Today rounds off the week with an overview of some new Pandora jewellery box designs that are being released this year! These have already launched in Germany with the Spring 2018 collection, but I suspect that they will also be seen in other regions at some point during the year.

Storing and displaying your Pandora jewellery is, for me at least, one of the most fun aspects of collecting, and it makes since that jewellery boxes are often some of the most popular accessories and GWP offers. :D

New Pandora jewellery boxes for 2018

These new boxes are a little different to those we’ve seen in recent years – they’re lacquered wood, not leather, with lift-out trays and built-in mirrors. These are currently available to purchase in Germany, for the prices advertised below, but I’m told that the smaller pink version at least will be coming to the UK.

Thanks to Jessica-Alice, we have a great selection of shots of the smaller pink box and what it looks like inside! It has trays that lift out:

This shot gives you a good idea of its dimensions in relation to a regular charm box. Apparently it’s very heavy, but still of a travel box size. If you have been collecting Pandora for years like me, perhaps it would be best suited to showcasing a small portion of your collection, such as rings and lockets, rather than for everything.

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson

I don’t currently know which other regions will be getting these boxes, but will update the post should I hear more!

My Comment

My Pandora collection long outgrew the storage capacity offered by most jewellery boxes, so I store everything in a non-Pandora stackers box (and have added an extra layer since this picture was taken!):

Nevertheless, I do like the look of the smaller pink box and think it would be nice for storing my non-charm jewellery – my Pandora rings and necklaces – which has its own Stackers layer currently.

Are you tempted by either of these? How do you store your Pandora?

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  1. I have been using one of the little white boxes where the cleaning kit comes in to store my charms. I put in a little desdicant packet to keep the moisture out. But would you recommend a certain jewelry storage case? I saw someone had little rods to hold the charms in place? Or would that not be recommended? Thank you for your advice as usual. Oh and I just got a new pandora catalog and did see the upcoming Disney items. I’m hoping there’s a sale around that time so I can splurge again. ;)

    • Oh do tell please. I’ve been watching the Disney parks app and Shop Disney daily for the Walt & Mickey dangle charm and also the Minnie and Mickey in the car charm I want them both so much :)

      • I have a trip to Disney World coming up, so I’ll check if they have the one in the car available. I believe the Walt charm is available now.

      • Hi Anne – are you able to purchase the Disney Parks exclusive charms (originals) online? I assumed they were only available to purchase at the actual parks shops? :)

    • I don’t have the cleaning kit, so I don’t know what properties it has in terms of storage, but the regular Pandora presentation boxes aren’t suitable for storing jewellery as they accelerate tarnishing. You can buy an anti-tarnish jewellery box, or get one like the Stackers boxes and insert anti-tarnish strips in it to keep your jewellery looking good. :) Storing charms on little rods is fine, so long as you’ve got them in a box that isn’t going to make them tarnish more quickly.

      • It just has velvet lining on the bottom. I do have some drying packets in there and so far, no tarnishing. I do like the Stackers boxes and love the look of yours. What colors did you use, if you don’t mind my asking.

  2. Hi all I’m lucky to own the grey color jewelry box from Pandora, both big and small size. I love them so much.
    I do have beige color jewelry box from Pandora which consists of total 4 layers :) your can see them in my IG – flying.piggy.28

    I’m not really keen in this pink box at the moment but I do appreciate finally Pandora listen to what we feedback and start launching jewelery organizer. Remember old days we were still talking about lacking of good jewelery box to store our precious Pandora collection :)

    Good job and keep it up, Pandora!

    • Hi Shirleen, I checked out your Pandora jewelry boxes and would love to have the large beige one. I’ve never been aware of anything like this in the US where I live. You have a beautiful collection of charms and bracelets, as well as, amazing Christmas ornaments. You’re very creative with your displays! Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Shirleen! You are lucky to have the beige jewellery box, that’s a nice item. :) you have a beautiful collection of Pandora too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ellie, I just can’t thank you enough for sharing all your wonderful knowledge with us. These Stackers jewelry boxes are fabulous! I love the idea of adding to the ‘stack’ and the different modules available. Right now I use plastic jewelry bags (a set in various sizes and bag the pieces individually) and have a small Pandora jewelry box that my favorite Pandora shop gave me. I have a pretty big collection of all things Pandora so this setup would be ideal. I know what I’m requesting for my birthday and/or Christmas!

    • Yay, I’m so glad it was useful Sandy! I love my Stackers boxes. They’re so handy to just add layers as your collection grows!

  4. Hi Ellie,

    Like you I have been using the Stackers system in fact I was about to order another tray so I can divide up my Mranos which at the moment suffer from overcrowding. I will say that enjoy the some of the little travel cases and use them when travelling! To be honest, I have not been a huge fan of the Pandora Jewely cases, I find them too narrow. On one of my trips overseas a British retailer was getting rid of some of the trays from one of the jewelry box series so I snagged one of the pieces that held two bars with an open compartment similar to a play tray. The other compartments didn’t offer much charm storage. I am sure these new wooden lacquer boxes are lovely and may become very sought after, For me the item that Pamdora should be selling is a customer Play Tray! It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the store but I am willing to bet a thoughtfully designed play tray, with a lbracelet length charm bar, charm cutouts along the side for charms to sit in while styling and large bay for laying out charms would sell like hot cakes! I wouldn’t care if they stamped Pandora over the whole thing, I can’t speak for others but I love sitting on m sofa, at the dining table etc as my husband says chuckling, “playing with your bauble, again.” Yup it is my self south activity of choice! Apologies for the run on sentences.
    A few years back my local shop in shop,was kind enough to give me one of dicontinued trays, that I use daily, so it continues to get a lot of wear and tear.
    It’s nice not having to crawl under the bed or move the sofa to locate my runaway charms. I can see in the photos that one or perhaps both jewelry boxes have a lift out tray that is similar to what I described but only with a large open compartment. What makes a play tray is the cutouts along the side of the Pandora play trays where one can set the charms in and see how they might sit on the bracelet and a charm stick to temporarily hold a design string from one bracelet.
    Again, these are lovely boxes and look very well made.
    Are you hoping to buy one if the make their way to the UK? Nice that they can be purchased on their own.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa,
      I love your idea of a play tray. I would buy one… or two, without second thoughts. For the past years, I have been using my largest jewelry box drawers when cleaning and rearranging my Pandora braclets,so I don’t misplaced a bead sitting in my lazyboy. I do miss a charm bar which would be great to buy in a Pandora store.

      I keep my Pandora jewelry in a safety box but I would love to have compartments that I could easily remove my bracelets in a beat especially on working days.

    • My SO got me a Pandora play tray online for gift last summer. A concept store might been cllearing out older midekls or something. Mine was all new and never used and so useful to design my bracelets. No more chasing and searching for escaping beads.

      • I also picked up a new one probably discontinued online. now I also no longer have to chase Wayward beads LOL. I ordered a charm play rod with cute decorative ends from a gentleman in Australia off eBay I have given several of those away as gifts to other Pandora addicts and they have been well received. They took quite a long time to arrive but it’s a long way from Australia to the US

        • I also got two stackers play rods as well. Very ha dy when trying out new configurations for braclets.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I totally agree with you about the play tray! How lucky that you managed to snag one. It’s a very common request, so I imagine Pandora must have their reasons for wanting these to stay exclusive to the concept stores. It would genuinely be rather handy when re-arranging my bracelets or for me to use when I’m decimating my collection trying to dismantle bracelets so that I can put together different designs for reviews (although I’ll admit that reviewing charms is possibly a bit of a niche lol!).

      I don’t know yet whether I’ll get one! I like the look of the pink one from the image, but would want to see it in person first. It would be nice to have one proper Pandora jewellery box in my collection!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thank you for the info! I personally think stackers box is better than pandora box. But it seems in the US we have less options, less color and layers to choose from. I like the color of your jewelry box, may I have the name of the color for each layer of your box? Thanks!

    • I did not realize until recently but you can order from the UK stackers site. Shipping is 19.00 to the US but worth the access to more styles. I just purchased their limited edition Mother’s Day top layer from the UK site and it is perfect for charms. I ordered (from the US site to save on shipping) the trinket layer and the deep 3 compartment layer that has a ring organizer and watch pad.

      • Thank you! Your jewelry box must look great, I cannot wait to get mine! The container store has cheaper price as I just checked, so I will go to the store to see if I can get them there. I plan to go there on Pandora mother day release, as they are close to each other, I will get the limited edition bangle too.

    • Oh yes, I would love to know the color of each layer. It has a beautiful ombré look to it. Are they white, blush and soft pink, by any chance?

    • You are welcome! :) I hope you guys get more options soon. Some of the new colours are really pretty.

      The top two boxes are blush, and the middle is soft pink. The bottom layer is really old and they don’t make it anymore – it’s this one:

      • Thank you for sharing the colors with us. The bottom color looks beautiful. I especially love the lining print.

  6. I love the stacker boxes! I’ll have to look at them more carefully. I do know here in the US you can get them from Amazon so I’ll have to go back for a closer look.

    Right now my bracelets are all stored in baggies with those little moisture packets inside. I don’t seem to ever have loose charms because I always have several bracelets in the works and only buy charms for those bracelets. Of course if I want to start a new bracelet then I might have a few charms without a home until I actually buy a bracelet for them.

    As a general rule I haven’t gotten the Pandora jewelry boxes because they just don’t fit my needs.

    Thanks for your review, they will definitely be worth checking out if they show up in the US>

    • That didn’t take me long….LOL! Went on Amazon and found exactly what I’d like to have. Now my only dilemma is which month do I want to forego Pandora purchases for Stacker purchases. Thanks Ellie for directing me to these.

  7. No, I have a gigantic custom made jewelry box that will take me the rest of my life to fill, and it all closes up so nothing is seen. I don’t organize display even for myself, and playing with beads, changing out bracelets, bores me to tears by now. I rarely look at what I have. I keep my current go-to items set aside in a painted wooden box my son made me in Grade One — 30 years ago, yikes — and that’s all I know about. Lol.

  8. Ooh I would love a pandora jewelry box. Not sure if those look very big though. I’d definitely need the gray if I were to do that. Maybe two or both haha. The Stackers look like a nice option though.

    • No, neither of these would be big enough for my collection! Which is why I thought the pink for a smaller section of my collection, such as non-charm jewellery… ?

  9. Well luckily those of us in other regions don’t need storage options ( inserts sarcasm) again with the Regional thing. Frustrating when it is something like a jewelry box as I am sure soo many people would love to have one. Love your stackers colors by the way ?

    • Sorry to hear you’re frustrated! :( Maybe these will arrive in more regions than we think! Right now it’s only Germany. And thank you! I do love my Stackers! ^^

  10. Interesting news on the new PANDORA boxes Ellie!

    Like you I am invested in the Stackers boxes and have a few tiers to keep my collection organized.

  11. Hi Ellie!

    These new jewelry boxes are lovely, but I’m not sure we will get them here in the US. Other than the Jared’s 12 Days of Christmas boxes, I’ve never seen the jewelry boxes here. My husband did gift me the 12 Days of Christmas a couple of years ago, and it houses my ever growing Christmas collection.

    Like you, I have the Stackers. I use the square set for designing, storing, and holding extra charms for my Essence collection. The lidded box has a round bracelet indentation in the center and charm indentations around the outside. It’s great for designing bracelets, whether Essence or Moments.

    The Classic size holds my charm bars, my earrings, and my rings.

    Then I have a large set where my bracelets and necklaces live. All of my non Pandora jewelry lives there too.

    As I have mentioned before, I store my bracelets in 4×4 plastic bags with anti tarnish papers inside. The bags fold over the bracelets nicely. Then I set them upright in rows in the Stackers 3 section boxes. (2 of the classics turned sideways fits under a large lid). You can then flip through them like records to easily find the one you want to wear.

    I keep my loose charms on mask strings. I use one of those clear plastic circular stoppers at each end to hold them in place. Then I put them in the 4×4 bags as well.

    All of these supplies are available on Amazon.

    I love the colors of your Stackers boxes. I went with boring old white, and I love the new pink ones with the rose colored clasps! Maybe I’ll copy you once more and do an ombre. ?

    Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Deborah! It’s fun that you have different sizes of the Stackers jewellery boxes! I think they’re quite collectable in themselves. I had a deep pink floral set way back when (you can see them in my original Stackers review if you search it) but they’ve grown quite worn and so I upgraded to a new set. :) The old ones now have my non-charm jewellery or non-Pandora jewellery in them!

      Thanks for all the tips on how to store them! :) Sounds like your things will stay pretty pristine. I keep my bracelets out of bags as I like to be able to look at them and enjoy them on display. I have anti-tarnish strips that seem to work quite well.

      Haha, thanks, Deborah! :D The ombre effect kind of happened accidentally with different colours I acquired over the years. But I’m glad you like it! ^^

      • Hi Ellie!

        The bags are transparent, so I can see the bracelets through them. I started my collections in the white Pandora anti tarnish bags, but now that my collection has grown, I like to be able to see my bracelets without having to open the pouches.

  12. I’m enjoying my Stackers. I just recently purchased the Limited Edition Blush Lid and necklace tray. I need to order 2 more trinket layers and maybe one more necklace tray. I like to put all my bracelets that are full in the necklace tray. I also have the Gray and Mint with all my Halloween beads in them and the White with Rose Gold that I have my Christmas beads in.

    I really don’t care with these, they look to small.

    • Ah, sounds like you have a great Stackers collection too! They are really quite collectable. :D I really like the grey and mint too, but I quite like my ombre blush and pink set right now haha.

  13. Hi Ellie
    Thank you so much for all of your recent updates. It must be quite time consuming so thank you for giving so freely of your time to keep us updated.

    The new jewelry boxes look quite nice but I prefer the design and size of the large dove grey one that was available a few years ago. That one has a lift up lid and removeable drawers. Never having seen any jewelry boxes to purchase in Canada, I got mine in the UK back in 2015. We don’t have a concept store where I live so that could be the reason. Thanks to you for giving me the measurements, I was able to ensure I had space in my luggage to get it safely home. That one meets most of my needs. I do have a couple of smaller ones that I also use to store spare muranos, etc. Since the GWPs can be so cute I have a couple of those too. I particularly like the green one from this past Christmas.

    What I would like to have is a small box to put on my bedside table for those nights when I just take off my jewelry before falling into bed. We have kittens so a cover is essential. The zippered ones are just too much bother at times like this but a swivel lid might do nicely. And it would only need to be big enough to hold a couple of bracelets plus a few bits of other jewelry. It could be a nice GWP. It would be even better if available in Canada so I could get one! The play tray idea of one of the other contributors is also a great idea.and something I’d be interested in

    Thank you again for another great review. Happy Spring!

    • Hi Janet! No problem. :) I try to keep up as best I can, so I’m very glad that you’re enjoying the posts!

      I’m glad you’re happy with your existing jewellery box! That is a really nice one! I have a nice collection of the little GWP boxes at this point too, but I rarely use them for any practical purpose. I have one that I take on holiday, otherwise they’re just looking pretty on my shelf. :D

      Ah, a little lidded trinket box might be good just for bedtime jewellery storage, too? Or are you looking for something more substantial? I guess if you were then this pink box might be good, although you’d have to lift out the various trays!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for posting news of the jewelry boxes. I’d love to have the larger grey one or maybe two! I’d be pleasantly surprised to see them in the US. I’ve never been aware of any type Pandora jewelry box for purchase here. I think they would fly off the shelves in a heartbeat! My collection has grown to the point now that I would probably benefit more from the Stackers, tho’. I like having the option of adding additional boxes as needed. Something I need to look into getting. For the most part, my collection is stored in GWP boxes and the nice jewelry boxes from Jared. I always add the little gel packets to prevent tarnishing. It would be so nice to have them all in one place! Thanks for the update!

    • Hi Emily! It is strange, that – the US is normally so on it with the fun extras, you think they’d want to offer the jewellery boxes. Maybe they prefer to keep offering the more travel sized boxes as GWPs instead! :) You should definitely have a think about getting a Stackers box or something similar. It’s so nice to be able to see all your collection in one place, I find. ^^ Thanks for commenting! :)

  15. Hi Ellie

    I like Pandora jewelery box very much. But I don t know if it will be available here in Serbia.
    I heard that the Catalogue will be no longer available in the Pandora concept stores. Can You tell me is this true.
    And, about this promotion, is it available in Berlin, also?

    Thank You so much for the post,


    • Hi Helena! I haven’t heard about the catalogue being discontinued, no, although I don’t know about being plans specific to Serbia in particular. The jewellery boxes are being sold in Germany, so I would guess that they are in Berlin, too. Sorry I don’t have more specific answers! :) Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi Ellie. Nice boxes but I don´t know if they are really useful (?). I find the Stackers system more suitable for long time collectors. I still keep all my Pandora pieces in a large jewellery box I´ve had for years but I´m already considering Stackers because my collection is growing and I´m going to need a larger one soon. For what I see Pandora´s boxes don´t grow with your collection. They aren´t customisable either. And anyway, why don´t they give them away with your purchase?. The one we had for Valentine´s was valued at 40 Euros, so I don´t understand that now they want to sell one for 39.
    On a different note they are cute, like everything Pandora, lol (above all the pink one).
    Thanks for sharing <3

    • Hi Marie! I guess people are more likely to buy a proper jewellery box as opposed to the little travel boxes, so Pandora aremore willing to put them up for direct sale than offer them as a GWP. I think Stackers are a better solution for me as well, as my collection is always growing and I like the fact that I can adapt the boxes! Thanks for commenting <3

  17. Hi All,

    New poster here although I’m a long time lurker so hope I get this right and don’t make a mess of it…I’ve found that the stackers range of charm boxes are great for any charm system (dare I say it…not just Pandora) and the recent Mother’s Day addition to the range is far more useful than anything Pandora is producing at the moment.

    Really don’t understand why Pandora don’t seem to realise that if people are investing in their charm system they would be more than likely to invest in something that is thoughtfully designed with the main product (e.g. charm bracelets/bangles and charms) in mind to keep them in as looking at the 2 Pandora Jewellery Boxes being released in Germany I think I’ll just invest in another few from the Stackers range as really like the ones containing the “rods” that Pandora now seem to be moving away from.

    Anyway for anyone interested the Mother’s Day stackers release is available at the Stackers official website at the moment for £30 GBP and for anyone wanting to take a peek the link is as follows:

    It’s quite a nice size at 18cms X 25cms X 4.2cms and has a handy configuration for charms and 2 bracelets/bangles. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this one anywhere apart from the Stackers website at the moment and it also doesn’t appear to be available for delivery to anywhere apart from the UK at the present time.

    However they do also do other layers for charms that are available to buy from various retailers..there’s a classic charm layer available in various colours which has a rod that goes right across the box for holding charms.

    Again for anyone wanting to take a peek..the following link shows the style and some of the colours it comes in…not advocating buying from the official Stackers website as to be honest they can be picked up cheaper from elsewhere if you shop around ;-)

    They also do a smaller charm box..lid holds a bracelet and 18 charms with 2 other different sections available…a dedicated charm layer which holds 36 charms in little “holes” and a layer that is split into 16 “square” sections.

    Each of these measures 15cms x 15cms with slight variation in the depth of the trays.

    Again a link for anyone wanting to see the exact layout of each of these and some of the colours they come in is as follows:

    Actually just had a thought not sure if posting web links is allowed on here but if not I apologise and I also aologise for what now seems to have become a very lengthy post and for those of you that have managed to make it to the end of it I hope that I have been of some help and I congratulate you on your endurance skills…lol…

    • Thank you for your well thought out post. I am most interested in the Stackers and did notice the US offerings are lacking. What we can get is better than what I have now so I still plan on getting them.

    • I endured!!!!! Good stuff.

      If shopping on Amazon for jewelry solutions, Sortwise makes good and popular products too, bigger than Stakers and less money. My daughter uses the brand. Their jewelry boxes come lined in anti-tarnish material. Umbra Tesora makes smaller jewelry storage solutions, handy for bedside tables, etc. Also very popular and surprisingly unique. Then of course brands like Trollbeads have their own storage solutions for sale. I very much like the Troll leather travel pouch with bead rods, and the collector’s case is nice too. Lots of solutions out there at very affordable prices.

      • Glad you made it through and it was of some help…didn’t realise how long the comment was until I went to post it!!!

        Going to take a look at the Sortwise you mentioned as never heard of them before…oh and as I said to Beth above I managed to miss out one of the links I mentioned…it was for the classic size charm layer with the long rod which is actually quite handy…link is as follows:

        Not sure if they are available on but they are on and seem to be widely available at many other retailers so maybe worth having a shop around if you are needing them shipped internationally.

        • Hi Heather, thanks for the info and links as I haven’t explored Stackers for my charms as just too lazy to find webpages an browse through the various configurations. Much easier when it’s all done for me.

    • Hi Heather! Aha, I also made it to the end! Thank you for a very thoughtful deconstruction of what’s available in terms of Stackers. :) Links are allowed, but the blog automatically puts them in a moderation queue as so much spam gets posted, so they have to be manually approved.

      The Mother’s Day stackers additions are great for charm collectors! I like the new necklace layers as well as the charm ones. I don’t tend to have loose charms as I keep all my bracelets together in one place, but I can see how useful the charm layers would be if you like to put your bracelets together every day or take them apart regularly.

      Thanks again for commenting! :)

    • I have that small square set that you mentioned. I use the lidded one with the circular indentation in lieu of a play tray to design bracelets. The other 2 layers House my Essence collection. It works beautifully.

  18. It doesn’t look like they sell the two layers of stackers boxes that I’d be most I interested in, in the US – the classic charm layer and the classic necklace layer. Bummer! I don’t know if I want one of these now. I love the look of yours though!

    • Oh, what a pain! :( You can get shipping from the UK to the US by the looks of things, but it’s super expensive! I don’t actually use the charm layer, as I keep all my beads on bracelets – I just use the bracelet/ring layers and then the deeper three-section one. I hadn’t seen the necklace one before, I wonder if that’s new! That would be quite handy.

    • Did you try the Container Store? If not, KJBeckett has them and ships internationally for a pretty reasonable fee.

      • I haven’t gone to the container store but those layers are not online so I’m assuming they are not available…I could be wrong though and pleasantly surprised if I go one day.

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I purchased a very nice jewlery box from Amazon that holds 10 watches in the bottom layer and a ring section that holds over 60 rings with compartments for my bracelet earrings and charms on the top later. It’s very nice and holds my entire collection.. Thanks for your post Ellie.

    • Hi Marsha! That does sound nice! :) Definitely a good one for people with collections beyond their bracelets. Thanks for commenting!

  20. I’m curious to anyone who uses the Stackers or a similar system. Do you ever label the front of the trays so you know what is in each one? I keep all of my jewelry in a small safe so my storage system would not be sitting on a dresser. I have many, many years of receiving jewelry from my husband and kids even though only about 8 of that has been in obtaining Pandora. I know my collection would fill a few layers of Stackers trays. My concern is not knowing what is in which tray since they are all the same color. Any suggestions you have regarding this?

    • It depends on whether you would want all the Stackers layers the same colour as if so I would think your only real option would be labelling the trays to avoid confusion.

      However if you don’t mind a “mix & match” colour scheme for your jewellery storage system then Stackers do the layers in lots of different colours so you could buy different coloured trays for different “themes” such as colour/animals/murano/disney basically whatever collections you actually own…only problem then is trying to remember which colour went with which theme!

      See I know some people would want all the layers the same colour and would find it annoying to have different coloured layers whereas it doesn’t bother me so it’s really down to personal choice at the end of the day.

      • Heather I read your reply to my husband and he got a really good laugh out of it when you said I might mix and match. His response, oh, if only. Let’s see, how to describe me. I am very particular about things lining up and being even and being equal. My bracelets that have a color theme are all symmetrical. That drives my daughter crazy. She moans that she can’t buy me just one charm she has to buy me two identical ones. So no, mixed up colors wouldn’t work for me. I’ll have to see about some nice labels to put on the end of each layer. Having them on the front just wouldn’t work for me. There’s that personality flaw that my husband teases me about quite frequently. I have gotten to the point that I laugh at myself over it too.

        • Hi Beth!

          I’m like you I think. All my white shirts hang together in the closets, books are alphabetized on the shelves, etc. I have all white Stackers, but I chose to keep different things in different sizes all in the same color. The components fit beautifully on the shelves in our safe.

    • No, I don’t do this – I have five Stackers layers, but they’re all slightly different (in terms of colour or style) and I always stack them in the same order, so I know what is on each layer of it. :)

  21. A question for those of you who have the stackers. Will the bangle bracelet fit into the tray divided into three sections or do I need to get the tray that is completely open for them?

  22. Hi Ellie, thank you for your fab Pandora info:) I have had Stackers jewellery box layers for a few years now too – I have found you need to add anti garnish strips of silver will tarnish, my jewellery needs a good clean & new strips adding (they need replacing every so often – Stackers sell the strips or you can get from Towntalk-think they poss make the ones Stackers sell?). Also, I think Stackers are poss make the Pandora concept boxes?! As you will notice they are quite similar!). I’ve just purchased the Minnie red shoe charm from the exclusive Disneyland collection – it is lovely!!!

  23. Hiya lovely,
    I desperately need the larger of the two jewellery boxes, I really hope it is available in UK. Please let us know when you get an update x

  24. Just an FYI for those in the US considering the Stackers trays. The Container Store has them on sale through May 13 for $15 a tray. I ordered a few more at that price so I can rearrange my things. Spend $75 and they give free shipping.

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