Good news to start the week as Pandora returns to US shopping site Rue La La today (26 March)! I’m told that the previous Rue La La sale had to go on blackout so that it didn’t coincide with Pandora’s spend & save promo, but it’s now back on starting today. The stock is the same as last time, but I know that a few of you still had things you wanted to get.

The sale is due to start a little later than usual at 3PM ET, and is due to run until 5 April. It will offer discounts of up to 50% off RRP. The new banner for this sale is below:

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article!

UPDATE for international shoppers: I’ve just been told by Rue La La that they will no longer be able to ship Pandora outside of the US via BorderFree. Instead, you’ll need to use a mail forwarding service to ship the merchandise from their US address to your local country. :(

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. I already bought a couple of things from sale last week, which I’m pleased with! A couple of older Spring beads and then I caved and got the Mother’s Day 2017 bangle to add to my collection.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Just a note that here in the U.S., we’re now in Daylight Saving Time, so it’s “EDT,” not “EST.” (You could just use “ET” and not have to change twice a year. ;) )

  2. ATTENTION NON-USA READERS — Rue La La is not able to ship orders internationally. Please toggle to the US version of the site (in the upper right hand corner, click on the flag) and place your order to a US address.

    Apologies for any inconvenience! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or issues placing an order.

    Happy shopping!

    • This has totally ruined my day. No way for me to buy retired gold charms now in Australia. Won’t be purchasing anything again now because the cost of forwarding services outweighs any discount :(

      • Same as in the UK, just received an order today, had placed a 2nd one. Told cancelled due to customs restrictions. not so seems Pandora round the world have complained about Rue La La to the Pandora HO, so HO are blackmailing Rue La La , either have your USA supplies or you will not be an official Pandora seller.
        Its called restictive pratices, preety much illegal in most countries.
        Does not seem to follow in the ethos of Pandora, or the originating country where it came from.
        Shame on you Pandora..
        Seems they have now out growm their products, it is over priced in the UK, not worth the cost, not an investment.
        I think they have now burst their bubble, ref to Pandora look up Pakinsons law.
        I for one will be looking to others. you can not buy direct from stores in HK, Aus , USA, Can.
        Not away to treat your customers, making some thing a unavailable does not make it worth more none of these products will ever be worth more than scape value.
        May be in 100 or so years, think I am done now.
        On a final note I love what I have, and I love the concept, and I will not fall out of love with what I have, and will still give as gifts
        Thanks for every thing Ellie, love your log

        • Thank you Karen, my thoughts/ feelings exactly. Shame on you Pandora! And as for Ellie, you are a hero to have kept your enthusiasm in spite of what has happened/ is happening. I am fairly new this world but I can feel my interest has already soured when it comes to Pandora.

      • I just had my order cancelled, so dissapointed. I ordered 2 bracelets that pandora aus doesn’t sell. I wish Australia had pandora outlets. Sucks big time.

    • I noticed that Rue La La hasn’t made any further comments since this one especially how active this blog post has been with very unhappy customers and redirected to phone instead. It would be good if Rue would respond to these comments as now just seems insincere apology for optics only. I am waiting to see if Pandora would start posting but not at all hopeful even though we all know that they have people monitoring Ellie’s posts.

    • Is there anyone in the US who we could deliver to? How much is the shipping or will even that be stopped ? I’m desperate for some retired items and the UK doesn’t sell them anymore!! Can someone set up a business in the US can do the shipping for us in the UK! X

  3. Oh good. I was looking at the mother’s day bangle and a couple other charms but tben forgot to submit order on weekend. I couldn’t figure out what suze bangle to get as 17cm bracket fits but I wear with mini design so couldn’t decide on size. I have tried medium 19cm before but it seemed to be a bit big. Not sure what size to get at this point. :-/

  4. I just checked out Rue site and all charms shipping to the US only so won’t be purchasing this time around as guess coincides with Pandora promos elsewhere. :-(

    • Unfortunately Rue La La emailed me just after I posted this to say that they’re no longer allowed to ship Pandora internationally with BorderFree. They’ve also commented above to that effect. International readers will need to use a mail forwarding service again, or to find a friend/helper in the US. It’s a shame!

  5. NO! I can’t tell you how upset I am about this. I only started collecting last year so there are so many retired charms I still need and I would never trust eBay. I’ve used Rue several times in the past and the charms have always been fab. I’m so sad that I’ll never be able to own some of my favourite charms or finish my planned bracelets. ?

    • Hi Lorna,

      I too am careful about eBay very careful. Should change your mind and want to give the eBay option a try I have found Tiedyedeb to be a safe and credible vendor. I have never had an issue with my purchased from her or the charms.

      Lisa K

      • Thanks for the advice Lisa but I’m in the UK and the shipping and import fees come to more than 50% of the cost of the charms. With Rue the fees were about 33% but the charms were discounted so it was still worth it to me. Forwarding services are way too expensive and complicated to be of any value so I guess I’ll just have to be disappointed or find a new hobby!

    • Hi Lorna! It is a real shame. :( A really great resource are the Pandora Facebook pages, however. They are usually run and moderated by fellow Pandora collectors who really know their stuff, and lots of beautiful retired beads are offered for sale there. Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are probably the best known, but there are others too. I get a lot of my older beads this way. I hope that you find the ones you’re looking for! :)

    • The UK sale just started, but I expect you already were aware of that. :) Sorry for the late reply!

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I can’t decide if I am sad or relieved. This must have come from Pandora Corporate. The Borderfree option was great and over the past few years since it became available I have picked up some marvellous retired charms in both silver & gold & two tone. I hestitated on the last Rue promo but glad I followed through, since there isn’t another chance. I had a quick look at the website & eventhough it lists Canadian prices it clearly stated they do not ship outside the U.S.
    I have a big anniversary trip planned to NYC so we are saving our dollars. Now the temptation is gone and relief sets in, as much as I like to believe I have impulse control, the Rue sale tested that limit. I didn’t succumb every time Rue had a sale but certainly enough.
    Ellie,thanks for including the Rue info in your blog I certainly benefitted as did the US economy. It would be nice if the Canadian Pandora outlet malls advertised online shipped across Canada. Perhaps they will, someday.
    Your selections are lovely!

    • Pandora has restricted Canada to only the e-store, and that’s how it will stay here. No retailer of Pandora in Canada, not even corporate stores or outlets, will ever sell online.

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, this will be to do with Pandora’s restrictions on international shipping, I think. It’s a shame and I do feel so sorry for everyone who will now be missing out. I think the mail forwarding services are possibly ones to look into, but I’m not sure how economical they are in comparison.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Hi Ellie!

    You know me, I’ll have to take a quick peek! But I’ve certainly spent enough so far this month, both with Rue (gold – couldn’t resist) and a few other things. Then the Shine. Then the wildflower meadow bracelet, and my enchanted to go with the blue ripples. Ugh. I shouldn’t even look…

    I’m sorry to see that Rue can’t ship Pandora internationally any more. I wonder if it’s a Pandora rule, since their other authorized dealers can’t ship internationally either.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to resist temptation today.

    Thanks for the heads up!

      • No, I managed to resist getting anything further, too! Good thing as the UK sale started this week! ;)

    • I wonder that too re: Pandora restriction. I did ask Rue to explain more specifically what customs said and I’m hoping they say it’s to do with policy of Pandora more than customs or something.

      • Pandora is not made in the US, it’s imported through customs into the US, so why then would US customs stop the export of the same product? That explanation doesn’t make sense. I know that Canada Customs does not restrict jewelry at the border. I too hope Rue is honest with customers, but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Yes and when you order from the Pandora Canada site, often that jewellery is shipped from the US so it’s clear it isn’t a customs thing.

        • Yes, exactly, Pandora Canada ships from Kentucky.

          It’s odd why the decision changed from permission to restriction with Rue. Regardless of why, I’ve had enough. I’m not into dictators of any kind, and commerce dictators are truly tedious. I’ve deleted my Pandora account. I prefer to give my money to companies that allow me to shop their brand with more freedom.

        • And I received a note from Rue that confirms this. As others have said here, it’s because “Sadly, Rue La La is no longer shipping PANDORA items internationally.” So, it is indeed because Rue La La can’t ship them internationally (probably because, as others have noted, because of Pandora’s policy) and it has nothing to do with Canada customs.

  8. I’ve just checked Rue website and have seen the new shipping restriction. Is there any explanation why this happened? I’m really disappointed about the change. Rue was my only way to get discounted Pandora in Canada as I don’t live near Outlet store. Is this restriction going to be ongoing?

    • Yes, most likely ongoing restriction to not ship Pandora outside of USA from Rue La La as Rue is American site as Pandora doesn’t allow customers to order from approved vendors sites and their own country specific websites for shipping internationally. Maybe, they and Rue will reconsider since some extremely unhappy collectors judging from comments especially those whose orders placed and cancelled on short notice as most of us take lots of time and effort to plan our purchases, designs and Pandora promos and Rue sales. Guessing many passed on Pandora promo as they decided on some retired charms but now promos are over so no charms at all. I really think it is unfair to cancel people’s orders and Rue along with Pandora could have honoured those international purchases. Rue also no longer going to be able get New, old Pandora stock once they are all sold out as won’t be an authorized Pandora seller anymore.

      • Guess back to ebay, facebook and other secondary non-Pandora approved sites to purchase retired charms and bracelets.

    • Yes, unfortunately this restriction is ongoing for the time being. :( Rue have got back to me and confirmed that “Pandora have recently refreshed their U.S. and international strategy,” meaning that currently, Rue La La is only able to ship Pandora within the United States. :(

  9. My daughter and I finally received our order from March 18th on Saturday, March 24th. All was correct in the order and I am loving my 2 opalescence eternity spacers. My daughter is very excited about her special ring, and also her charm. Thanks so much again for the quick heads up on these terrific sales!

  10. That sucks about the international shipping. I just learned that the hard way today when they cancelled my earlier order and just said that it was “restricted” by customs, which sounded absolutely bonkers to me. My little dog charm isn’t exactly a weapon. This must explain it then. Boo.

      • Yes, my cancellation was from an order I placed last week as well. I had already followed up with Borderfree asking why it was taking so long then a few days later, I got the cancellation notice.

    • The exact same thing happened to me. They emailed me today to notify that they had cancelled an order containing three Pandora charms, which I had placed last week. I was very disappointed to find out that, since today, they wouldn’t be shipping Pandora products outside of the US, but this… ? I think it’s very unfair that they cancelled the orders we had placed before this new restriction. Rules being retroactive is just wrong!!!

      • Good tome, Jackie!I placed my order on 20th of March, and it was cancelled on 26th ;(( You are not alone. Its unfair!!

    • Rue La La have just emailed me to say that previous orders were cancelled in error – if you placed your order prior to the policy change, you should still be receiving your order. I’d check with Rue’s customer service to find out for sure! :)

  11. Thank you for the post! I am know in the Rue La La website and it wont let me add anything to my card. I see the sale is live, have the U.S. flag on it with my Virginia address… but is not working, is it just me?

    • Karen something similar happened to me last time. I called my card company and they thought it was not a legit purchase. They lifted the denial for me. On one item that i had missed I called concierge and they corrected it for me. RuLaLa has excellent customer service. See if they can help.

    • Oh, how weird – as JJ says, I’d get in contact with their customer service. I hope you get it sorted!

  12. I have placed a few orders following the information I could read about rue not getting new items etc. The first one was placed on the fist day of the sales for which I received a tracking number as well. I supposed to receive it tomorrow according to their info. Today I got the message that all my orders were cancelled. As I can see some of you already received their orders which were done on the same day. How does Rue choose whom to ship to? Disappointing!

    • Daniel the best way is to call concierge service and they will look into this for you. If you received a tracking on one item, it is on its way to you. But they should be able to find out why the others were cancelled.
      Best of luck. Let us know what they say.

      • Daniel, my apologies. I just realized from an earlier post you are from Spain and that international rule kicked in. I hate rules, LOL!

        • Thank you for replying JJ. Not very fair how Pandora understands to treat its customers, is it? In my understanding they should have honored already placed orders, especially if they were already shipped with a tracking number. You let people order, get excited, make plans, and then you just pull the carpet from underneath them cynically. What does it matter? They are just customers. We are supposed to spend our money and accept /respect their conditions. What about what is right for us? It seems nobody cares. Well done Pandora! Well done Rue La La!

    • Hi Daniela, I just had an email from Rue to say that previous orders were cancelled in error. So hopefully you should still get yours! :)

      • Hi Ellie, thank you for the heads up. I did receive a message from them saying that the cancellations were made in error. I am glad they realized it wasn’t fair to cancel our orders.
        A big ‘thank you’ to you for your informative blog and for the platform it gave us to voice our concerns.

  13. Nothing for me this time. I received my order from last week. I got two pink Her Majesty/Circle Game spacers. They will go perfectly with my Fairytale/Princess bracelet which has a light pink (like the original CZs; not the fancy pink) color theme too. I was also happy to receive the Open Heart spacer to go with one I already had!

    I am sorry to hear about the international shipping ban for those readers that use that :(

  14. And I do not understand why only customers in US can have access to older/ discounted Pandora items. Are they more valuable to Pandora? It is discriminatory and unjust what is happening.

    • Are these items perhaps the leftovers in the US stores? I am betting that is the case. Really curious. Those I am sure go to the outlets of the various certified Pandora dealers and I think that could be the same with Rue. Not sure however about these international orders. Feel really bad for those who want to order. I am usually just too late! ☹️

      • Yes, these (from what I am told) are discontinued items sent back by US stores. Rue is effectively another form of outlet store as you say!

  15. I am n Aus and not a happy camper now with this so called restriction. This all began in the last sale. I tried to purchase the Mother Of Pearl TT ring and my order was cancelled. After doing a bit of digging, emails back and forth and phone calls, I was told that it was a restriction by US Fisheries that prohibited them from sending the ring internationally, which is crazy as that ring was available world wide and there was no issue then having them shipped to the various countries, even though it was not being shipped from the US then. All other items were available to purchase from Rue. Now this has happened that NO items will be shipped by Borderfree. I believe this has nothing to do with Pandora itself as in my previous purchase that was cancelled I spoke directly with Borderfree and they could not tell me why the item could not be shipped out. It was about 4 days later that I got the answer but even then it was not a logical answer. This has happened once in the past where all items were noted for shipping to US only and they realised that was a glitch in their tech department. If Borderfree have decided not to ship internationally, I personally would say it’s a glitch in their system or someone high up has read a rule or two and applied it incorrectly. Something just does not smell right. Very sad indeed.

    • It stinks for sure, but as I commented below, a Pandora employee gave the answer when a customer asked why Rue was no longer on the authorized seller list — it was a website error AND Rue would no longer sell Pandora, and both answers were correct. Rue actually no longer sell Pandora to most of the world. The US is a very small portion of the world.

    • It’s not Borderfree who have imposed this, unfortunately, it’s a Pandora policy. Rue La La are not allowed to directly ship Pandora internationally anymore. :(

  16. Sad thing they don’t ship internationally anymore. It is not about the discount (which will not be that great with all the fees), as it is for the fact that there is shortage of some items in my country and Rue La La was the only official retailer I could get them from. I had done it last summer and I was very satisfied, because I bought things that I could not find here in Greece. However, ordering from Rue La La sounds really complicated (and costly…?) now and I am not willing to get into all that trouble. That’s a pity, because currently there are a few things on the site that are not available in greek stores anymore… :(

    • It is a real shame, Kleio! Rue has a great selection of older beads. :( Using a mail forwarding service can be a bit daunting, and the added costs mean that it’s not worth it for one or two charms, but it might be worth looking into if you do see some beads that you’re really keen to get.

  17. I placed my first (and last) order with Rue La La shipping to Canada last week. The ‘Light as a Feather’ charm in rose gold I received has no Pandora markings on it. I hope I’m missing something, because I know you always say we can shop with confidence. Because of international shipping I will keep it, but I am not likely to go to the trouble of shopping with Rue La La again. I hope everything is fine with this charm – it is quite lovely.

    • Glenda, I havee same charm and JJ is correct that no Pandora stamps on this one. Mine was gift from SO who bought it from Pandora concept store. I am kinda sad about Rue and Pandora as I was looking at buying a 2nd light as a feather rose gold charm but couldn’t decide until today. My indecisiveness not working in my favor. Happy that you got your order filled and sad for everyone else whose orders were cancelled.

    • Glenda, Rue La La are an authorised Pandora retailer and everything Pandora you receive from them will be genuine. The markings are super hard to see on this bead.

      If you zoom in on this photo, you’ll see that the hallmarks are tucked away on the right hand side. They’re so small and hard to see, it took me ages to find them on mine!

      pandora rose ALE R

      • Thank you! I knew you would have the answer, and that I was literally missing what to look for (I’m so used to seeing markings in a typical location). Have really enjoyed your reviews and updates – it is feeding my new obesssion nicely ;)

  18. So sorry for all the internationals who cannot order. Today I did order the gold butterfly garden. That finishes my gold collection since they only have 2 new ones and I am not sure about those colorful items. I enjoy the gold with real gems so on the side about this. I love 14 K and while I enjoy the bee shine bracelets I made, that really is too bright for me. Really happy with all the Rue La La midnight madness.
    Thanks again for the surprise at noon with Rue today Ellie. My BFF and I were excited even though we really did not need anything but simply 2 I wanted.

    • Oh, that’s a beautiful gold charm! If I had ever started a gold collection, I would have loved that one, the gold Cherry Blossom clips, and the pink sapphire Golden Radiance charm. Glad you got something! ?

  19. I have placed two orders with Rue in the last sale. The first was cancelled for no apparent reason. Rue offered me a voucher for the inconvenience. I had already reordered what wasn’t already sold out of my original order. Today my husband told me my second order was cancelled. Of course i thought he was joking. I’ve been buying off rue for a couple of years since they used borderfree and only a couple of issues. One i believe was with stock count. The other a defect silver charm which they replaced with no charge and refunded extra shipping. So I’ve been very pleased. My latest cancelled order they say is a customs issue which means even if i order to a U.S. address or even an ebay U.S. order once they try to send it out of the U.S. it will be stopped by customs right? It doesn’t matter who is the carrier if it’s trying to get through customs and it’s a customs issue.

    • Good question. I would think that people in USA buy Pandora for gifts and send through international USA post. Maybe, it is that Rue is an authorized Pandora seller aa someone in previous post stated prevents from going across borders? Ebay USA site would be secondary market but no idea if customs wouldn’t let it past USA border.

    • Hi Leanne, I’ve been told by Rue that existing orders were cancelled in error and that your order should still be shipped! Sounds like they’re having a bit of a nightmare. I hope that you get your items! :)

  20. Rue is not being restricted by customs, they’re being restricted by Pandora. We got the hint changes were coming with Rue from the fact a few things were US only at the last sale, and then when customers from here asked Pandora about Rue not being an authorized seller, they received the answer that Rue would “no longer be selling Pandora.” That answer was kind of right.

    • I don’t think that that particular quote from Pandora was regarding this issue (it seems to have originated from some internal confusion at Pandora IMO). But yes, in this case, this restriction has come from Pandora – it’s not a customs issue.

  21. Hello Ellie, thanks for the update on the Rue Sale and it looks like there are some nice goodies out there! I am so sorry that non US customers cannot shop omg Rue anymore, it was a a great opportunity to get retired charms at good prices. I find the car charm interesting and it looks very cute. Do you know if this was a country exclusive? I was able to find it on the John Greed site but not on many other sites. The charms and bangle you got look fab, very spring/summery with the pastels :) I look forward to seeing any new designs you come up with! Actually I also had a question about the bangles. Is the 17cm one very small to have charms on? I normally go for an 18 cm bracelet. Thanks again for the updates and have a lovely day!

    • If you go for an 18cm bracelet, you could do the medium bangle. The bangle could be a little bigger to help the charms go around, since it retains its circular shape unlike the bracelet.

      • Thank you Lisa, I appreciate your input! I have a feeling that the 19 cm bangle may be best if charms are added.

    • Hi Pauline! The car charm was not a country exclusive, it used to be widely available in the UK! Beadazzle have just listed it again for sale, perhaps they found old stock. :) It retailed for £50 back in the day!

      I would have thought that, as Lisa suggested, you’d be safer getting the medium bangle if you want to have free rein with charms. :) A whole cm down can make a world of difference, and the bangle is quite nice with a looser fit IMO! I always advise trying it on in store if you can, and having a play around with different amounts of charms. So much of it is down to personal preference about fit as well!

      Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting! <3

  22. I do sympathize with the folks out of the U.S. who got cut off from rue. They are shipping from the U.S. and there is customs paperwork involved. Since pandora is moving away from rue maybe they just want to simplify things. Cutting people off after they’ve ordered in good faith is uncool. Remember,pandora is just a huge behemoth. If you don’t buy their beads someone else will. Service is better on the store level. At least they want to retain their customers. Here in nyc you have your choice of Pandora’s within a short distance. All of the bead companies have issues, not only pandora.

    • Actually, regardless of what’s happening with Rue and Borderfree, the fact in many countries is that by closing retailers and online shopping opportunities, and loading concept stores into metropolitan areas only, Pandora is restricting access to their product, denying customers the ability to see their products in person and buy properly. Canada has lost all Pandora shop-in-shops and all online stores except the Pandora e-store. That’s incredibly restrictive. I can buy Trollbeads online here from a handful of online Canadian retailers, the Troll e-store, and many retailers globally, without needing a shipping service. I can buy any other jewelry brand easier than I can buy Pandora. Pandora won’t miss my money, and I certainly won’t miss their corporate games. :-) I’ll miss popping into this page, but there’s only so much we can or should take, and I’ve reached the limit with Pandora.

      Take care, Ellie!!

      • Hi Lola. Which online retailers do you buy trollbeads from? I currently only buy from the Trollbeads e-store. Do you ever get better deals from other sources?

      • Oh wow. I just checked out Trollbeads website out of curiosity and frustration with Pandora’s sales practices and the Trollbeads designs are GORGEOUS!!! And they use natural stones. I will have see in person to figure out if I will start collecting Trollbeads.

        • I started buying Troll beads about a year ago and absolutely love them! They aren’t as “glitzy” as Pandora has become so I find that I wear them more often. Huge choices of colors and combinations but remember, since they are all handmade, no 2 are exactly the same. I love that there are many different styles of glass beads to choose from, and their amber beads are gorgeous. That said, there is also Elf beads – very similar to Troll and they mixed together beautifully. I would post some pictures here if I could. I just ordered several beads from both companies and once again love them.

      • You’ve not seemed happy with them for a while, Lola, but you’re welcome back any time you rediscover the love! Take care! :)

    • Rue are now going to be shipping beads to people who ordered before this came in – the cancellations were in error. :) I think Pandora are just wanting Rue La La to come in line with their international shipping policy that applies to pretty much everyone else. I wonder if the US Disney Store will continue to ship abroad..

      • Such good news from Rue that hry decided to ship previous orders. Hopefully, it isn’t too late as others may have ordered or brought from other sources already. Good on Rue for honouring previous orders!

  23. Something doesn’t make sense. I am in the US. I placed an order yesterday afternoon and received a cancellation email this morning. I just checked the website and all of those items that were cancelled are still showing available so I placed a replacement order.

    I am so sorry for those of you outside the US facing the shipping issues.

      • Yes Ellie, I did talk to customer service. They said it was a stocking issue. My first order was cancelled because the inventory on several items was off in their system and the cancellation order was automatically generated. When they caught the issue the items reappeared for sale. Since I had duplicate orders because of what I did they issued a refund.

  24. Hi,
    I have a question in regards to the still want it option on the Rue page. Is this a feature that works well for you, or is it a hit or miss for wanted items?
    When you have received your item, were you charged the price it was at the time of putting on the still want page, even if the item was listed for a different selling price when it came back in stock?
    I ask as I had saved an item listed at $17.99, which is now in stock and priced at $29.99. However, I had not received notice that item was available. The Rue concierge stated that you only get the item if it comes back in stock at the saved price. If they were to fulfill my order at the lower price point, per this concierge, “That would create many upset people.” Same concierge also states that this is not a written policy when I asked to direct me to the policy page so that I could better understand how the still want it works. But I could go to the FAQ page if I have more questions.
    I do find this disconcerting.

    This from Rue FAQ page:
    Sold-out items
    We know it’s frustrating to miss out on something you love.
    That’s why, on some items, you can tell us that you still want it.
    Simply click the “Still Want It?” button on the item’s page, fill out your billing and shipping information, and keep your fingers crossed.
    If we can track it down for you, we’ll send it to you.
    Please note that if we can find the item for you, we’ll automatically charge your credit card as soon as the item ships.
    Because of this, we encourage you only to place Still Want It requests for items you truly covet.
    You can check the status of your Still Want It requests in My Account. And if we can’t fulfill your request within 45 days (in most cases), it will drop off your Still Want It list.

    No mention on pricing and recieving item.

    Any comments in regards to this will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • I have not had good luck with the Still Want It in general. In regards to your question: A few times I noticed something on my still want it list had come back into stock at a higher price and it wasn’t being fulfilled. I chatted with an online rep and he said that sometimes stock numbers get changed (suuuure) and they get missed so he said to place the order at the more expensive price and they will reimburse me the difference to the original payment.

      I’ve also had them refund me (in Rue credit) the difference of items that are still in the returnable period and end up being a better price in a different sale. It saves them time, money, and man power this way versus me ordering the item again and returning the first (higher priced) item.

      • Sarah, Thank you for reply. I do find this a bit quirky to understand lol.
        I did receive a reply from Rue in regards to this. The concierge told me the same as you. When items come back in they may receive a different stock number and that is how still want requests can be missed. But also let me know should this happen again to contact Rue and they will assist me with the wanted item purchase.
        Happily, I was able to purchase the requested item at the saved price point with the concierges’ help.
        I too have had Rue credit for items that were lowered in price shortly after purchasing. I always ask for Rue credit as that pops in to your account pretty quick which also means I can shop a little more lol.
        I am still happy to shop at Rue and I do appreciate their willingness to listen to and help resolve customer concerns.
        I hope a solution can be found so that Rue can again offer internationl shopping/shipping.
        Have a good day!

  25. Have not seen this mentioned -but Pandora is now available on TSC (Canadian shopping channel and website). When they offer “specials” and GWP it can be a good deal. I see they are on air tonight and tomorrow (28-29th) so I am waiting to see if they have any specials, otherwise same pricing as in stores and on the enet site for Canadians.

    • I checked out their prices before and TSC blockbuster and some gift sets are cheaper but then saw that some are full price as if buying items individually but they add on GWP tote, cleaning set or jewelry case xwith each gift set and for individual charrm purchase. I am gooing to take a look

    • Shiela,

      I just bought today’s TSC blockbuster option of rose gold clasp bangle with three rose gold charms, Darling daisy meadow and two infinity charms. GWP is the Pandora cleaning kit AND the keychain clasp opener, free shipping today with purchases over $150. Total is $175 plus taxes and usually $275.00 Canadian. Last day for blockbuster price.

      They are getting low on large bangle sizes for Canadians looking to buy these sets.

      I don’t own ether GWP items. So excited and will receive in 7 to 10 days!!!

      • Looks like clasp opener is one in in the cleaning kit so not an extra? Either way still happy with purchase.

        • Yes, still a great buy. I bought the rose gold bangle set when it was on (pre xmas I believe and included the medium size silver jewelry case. Everything was stunning and was a fantastic deal. I am not getting anything today as mine is similar to showstopper and the GWP is now only the cleaning kits for other items and I have many now. However another good place to keep watching for future show stoppers or specials, some of there past GWP have been really nice.

  26. Thanks Ellie for keeping our comments up and allowing us to vent collectively with these new policy changes.

  27. I purchased from RueLaLa 3 times and was very disappointed to find out that RueLaLa no longer does international shipping! I wished RueLaLa gave us a heads up! I was ready to rush onto their website when the sale began only to be disappointed.

    For ladies in Canada, I highly recommend you to join Facebook group, “VIPandora” to buy brand new genuine Pandora charms! The lady Kim is very nice and patient, I’ve bought around 50 charms from her. She ships internationally from Canada, and her main focus is on retired charms. I love Kim and would like more ladies to know about her so that her inventory turnover would be faster and I could get MORE charms ? Most of the charms she sells are at a Discount.

    Before I found out about Pandora Facebook groups, my only source to buy retired charms was eBay. Unfortunately the majority sellers sell knock off fake Pandora charms and I bought 4 fake charms. I was lucky enough to get a full refund for all 4 charms. The biggest risk buying from eBay is that nowadays Fake charms are VERY well made and even Pandora Sales couldn’t tell if some of them are fake. Almost all fake charms have the Pandora stamp, and they feel heavy too. I had to do a lot of research and compare lots and lots of photos between a genuine charm and the charm I got from eBay to tell if the charm is genuine. I would rather have a peace of mind and buy from Kim via Facebook, than to always doubt if the charm I got from eBay is real at the back of my mind.

    RueLaLa’s prices ARE very low and almost unbeatable..I hope that they will change their shipping policy in the near future. At the mean time.. I will stick with FB.

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