Yay, it’s promo day! Today sees the start of the big Spring offer for Pandora collectors in the US, with savings of up to 40% on offer. There’s also a sale on Pandora Disney charms at the US Disney store – lots of Pandora temptations floating around this week, haha.

Read on for all the details!

Pandora Save More March 2018 event

The promo is running both in store and online from today until 25 March:

  • Spend $150 and save $50;
  • Spend $350 and save $125;
  • Spend $600 and save $225;
  • Spend $1000 and save $400.

Pandora US save more March 2018

The savings are absolutely incredible at the top tier of the promo, if you’re willing to put down $600 in one go! Unfortunately, the promo does not include Pandora Shine purchases – however, the ring dish offer will continue to run into April:

*UPDATED* Pandora Spring sale at US Disney Store

A late addition to this post is news of a Pandora sale at the US Disney Store! This will be running until Sunday – the details are as below in the poster.

There are a quite few things included, such as the Disney Parks exclusive charm bracelet, the beautiful silver 2016 Flower & Garden Epcot charm and more!

Hat tip to Anne and Heather for letting me know in the comments! ??

My Comment

I have decided to go for the US promo, and have already placed my order online! :D I went for the Enchanted Teapot, the Ladybird Petite, the Spring Bird House and the Enchanted Heart safety chain, which makes $150 USD exactly! I had been going to get the Teacup instead of the Spring Bird, but the enamel varied so much in colour in store that I want to be able to choose it myself. I’d rather have a lighter pink shade.

While the savings are not as good at the lower end of the spend & save as they were for the free bracelet promo of previous years, I do relish the flexibility that comes with this offer. Being able to just pick up the exact four charms that I’m after is great.

Are you taking part today? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. I very much like your choices and think they will greatly enhance your collection. I also was rather naughty last night. I have quite the haul coming LOL. also for Disney fans ShopDisney is having a Pandora sale and it looks like some of the charms & bracelets are Disney Parks only which further adds to our temptation :)

    • Thanks Anne! :D And thank you also for the heads-up on the ShopDisney sale. I was so tempted but I’ve just spent $100 on the regular Spring promo so I had better not. They also don’t have my bracelet size in the Parks bracelet… :(

  2. Nice choice! I love that ladybird petite charm too! But unlucky I don’t have a floating locket. I will get it one I decided which floating locket to buy. And I placed my order last night too, I got my self the ladybird bracelet and safely chain, the buddy dangle, enchanted heart clip, and some other charms…. so excited to receive them!

    • Haha, I don’t actually have a floating locket either yet! ? But I’m planning on getting the regular Floating Locket charm as soon as funds permit! You picked beautiful beads, I like that the older Buddy dangle made it in there too. I hope that they arrive soon!

  3. I appreciate the Pandora experience that this forum and people in the comments have because I was so close to ordering new spring items shortly after their release. However, due to the comments I learned of the spring promotion so I was able to purchase more than if I had ordered right after the release! Thank you for that!! :) To start my first spring bracelet I purchased: wildflower bracelet; blooming dahlia clip; cosmic stars violet clip; enchanted garden murano; glorious bloom charm; sparkling snail charm, and sparkling butterfly charm. I am going to start a bracelet for my mother so I also purchased: mother & friend engraved heart; love for mother charm, & thank you charm.

    • That is a beautiful start to your bracelet, Victoria! Lots of colours going on there – I like the sound of the mix of pretty purples. It’s nice that you can start a bracelet for your mum, too – mine just doesn’t do jewellery in any big way and will never let me get her one!

  4. Thank you, Ellie once again for all your great updates!

    I SOOOO want to participate in this promo but the items (in my size) I want to get are not available – either in store or online. UGH! The Smooth PANDORA Signature Padlock Clasp Bracelet doesn’t even appear on the Pandora site and are not available in any of the stores in my area. Same for the Love Lock Ring – completely sold out / unavailable online or in stores. Frustrating as I’ve been trying to purchase the ring for over a month now and the bracelet since it’s been out. I also tried to purchase the Lock Your Promise Bracelet – sold out / unavailable online or in stores. Does anyone know why these new items are so unavailable – is it because there are production problems?

    • Some products from the spring collection are not fully available everywhere. However, you can participate in the promo by preordering and paying for the items they don’t yet have. Ask your SA.

    • There have been some real stock issues for this Spring collection! It depends on your region and store what exactly you missed out on. We didn’t get the Sliding bracelets on time here in the UK either. I think they simply just didn’t make enough in time. They should be in stock soon, but maybe not in time for the promo – as Lisa says, you might be able to go to store and pre-order some items?

  5. Yay for mora pandora exclusive sales in the love those but I can participate because I just spent a lot on the bmsm event.

    It’s the first time I’m participating. I wasn’t going to because the percentages off are not as good as some more recent sales. But I went for it to get all Disney as they are not always included in “better” promos. I ordered from Reeds because they had no tax or shipping. I got 2 snow white muranos, 2 aurora muranos, Mickey portrait, minnie murano, and elsa murano! I cant wait to get them! I’m really getting into muranos and I hope they turn out looking nice – sight unseen…

      • Yes, unfortunately they can vary quite a bit because they are all hand made. There are variances in size as well as the amount of glitter. I have found that the colours are all pretty spot on. When I ordered some online and they were quite different, I just took them into my local store and they let me exchange them. I looked through every single one of the stock that they had on hand so I could match them up as best I could ? Good luck!! ?

        • I’m nervous about this because I don’t think my store will exchange when I bought them from an authorized online retailer. Anyone know?

          If they are really undesirable I can always return.

        • They will issue you a store credit which you can use to exchange. They probably will not offer a refund, but you never know.

        • Hi Sarah,

          As long as I have the receipt from the authorized retailer, my store will exchange the item. When I buy Muranos on line, especially if I’m buying 2, I always specify whether I want light or dark, and 2 that match closely, in the notes screen. They always accommodate me.

      • As others have said, they vary a lot. My Snow White bead was bought sight unseen and it had so much glitter that it looked less red than others. I decided to keep it as I liked it anyway, but I can’t see why your store wouldn’t exchange something for you if you had a receipt from an authorised retailer (our stores in the UK would). However I don’t knowhow it works in the US. Good luck! :)

    • This is probably the best sale you’re going to get on the newest Pandora & Disney for a little while, so I think it’s worth indulging! If the US do a proper sale for summer, it’ll most likely be on specific stock that’s retiring or soon to be. :) You picked some fun beads, I love the Disney muranos. :)

  6. Hi Ellie!

    I am heading to the store to pick up my layaway this morning.

    I went for it and got the biggest discount! I chose the wildflower meadow bracelet. On it I placed the enchanted nature Medallion in the center with glorious blooms, dreamy dragonfly, the Wildflower spacers and butterfly garden. Can’t believe I’m just now buying butterfly garden! Layers of lace clips completed that look.

    On an open bangle I placed the charm with the short tassel, two blue ripples and the new scrollwork hearts clips. Know I don’t need clips, but I just had to have those!

    Then I chose the birdhouse to go with my birdcage and my love birds on an existing bracelet. And topped it all off with two blue swirls to go with my sea life and cathedral Rose charms on another existing design.

    Cant wait to pick it all up.

    I’m hoping they have gotten the sliding bracelets in since I was there last week. I really want to try that one. And I need to pick up Bella Bot and the winking emoji while I’m at it.

    The Rue La La private sale is also tempting, I may just have another quick peek at that…

    Thanks for everything, I think! Lol!

    • Hi Deborah, Yay, you went for the big spend! So exciting! I hope you had the most fun picking it up and styling it all. :D Although I’m sure you did! Beautiful choices. The butterfly garden is a nice touch of classic Pandora in amongst all your exciting new Spring purchases. I get why you would want clips even when you don’t need them! I’m so used to seeing them now that they just make a Pandora design look complete!

      Hahaha, you’re welcome, I guess? I feel like the internet probably has a lot to answer for in terms of us all enabling each other! ;) Thanks for commenting and enjoy your new beads!

  7. Great choices. I’m after the teapot and teacup myself. I found the teapot a bit chunky when I was in store, so I’m taking my time to sort out how I’m going to style it. The birdhouse is definitely huge for my wrists ?
    Anyway there are still enough to make me broken!

      • Btw can you believe that I´m now considering the snail?. It´s so cute that I can´t help telling to myself that it´s not going to creep up my arm after all! And having it wrapped around my wrist doesn´t mean that I “have to” eat it either. I´m working on it ;)

        • I know! He is just so darn cute you can’t resist him. Good luck on wearing him with pleasure.

        • Hi Marie, You must get the cute snail! I’m not crazy about anything that crawls or flies, but the snail is too cute to pass up. Same with the cute mouse. I got both today with my spend/save haul.

        • Aha, you should! :) He’s so sweet. I think he’s going to be my first review!

      • I absolutely love snails and find them adorable so the snail charm was a must have for me! I think you should get one! ?❤️

    • Thanks Marie! The teacup is just too pretty a bead, I would hate to not be happy with it because the enamel wasn’t right, so I’m glad I decided to wait to get it! The teapot is bigger than I thought (I saw it again in store yesterday) but I feel I can probably make it work in my design!

        • Hey, the problem was that some countries had different standard international shipping options and the code wasn’t picking up all of them. Rue La La changed it so that the cheapest international shipping for your country is automatically deducted. :)

    • I’m from Mexico too and I just tried to use the free shipping code Ellie was remarkably kind to give us. The code does work, however, it just works if you choose the DHL option, which charges you nothing for shipping, but a lot for taxes. It’s actually cheaper to go for the standard shipping option (9.95), which guarantees no additional costs (for taxes or duties). In my case, I had two options: pay $9.95 in total with standard shipping or pay $29 worth of taxes with the free shipping option. ?

        • Hola, Carmen! Desde el día que haces la compra, hasta el día en que recibes el paquete, normalmente pasa un mes. El envío de DHL es mucho más rápido (como diez días), pero sí conviene mucho más el precio del estándar (si no te urge).

        • Gracias por la información.
          Leí que compraste en Pandora USA, ¿hacen envíos a México?

        • No, pero puedes usar una mail forwarding company para que reciban el paquete y después te lo reenvíen.

  8. Another promo in the US for Disney collectors – shopdisney.com is running a special buy more on Pandora, ends Sunday!
    On the Pandora site I did by the Belle and Cinderella murano and a larger size Mickey bracelet. It all was very tempting and I had to really think, I turned down Cinderella’s carriage and Belle’s glass rose. I keep hoping that they will expand the character charms and that is what I really want. Ellie thanks for all your updates, can’t wait to see the bracelets you put together!

    • Sorry for the repeat info on Disney sale, everyone is so on the ball on this site! Plus it would help if I read all the comments first:)

      • It is Friday and I did my usual daily check of shopdisney.com and they added more charms since yesterday for the sale. If Disney is your thing I would check back everyday. Unfortunately they sold out of the two I was thinking of getting:(

        • Thanks, I’ve been checking back to see whether they get the Parks bracelet in a 7.5 but they haven’t yet! ?

    • Thanks so much for the heads-up on the Disney sale Heather, that was really helpful!

      Ah, Cinderella’s carriage is a beautiful charm, it should definitely come with you some day haha. :) You picked very nice things in the meantime too, though! More characters would definitely be great, I was surprised not to see more in this season’s Disney collection. People get excited to see new characters, so it seems like an obvious thing to do. Perhaps later in the year! Thanks for commenting Heather! <3

  9. I finally was able today to pick up my spring pieces. i’m so happy with them and i got a nice white leather Jewellerybox for free with it.

    • Ooh what was the jewellery box? I know that the US is meant to be getting one for MOther’s Day but haven’t heard anything to be offered now.

  10. Order placed! I have to admit I only got three spring release items, the snail, the birdhouse and the heart clips. I tried to show some restraint even though I am in love with a lot of it. I have several bracelets that are works in progress though so I ordered clips for one and added a charm to each of them. I had to add a petite charm to my order to reach the correct amount for the discount even though I don’t have a locket yet. A locket is on my wish list so maybe that’s what I’ll ask for for Mother’s Day.

    I’m anxious to get everything but I bet shipping will be super slow because of the sale.

    • I ordered from BeCharming.com at around 4 p.m. today and have already received a notice that my order has shipped. ;)

    • Yay! ? I already got the Snail, it’s a beautiful bead. I added in the Ladybug to reach my spend, too, but I had been planning to get it anyway. I haven’t yet bought the locket for it either, but I’m sure I will soon. A locket would be a very nice Mother’s Day gift!

      I ordered online on Thursday and I got a tracking notification yesterday to say that the order had arrived with my friend in the US! Super quick, especially considering how busy it must be :D hope yours arrived already too!

      • I wish they did but no. Pandora doesn’t send their products abroad. You must have a pal in the selected country who directs your purchases to you. Or use a ship forwarding company that provides you with adresses in different parts of the world.

        • Exactly. This is how Rue ships internationally with Borderfree. When I order from Rue, underneath my address label is a US address label of a person with the same surname as me, but he’s deceased, which creeps me out just a little. :-) Shipping services can be a little pricey, and items can take forever to reach you.

    • I hope so, it’s annoying keep reading what they’re getting in America :-O. We’ve got a build a bracelet offer at the moment where you spend £99 and get a bracelet with a choice of 2 £35 charms :-/, I’m not impressed with that, I’d rather have the spend more save more promo that they never give us! I was hoping for a free Essence bracelet promo at the end of March like we’ve had for the past 2 years, I suppose that’s not going to happen now we’ve got this build a bracelet thing and the Pandora shine promo going on :-/. I would definitely have gone for the clutch bag had it not been restricted to shine; I’m not interested in plated jewellery, I think it’s over priced!

      • I forgot about the build a bracelet promo! It didn’t appeal to me either. It’s a shame we might not have the essence promo. I know sometime last year we had a 3 for 2 on charms, which I found handy for getting in some early gifts-in fact I think we had a few promos last year? I find the bees cute but the price mark is a tad high for plated- I keep looking at the queen Bee though and having to talk myself out of it. I do love bees. I would take part in the spend/save promo if they ever ran it here. I wounder why they don’t? as enough people are interested in it. I suppose now I should just look forward to the summer sale in a few months time-without any attractive promos I should have more money saved for it.

        • Hi, we have the same problem here in Australia, in that we are never offered these deals either. Last year I was in Canada and they had this deal going …. wow. I had never heard of it before. I bought quite a few travel beads. I have since discovered morapandora & love knowing what is coming out etc but wish we got all the deals I see mentioned

    • As Pat says, there’s the build a bracelet promo, if you’re after a new bracelet – it’s not a proper promo really, but it’s good if you’re after a new bracelet. I’ve heard that there will also be a sale for the UK next month but haven’t heard details :)

  11. In Mexico we have the usual March free bracelet promo. It started today and will run until the 25th. The percentage of benefit seems to be higher than in the US Save More event (around 50% compared to 33%-40%), but I won’t be participating in that one, since RRP in Mexico is 32.54% higher than in the US. ? I bought the heart shaped floating locket, two petites, and seven charms from the US, so I did the $600 BMSM. I like the flexibility this promo gives. ? Thanks for all the info, Ellie!

    • Yes the free bracelet promo, in terms of how much you actually save, has traditionally been better. But as you say, I think there’s a lot of merit in being able to get whatever you like in the spend & save promo. :) Amazing that you did the bigger spend, what did you get? :D Have fun opening that lovely package haha!

  12. I did take part in the promo and was able to reserve a few things. I plan to pick them up tomorrow so am excited! I actually didn’t get anything from the Spring collection after seeing the items in person, but did pay catch up on getting some older pieces that I wanted. I got the plain silver heart clasp bracelet, some clips and 2 charms. Happy with what I got and I may eventually get some of the spring collection. Thanks for your updates Ellie! I think the charms you got are lovely!

    • I hope you enjoyed picking up your items Pauline! So much fun. I’m jealous of everyone being able to get their beads sooner, as I have to wait for them to be forwarded over to the UK, but there is the added fun of waiting for the post and then the excitement of opening the packakewhen it finally gets here.:D I hope that you do eventually go for the Spring collection, but I’m sure you picked some lovely beads in the mean time. :) Thanks for commenting!

  13. Hi Ellie! Thanks for the info on all the promos, and nice picks you made! I got back a little while ago from doing the promo and was overall very disappointed in the experience. I drove a little farther to go to the store that is usually much better than the one closer to me, as the closer location typically is very slow, has poor customer service, and is out of a lot of items and sizes. This time, I ended up making a mistake. First, I ended up getting an SA who was probably the worst I have ever had. I came prepared with a long list of items I wanted but to look at, but the SA literally was unaware if they they had ANY of them in stock and had to ask another SA to tell her where EVERY SINGLE piece was. Then she still managed to look in the wrong tray and also tried to give my mom a bag with a detatched handle! She didn’t even thank us, apologize, or say anything before we left. Secondly, the store had very low stock or was out of stock of so many items, They apparently never got in any of the Silver Sliding Bracelets or Heart Swirling Chokers—two items I was interested in. They only had a one or two left of each of the charms I bought. Also, I had heard about the pink enamel on the Teacups varying greatly, but they only had one, and it had bright pink enamel.

    Rant aside, I ended up with the Blue Swirls, Blue Ripples, Blue Enchantment, and the Rose Sparkling Knot Petite. I was going to get the new Ladybug petite, but I found it so tiny, I couldn’t really tell what it was. Plus, I want to get the Rose Floating Locket Necklace in the future. I had originally planned to do the $125 off of $350 spend, but only did the $50 off $150 because so many items were out of stock. Although I was offered a chance to buy a different $65 bracelet to eventually exchange for the Sliding Bracelet, I decided against that and am going to order it online (along with the choker, which I had hoped to try on beforehand). Additionally, although not part of the promo, I picked up the Pandora Shine Smooth Clasp Bracelet to add the Golden Honey Charm I got last week to. I hope everyone else had more luck than I did!

    • Ouch! I hate that for you. It should be a fun experience to go into the store. I am very lucky that the sales staff at my store loves Pandora as much as we do. I would say complain to the manager the next time you go in, but from your other issues it sounds like this store is infected by apathy. Such a shame.

      • Yes, I typically have a great experience at this store, so maybe it was just a one-time thing with that particular SA. The store that is closest to me is usually the one with a high rate of turnover and poor customer service. Since basically all of the promos are now offered online, I am tempted to just do them online from now on. However, I do like to see the items in the flesh in store—although, some of the social media live images can help me make decisions as well. I did end up getting all of the items I wanted, but I did not get a chance to actually try on the sliding bracelet and choker since they were out of stock, so I hope I don’t have to send them back!

        • I bought the sliding bracelet yesterday in silver. I think I’m going to like it, but it has a completely different feel to it. I hope you get a chance to try one on soon.

    • Hi Joanne! Ugh, sorry to hear that you had such a middling experience for your exciting promo purchase. What a shame that the service was bad enough that you actively felt disappointed. Hope that your newbies helped to make up for it a little bit! :) In some concept stores here it’s not uncommon to get inexperienced or occasionally disinterested SAs, but that sounds on another level. :/ In the UK, every time you buy something you now get an receipt and an opportunity to give some feedback on your SA. Sounds like it would be useful in this case! I happened to have an absolutely great SA for my first spring buys last weekend and it was nice to have an easy way to let the store know how great she was.

      Anyway, your purchases sound great, even if they weren’t as numerous as you regionally planned! I did get the Ladybird petite in the promo, after seeing it in store, and I think it’s very cute despite its little size.It’s still more noticeable than the little ladybird dangle on the WF Meadow bracelet haha. :) Enjoy your new beads, and I hope your next shopping trip is more fun!

  14. I actually went pretty crazy with Rue Lala, I
    have been wishing for the Folklore muranos
    and I got a blingy clasp bracelet, and so on.

    I bought some gifts at Buy More and the snail and
    everything I’ve been wanting for a while that
    was available. The Spring collection will be around
    for a while, but the snail was a must have!

    I had lots of difficulty with the Rue La la site, and
    the shopping cart wasn’t working so I have tons
    of packages on the way. They should fix that!

    • Nice! :D I got the Folklore muranos myself from Rue La La last year. :) They look good with the Tinkerbell beads! It’s a shame you had trouble with the website though. Did you talk to customer service? I’ve not had anything like that with their site before!

  15. It’s Spring Madness all around, and I don’t have unlimited pennies! :-) I’ll wait for the Mother’s Day release, and then I just saw a stock preview of the Trollbeads Spring LE bracelet, the purple glass will be to die for, so… Ugh, I need three more jobs, or a lotto win.

  16. I logged back on to get the link for the Exclusive Access to RueLaLa and am not seeing it. Did you have to take it down Ellie or did I just dream that it was ever there?

      • I’ve only been ordering from Rue for a few months but this is the first time I’ve ever logged on to find that no Pandora is available. Is this a common occurrence and I’ve just not experienced it yet?

        • It does happen, yes – the reason they’ve cut it off now is because they aren’t meant to run sales at the same time as big Pandora promos apparently. It’ll be back once the sale is over I think!

  17. Thank you! I placed an order this morning and went back this afternoon to get a couple of more things. My pocketbook is pleased they weren’t there.

      • Sorry guys, Rue La La emailed me to say that they had halted the sale as it is not meant to run at the same time as Pandora’s promotions. It will be back soon! My edit to the Rue La La post to say it would be back got corrupted but it was there now!

  18. I wasn’t going, but I caved. The teapot, teamcup, birdhouse, enchanted murano, rainbow murano, snail and wildflower bracelt all fell into my cart. Delivery expected Tuesday. Sigh.

    • Aha, I like ‘fell’! The Teacup dangle ‘fell’ into my bag when out in town on Saturday. Who knows how! ;) Beautiful choices. Your pieces are pretty much all a match for mine!

  19. I did the promo at the Concept store and fortunately the store had all the beads I was wanting to get. Even though the discount isn’t as big as some prior “Save more” promos, this one still seems really good because many spring release beads cost less than what the beads usually cost. Even after getting several beads (teapot theme, rainbow/blue theme), I’d still like to get more spring release beads later!

    • I noticed that the average price point had come down a little bit with this collection too! So refreshing – a lovely bonus of there being many more plain silver/less sparkly beads. And great as there are so many beads I want, haha.

  20. Any chance that they’ll do another free bracelet promotion this year for US? I’m a bit bummed that the Shine collection isn’t included in the buy more, save more event.

    • Wow I love free bracelet promotion! They give you fre bracelet so you can buy more charms! And when you buying more charms, there will be another free bracelet promotion, one more bracelet to fill! Yay !

    • I don’t know what the rest of the promo schedule is for the US at this point.:) There’s going to be a Mother’s Day jewellery box GWP, but other than that I don’t know. There will almost certainly be another big promo in September – either a bracelet offer or another spend & save, but no details yet.

  21. Wow I love free bracelet promotion! They give you fre bracelet so you can buy more charms! And when you buying more charms, there will be another free bracelet promotion, one more bracelet to fill! Yay !

  22. I have spent wayyyyyy too much money on this release! You’re blog is such an enabler of my bad addiction! Not that I’m complaining!

    Just curious though…have you heard anything about the summer release? I guess Im trying to find out if Im going to be broke all year!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Same here! I spent almost all my saving… well, I have very small amount pocket money anyways. I am also looking forward to see the summer release, I hope they will have some cute stuff. I heard someone said there will be dream catcher and coffee cup? Definitely need to start save now….

      • There is a coffee cup coming June 2018. It’s called “Drink to Go,” and looks like a takeaway cup with some pink enamel. It’s USD 45.

    • Ahaha, I’m sorry! The blog enables me a lot too if that makes you any better – writing about everything that comes out, and reading everyone’s comments!

      Yes, I’ve had that information since January and would have previewed it then, but Pandora have asked me to stick to a schedule for previews this season. The summer release is in North American catalogues now, and should be on Mora Pandora soon. :)

  23. Oh dear, I secretly hope the Summer release is boring. There is still so much of the Spring release I want that I haven’t gotten it will take me months to catch up.

    I did notice last night that tiedyedeb on ebay has a lot of the new Spring release and her things are always 12-15% off. Additionally there is no tax if you don’t live in her state. All of her things come in the Pandora bag and are all authentic. She is the only seller on ebay I’ll buy from. But I’m sidetracked. Since I’m out of promotion money I’ll get a few things from her as funds become available.

    So back to the Summer release. Pandora is killing my budget this year!!!

    • Deb is great! I have got a few things from her as well, including a couple of the Canadian exclusives. Her store is a great resource to have.

  24. I went for the biggest US spend ! 2- 14kt heart clips, love Lock key pendant necklace , 2 petite charms, poetic blooms clip, 2 heart clips with love written in 14kt, Bella bot in rose gold, 2018 club charm,and 2 white muranos from the shine collection which are absolutely stunning!! Didn’t really get anything from the spring collection. This was a big haul and I need to pause from spending for a few!

    • Oh my, what a fab haul! :D Such a good discount if you can budget for it! Love what you chose, that must have been so much fun to come home from the store and style.

  25. Hi Ellie,

    I decided to go for the big spend during the Save More Event. I got the Enchanted Teapot and cup, Cute Mouse, Sweet Cupcake and pink Happy Birthday Cake for my Poetic Blooms bracelet. My store hasn’t received the Wildflower Meadow bracelet yet, but I went ahead and got the Enchanted Garden Glass, two Purple Shimmer muranos and the adorable snail. I got two Rose Love Knots and the Rose Love Locks dangle to replace my two Christmas trees and snowflake on my Rose bangle and added two more Rose Blush Radiant Hearts. I also picked up two Pink Shimmer muranos in Rose. I’m sooooo looking forward to the Luminous Lilac Radiant Hearts coming with the Mother’s Day release.

    Your Wildflower Meadow bracelet is lovely with the Enchanted Garden Glass and Sparkling Snail. Are you planning to add the Spring Birdhouse when it arrives?

    Looking forward to reviews of your recent hauls. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hi Emily! Quite a few people seem to have gone for it with the big spend and I don’t blame you! Getting $400 free is amazing. You picked some very pretty pieces- I still want to get the Cute Mouse myself. :D Have you found homes for all your new beads yet?

      Yes, the Spring Bird house is going on the WF Meadow when it arrives. All my spring picks are! I’ve actually filled all my bracelets apart from this new one I’ve started. I can’t remember the last time I had so few ‘projects’ on the go, haha. But all the Spring beads work so well together, it’s nice to have a bracelet design pretty much entirely dedicated to them!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend too, and thanks for commenting!

      • Yes, I’ve decided to put most of the Enchanted pieces on my Poetic Blooms bracelet. Well, except for the Garden Glass. I was hoping to get the Wildflower Meadow bracelet for the muranos and maybe the snail if we ever get it here. The Rose pieces are for my Rose clasp bangle and I’ll change out the colored Rose charms to go with different outfits.

  26. Aww… I was so excited to see a couple of retired gold spacers (in my country) still available but Pandora US doesn’t accept overseas paypal or credit cards! I even had the forwarding address all set up but they won’t accept.

    • They used to, it’s annoying! If I want anything from the US estore now, I have to ask my friend to order for me.

  27. Well, I visited a store today and bought a few more things. I got the Glorious Bloom pendant (it is also a pin); the Spring Bird Curved Bar necklace; two Wildflower Meadow spacers; the Dreamy Dragonfly; the Sparkling Snail; two Glorious Blooms; and two Blue Swirls.

    I wanted the Dreamy Dragonfly ring but they didn’t have my size.

    The little charm book I received to flip through shows a lot of cute charms for what must be the Mother’s Day release and the summer release.

    • Fantastic! :D The Glorious Blooms ones are good to get now as they’re limited time pieces. The Sparkling Snail is so cute! I took some photos of this weekend for review, and was admiring just how much of a fun bead it is.

      Yes, I knew that they would be in there. I’ve previewed the Mother’s Day stuff already but not the Summer as I have to wait until the end of the month. I did try and ask them for an earlier preview date, but no luck so far. I love the coffee cup for summer!

      • I got the catalogue today and the coffee cup is a must have for my special moments bracelet. It is a bracelet of only special things my husband and I share. We travel a lot and have stopped for many a cup of coffee from truck stops.

        • Isn’t it cute? It’s funny though as there was a coffee cup charm in the SNL Pandora parody skit as well!

  28. Well the sale is over and I am so happy to say I ended up with the cat head (so darling) with the mouse on my garden bracelet. Thank you Ellie for the idea!
    I added the nature radiance in pink for those mice ears and the teapot along with dragonfly and the pink droplets. I have small wrists but added so much on the open bangle I had to go to a 2. I still have room for the teacup!
    My second I did simple with that darling tassel and one lavendar and one light green faceted petite. It is adorable on the small open bangle.
    The third was the open bangle with that gorgeous light blue swirls (2) dangle chandelier spacers (2) and I chose the white shimmer for the middle charm. Simple, but less is more. Love those open bangles for that reason. I wore the second and third together today on my wrist and it was a fun combo.

  29. My snail, birdhouse, teapot, mouse and others came in today. The snail is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I like the mouse and the teapot and the birdhouse but the snail is the best of them all. He is going on a very special bracelet. Everything on that bracelet represents special moments shared with my husband. I am so pleased I got him. I was afraid the birdhouse would be chunky but it is the same size as Home Sweet Home and they balance each other out on the bracelet just fine. I hope each of you enjoy your treasures from the sale as much as I am.

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