I am very excited to be posting my first preview in a little while, with an overview of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection! This is making its debut in late August/early September (I believe the date to be 30 August), with a whole range of exciting new pieces.

Today’s post covers the regular Moments charm jewellery – I’ll be previewing other jewellery (rings, necklaces etc), plus the Rose, Shine and Essence collections separately! There’s a new bracelet concept launching in October, too, but I’m not able to talk about that one yet.

Pandora Autumn 2018 campaign images

Overall, to me it seems like the collection has quite a youthful, contemporary feel, but with enough key pieces and character beads offer something a little more substantial, too. Read on for an overview!

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection preview

As is traditional, we begin with the charm bracelets! Pandora have gone for the new padlock-stye clasp bracelets instead of the traditional barrel clasp, with one smooth charm bracelet and one bangle design. The padlock smooth bracelet is particularly pretty, retailing for $75 USD / $85 CAD. I didn’t see the bangle on the right in the NA catalogues, however.

Pandora Autumn 2018 charm bracelets

First for the charms, we have an unusual theme, featuring harvest and grain motifs. I really like this idea – it’s seasonal, but a little bit different to Pandora’s usual direction for Autumn. The safety chain in particular is amazing (it has silicone grips, also, btw). I would have loved to see a little collection of woodland animals accompanying this autumn-themed selection – a fox, owl, badger, dormouse – just to peep out from amongst the sheafs and grains! We get a hint of this motif in the Always by Your Side dangle, but it would have been nice to be able to scale it up to a whole bracelet design.

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection preview grains of life harvest

Prices for NA are as follows:-

Bright Seeds – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Radiant Grains of Energy – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Always by Your Side – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Icon of Nature – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Grains of Energy clip – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Grains of Energy safety chain – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Seeds of Elegance clip – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Dazzling Grain Swirls – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Next, we have some more standard decorative designs and hearts. Among them is a ‘seasonal’ floating locket, which will be a limited item, and a beautiful new take on the standard glass beads. This features iridescent murano glass, but with a patterned sterling silver core. I wonder what size this will prove in real life – I know that a lot of collectors avoid muranos as they’re so much larger than regular beads. Perhaps this won’t be so noticeable, with the more evenly proportioned silver-to-glass ratio, or perhaps the bead overall will be smaller.

Pandora Autumn 2018 decorative heart beads

The beads without names are those I didn’t see in the NA catalogue. Prices for NA are as follows:-

Faceted Floating Locket – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Love You Lock – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Sparkling Love – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Lace of Love – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Iridescent White Glass – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Additionally, for decorative beads, there is one 14kt gold offering:

My favourite collage is, inevitably, this little selection of fairytales and fables. The Love Potion is made from a ‘pink mist crystal’. The unicorn is not in quite the same style as the more elegant fairytale pieces, but would nevertheless fit in rather nicely – or you could always style him with some of the Spring 2018 rainbow beads, if you really wanted to embrace the cute. 

Prices for NA are as follows:-

Fairy Tale Book – $55 USD/ $60 CAD

Bruno the Unicorn – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Regal Castle – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Regal Heart – $30 USD / $35 CAD

Love Potion – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Regal Love Key – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Free as a Bird – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Regal Key – $45 USD / $50 CAD

United Regal Hearts – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Keys of Love – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Regal Beauty – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Lock & Heart – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Dazzling Crown clip – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Finally, we have a slightly odd little collage – miscellaneous pieces, really, but featuring some more personal and local touches. However, the most exciting bead here (for me at least!) is the Pumpkin! Now, how long have we been wanting a new Halloween bead! Ever since I started the blog, years ago, and before that, too. Finally, we have one. ? I am not surprised to see this, given the huge popularity of the engraved US-exclusive Halloween beads last year, and hopefully more will follow in coming years. This cute pumpkin gets extra brownie points for being an all silver design, too. :D

Pandora autumn 2018 life culture family

Prices for NA are as follows:-

Family Game – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Sweet Pumpkin – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Family Locket – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Family Roots – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Thank you Letter – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Rabbit Lantern – $50 CAD (not available in US)

Dazzling Stethoscope – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Hero Dog Tag – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Om Symbol – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Firefighter Essentials – $55 USD / $60 CAD

My Comment

In Pandora’s literature on the collection, they cite the themes of Renaissance, harvest and fairy-tales as their inspiration. It strikes me as a ‘new’ Pandora take on one of their most classic collections, the Spring 2013 extravaganza of fairytales. We have a new songbird, castle, fairytale book (no frog prince, though, alas!). This gives both existing collectors a new way of styling old favourites, and also newer collectors an opportunity to invest in classic Pandora designs, but reimagined in a style more concurrent with Pandora’s current offering.

I love that the button-style beads of recent AW releases have been offset this time by a refreshing mix of characters and more thoughtful decorative designs, with the quirky grain and renaissance motifs. CZs are still present and fairly ubiquitous, but more delicately so. My favourite picks are Bruno the flipping adorable little Unicorn (not his official title), the Free as a Bird, and possibly the little book as well. I like the castle, but it’s very similar to the Disney Parks equivalents if you already own one of those. I really like the white murano glass bead, and would quite like to use it as a focal point on the new padlock bracelet with the pink Love Potion, Bird and Bruno. I am quite into my mini designs at the moment!

What do you think of this collection? Is anything making its way on to your wish list?

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  1. So glad you are back!

    Lots to like in this collection starting with the regal lock bracelet, the regal charm, the new lock charm and the new family roots charm. The muranos look like iced donuts to me right now but I am sure they will look nice live.

    Thanks for the update. We are spoilt to get two posts from you in one day.

    • Thank you, I’m so happy to be back :D I like a lot of this, too. I can’t see the iced doughnuts personally, but that sounds quite nice to me anyhow ? you could style it with the Drink to Go! :P

      Thanks for commenting Lozzie! <3

      • I like it a lot but I think it looks like a jammie dodger – I don’t know if that is something only UK readers will get but it is definitely a good thing haha!

      • I would love to see a dangle charm with a witches hat, a broom and a spell book
        Also nice would be a canoe ? dangle charm

  2. Oh Ellie,

    Thank You!!! YES FINALLY A PUMPKIN!!! Hurrah!!! This pumpkin comes in at a good price point! Very pleased indeed. I fear for my retirement, but I am willing to risk it for the grains collection! I see Pandora has eased up on the pave and Crystals, very pleased to see that for the moment. I think these new grains & renaissance motifs will compliment so many of my retired charms, especially from the 2013, & 2014 fall collections. Particularly the green, purple & ochre facetted charms, the dazzling leaves, owl, garden padlock & many oxidized charms that were released in those years. I have my fairytale frog and will bring him out with my gold trinity spacers for the fall. The recent bird and bird house charm would also work. I love fall and the Harvest theme is a fantastic edition. Bruno the unicorn and the crown clips are my other favs!
    Ellie, as an aside. Pandora has been offering a lot of promos in Canada, more than I can participate in, they have been discounting charms, sonething they used yo only do in Europe.
    I hope to pick up the new Pandora “O” with crown charm soon, but will be reserving my dollars for the fall.
    Thanks again for this preview.

    Lisa K

    • Haha I know!! Fiiiinally! :D I hope there will be more to come in future years, too. Halloween is such a fun festival to celebrate. And turning things into creepy silver miniatures is all part of the spirit of it, surely. ;) Yes, I think you’re right there – the ochre beads would look lovely with these harvest-themed charms, and the Pandora Shine collection too.

      I like the Pandora ‘O’ bead as well! I think I like it best in Rose. I’m surprised they haven’t done a logo bead quite like it before, although the old two-tone King Crown kind of counts, I think. ^^

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the preview! I’m happy to see a pumpkin. Although I have the Pandora one from years ago, it’s super small, so I like this one better. I also really like the Seeds of Elegance clips!

    • I have the original pumpkin as well – it’s adorable, but this one is very cute too, in a more stylised way. I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to do more, too! :D

  4. I’m still waiting for them to come out with a pave heart clip in red, maybe at Christmas now :-/. I have a pave heart bracelet with a white pave heart charm opposite it, a pink pave heart charm with the pink pave heart clip opposite it and a red pave heart charm that needs a red pave heart clip opposite it ;-).

    I’m waiting for the next free bracelet promo as my current bracelets are pretty much full up; I only need the aforementioned clip that is only available in my dreams as yet, the green four leaf clover dangle charm and the rose double heart dangle charm and that’s it until they offer me another bracelet, lol ;-). If the worst comes to the worst then I’ll get the dangles for my free ornament charm at Christmas :-/.

    • No red pavé heart in the Christmas collection I’m afraid. :( Ihope you get it some day! Your bracelet sounds so cute.I think I did hear that there would be another bracelet promo for the UK, but I need to confirm that.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. The crown clip will be fabulous on my Cinderella bracelet and the United Regal heart charm is wonderful. Thrilled for the pumpkin and there are several more I’m sure that will work into my collection. These new charms along with the enchanted line from earlier this year have renewed my faith in Pandora.

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear that! This has also been the best year of collections for me in a long time.

    • I went back and looked at the description and you’re quite right, Jackie! It’s a clip. :)

  6. This is an interesting release with a lot of charms! Although the harvest themed beads are relevant to Autumn, I probably won’t get any of them, but I do like the simple design of the clip.

    In the decorative group I like the first (unnamed) little heart dangle. The murano is interesting. It’s a shame it’s the only murano in the release though.

    I’m glad to see a replenishment of fairy tale beads since Pandora retired many of their earlier designs. I like the castle, the regal heart, and the regal beauty.

    In the final set, my favorite is the pumpkin of course!

    • Yes, the clip struck me as being rather nice, too! And it’s silicone lined, too, which is useful for all the smooth bracelets coming out. It reminds me of the Feathered clips from a few years ago. There are a couple of glass beads in the Rose and Shine collections, too. I don’t remember there being any in the Winter collection, either.

      The Pumpkin is probably tied for my favourite along with Bruno! I like the harvest safety chain, too.

  7. This collection has some fun pieces in it. I heard the bottom row of charms in the Life & Culture picture (dog tags, firefighter, ohm, rabbit and stethoscope) will be Canada/US exclusives.

      • I’m pretty sure it has to do with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which is September 24th 2018 (changes every year). Based on what I read, lanterns are a big part of the festival and there are lanterns of a lot of different animals.

      • And the rabbit lantern charm is a Canada exclusive, where the other 4 I mentioned will be Canada & USA

    • I’m a little confused about this issue. I’ve found that the NA catalogue has started to label things as ‘US’ or ‘Canada’ exclusives but they have previously meant within their Americas region (e.g. in the SS18 catalogue the Lotus was labelled as being exclusive to Canada, but it was actually sold elsewhere including Australia). So whether this applies to these beads too, I don’t know.

      • It is confusing. I saw them in the launch guide, and they said exclusives. But you you right, the lotus said Canada exclusive and it was available in other markets… guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. Thanks for the preview!
    I would have loved to see some more character charms and a different unicorn since this one looks a bit too.. dopey (?) for me, but I guess that’s what they were going for. Otherwise a really cool collection with some nice pieces! Looking forward to hearing more about that new bracelet concept as well ^^

    • More character beads would have been good, but I am slightly mollified by the fact we were treated to so many for spring! There are lots for Winter as well. :)

  9. Hi Ellie nice to have you back I’m very happy that you have some new charms but there is nothing exciting yet I’m wondering what happened to the open heart bangle did you put charms inside and the ring is well there was supposed to be out Mother’s Day but they didn’t holiday coming at some point this year or maybe they’re just not in the Canada or just states happy that you back can you tell us if there is a pree fall collection congratulations on your engagement and keep on doing what you’re doing well very happy to hear from you anytime bye for now

    • Hi Gilit! They got pulled from Mother’s Day due to production issues – the word was that they were coming out for Autumn instead, but there’s no sign of them in the AW catalogue. If they’re still coming out, I would imagine it’ll be next year. Hopefully they do! :) Pre-Autumn launches on Thursday. I am so tardy previewing it with everything going on that I am just going to do a bit of a mega post for then covering everything.

      Thank you so much Gilit! <3

  10. Hi again!

    Yay! I’ve been struggling to get enough info to plan designs from the new collections. It’s so nice to be able to decide where to spend your Pandora dollars. Between the more frequent promos, the new collection releases, and Rue La La Pandora boutiques, it’s become slightly more challenging.

    I love the “grain” motifs. They are so seasonally appropriate. And the pumpkin! I can finally have an all Pandora Halloween bracelet! I bought all four of last year’s charms in the June sale. (Finally found a witch!) Then the grains will carry all the way into Thanksgiving. I am lucky enough to have some of the older wooden beads to go with. Dare I mention the word scarecrow? Fingers crossed…

    I like the new padlock bracelet. I bought the flourishing hearts bangle, and would like to have the padlock style in a regular chain bracelet too.

    Of the decorative charms, I will be anxious to see the the iridescent white glass. I like the concept, I just hope it’s not too busy.

    The fairy tale beads are beautiful, but some are maybe a little “youthful” for me. (If you take your age and transpose the numbers, you get my age! ?). My sixteen year old granddaughter assures me I look more like 40 – Making me younger than my son, her father! But still I’m not sure I can pull off a fairy tale themed bracelet. I like the love potion too. And the new birdcage will balance my old two-tone one nicely.

    Several of the life and culture charms will be gifts to family members. The stethoscope comes to mind. The rabbit lantern, if cute in person, might make it onto my Easter bracelet.

    Like you, I’ve been into mini design stacks lately. In the summer heat it feels more comfortable.

    Again, welcome back!

    • The scarecrow has a disc attached to it “love guard”. Pandora sure like their engraved messages on or with their charms ATM.

      • Maybe we will get a tin man at some point. I have the lion. We could do a Wizard of Oz mini design!

    • Hi Deborah! Ooh your Halloween design will look so fun with all those beads on it! I only got the My Boo from last year, but I love it. I have a full Halloween design with older Pandora beads, however, and I have a couple of spaces left on it. This pumpkin will take up one of those!

      I think, especially with Pandora, that you can wear pretty much what you like. I’ve often found that people see ‘Pandora’ as a brand before they register what charms you have on it, in my experience… and you could style the fairy-tales with some more neutral and elegant older decorative beads to balance them out. :D

      The rabbit would be such a fun Easter charm! I was struggling to think of how you would wear it, but that should have occurred to me, really.

      Thanks, Deborah! :D

  11. Welome back and congratulations on your engagement. Love alot of the fall collection. I am starting my list today! I have a question though. Does any one have any updates on when the Floating heart locket bangle will be available?

    • Thank you very much! :D The bangle is not in the AW catalogue, and I’ve not heard anything else unfortunately. :(

    • No indeed! The gold charm above is a 14kt gold bead, it’s not Pandora Shine. There is another one in the Winter line, too.

  12. This is exactly why I need you in my life! I am making a “sweet dreams” theme where my daughter and I saw we are going to dream about cupcakes, rainbows, butterflies and unicorns …. while I have the old unicorn this new Bruno guy really fits the whimsical feel! Thank you so so so so so so much for posting! In ecstatc for the fall now.

    Giant hugs to you and again …. so happy your back!!

    Nichol (My Pandora Charmed Life)

    • Yay! Sounds so cute! I’m so glad she’s back too as I need to know how to budget my Pandora dollars!!!

    • That sounds absolutely adorable and perfect for your daughter! Bruno will be one happy little unicorn with all those cupcakes and rainbows around him haha.

      Thank you, you’re so sweet! :D :D I love your videos, too!

  13. Hello, Ellie. Thak you so much for your post. I was so eager to get to know the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection. I fell in love with the Regal Fairytale section, must have for me is The Regal Key, Lock & Heart and Bruno the Unicorn. But I like everything about Regal Fairytales. Have a good week. Thank you Aline.

    • Hi Aline, you are most welcome! :) I love the fairy-tales, too. Such a classic Pandora theme to go for. Have a lovely week, too!

  14. Omg omg omg the unicorn!!!!!!!! I’m so getting that. Also the grain collection looks nice and I’m thinking about grain heart thingy.
    So much silver and even real gold! I’m surprised by how nice this collection looks.
    Haha I bet some product manager finally listened to us.
    P.s. glad pandora is no longer retaliating at you and forcing you to take down images while allowing all other bloggers to blog. Their behaviour was so odd because they are finally making nice stuff but acting so weird

    • Hello, I agree with you, there was missing more original silver jewelry and full of detail on Pandora. I am loving this Regal Fairytale collection full of filigree, keys and has a beautiful unicorn.

    • He’s so cute isn’t he! :D I like the grain safety chain as well from that collection.

      Thank you! Hopefully things will be a little more straightforward going forward. :)

  15. So glad you’re back and Congratulations! I was wondering about the floating heart locket bangle too. I keep looking for this piece. There have been a few Pandora stores that have it on their websites but when you contact them they admit they that they really don’t have it in stock.

    • Thanks so much, Paula! :D I have not heard any more about it, unfortunately. The original rumour was that it was going to be held back until Autumn, but there’s no sign of it in the launch guides unfortunately.

  16. I wasn’t very excited for anything in the pre-autumn collection, but there are a couple of things here that I’d like for sure! I love the dangle key (finally one that isn’t heart shaped!), and the purple faceted floating locket could be neat too.

    The one thing I haven’t seen yet that I’m a little surprised about (and keep waiting for!) is a necklace with the round padlock. They made a necklace for the pink pavé heart lock, but nothing for the round padlock… yet! Maybe in the winter/Christmas collection (which I’m already excited for! Haha)

    Thanks for the preview!! So nice to have you back! ❤️

    • The Pre-Autumn collection perhaps suffers for being quite decorative and focusing on the Pandora signature charms as its hook. As we’ve had quite a few of them in previous years, it doesn’t feel that substantial overall, perhaps? I think there are some lovely individual pieces in it, though. The ‘O’ bead is very pretty, and the new bracelets are nice!

      Glad to hear that there are things you like here, though! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll make that necklace for you. ^^ Thanks so much for commenting!

  17. These are wonderful! I missed out on the last padlock bracelet. I will be getting this one. I’m so happy you are back and everything has been worked out. I have missed these emails!!!

  18. So good to see you back again after a absence. Thank you for the lovely pictures of the new upcoming charms, the unicorn looks very cute one to have.

  19. Glad to see you back. Congratulations on your engagement. Loving quite a few of the new beads including the grain theme. Do you know if the Regal Beauty bead is faceted or just purple enamel? It looks gorgeous in the picture. I wish the scroll work on the sides of the new murano wasn’t hearts although it does look really pretty. Love the pumpkin, unicorn & Family Roots.
    Any idea when you will be able to post on the new Disney beads? I’ve heard there is a lot of exciting new additions to that collection and some are supposed to be coming toward the end of summer.

    • I have been told it is enameled similar to the Rockette holiday charm and that it is quite beautiful:)

    • Thank you so much, Karyn! ? The Regal Beauty does look nice, and the fact that it’s enamel does bring the price down a little, which is a bonus!

      I currently do not have permission to preview Disney. :( I am trying to find out if there is any wiggle room on this, but up until now they have been trying to keep the Disney lines from leaking ahead of time.

      • Yes Disney Legal likes to keep away from free publicity unless it’s one of their preferred bloggers or media outlets. Unfortunately their way of doing things insures that only their chosen few reap the profits of their crappy policy. Keeps us regular people from any chance of being in the know ahead of time. Seems that the Pandora company suffers from a similar way of doing things.

  20. I really love this whole collection and my wishlist is getting longer again ? but do you think there is any chance you can add the € prices in the future?

  21. Hi Ellie, I’m so glad you are back. Your blog is really the best! I think Pandora is really heading a nice way this year.

    I really like Bruno. He is so cute! i also like the seeds of elegance clip and the birdcage. I also like the elegance stethoscope for a friend of my who is learning for doctor.

    I just came back off a holiday in France. And get the birdnecklace from the springcollecrion with 50% discount. I think the cashier made a mistake there.

    Did you get some nice stuff of the festivalcollection?

    • Hi Manon, thank you, that is so kind of you to say! :D It is so lovely to be back and chatting again with you all. I agree, this year’s collections have really regenerated my interest. Character beads and fairy tales and sweet little animals – all things I love!.

      Wow, great price for the bird necklace! That one is so lovely. I have the Bird House charm, but I would like the ring as well. I did get two beads from the Summer collection, and I just posted a little review of them. :)

  22. Thanks for the lovely preview. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the previews. It’s nice to see them doing some different pieces. The two that I’m liking the look of are the lace of love charm and dazzling grain swirls.

    • I have some more previews coming soon! :D You always do lovely things with the decorative beads, the Lace of Love bead would look great in your collection.

  23. I love the smooth padlock bracelet, I’ve been thinking about getting another bracelet so this maybe it! The harvest and grain motifs would be amusing to use on my bracelet as I can’t actually consume their real life counterparts. I like the Seeds of Elegance clip though, nice texture. And the Iridescent White Glass is lovely. Free as a Bird is certainly on my list and there will probably be a unicorn in my bracelets future, no doubt as a gift from my mother. I’m gutted I missed the frog prince charm so I do hope we get another frog charm in the future.

    • That one is lovely, too! I still don’t quite like to add lots of charms to the padlock style bracelets, but it is so pretty and would look very pretty with the other fairy-tale beads. Rue La La had the Frog Prince charm for a little while, not sure if they still do. He is a beauty!

  24. Oooh pretty collection! I’m really looking forward to the Pandora Rose autumn preview pleeaaase do it next :)
    oh and WELCOME BACK!

  25. It’s so nice to see the Autumn preview today! For starters, I like the look of the Smooth Padlock bracelet. My absolute must haves will be the Iridescent White murano and Lace of Love. I’ve been hoping for a pretty white murano for years and it’s finally here! The Lace of Love reminds me a little of the pretty Lacey ring from the Shine collection that I really liked. Bruno the Unicorn makes it to my list simply because he’s so adorable. The Love Potion, Free as a Bird and Sweet Pumpkin round out my list. I’ll need to see the Grains of Life collection in person, but the Radiant Grains of Energy and Dazzling Grain Swirls look like possibilities. Might be something I’d like for a mini design on my open bangle for the fall. All in all, nice collection. I’m looking forward to seeing your Rose and Essence previews. Thank you, Ellie, for this lovely post!!!

    • White murano glass beads are so useful! I have all the others they have put out to date – they’re great for bringing out the colour in other glass beads, or for just adding a little interest/symmetry into a more neutral bracelet design. So I’m also happy to see another, and I do like the stylised core. :D

      You are very welcome! <3 I'm a fan of this collection, too - a lot of your favourites overlap with mine. Thank you for commenting!

  26. Wow, Ellie, thanks for posting a preview so quickly after returning to the blog! I have missed seeing collection previews dearly! The fairytale beads look so lovely—especially the Fairytale Book, Regal Beauty, and Dazzling Crown Clips. The Regal Beauty looks like such a rich purple color! My Disney bracelet is in desperate need of a re-design since I removed the Beauty and the Beast charms charms and put them on their own dedicated bangle, so maybe I can re-purpose it to more of a generic fairytale theme with some Disney beads mixed in. The new murano looks interesting. I have seen that there is going to be a version of this with a Pandora Rose core, and I think that looks even prettier. I also really like the Radiant Grains of Energy Charm and Seeds of Elegance Clip (I have seen this clip is coming out in Rose and Shine as well). I really want to purchase the new Rose Mesh Bracelet and work on my Shine bracelet (it still only has one charm). Since I am focused on these two lines, I am even more eager to see the Rose and Shine collections! I think I spied a Shine scarecrow in one of the Instagram pictures!

    • I thought it was a nice way to relaunch, with a fun preview! The fairy tale beads are lovely, and I will definitely have to get a couple, even though I have all the original Spring 2013 ones. ^^ I think your idea of mixing the Disney beads with the fairy-tale charms is a lovely one – that’s a really good way of showcasing them without all the Disney-ness getting too full on. Yes, there’s a Pandora Rose one, but no Shine version! The Rose does look gorgeous against the white. You did also see a Shine scarecrow!

  27. Congratulations on your engagement, I wish you and your fiancé all the happiness in the world.
    Like so many of us I have definitely missed reading your blog. I am very excited for this release. So far there is one definite piece the Regal Love Key, just beautiful. There are a couple of pieces that I would like to make my decision when I see it in person.
    I’m excited to see the Pandora Rose collection, I’m secretly hoping they release a similar murano in rose with the murano being pink. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you for your post, look forward to seeing more?

    • Hi Janelle. I have seen an image on Instagram of this murano with a Pandora Rose core. However, the glass is also an iridescent white color, not pink.

      • That’s right, no pink one coming out unfortunately. The design is quite generic, it would have been nice to see it in some different colours. Unfortunately it does seem like they’re scaling back on murano glass overall.

    • Thank you so much Janelle, that’s so sweet of you! ? I am also excited for this launch – fairy tale beads are always popular, and these are some very nice ones. The Unicorn is a little different as well! <3

  28. :-) Thank you for sharing, dear Ellie,
    however, I find it rather disappointing! Maybe I have to see it in the shop…
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday evening,
    Claudia :-)

    • Aw, perhaps something will catch your eye in person! You are welcome, nevertheless. Have a lovely week ahead!

  29. Thank you so much Ellie for showing us the new Pandora Autumn collection. It is so hard to choose which charms I would pick out when they release. Gosh they are just so beautiful and the new bracelets I absolutely adore the new padlock smooth bracelet and the bangle as well. I know for sure I have to get Bruno the unicorn. As a unicorn myself how can I not get a charm that represents me. ???? I haven’t seen any of the Halloween charms before since I just recently started building my collection but I can’t wait to get the sweet pumpkin. All of these are so wonderful, getting any of these would be a dream. Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Can’t wait to read your next blog!!! ?? lots of love!!! ❤?❤?

    • My pleasure! :) The padlock charm bracelet is one of my favourites as well, although I do still hesitate about wearing charms on that style of bracelet. I will have to have a play around to see how best to style everything! If you did want to see the older Halloween beads, you can just search ‘hallowoen’on the blog and you’ll see all my previous posts and the older charms.How fun that you’ve started collecting recently! Have a wonderful day too and thank you for commenting !<3

  30. Some of these charms look great! Thanks for the preview! Do you know if there will be any other Disney releases this year?


    • I may or may not have seen some pictures of some awesome new Disney beads coming out later this year. I was told some would be released at the end of August. And there are definitely new Christmas Mickey’s Not sure if what I know of will be released everywhere or if some may have been Park exclusives. I’ll be going broke & am looking forward to when Ellie can post some pictures of the new Disney beads.

    • Yes, definitely more Disney beads – I’m not allowed to preview those unfortunately though. :(

      • Well I’m definitely glad there’s more, shame you can’t show us yet! I’ll look forward to it!

        Thanks! And congratulations! ? x

  31. I do like the fairytale pieces and glad you finiallly got your pumpkin charm. Looking forward to what else is to come.

    • Haha I know! So happy to have a new Halloween bead, even if it’s a repeat of a previous one. Would still love them to really embrace it as a theme one year!

  32. This fabulous, so excited to see you back Ellie, welcome back and congratulations on your engagement. This autumn collection is mouthwatering!!! Great collection. I already see quite a lot I will be happy to add to my collection.

    Really missed your blog, I’m overjoyed to read your previews and opinion on my favorite brand.

    • Thank you so much! It is so much fun to be back so far, and everyone has been so kind. ? Glad you like this collection, too!

  33. Hi again and thank you for this preview. I was itching to see this realease, as some ladies had tipped that it was going to be awsome and it doesn´t disappoint. I like the grains and some regals. A new project is beginning to take shape in my mind. Or maybe two ;). Anyway I have to start saving, lol.

    • Forgot to mention that I also like that new bracelet you can´t talk about but it´s been posted on IG ;)

    • Hi Marie! Yay, I’m so glad it lived up to expectations. I love the themes and characters they’ve gone for. There’s a good handful of charms I like, without being too many, which is a good sweet spot – there was much I wanted from Spring that it was a little overwhelming haha.

  34. The charms are nice but not enough to make me run out and buy one.I’m a little,ok a lot disappointed that they really have a very nice vibrant firefighter charm but the police charm that’s out now is dull and the design is such you need a magnifying glass to know what it is .The firefighter charm is bright and colorful.I wish they come out with a better charm for law enforcement as well as other professions.Pandora needs to understand that the price they charge for these charms are on the expensive side.Technically you can go to any jewelry store and find gold/silver charms for a lot less.so in essence we’re paying for the Pandora name overall..I have a number of Pandora bracelets and prefer the charms that have more color to them(not the muranos) and wish Pandora would put just a tad more color into their silver charms to help brighten up the bracelets.(for example the 2018 silver pumpkin could have a tint of orange.)Pandora has a unique look,but just a hint more color would be nice overall..

    • Perhaps they’ll follow up with more options! I think it’s a tricky one for them, as the brighter beads are often the hardest to style for a lot of people. A nice bright blue for the police would be nice, though, and a good complement to the firefighter bead – so I hope one makes its way out to you some day! :)

  35. Second comment of the day hehe! I am so, so glad you’re back! Really missed your insight and design sensibility!! That pumpkin is so darn cute—omgee! Again, congratulations on your engagement, and just so happy to see you back in action!! ?

    • Haha, thank you so much! :D :D It has been a lot of fun getting back in the saddle and seeing what I’ve got to catch up on. Thank you! ?

  36. Hi Ellie,

    Congratulations on your engagement! I am so glad you are back.?

    For the Autumn collection, I like the pumpkin and the unicorn as they are so cute! I have got a couple of items from the Spring collection but none from the Summer one so far. Hence I’m really looking forward to this collection and your choice of beads from these as well as your styling tips. Once again, welcome back! ?

    • Hi Jen! Thank you so much ? The pumpkin and unicorn are two of my top picks as well – I also do like the padlock bracelet, bird cage, book and the white murano. Lots of pretty things to choose from, and I’m sure I’d go for more if I didn’t have so much Pandora already! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  37. Its a very cute and interesting collection. I’m very interested in the birdcage charm,murano with the intricate core design and bruno the unicorn(for my unicorn loving daughter).Thank you for the preview. Love to see what the rose collection is like.

    • Great picks, those tally with mine pretty much. :) The Rose collection has some nice pieces in it, too!

  38. SO happy to see you back and congrats on the engagement! This collection is so beautiful! It’s so good to see new gold charm too! I’m so excited now!

    • Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 14kt gold bead too! I guess they just avoided putting any new ones out last season to give Shine as much room as possible. Thank you so much, that’s so lovely of you to say! ?

  39. Ellie!!! Very happy to see you back and congrats on your big news!! I am so glad for you and the soon-to-be Mr. Mora Pandora ;) He is a keeper!

    (I got married less than a year ago and decided to splurge on a 14k retiring Key to My Heart charm to symbolize our marriage…it will probably be my only golden charm ever, but at least it was on sale on Rue La La.)

    Thanks for the new previews and all…we understand if you are busy. Life gets in the way sometimes and we are glad you are doing well :)

    • Thank you so much, Kris! ??? He is lovely, I am lucky to have him. Congratulations on your wedding as well, what a beautiful memento. If you’re going to get just one gold bead, that’s the perfect occasion to do so. I should think about that, too! :)

      I have been busy, and it was just rather stressful with the embargoes and not knowing what was going on. It is lovely to be back now though!

  40. Nice post! Some nice things here. I am a little disappointed in another jack-o-lantern as we already have one of those. Was hoping for a plain pumpkin with a beautiful swirly stem but I am glad they are doing proper holiday themed charms. Thanks

    • I understand that, but I”m just so happy to see them return to doing Halloween beads! Apparently the US are going to get some more engraved designs this season for Halloween, too. :D

  41. Hello! So happy to see this and that you are happy and well. Can anyone tell me based on past history if there will possibly be some sort of promotion when this collection is released?

    • Based on previous years, no – but they’ve really started to make changes with the way they do promos since last year. This year I think in the US there is going to be a repeat of the Mother’s Day jewellery box promo alongside the official launch, and in the UK we are getting a 3 for 2 on charms soon.

  42. Thanks for all your work organizing this. I’m quite taken with the wheat heart and the seeds of elegance clips. The white glass is gorgeous and I’m not sure you can ever have too much of it ? I think the unicorn is very cute, I might need to see that one in person before I totally make up my mine and the dazzling crown clips are sweet also. I will for sure get a pumpkin, I missed the original one back in the day ( I bought the ghost instead) I love the padlock bangle, please keep us posted on whether it’s available in Canada ( it would be a fantastic Christmas gift for my sister)

    • My pleasure! :) Ah, the ghost is a super cute Halloween bead – I think you made a good choice back in the day. And now you can get this pumpkin! :D I’ll let you know if I hear anything about that bangle. It wasn’t in the NA catalogue I saw, which is odd. It might be being kept back as a promo item or something like that though!

  43. Thanks for the preview Ellie! This definitely looks like a new direction for Pandora. I like some of the charms out of the regal fairytale, the unicorn looks cute alright :) I think I may have to see them in person to see what I might go for. Great to see that Pandora has some new Halloween themed charms! I have the original witch, ghost, pumpkin combo and added the creeoy clown recently. I pair them with green and purple muranos for a Hocus Pocus witch look.. along with the cat, frog and owls… After hearing there are more character beads in the winter release I am sooo looking forward to that :) It’s so great to see these previews again Ellie!

    • Ah, it’s amazing that you have the full set of the original Halloween beads! The only one I am missing is the Witch, which I always found a bit uncute, but now the collector in me wishes I had got it, just to round off the set. The clown is just a bit too creepy for me haha ? I love the sound of your bracelet, that’s a proper Halloween design. I have a Halloween bracelet with blacks and oranges. :) You are welcome, it was great fun to put together!

  44. Hi Ellie; I love Bruno the ?, he looks very cute and is perfect for my rainbow ? bracelet, this collection is beautiful and there are a lot of charms in my wish list, including the rabbit lantern and the safety chains. Thank you for this amazing preview.

  45. I’m so excited about the pumpkin! I wish they would do more halloweeen themed ones in future. I can’t wait to see the new collections in store and play with them.

    • Me too! I love the Halloween charms – the only I don’t have so far is the Witch, as I always found her a bit uncute compared to the other two, but now I kind of wish I did so that I could have the original set of three. ^^ It’s good that there will be new ones, though!

  46. Thank you for the lovely preview. I am anxious to get a few of these and can see some of them styled on my brown leather. An exciting collection indeed.

    • Ooh that sounds like a lovely combo. I have been looking at some live images of the Summer collection and the brown leather is so pretty.

  47. It’s really weird, but your return to the blog works like magic… I’ve suddenly regained interest in this brand, it just wasn’t the same while you were gone – I’ve only bought into the Spring collection this year.

    My must haves are the pumpkin and Bruno… Here’s hoping that both these charms will be available in Belgium.

    • It absolutely makes my day to hear that – that is so lovely of you to say. thank you! I can’t see why you wouldn’t get either of those beads in Belgium, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    • I’d love to know the answer to this also. I was trying to search last night & think I may have found it but since there is no captioning that I could find on any pictures or dates I really don’t know if what I saw was the “new” bracelet or just a very distorted view of the mesh bracelet in Silver, rose gold & shine. But the person who posted that picture must have a lot of money to be able to get all three plus the charms they had on them in one shopping trip. I don’t even remember how I found it other than searching for Pandora Bracelets.

      • I only saw it in silver. I remember following the tipp given by a lady from Australia and I ended up in an IG account where I could see some leaked images.

    • Go to Ellie ‘s last post before she came back and read the comments from bottom to top. It won’t take you long to find where to look.

      • Well the only other bracelet I could find is the two tone one that looks like it belongs to the Grains of Life group or the Lariat style with graduated round balls.

        • I saw the Lariat style with graduated beads. I was wondering if they were going to start selling the Padlocks separately so that those types of bracelets could be changed.

  48. I love this collection, thank you for posting!
    I’ll definitely be getting one of the harvest themed charms as I live in the countryside and they remind me of all the crops that grow in the fields around the village. Probably the Icon of Nature charm!
    I can’t resist the Sweet Pumpkin either – I think he’d look cute as a standalone charm on my black cord Moments bracelet around Halloween.
    Do you know if the top left in the ‘decorative’ collage is a locket charm or just a design with an inner section? I’m still sad they discontinued the previous small heart locket. The current sparkly heart locket doesn’t quite fit the design I’d be using it for. :(

    • HI Kate, sorry for missing your comment! I love the Pumpkin too. ^^ I think that that charm on the decorative section is just a design with an inner section, it doesn’t appear to open. :( I imagine this is intended as more delicate replacement for a true locket bead.

  49. waw thanks for posting made me so happy to find out there will come these fairy tale charms i was already losing my hope and this castle and book are so perfect also unicorn is cute or this lock to heart :)

  50. Hello!! :) i really like the harvest theme as it is something close to me. However I am unable to figure out what is the purple at the bottom of the “grain of energy” clip supposed to mean. It will be really helpful if anyone can help to figure it out! Xx

    • Hey! Sorry for the delayed response! the clip has purple enamel at the bottom. Is that what you meant? :) xx

  51. I really like the fall wheat themes especially the jeweled amber wheat bead. I live in wheat country so it especially speaks to me.

    I have only gotten into charm jewelry in the past year and have experimented with other brands and have found the pandora jewelry to be far superior in quality and customer service.

    But, I do find all the heart shaped pieces unattractive. I feel way too old to pull off heart shaped jewelry. Why does pandora keep repeating the same designs over and over again? Please let the company know us grown ups like to purchase affordable jewelry for ourselves, I don’t need a man to buy me my jewelry. Thanks. Great job on the post!

    • I totally agree with the Way Too Many Hearts. I rarely purchase any pieces that have hearts as it just isn’t my thing. That’s why the Pre-Autumn collection does absolutely nothing for me.

  52. Scarecrow in shine for me; the pumpkin (can’t wait); and I would love silicone clips for rose gold bracelets!?! The seed clip is really nice, simple and a must have..a couple mentioned BOO and zimhave had mine for 3 years and just love it with the black and orange fascinating murano. I finally snagged the witch. Why oh why is Holloween so fun! So many memories from years past. I wish the kids in the future could enjoy like we did. Neighborhoods back when we’re so friendly and at least where we lived pretty worry-free!
    Everyone’s posts are so fun to read with their wish lists!

    • I like the scarecrow too! ^^ I’d be tempted to get him, depending on how much I buy from the regular collection. The Pumpkin bead is really very exciting to me too! <3

  53. I really like the grain pieces as been designing my bracelets based on phases in my life. The grain ones would go on a future bracelet symbolizing my current life in the Canadian Prairies.

  54. It’s fine launching new products, but there has been no explanation why we have not seen or heard any more information about the floating heart bangle and ring.

    • Pandora haven’t given any information about them officially… if you read my latest post, the current word is that we will hopefully be seeing the floating locket ring for Autumn.

  55. Why can’t they bring out a nice cross charm. The one they originally brought out doesnt look as nice as the Om symbol.

  56. Thank you for answering my question, but do you know anything about the bangle. My daughter went into the shop when it was supposed to arrive so she could purchase it for mother’s day to match the floating heart necklace she gave me for Christmas.

    • No, I’ve not heard anything I’m afraid. It might be worth getting in touch with your local Pandora, but I’ve not had any info yet through my sources :)

  57. I am VERY excited about several of these charms.
    I will be waiting at Jared for doors to open on the 30th.
    Thanks also for today’s Rue La La event. I bought
    One pink ribbon murano last week, and was able to
    get another today. It is lovely!

    I have plans to use radiant grains with Belle’s muranos,
    and my daughter wants to borrow orange muranos
    to go with the new pumpkin. Pandora is smart to
    help us style older charms in new ways!

  58. I’m new to this blog. I purchased Free As a Bird, You By My Side and Regal key Pendant in silver. I placed them in between Natures Radiance in pink, Intertwined Radiance in clear and intertwined Radiance in purple which I had purchased years ago when these beads were first introduced. I placed them all on one of my most favored bracelets but left uncharted for years now Poetic Blooms. Dare I say wow! A great way to use my old charms. So happy. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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