Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for April 2018! It’s another busy month in the Pandora world, with the launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collections, plus the Spring collections for the Disney and Essence lines. I also have some Pandora Disneyland Paris updates, live shots, and details on the Pandora US Mother’s Day 2018 gift sets.

In terms of blog news, I have two more Pandora Spring reviews written and coming soon, and more planned as soon as my US promo haul turns up! :D

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collections release

The biggest event on our calendar this month is the launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collections on 12 April! The main themes of this collection are beautiful bows and life milestones & achievements, as well as the usual motherly-themed beads. A full preview of the charms & bracelets is available here, and the other jewellery here.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 collection

There are also new charms for the Pandora Rose and Essence lines – follow the links for more details!

In the UK, we already received a large proportion of this collection as our Mother’s Day falls earlier in the year than elsewhere. We will be receiving the remaining pieces on the 12th as well, but they’ll be marketed as being the second part of the Spring 2018 collection.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 US gift sets 

The following gift sets will be available in the US with the launch of the Mother’s Day collection on 12 April. I expect there’ll be some nice packaging to go with them, too.

Pandora Sparkling Mom floating locket gift set

Pandora In my Heart gift set

Pandora Perfect Mom gift set

There are also going to be some US exclusive engraved pieces, which should be out with the Mother’s Day collection. These include two engraved disc necklace designs, and one new version of the usual Unforgettable Moments dangle.

The necklace pendants will be $75 USD each, and the charm $65 USD.

Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection release

Next on the agenda is a little Pandora Disney update!

Pandora Disney Spring 2018 news

As regular readers will know, this year has seen some changes in the way in which I do previews, and I now work to a schedule set by Pandora. Pandora Disney previews have not been greenlighted, and so I haven’t been able to show any of the Pandora Disney Spring 2018 stock images.

However, the collection has hit the stores in US Disney Parks and some US concept stores, and we have some nice live images to look at for the new collection! My favourite of these new pieces is the Climbing Mickey safety chain, although the Car charm is also nice. If I start a Pandora Disney dedicated bracelet, I’d get this safety chain!

Pandora Disneyland Paris charms & updates

Pandora finally landed at Disneyland Paris last year, and they’ve already got a really wonderful array of Pandora stock on offer at the parks. However, further good news emerged last month as Pandora and Disneyland Paris announced some exciting features to cement their new partnership, with Disneyland Paris exclusive Pandora charms and more!

Pandora will be sold in five different locations in the park under this new agreement, with the ‘most beautiful’ being a dedicated concept store in the Walt Disney Studios Park, opening this month.

There are two new Pandora Disneyland Paris exclusive charms coming very soon, also expected this month:

Pandora will also be sponsor of the Disneyland Paris illuminations, which light up Sleeping Beauty’s Castle every day.

Sounds amazing – now I just need to persuade my boyfriend that we need to go this year!

Pandora US travel beads listed online

Pandora stores in North America often carry engraved charms that represent their town or city. These have never been available online to purchase until now – the US eStore has updated with a few region-specific designs. This is, of course, far from all of them, but perhaps more are to come.

They’re pretty pricey, though – the engraved dangles are $60 USD, while the muranos range from $65 to $80 USD.

I particularly like the sunny Florida murano, and the cherry blossom Washington DC dangle!

Pandora Promotions April 2018

For the UK, we still have a few promos from March continuing into this month. The mid-season sale is ongoing, and this gold clutch bag is available until 31 June with spends of £125 or more on the Pandora Shine collection!

We also have the build a bracelet offer, which allows you to purchase the silver heart clasp bracelet and two £35 silver charms for the price of £99 (offering a £25 saving).

For the US, the Pandora Shine ring dish (pictured below) is available until 11 April. There’s also a jewellery box promo scheduled for the end of the month, and I’ve included the details in my Promotions page.

In Germany, there’s a 20% discount up for grabs until 7 April if you buy Glamour magazine. Further details are online!

From today until 15 April, shoppers in Spain can enjoy 3 for 2 on jewellery items (excludes charms and bracelet). The items must be earrings, rings, or necklaces, and cannot be from the new Mother’s Day collection.

I’ve had a lot of questions from Australian/New Zealand readers asking whether the usual Mother’s Day bangle GWP will be running. There has been a real lack of information about Australia’s upcoming promos recently, unfortunately. I hear that the Flourishing Hearts bangle will be a regular gift set, but I have yet to hear if there will be a different promo to replace it.

Pandora business strategy and changes

Pandora hosted a meeting for their shareholders back in January, detailing the current outlook of the company and their future plans – and they have since published this online. There are some really interesting points about their future strategy, and I thought some of them were worth exploring here.

One of the key points  is that Pandora are consciously going to be focusing on individual ‘storytelling’ and regional products. For a few years now, it feels like Pandora have been trying to create one-size-fits-all charms – hearts, flowers, sparkle – motifs that will appeal to everyone, everywhere, without leaving any space for individuality.

It’s great to hear that they’re returning to more thoughtful designs, to charms that allow collectors to express things that are more personal to them. I’m also excited for the possibility of charms that draw more on regional culture, as the CNY beads are always a highlight of the year for me. It would be great if this sort of approach were extrapolated and expanded to other cultures and regions.

The other thing to note is that Pandora are planning on increasing the amount of drops per year. According to this plan presented, the biggest drops would still be Spring and Autumn, but the other drops would be split off into smaller, almost monthly, releases. It’ll be interesting to see how and if this works in practice.

Mora Pandora spring cleaning

Over the past month or so, I’ve started tidying up a little on the blog. There were, and still are, many core ‘how-tos’ and staple posts that I had literally not touched in four years+ and a lot of the information was out of date, so I decided that the blog needed a bit of a spring clean!

Among other bits and bobs, I’ve redone the menus, refreshed the FAQs, and added new landing pages for the Disney, Essence, Shine, and Rose collections, which should make finding older collections easier. I’m working on a rewrite of the Pandora bracelets for beginners page, which is less relevant to most of you, I imagine, but also on updating the information on rare charms and country exclusives.

I’ve also been working on including more articles on older Pandora collections – if you look under ‘exclusive charms’ on the menu, you can see new pages on the long-retired Pandora white gold collection and the Pandora Timebeads collection. There are more articles like these on the way, too.

Pandora white gold bracelet
Image by unnopandora

In the spirit of taking advantage of my blog improvement zeal while it lasts, I wondered if you had any requests or ideas for improvements going forward. Are there any posts where you would appreciate some updated info, or just something that you wished the blog covered? It might not be stuff that I can actually fix, but you know, in an ideal world – what might you like to see?

My Comment

I am still on a bit of a Pandora kick, and have been enjoying my jewellery in a way that I haven’t for a couple of years now. The Spring collection has been such fun, and I’m still happily working on my wish list from that. This is what I got from the US sale (photo courtesy of my US helper!) – tracking has just pinged to say that it’s finally hit the UK so hopefully it will be with me very soon! I also got the Ladybug Petite, although that isn’t pictured.

Pandora Save more 2018

Nevertheless, I’m looking to get the new Bright Hearts safety chain from the Mother’s Day collection, which I’m wanting to wear with the purple bracelet design in this picture below:

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. Thanks Ellie for another great update. I’m going to peruse the changes you’ve made. I have to admit I do occasionally go there anyway even though I’ve read it all before. Often I find my interests have changed and I learn something new. I also enjoy going back a few years to read the blog posts and always learn something. Thank you so much for the blog, I always enjoy it immensely and look forward to the next post.

    • Thanks so much Beth! I love that you go back and read the older posts. I’m working on updating a lot of the core articles as well so that there might be more for people to discover if they do have a mosey through what’s available. :)

  2. Hi Ellie!

    Took a journey through your reorganized pages. Kudos! It is quite easy to follow as well as extremely comprehensive.

    Also, love the pics of your bracelets. The purple one especially caught my eye for 2 reasons. 1 – you have the purple cloud leopard. I just have the brown one. And 2 – you have that white enamel from Mother’s Day last year that wasn’t released in the US. I’m so jealous!

    And, speaking of things the US doesn’t get – I have a new Catalog, and the flourishing hearts bracelet is not in it. I hope it’s a limited edition here or something. If not, I will be really disappointed.

    Thanks for the round up. I. Looking forward to more of your Spring reviews.

    • Hi Deborah! Oh, fantastic. Glad to hear that it’s an improvement. :D

      Ah, you have the Clouded leopard! Do you have the rarer version with yellow spots? I have quite a few of the animal print muranos these days, which is funny as they weren’t my cup of tea when they first came out. They’re such pretty colours. Which Mother’s Day enamel are you referring to? The Abundance of Love spacer?

      I would be so surprised if you didn’t get the Flourishing Hearts bracelet.I imagine it’s not there because it’s a gift set / LE piece. :)

  3. Hi Ellie,

    I would love to get some of the Paris Disney charms, do you know of any personal shoppers that can obtain some of these charms for someone. I also love the travel beads. Every time I travel, I try to purchase one of the cities exclusive charms if available. But would love the Washington Cherry blossom, since I was just there and was not able to find an exclusive charm. Thank you for all the effort you put into gathering all the updates for Pandora. You do a great job.

    • Hi Linda, I used some pictures once from a lady called Lilie (if you search ‘Disneyland Paris’ and ‘Lilie’ on Facebook, she’ll come up). I’ve not used her, but she offers a forwarding service for items purchased at DLP. Perhaps try getting in contact with her! :) And thank you, that’s so lovely to hear! :D

  4. Hi Ellie! Thanks as always for all of the great information! I will definitely check out all the updated/refreshed pages when I have more time. You made some great picks from the spring collection, and I love your bracelet designs! I also hope to pick up the Teapot charm soon. It is also good that some of the destination charms are now widely available. I actually have three of these charms already. I live in Pittsburgh, so I picked up that charm locally. I bought the Florida murano and South Beach charm while vacationing in Florida.

    I am wondering if you heard any info on the bangle with the lace-pattern clasp and the “I Luv My Mum” charm that you mentioned in your original MD preview? I don’t see them here as part of the gift sets, so are they Jared exclusives or just not going to be released in the US? Also, just to clarify, is the jewelry box promo you mentioned in this post in the US? You have the spend as the GBP symbol, so I was just checking on that.

    • Hi Joanne, thanks so much! And I still want more from Spring, haha. The Cute Mouse and the pavé heart safety chain are still on my wish list. Such a beautiful collection!

      I know that we talked about these pieces in my Mother’s Day preview, but just in case anyone else is wondering – I don’t know whether the Patterns of Love bangle is coming to the US, but the ‘I love my mom’ charm is a Jared exclusive in the US. The jewellery box promo I mentioned is indeed a US promo, I’ll fix that typo!

      • Thanks for clarifying Ellie! I’m very excited to see what this jewelry box looks like, as that’s the one promo (jewelry boxes) that seems to be rare here in the US haha!

  5. Hi Ellie! I love your blog, and I am anxiously awaiting the Mother’s Day collection. I really like the new pages you have added, especially the Timebeads page, though they’re really pretty, and I’m sad I missed out :(

    I would like to see an annual page of retired charms and other jewelry, though I know that My Xpressions has one, so maybe it’s not necessary here.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe adding photos of people wearing their bracelets so that we know what size to get. For example, something like, “Here is a 16cm full bracelet on a 14cm wrist”, and for different bracelets/bangles, too.

    Other than that, I can’t think of anything that needs to be added or improved. Your blog is the most comprehensive one I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Alice,
      I like your idea of showing photos of how different bracelet sizes fit on wrist sizes. It would be good to have photos of bracelet and bangles with and without charms too.

    • Hi Alice! Yes, retired coverage is something that I miss doing – the reason I stopped is that what retired was getting increasingly fragmented between countries and it was so hard to keep track of. Jahndra does a fantastic job keeping her list updated of items on the US retirement list. I’ll add ‘retired news’ to my spreadsheet of future ideas for the moment, along with your idea about people wearing bracelets. :) That sounds like a great resource to have, I just need to think about how I’d get the images.

      Thank you for taking the time to feed back and let me know your thoughts, it’s so appreciated! ?

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I checked out your new and reorganized pages and very easy to navigate. Some of the posts were ones that I have not read before and very informative. I did not know Pandora had put out very limited release of white gold charms or that Rose gold also tested in 10 stoees prior to going into larger production and international release. I like that you have all links to your previews and I will read them when their is a lull on your recent blog postings. Thanks for the hard work of spring cleaning Mora Pandora as it seems to have paid off.

    • Hi Kelly, yay I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the new pages I put together, and that you think that the new menu structure is an improvement. I loved doing the older articles and am planning a fuller series on older collections. Thanks so much for letting me know! :D

  7. Hiii!! Great job! Thank you for the promotions update! I loved when you kept a reserved page for this topic update so whenever I was leaving for a trip I could check if there was a promotion in that country!

    Keep up with this nice and great job!

    • Hi Claudia! I have started keeping a promotions page again (it’s in the menu). It’s just tricky to find the time to research and update the page for worldwide promos. I used to have a lot more time to do it before I worked full time. I am going to try and keep more on top of my core pages as well as the blog posts! :)

  8. Hi Ellie, its always a pleasure to read your post. I always look at your older post even though i have read it. I appreciate the effort you made to update and clean up the blog.
    I especially love the effiel & minnie mouse Paris disney exclusive. Its so so cute… I have an aunty travelling to France later in the year. Hopefully disneyland is in her itinerary, so can pick that one up for me. I also like the minnie hanging balloon charm,which will be easy to get here. I at first thought the mickey mouse with glass heart looks cute. But after looking at the live picture, think it looks out of proportion and not so nice.

    • That’s fantastic, thank you for taking the time to let me know! :)

      I think the DLP charms are adorable. I’d love to plan in a little trip there later this year, and will pitch the idea to my boyfriend, haha! I particularly like the little blue DLP castle.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    You have a lovely website and i would have no clue what ypu could do to improve it.

    The glamour shoppingday is also in the Netherlands so my bff and i already made our shoppinglists. I want the snail and the mouse and 2 daisy spacers. I’m also looking foreward to the bows in the motherdays collection and the alpabet petites.

    Do you have any idea when you can previeuw the summercollection? I have already seen some pictures on facebook.

    Thanks for your news round up and i hope you enjoyed Easter.

    • Hi Manon, aha, that’s lovely. Thank you! ?

      Oh have fun shopping the promo! :) I’m glad you guys have got a little discount to enjoy too.

      My Summer collection preview was meant to be out at the end of last month but there have been delays on Pandora’s end. I’m working closely with them to hopefully resolve this soon so that we can chat over the collection properly on the blog. :)

      Thanks for commenting, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  10. GOsh, I can’t believe I ignored the white gold when it was around. I thought it was silly when silver was available. How I wish I’d bought a few pieces.

    • It is beautiful! I love that bracelet with the diamond in the clasp. But I just added in the prices – my oh my, it was a pricey collection.

  11. Hi Ellie, I know it is impossible to do by yourself since you only wear one size bracelet but I would absolutely love to see pictures of the different size bracelets full of charms. When I look at things on Pinterest I never know what size they are. What I can fit on a 18 is less than what can be fit onto a longer bracelet. Sometime in the future when you have absolutely nothing else to do, like that will ever happen, maybe you could brainstorm this.

    • I agree with you, Beth. Ellie, if you decide to post pics for different bracelet sizes and styles, I volunteer to send you photos of my various empty and filled bracelets to share on blog. It gives me opportunity to show off my Pandora desighns. ;-)

      • Ellie, I wear at 17cm bracelet with full set of charms as I like a closer fit to my wrists. I might get an 18cm at some point to see if easier to clasp plus more room for additional charms!!!

    • Hi Beth! That’s a really interesting suggestion. You mean, pictures of different sized bracelets filled up with beads so that you can see how many beads you can fit in each section depending on what size bracelet you have? I will have a think about how I might do it! :)

  12. I would love to see your full bracelets and talk about how and why you designed them. Maybe you’ve done this before but I am fairly new to this blog.

    Also, I’m not too excited about the upcoming releases which is good. I’m still catching up on older (disney especially) charms! There are a few charms I’m interested in; not too sure of names: spiritual feather, dream catcher, and blue shape of love.

    • Bracelet showcases were something that I did way back when I first started the blog, but I think I only did two and then stopped. I’d love to do more and talk about my collection in more detail, so definitely another idea added to the list. :D

      The Spring collection was my favourite so far this year, and will keep me going for some time, but I am planning a couple of purchases from Mother’s Day and Summer, too.

  13. Thanks again for the photos and information on the new collection I am looking forward to the Disney releases, elephant and balloon and the mice with the balloon.

  14. I see some additional charms in those live shots. Are they also Pandora Disney charms that could be on the horizon? Any idea when the Mickey floating locket will be coming out?

  15. I wonder if the increase in drops will effect the discontinue rate of a charm? I share your hope of charms reflecting regional culture to be more available, I live the city that’s home to Europe’s oldest Chinese community, I know for a fact that charms like the CNY ones would be good sellers in an area which has such a rich history. I must give my local Pandora Kudos for their customer service today-it’s the best I’ve experienced in a while. They were perfectly happy to exchange a bracelet I received in 2016 that was much to big but I had no receipt for-I had given it up as a lost cause but on my last visit a SA told me it was worth a shot and bringing it in to ask. Went down two sizes and it fits much better. I ended up purchasing the Queen Bee charm while I was there, too lovely to leave behind, I need to find the right length necklace now. I saw the Rainbow of love charm and the rainbow glass murano and they are much better IRL i think, not obnoxiously bright, more whimsy. I’m set on getting the Bella Bot after seeing it-just not sure how to style it, it looked cute on a necklace though. I love seeing your styling, it’s well done and provides ideas. I have a habit of buying because my brain thinks “Oh pretty shiny!” without thinking about possible styling and then they end up in a box waiting for me to figure out how to use it. I only started collecting in 2016 and it’s nice to see on your blog what I missed (Although I do kick myself when I see something really nice) I’m going to give myself sometimes to think before I buy anything else but I do have a list of wants from the Spring release. Is there any news on when you can blog about the summer collection?

    • Hi Sofie!

      Buying a single charm because you love it, or 3 (the blooming dahlia and the associated Clips come to mind – I bought them and then didn’t have anything to go with them!) just got a whole lot simpler. The open bangle looks great in a stack with just 1 charm on it.

      • Oh I never thought of that! I think I may see if the Bella Bot would suit-I’d hate to pass up on it. Thanks for the idea :)

      • Hi Deborah, I really like how mini design with one to five charms look especially on mesh bracelet as then can also see the different texture of mesh against that of the charms.

        • I totally agree. One of my Meshes has only 3 Rose charms, 2 clips and a dangle.

        • Definitely! I love my mesh bracelet and use it in my reviews all the time now. I like that it doesn’t scratch when the charms move either.

    • Pandora have really increased the rate at which they discontinue charms already – here in the UK, some of the AW17 beads have already gone on sale! I expect we’ll only see this continue, especially with some beads only introduced as ‘seasonal’ pieces anyway.

      That’s so great that your store swapped out the bracelet! Pandora stores are pretty good at that sort of thing, which is great :) I’m really pleased to hear that the styling is useful! ? Thank you. :D

      The Summer collection is a puzzle currently – I was meant to be able to preview it at the end of last month but Pandora have suddenly told me I have to hold on and I’m just waiting for them indefinitely at this point. Hopefully soon…

  16. Ellie, can you please let me know the release date for the Disney Paris exclusive charms? I’m interested in getting them. They will go great with my Disney parks bracelet

  17. Maybe on Pandora’s to do list they should add getting all the supplies to the stores for the big launches and also the catalogs! I live 30 min. from the biggest mall in America that has TWO Pandora stores and they didn’t have a spring catalog 4 days after the spring launch, didn’t get them yet! I read on your blog how several people where not able to get items from the spring collection because of problems – now that is a problem for any business. Maybe concentrate on those little things rather than whether you and other bloggers talk about and post pictures of upcoming releases and keeping YOU to a schedule. Feel better that I got that off my chest!
    Do include more pictures of what you do with your bracelets. I am not on any social media and appreciate getting ideas from you.
    Will have to look at your updates, I know your original posts have been most helpful – went up a bracelet size- and am able to see what charms have been retired.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • I totally agree with you about the lack of stock! I’m tempted to just buy online now because he stock is so hit-or-miss at BOTH of the Pandora concept stores near me.

    • My local didn’t get the Christmas packaging or a few of the Christmas themed charms in until two weeks before Christmas last year. I know packaging may sound trivial but I’m rather a sucker for pretty and seasonal packaging so it was a bit disappointing. Last years mothers day packaging was late too and they were still using it a few months after the event. My local didn’t even have the shine packaging.

      • I don’t think it is trivial, it is all part of the experience. I collect vintage antique items and one thing that gets me really excited is when it still has its original box!

      • That is so disappointing especially when make trip out and concept stores don’t have the special gift packaging and boxes. Christmas and all holdays tend to be stressful enough. Also, Pandora really needs to make sure stocks in place by release dates as frustrated franchisees, SA and customers as loss of sales. I like to chose in person my murano and enameled charms before buying as so many differences in colour and all.

      • I completely understand how you feel! I love collecting the packaging as well. It so contributes to the excitement of an in-store purchase!

    • Hi Heather, I completely understand why that would frustrate you! I much prefer going to a little local store near me as they are always so willing to give out the special packaging and the bags, and to make the purchase feel special, whereas my local concept store is much slower to put out catalogues and to hand out special packaging. Sometimes they limit it to new collection purchases etc. But it goes such a long way to making a purchase feel that bit more exciting, and a lot of the bags/boxes are collectable in themselves. The restrictions on previews are frustrating/unclear at the moment, but hopefully this will improve as time goes on.

      Thank you for commenting, I’m really glad to hear that the posts have been helpful! :)

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, I got the two-tone Locked Heart and the Braided clips. Really pleased with them! :)

  18. Hi Ellie. Love your blog especially your reviews because I love the detail and your stylings which are always fab. Also love your monthly updates so informative.

    Ideas – i would love you to feature one of your bracelets each month. You get to choose which one you feature. Would be fun for you and interesting for us to see your styling of retired and new charms.

    Other suggestion relates to this fab Pandora community you have created. Do a feature on one of us each month. For example:

    Sydney, Australia
    Started collecting 2013
    First charm:
    Favourite charm:
    Number of bracelets/bangles:
    Favourite Pandora jewellery:
    Do you collect any other brands:
    Then finish profile with a photo they submit of their favourite bracelet. I would really love to see photos of the bracelet designed by my fellow collectors which may feature charms that I cannot get in my own country but I am genuinely interested in how others style their bracelet.

    You wouldn’t need to be a long term collector to be featured either. A person who is new to Pandora and has only a few charms would be encouraged to have a feature on them too.

    I do hope you get to Paris Disneyland because I want to see a review of the new charms :)

    • Lozzie, I’m so pleased that you posted this idea about features on readers and the community, as it is something I had been mulling over for a long time! I thought about doing it as a regular part of the monthly news round-up. If you want to kick start things, do send me an email at as this is a feature that I would so love to do.

      Haha, I hope that I do get to go! I’ll let my OH know that enquiring minds want to know about the new charms. ^^

  19. Hi Ellie,

    Appreciate the news round up. Love that you have reorganized the content in your blog much easier to follow, I love revisiting your reviews. you do so much for us already it feels greedy asking you to do more. I love how you seeing how you style bracelets, and I appreciate you gave a budget yo make new purchases so if you wanted to do a post with older charms, featuring a favorite retired charm, colour themes or such I would be up for that. I always pick up a new tip and get to fall in love with my older and some of the newer charms.
    By the way, I bought the new sliding bracelet in silver, had to get the SA give me a lesson on how to put it on and take it off. I like wearing it empty, has a very elegant look. I paired it with the mesh bangle, again leaving that empty and it looks great!
    Thanks again,

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I definitely want to do some more content on older collections, especially given the thin ice around Pandora and regular previews at the moment. I have a history series coming up on older Pandora and then maybe some older reviews would be good too, if I can find the time! :)

      Great to hear that you’re loving your sliding bracelet! I would love to grab the Shine one at some point, although my Shine Queen Bee is quite happily settled on a silver heart bangle currently. I like the contrast between the two metals quite a lot.

      Thanks for commenting!

  20. Hello everyone! Does anyone know will there be a Pandora US sale soon after the Mother’s Day launch? Kind of like for the spring release? I was about to make a spring purchase a day or two after it was released and then I learned from here that there was going to be a sale within in a few days. It worked out great because I was able to purchase a lot more from the sale than prior to it. I am trying to put together a first bracelet for my mother and a Mother’s Day sale would really be nice! Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Victoria! I have not heard of any promotions for the US after Mother’s Day – there doesn’t tend to be one like there is for Spring. :) There are gift sets on offer, though!

  21. Wow, lots of info in your April round up! The climbing Mickey safety chain is so cute and the 2 Disneyland Paris beads are really nice. The white gold pieces are pretty.

    It will be really interesting to see the new strategy play out. I like the idea of more drops and beads that aren’t mostly hearts. It’ll be nice to see a variety of designs. It definitely sounds like there will be more country exclusives. Limited editions make sense, but I hope they aren’t so limited that they frustrate collectors.

    Your blog spring cleaning is great. It’s so easy to search for things and there’s so much to read and see. I watched those videos about making Pandora beads and I plan to watch some of the YouTube videos sometime. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    • Yes, the new strategy sounds encouraging doesn’t it? Definitely sounds like they’re fully intending to move away from the generic and more towards character and cultural designs. Or at least to introduce a greater mix and to reduce predictability.

      And fantastic, thanks for letting me know! :D There’s such a lot of content over the years that it’s hard to know how best to organise it, but I’m so pleased that things are easier to navigate now. Thank you for commenting and reading! :)

  22. Hi Ellie,
    Your blog is fantastic, always been! ?
    I haven’t had the time to read all the coments properly, only skimmed through them but I see Lozzi and someone else have had wonderful ideas with the pics both from you and from other collectors.
    This month I think I’ll be adding the teapot plus the cz barrel clips for my cubic cz claps bracelet.
    Have a nice day!

    • Haha, thank you so much Marie! ? The Teapot is a lovely choice, I just got that one in the US promo. It’s very large, but sweet nevertheless.

    • It’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do but is quite tricky. Getting a functionality that allows people to just upload pictures directly to the blog poses a security risk as viruses can be disguised as photos and things, so I’d have to change the commenting system to something third party like Disqus, which I don’t really want to do as that brings its own problems. I do keep my eye out for potential solutions though!

      You’re able to post pictures if you upload them elsewhere and then link to them, which is the only sort of workaround…

  23. Hi again,
    Now I have read it all and have even gone through the
    “cleaned- up” pages. They’re pristine,lol! ????
    I find it very informative knowing about retired beads and old style. However I’m not sure what to think about Pandora’s current plans. While I like the idea of innovation and the return to more personal beads, I can’t understand why Christmas and Winter should be two separate collections from now on. And about the regional beads … well let’s see how tbat’s made.
    Well, have a nice week ahead, Ellie and thank you for this blog! ?

    • Hi Marie! Haha, not a speck of dust I hope. :) I am glad you like reading about the older beads, I have some more articles in that vein that I am planning and writing. Have a great week too Marie and thanks for commenting!

  24. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the April news round-up! Lots of good information here. Your time spent putting this post together is much appreciated. Love your ‘Spring cleaning’. I often revisit your pages and will do so in more detail when time permits, as I have been doing a bit of Spring cleaning myself.

    Thanks for the promotions update. After taking a look at the US Mother’s Day gift sets, I’m realizing the Flourishing Hearts bangle is missing. Do you know if it will be coming to the US…maybe as a limited edition? I don’t see it in my new catalog. Jared’s new catalog shows the ‘I Love My Mom’ charm as their exclusive. It’s called Love for Mother at $55 USD. It was one of the three extra charms in one of your earlier previews. To my disappointment, I didn’t see the lovely Lotus charm. I did notice an additional disc necklace with I Love You to the Moon and Back engraving. Do you have any further information on the pretty lace patterned bangle we saw a while ago?

    A few years back, I saw a picture of the white gold bracelet, but without any charms. I guess it’s a good thing that one was before my Pandora days, because I would have been all over that. The charms are so lovely! Needless to say, my collection would be much smaller. lol

    Hope you’ve received your Spring haul from the US by now. I’m looking forward to more reviews. Your bracelets are gorgeous and I think the Bright Hearts safety chain will be pretty on the purple. Thanks for sharing your designs.

    It will be interesting to see Pandora’s new strategy in play. I do wonder if the addition of new drops per year will lead to charms being retired at a faster rate? It’s already hard to keep up! I would like to see a list of charms being retired on the blog, but I do realize it’s not an easy thing to keep up with, especially since it varies from one region to another.

    Once again, thanks for this most informative post. I’m looking forward to more Spring reviews! Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Hi Emily! The Flourishing Hearts bangle will be available in the US, for $75 USD. I was just missing that poster at the time of writing this! That disc necklace you mention is a Summer release, which is why I didn’t include it. Can’t imagine Pandora are too worried about an engraved necklace being posted ahead of my green light for Summer previews, but better to be safe than sorry! :)

      Yes, my haul has arrived – it was so much fun to open! I have everything styled and have begun photographing things for review. I will try and get some more out soon! The Spring Bird House is beautifully oxidised and was particularly fun to photograph.

      I gave up on the retirement lists as it was becoming increasingly fragmented as to what retired where, and things were not being discontinued in regular chunks anymore – so it became too hard to keep a track of. :( Jahndra at Myxpressions does a great job of updating the US list though!

      Thanks for commenting Emily and have a lovely week ahead!

  25. Thanks for this news round up. Thanks to your blog, I can keep up to date with the Pandora world and enjoy your lovely reviews as well:) Re suggestions, I agree with the the idea of showing various Pandora styles/bracelets, would be nice to see different styling ideas :)

  26. Hi Ellie, thanks for al the updates, I love all the Disney chamrs, specially the car with Mickey and Minnie, and the safety chain. Like a suggestion, I´ll like if you show us how to clean and take care of the leather bracelets, specially those that have a very light color, like the white one. :)

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