any! Never say never! I wanted the second bracelet to be the sliding bracelet but they didn’t have it?

  14. Ellie those beautiful Mint Glitter murano certainly get used! I have used mine over and over! I went for the open work honeybee and could not design them right. I see you did it! I still love my little bees with the gold and I continue to be so symmetrical in my designs! Exception is essence! I don’t know if I will have any money left for the sale! TG I am not in love with Spring but will have to have those pretty blue swirls for my summer bracelet.
    Somewhere I noticed Pandora sent you a gift. You deserve it! Hugs

    • Haha, they do! I keep returning to the Mint Glitters for reviews and stylings as they’re just so pretty. And they look good with a surprising number of things. The Queen Bee was from a retailer, and not Pandora themselves, but it was a lovely bonus. Thanks for the kind comment! ?

  15. Great review. I was at my local Pandora shop and was impressed with the new Shine collection. They didn’t have all the pieces yet. They didn’t receive the bee yet. I was able to see the new white Murano. I placed it on my gold bracelet and was impressed how well it blended with my gold Murano. Since Pandora doesn’t make gold Murano anymore this might work. Of course you see the white of the Murano and not the gold so much. I don’t think it would be a good fit with the other charms from the Shine collection. Shine bracelet definitely different color from 14k bracelet. Like everyone is saying let’s see how it holds up. Thanks again for all you do to keep us updated on all Pandora ?

    • Ah yes, that’s a good point re the White Waves murano. The gold isn’t quite so prominent and so maybe that’s a better fit with the existing 14kt pieces, if you’re inclined to mix them. I really liked the White Waves in person, I loved the 3D effect of the glass. :D Thanks for commenting, Susan, it’s my pleasure!

  16. I bought the bee murano today and it is gorgeous. Love that tiny bee in there. Chosen one that can distinctly see the bee. Some are a bit smudge. I like the openwork Shine charm too. I think it will work with my TT bracelet that currently has two orche muranos on it. Will sort of balance out the bracelet as a centerpiece i hope. Need to ger down to concept store to look as local jeweller not carrying the Shine collection. Love your queen bee design on TT bangle with 2 wildflower garden muranos.

    • I went to town and saw the Shine collection today and bought the openwork one. I like the dangle with tiger eye but think it will work better as pendant as its rather heavy. Queen bee looks cute and definitely a statement piece. I have to think which dangle to get. Decision, decision….

      • Oh yay, I love the openwork honeybee. If I indulge in a little more Shine, I think that might be my next purchase. :)

  17. Hi Ellie. That was a great first review on Shine! I didn’t think that I would liking this particular line as much due to the striking colour & mixing it with my existing collections might seems a bit odd. However, after seeing your styling & review, I’m now considering to get a few shine and add them to my collection. Especially the Sweet as honey & the Golden honey.

    • Hi Monique! Yay, thank you! ☺️ The Golden Honey is another one that I really like from this collection. All the bee pieces were so pretty in person.

  18. So glad Pandora gifted you this piece Ellie. About time imo. Thank you for your review. I always love your stylings, in this case, your photos confirm that I think Shine doesn’t mix well with silver. I like the earlier suggestion of wearing this on a leather necklace. It’s such a strong colour I think it works best as a necklace.

    • That’s so nice of you to say so, Lozzie – but the Bee came from a UK retailer! :) I think the Shine would mix better with silver if you added more Shine in to balance it out, I think? I like it with silver personally, as I like a two-tone metal, but if I’d been able to when doing this review I’d have added more Shine charms throughout the design.

  19. Thank you very much for this review! I love bees,, actually my first nickname on internet was Bee. I really love this bee pendant but it is expensive and I do not think I will get it, sadly. I am thinking about to get a honey bee ring, it’s also cute. But I heard someone said that the Shine collection is not included in next week promotion. Does this the same truth in the US? As I am now planing verything for next week, hope to know if the Shine collection is included or not. Does anyone know? Thank you guys for all the reviews and opinions.

      • Thank you Emily! What a pity the Shine collection is not included. Then I will not put any Shine piece in my plan. They are expensive to me anyways.

    • Unfortunately, that is correct – Shine will be excluded from next week’s promo. :( Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been playing catch-up on all my comments! Thank you for commenting! :)

  20. See I think Pandora was smart in putting the clear CZs on a lot of the shine pieces. It makes it more versatile as to what metal bracelet/necklace you want to wear it on – the CZs really pick up the silver “white” brightness.

  21. I think shine looks pretty , but im afraid it wont look so forever. Every time i have purchased plated gold it has eventually worn off exposing the silver underneath. When this happens its time to throw it away. I will purchase one charm i think and wear it every day to see if this happens before i invest a lot of money. I want either the open work bee on honeycomb charm or the honeycomb one.

    • That’s probably a good policy – that way you can have peace of mind before indulging in anything else. I am not too concerned about Shine and durability as the Rose pieces I have still look great after almost four years of wear, but it will be interesting to hear how people get on this new collection, too.

  22. I don’t typically like yellow gold at all let alone 18k plated but i fell in love with the Pandora shine queen bee! I bought the charm yesterday right when Pandora opened! If you want it but it asap! Pandora had 5 when they opened at 10am when I got there I two hrs later I bought the last one! I have a feeling it will sell out fast. Since its technically a pendant I’m wearing mine on a necklace and I love it!

    • Oh wow, that really is limited! Stock for the Spring and Shine collections seems to have been quite inconsistent this launch. Glad to hear that you’re loving the Queen Bee as well, it’s such a pretty little piece!

  23. Hi Ellie. So glad to hear that you got a present from Pandora. You pretty much deserve it ?
    As much as the bee is a cute piece I’m not a fan of Shine. This afternoon I was at my Pandora shop and saw it all. As I had suspected it’s not for me. Great review, I’m with the ladies who would put it on black leather.

    • Hi Marie! Haha, that’s so sweet of you – it wasn’t from Pandora, it was from John Greed, who are a retailer here in the UK. ? What was it about Shine you didn’t like, the colour of the finish? It is pretty different to every other Pandora line, but I think it works so well on the bumblebee pieces in particular. <3 Thank you for the lovely comment!

  24. Hi Ellie,

    You’ve done a beautiful job reviewing the signature Queen Bee. The design is striking and my favorite of the Shine pieces. I also love the honeycomb lace. I’m thrilled you were gifted the Queen Bee from Pandora. You certainly deserve it! I know how much you love pretty packaging and Pandora did not disappoint with the Shine.

    All of my favorites from the regular Spring release are on hold at my store until the sale next week. I never went by the concept store to see the Shine in person since I wasn’t planning to purchase anything. Thank you for comparing the 14K to the Shine in your review. Just as I expected, the Shine is not for me. As much as I love some of the designs, Shine looks too orange for my taste. It’s beautifully done, but the color lends to costume jewelry in my opinion. This color works well for the bees and honeycomb designs. It will be interesting to see where Pandora takes it from here. If the bee came out in 14K, I would definitely put it on my list. In my honest opinion, the Queen Bee would look best worn on black leather, as others have suggested.

    Thanks for such a detailed review of the Queen Bee. Hope your weekend is great!

      • Yes, that’s my opinion too. The bee and the hive with the eye tiger core are really cute but on the whole the line is way too bright and yellow for my taste.

      • I agree it is too yellow, but it looks like what it is, and surprisingly, I like it better for that. I like it more now than I did originally. I like that it’s not trying to be something it’s not, and I see versatility in a lot of the pieces that’s not in their silver or understated rose. With silver (and Pandora Rose), it’s very difficult to style with mixed jewelry, with leathers or fabrics, it just doesn’t show. But Shine will pop, and that’s a good thing. The cost is a little much, I think, but then I noticed a few older items have gone up in price with this new release. The open bangle went up from 85 to 90 CAD. I’m not impressed, given I don’t have one yet.

    • Hi Emily! Yay, thank you. :) I didn’t get the bee from Pandora, but it was a lovely way to celebrate the Spring launch nevertheless. And yes, my goodness, isn’t the Shine packaging gorgeous? I love bumblebee motifs so much and the box is just perfect! ☺️

      Shine is a really vibrant colour, and I totally get why you might not want to indulge. It’s not a subtle shade, and I wondered whether I would like it – but once I opened up the package and the bumblebee was there in its box, I have to say I was completely won over by the finish. It is beautifully rich in person!

      Thanks again for commenting Emily – hope you’re having a good week too!

  25. I am very happy for you Ellie and you deserve this treat. Your are our queen bee, always working to satisfy our curiosity, doing lots of research, and sharing your imagination with us. Bees are precious in our world for pollination.

    I love honey and if the petite bee fits in that locket ring, I might go for it and wear it on my right hand. That should work since it is so tiny. I always wear my two tone charm bracelets on my left hand since my wedding rings are 14K. The Shine collection is beautiful but since I mostly wear Sterling silver, I am still debating. My wish list is so long with the Spring collection.

    Can’t wait to see the new Disney collection too.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Haha, you are too sweet Rachelle! The work is so much fun to do, and it’s so lovely to have you all to share it with.

      The petite Bee will certainly fit in the locket ring – whether you can put multiple petites in the rings I don’t know yet! I get why you’d hesitate on Shine. My priority was also Spring pieces. There are just too many pretty things out this season, and it’s such a treat to feel this excited again after a couple of years of very samey Spring collections.

      Have a great week too Rachelle, and thank you for your lovely comment! ☺️

  26. Hi. I got to my local shop yesterday and saw most of the new collections. The Shine is very visually striking but not for me. I ended up buying the Mrs Potts charm but the teapot, mouse, snail and birdhouse are really cute and the wildflower bracelet is very pretty. They had a bracelet design with the chandelier drop spacers and they looked lovely and their shape offsets the charms well. I love the enchanted hearts safety chain – very delicate and I will be getting that if I don’t like the new Disney safety chains coming out in April. I also loved the blue swirls. There is a new catalogue out which has the April releases in.

    • Hi Sam,

      I love, love, love those chandelier drop spacers! My BFF and I went to the store to do our layaway for the promotion next week. These were on my must have list. I also saw the necklace. It is stunning too.

      • Hi Deborah. Yeah I wasn’t sure about them – quite how they would work on a bracelet but they looked lovely and are a bit more interesting than the normal spacers. I had my first bracelet for Christmas so am very much a newbie and don’t have enough charms to worry about spacers yet!

        • I think Spacers were originally intended to help balance the center space between the Clip stations on the classic bracelets. But you can use them to accent a charm or to put a pop of color between 2 silvers. I also use them between just Muranos on a necklace, or above a pendant on a necklace. The possibilities are endless…

    • Hi Sam! Ah, the Mrs Potts charm is really fun, I added that one to my collection last year. :D The Enchanted Hearts safety chain is another one I really loved in person, and I’ll be getting it as part of the US promo I think! I’m aware the catalogue has some of the April releases that I can’t publish… I’ve been trying to ask Pandora whether they’re happy for me to share but have not heard back yet I’m afraid!

      • Hi. I had the Disney parks exclusive bracelet and Minnie mania charm as the start of my collection so I’ll always be more Disney themed! It’s daft they won’t let you review the upcoming releases now they are in the public domain. I want to love the climbing mickey safety chain but I’m not sure about the red cz’s and I don’t like heavy dangles so it may be the enchanted hearts in the end.

  27. Hi! I bought on friday 03/16/18 2 shine collection charms, White waves murano and Heart & bee, in only 2 days the color has faded, and I have not even used it. No perfumed it, not even wet my hands. Today I am going to the store for a change or a refund.

    • How strange, Ada! :( Did you take a picture before you returned it? I’m curious to see what you mean – do you mean that the colour of the gold just got duller or that the plating wore off straight away?

  28. I caved! We went to the mall to do some shopping for DH and went into the Pandora store so I could gaze at the shine. I just knew going in that I wouldn’t like it but I was just curious. Well the Bee was absolutely adorable. I walked out with him. I just couldn’t help myself. Now to get a black leather cord to wear him on. I looked at all the other Shine pieces and nothing talked to me. It certainly didn’t go with the 14k I had on so I wasn’t tempted. The SA said everyone just absolutely loved it or didn’t like it at all. She went on to say the Bee attracted everyone though and I got the last one they had.

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