Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for August 2018! This month packs a few promos in the run-up to the launch of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection, and I have some further details on both – and more! :)

Pandora Shine Autumn 2018Going forward, there’s lots of content coming up this month on the blog. I have some more Pandora Autumn 2018 previews to post, some further Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 reviews, and some catch-ups on releases I missed – the Summer 2018 collection, the Modern LovePods, and the Pandora Disney Summer 2018 beads too!

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection launch

The biggest event on the horizon has to be the launch of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection, which launches at the end of the month on 30 August! To whet your appetite for the collection, I have a few extra campaign images! One of my favourites is this one, which shows Bruno the Unicorn with the other PANDORA Friends. ??? There are more ‘friends’ coming for the Winter release, too.

Pandora Autumn 2018 friends

I particularly love the stylings that focus on the regal/fairy-tale beads. The campaign arrangements are beautiful!

Finally, I have one more charm to show you from the regular Autumn 2018 collection that I missed off my original preview. This is another 14kt gold option – it’s not a Pandora Shine bead:

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

I have Pandora Essence Autumn 2018 and Pandora Autumn 2018 jewellery previews coming up to show you, too. I’m still talking to Pandora about whether any kind of Disney preview is going to be possible. :)

Pandora bracelet promo for the US

Exciting news for Pandora collectors in the US, as there will be a free bracelet promo running this month! This will be available in store and online. From 9–13 August, spend $100 USD or more and receive a bracelet of up to $65 USD value for free. Upgrades are available, wherein you can pay the difference and get a more expensive bracelet.

Pandora promo for the US

Unfortunately, the free item cannot be from the Shine or Disney collections. :(

If you have a Pandora credit card, there’s also a pre-sale for this event running from 3-5 August. This sale is also scheduled to be available in Canada – details in the section below! :)

Pandora promotions for August 2018

For shoppers in the US, the jewellery box promo continues while stocks last: spend $125 USD or more and get the beautiful white box below:

This looks beautiful:

Image by tiedyedeb

In Canada, there’s currently a 30% off sale on retired items. After that, the next promo will be from 9-12 August – details of Canadian promos are often subject to change, but currently the plan is an offer to mirror the US bracelet promo. Spends of $125 CAD will get you a free bracelet of up to $75 CAD value.

Pandora summer sale 2018

In Singapore, the offer below will be running from today until 12 August:

Pandora Singapore promo

In the UK, the 3-for-2 on charms and bracelets continues until 5 August. 

I have already taken advantage of this offer, and have stocked up on some clips I was after!

The offer is still going on for a few more days, however, and it’s extreeeemely tempting to go back again lol, especially as I now work in the centre of town and walk right past the store each day to get to my car. I just need to remind myself that there are actually these things called bills to pay, and an unimpressed fiancé to confess to ? (I kid, I kid. Mostly.)

Pandora Collegiate beads for the US

Pandora in the US often release engraved charms as an affordable way to cater to more specific demands within their own region – the latest set of exclusive engraved beads are in honour of US colleges. This is not something that I know a lot about, but it is something I’ve seen requested various times during my time blogging, so I hope that you like these, if you’ve been wanting them!

Pandora engraved college beads

These are all engraved designs, retailing for $65 USD each:

There are live images of these beads from tiedyedeb, who as usual has taken lots of shots of the beads from different angles at her eBay store. Some of them are quite nice enamel designs in their own right, regardless of their college affiliations… I like the orange paw print particularly!

Pandora US exclusive
Image by tiedyedeb
Image by tiedyedeb

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Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 China exclusive Lovebirds charm release

You may remember that there was a Chinese exclusive Lovebirds charm listed as being part of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection – this, however, did not make an appearance with the rest of the collection last month.

Pandora China exclusive

The bead has now been launched for Chinese Valentine’s Day, which falls later in the year than ours – this explains a little as to why China had this lone little exclusive that seemed so out of keeping with the rest of the Pre-Autumn 2018 collection! It’s retailing at ¥649, and you can see it at the Chinese eStore here. This helpful image shows why the charm is called ‘Lovebirds’ – it seems that the birds are silhouetted inside the charm:

Image courtesy of Cindy Low

Hat tip to Cindy Low for posting about this on Facebook! :)

My Comment

In terms of my upcoming month, I will – mostly – be saving for the Autumn launch right at the tail end of it. However, the US bracelet promo is tempting to me as it would be a rather nice little opportunity to indulge in a few of the new Modern LovePods, which haven’t made it out here in the UK.

This is my first news round-up back, and I just wanted to say thank you again for your thoughtful, kind comments on my engagement post. They were wonderful, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to read through them. I’m still in the process of replying to them all, and doing a few each day puts such a smile on my face! :)

To finish off this round-up, I leave you with this picture of Ruby the very naughty Cocker spaniel, which I found while rifling through some old files on my laptop ? (I will note that the bag was empty, and that no charms were hurt in the taking of this photo)

What are you excited for this month? Are you planning any purchases?

76 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for August 2018

  1. Awe, Ruby is so cute!!!

    I love the new gold charm coming out. Gorgeous colour combination.

    Hoping Pandora will let you show Disney! ?

    I know I’ve already said it, but it is truly wonderful to have you back and to have these wonderful posts from you and your thoughts/reviews and cute comments!

    • Haha, thanks! ? She is at her cutest when she is trying to get away with something lol!

      That’s so lovely of you to say, thank you Emily! I’ve loved catching up some of your videos and pretty designs on Instagram as well :)

  2. Hello Ellie, today my jeweler friend who is retailer and Pandora told me that in addition to Bruno there will also be a bear but does not want to reveal other details. Theodore can not be because she does not treat the Rose, you know something more? Today I bought the red pavè spacers, the bracelet with the heart opening and an old Openwork for my Moorish style bracelet. A hug

    • Hi Angela! Hmm, no other bears for Autumn in any of the pre-release material I’ve been given. There’s another Christmas Bear coming out for Winter, plus some other ‘friends’, perhaps she meant that? Love the sound of your purchases, lovely mix of older and newer beads there! ^^

  3. Hey Ellie, that is wonderful news about the US promo! I feel like Pandora heard my wish as I wanted a new bracelet ha ha! I am planning to take part. I hope I can do so from abroad if I shop online as I would have my US credit card and address here. So looking forward to it! I would like either some charms from the new collection to make up my spend or something from previous releases would be fine too. You are so good to let us know about these promos :) Ruby the cocker spaniel is really cute indeed! It almost looks like she’s saying ‘I know I’m being a bit naughty here but amn’t I cute all the same’

    • Hi Pauline! Haha, excellent! Fingers crossed you’re all set to go shopping in the US as well :) what bracelet do you think you’ll get? I’m quite tempted to get the sliding bracelet to try out!

      Funnily enough I do believe that is exactly what Ruby is trying to say! ? It works most of the time too!

      • Hi Ellie, yes I’m all set! I really love the plain silver heart clasp bracelet so would like to get a second one. I have a mini design planned for it with just a few charms! I would like to add precious girl & boy and the enchanted garden murano and maybe the popcorn charm :) And perhaps the pink petite facets charm. That’s a lot more charms than $100 can buy for sure but at least I’ll get started ;) Ruby is so sweet, that is the same expression my dog used to have when he did something cheeky. Have a wonderful weekend Ellie, it’s such a treat to read your posts again!

  4. Hi Ellie!

    So even your cute dog is a Pandora addict!

    It’s crazy I know, but I am always in the market for a bracelet! There are a few things to tempt me, so I will be hitting the pre-sale on the 3rd. I can always get my Shine love pod for the spend. I might upgrade to the Rose bangle…

    Saw your 3-2. I actually would like just those 3 things on a bangle. Stunning, even if they are all clips!

    Thanks for the pictures and the info on the promotion.

    • P.S. All our colleges have sports teams. So in addition to getting a charm for your alma mater, you are getting one for their sports teams as well. My husband is a Virginia Tech graduate from more than a half century ago. We still watch each and every Virginia Tech football and basketball game…

      • Ah, I see! I am quite clueless as to this side of things. My OH is into football here in England, and I like to watch the tennis from time to time, but in other sports I am not very clued up haha. :)

    • Hi Deborah! She’s not got her paws on any actual bracelets or charms yet at least ?

      I know, I am always tempted as well. Especially since at the moment I am more into making mini designs, which means I only need a few charms or so before I consider myself finished and ready for the next one ;) Ooh, I was considering going for a Shine LovePod piece, but think I will settle on Rose and silver. I do just love the contrast between Rose and clear stones in particular. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

      • I already have the silver and the Rose. When I add the Shine, I can wear all three on the open your heart necklace from the summer collection. I actually have some tri-tone jewelry left over from the 1980’s. So I’m doing some simple tri-tone designs to coordinate.

  5. Hi Ellie,
    I have been enjoying all your posts since you have returned! Even though I am still only collecting Disney (which is getting harder to do!) I appreciate all the detailed information you supply. I know I am not the only one to have viewed “sneak peeks” of fall Disney. The images are out there, just not the prices. I will not beat a dead horse regarding sneak peeks and Pandora BUT it is just nice to plan purchases.

    Oh, while you where away I did get Cinderella’s carriage, and you were right it is gorgeous! ?

    • Hi Heather! Oh, well, thank you so much for sticking with us even if there’s been a lack of Disney lately. :) I’m aware that the sneak peeks are out there, and it is sad not to be able to show them here yet – I can’t link to them either as I know that Pandora do not want them out there, and want me to keep to their schedule. Perhaps this is something they might relax a little on going forward. Disney sneak peeks are always so exciting, especially when we have new characters! I found the Spring releases disappointing for just being Mickey and Minnie. :)

      And yay! The Carriage! That is one of my favourite beads <3 enjoy! ?

  6. Hi Ellie, I am excited about the 14k charm. I love the pink stones. Do you know what the price is? Ruby is beautiful. Thanks again for a great post. Glad you are back ?

    • Hi Susan! Apologies, that should have been in there. It will be $400 USD / $440 CAD. Glad you enjoyed the post! :D

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Canadian promo news it is making me feel better about my local shop in shop not getting their order with the new charms and previous release restock. I can pretend like they are helping me to save my dollars for the bracelet promo.
    I like the idea of upgrading the bracelet. Nice to see Pndora being more flexible.
    Your clips are lovely! You chose well.
    Ruby is precious! And I love that she is taking an interest in your passion for Pandora.
    Thanks again for the update.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! You’re welcome. The Canadian promos do tend to be a bit hazy and are subject to change but that’s the next promo I’ve been told is coming up :) Glad that your Pre-Autumn delay fits in nicely with that!

      Yes, I’m pleased with the clips! I went in with the intention of getting the heart shaped Rose sparkling clips but they were really quite bulky in person. The Shining Elegance suited my bracelet better. ^^ Thanks for commenting! :)

  8. That’s funny that you like the Clemson charm; my hubby went there, and because they don’t have a charm for my school (Go Tar Heels!), I’ll probably get that one.

    I am also looking forward to the free bracelet.

    Thanks for a great post.

  9. Ruby is adorable! but she is definitely looking a bit guilty.

    Love your clip purchases – beautiful.

    Thanks for this update. You are certainly back with a bang. Looking forward to the end of month release and your posts.

    • That look translates roughly to ‘I know that I shouldn’t have this and you know that I shouldn’t have this but now that I do have it I am disinclined to give it back to you’ ?

      Thanks very much Lozzie! :D I’m really looking forward to the Autumn launch as well!

  10. Reading your blog for today has made me even more ecstatic for the Autumn collection launch. August could not have gotten here any sooner haha ?? I was waiting to see when will you post the new Pandora Promotion in the US. I haven’t had time to read all your recent blogs and post. Work has me all tied up and so glad I have time to catch up. I would love to wait until the end of August for the new collection to arrive but oh boy is the promotion so tempting. ?? Pandora is making me broke but totally worth it. I love the charms and I can’t wait to actually get them and add it to my own bracelets. I may have only started my pandora not so long ago but I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for the Bruno the unicorn charm. It would make my life complete with my rainbow inspired bracelet. ?? I feel like Agnes from Despicable Me and I just have to have my unicorn. There’s also so many other charms, clips and etc., that I am excited for. When Pandora finally has it I will be there ready to get them all!!! ?☺?? Oooh and the Disney collection ?? knowing that they will have more coming very soon makes me melt!!! Yes, please Pandora ???? let Ellie post the new Disney summer beads!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us Ellie, it is always so lovely reading your blogs and Ruby is absolutely adorable. ??? Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!!! ??

    • Hi Rebecca. I was also thinking about putting together a rainbow-childhood dedicated bracelet and plan on adding Bruno the unicorn, teddy, rainbow clips and safety chain along with some other charms that have a child like quality to them. I plan to add some retired charms too.

    • Aww that’s so good to hear! I’m really glad you’re excited. :D Pandora do have a sneaky habit of scheduling their promos just before a new release, to try and tempt you tp spend twice. I’m quite tempted to do this US promo so it has certainly worked on me!

      Aha, I’m sure a lot of people feel the same about Bruno! We did have a two-tone unicorn dangle a few years ago, which is a beautiful piece, but a lot of people don’t like dangles and its horn does catch on things if you’re not careful. This is a nice complement to that older bead. :)

      Again, I’m so pleased to read how excited you are! Thank you for the lovely comment, and have a great weekend!

  11. Can’t wait for the essence preview, it will probably disappoint me once again but the anticipation is killing me.

  12. Ahhh Ruby is beautiful. I really missed your blog, it’s great you are back. I’ve purchased far too many in this recent promotion and sale but having a real problem with the Pandora site and was just wondering if anyone can help me out as I can’t believe I am the only one with this problem.
    When I go onto the Pandora site and browse I only get 3 rows of items and then it says underneath something like 687 items , meaning there are 687 items left to browse but nothing else will load, also, I cannot add anything to my shopping basket. It’s so frustrating, I can’t browse or purchase anything. I spent all morning with Apple re figuring my iPad and it’s still the same.I have contacted Pandora who were not very helpful saying to use the desktop version which I am already doing and then to ring them and order but that’s not much use to me if I can’t browse what I want. It’s just so annoying. I’ve already missed out on the magnolia bloom with the dangle which was in the sale.
    Is anyone else experiencing these problems please and can anyone help me. This happens on the French and English site.

    • Haha, thank you! :) Which country version of are you shopping? I assume Canada as you say ‘french’ and ‘english’… It’s working okay for me on my laptop. Have you tried using another browser? It might be that the one you’re using is messing up or has bad cookies on it. Try it on another device, and try another browser. If that doesn’t work, have a look online to see how you clear your cookies for that website and see if that helps perhaps?

      • Hi, I’m in France but I’m English, I’ve tried everything you mentioned, tried google chrome instead of safari, cleared data history, cleared all the cookies, reset iPad to factory settings and reset password for wifi and nothing has worked. I’m so frustrated with it all, it used to be fine. I’m a big browser and buyer of Pandora,

        • Gosh how strange. I really don’t know what to suggest in that case :( you should take a screenshot and send it to them so that they can see what’s happening. I just tried it on a really old iPad of mine and it was working okay.

  13. Aw! Thank God that the bag was empty. Otherwise we could have thought lovely Ruby was a charm mishandler, lol. Difficult to believe though, since she´s got such an innocent, adorable face!<3<3<3 (What can I say, I´m always smitten when it comes to furry babies)
    Changing the subject, your clips are adorable too. That enchanted heart is really gorrrrgeous. The only thing that has kept me away from it is its huge size, though I´ve seen it used as a center piece, which would make it easier to wear for those of us with tiny wrists, so I haven´t give up hope completely. However, I´m trying to behave at the moment, as the autumm collection is on its way to us and I´ll be wanting several pieces from it. And then there´s winter and Pandora usually does its best at that time of the year. Besides, my holidays are approaching and I don´t want to blow my budget ahead of time. That said, I muss confess that I couldn´t help paying a visit to the mall last week and getting two Essence beads, after all one of them was on sale ;). And the second one is my very first Rose charm ( about time, don´t you think?, haha). Now I need a Rose ring, and another Rose item to go with this little one. Wait! Budget! I think I´d better breath in and out slowly and not go anywhere near the mall, or the shopping center again till the end of the month!!! (Those grain pieces have stolen my heart!
    To end up, kisses and huggies to Ruby ( she´s a such a cutie <3) and a big hug to you too, Ellie. It´s so nice to have you back and read your regular posts. I can´t wait to see your preview on Essence!

    • Aha! Charm mishandler sounds very serious indeed. I would not have found her quite so cute if there had been any charms at risk ? I am very much the same when it comes to fur babies, you are in good company haha.

      It is a really big clip, and I went into store in two minds about whether I would end up getting it. However it ended up looking absolutely perfect to finish off my engagement bracelet design. I’ll post a pic on instagram or something. It just balanced out the murano and the mr & mrs charm so perfectly! There are some very cute christmas charms coming out, it’s true… some quite wacky ones too, but there are some nice traditional festive beads!

      Oh yay for your first Rose bead! :D That is impressive to have held out that long! I love the Rose collection but then I got caught up in the initial hype back when the first test releases were out in 2014, so that influenced me quite a lot. ^^ I should probably take those deep breaths with you as I am really enjoying my Pandora after having come back to the blog, and it is tricky walking past the store each day and seeing those big ‘3 for 2’ signs in the window ?

      Big hug back to you Marie, thank you for your sweet comment as always! <3 The Essence release this season is teeny tiny (just three beads) so no big expectations there. There is another Rose bead though!

  14. Pandora should use ruby in their Christmas promo as she looks like she is giving you a gift, so cute :-).

    America gets all the best promos :'(, I would love a free bracelet promo where you could actually choose the exact bracelet that you want rather from a specific, limited choice they offer you :-O. I want a couple of the bangles with the heart clasp (I’ve only just discovered their very existence) as I would like to stack them with my 3 ‘plain’ bangles; I like to stack 5 with no charms. Our 3 for 2 is OK but it is more limiting than the free bracelet promo where you can buy just exactly what you want. I’ve had 2 free charms and I have a voucher for £20 off when I spend £120 at the end of the month, so I might see what they have left in the sale for that ;-), otherwise I’ll hope and pray that we also get a free bracelet promo where I can choose the bangles that I want ;-). Is there any news on whether we’ll get one this September/October? We didn’t get it last year :'(, just that free bangle, but again not our own choice :-/.

    • Aww they should totally have her as a mascot! ^^ She likes to collect toys as much as we collect beads haha.

      Yes, the US bracelet promo has historically always been better than ours :( nothing much we can do about it, it’s just how each regional office choose to run their promos. I think they try and woo the US market much more than in the UK, where Pandora is already so popular. I do like the 3 for 2 though, I think that’s a great promo. We definitely wouldn’t have got anything like that a few years ago! :) I haven’t heard about any further bracelet promos for us in the UK, I would imagine that we won’t unfortunately.

  15. Hi Ellie,

    I am so happy you are back and energized. Always a great pleasure to read you.? Ruby is so cute but looks guilty all the way LOL? I have been babysitting my sister’s cat for a week now and found Coco playing with some Pandora black tissue paper. He gets all excited since it makes noise and flies in the air because of lightness. Furry animals are so funny. I will try to take a picture next time.?

    I am almost done collecting Pandora two tone charms; now I am debating if I want to start collecting Shine products. ? It looks so yellow for my skin tone. I have been staying away from Rose Collection for that same reason.

    The bumblebee dangle and Theodore the bear are my favorites from the Shine collection so far. The Autumn collection looks stunning? especially the scarecrow dangle.

    I get all excited when I see the word Disney in your previews.????? On Instagram, I saw some sneak peaks of Pinocchio, Jiminy the cricket and Figaro the cat. So happy since brings back childhood memories.??? I was able to get the two tone Apple for my new Disney theme bracelet.???

    I am happy to hear there is a free bracelet promo coming up so I can get the mesh bracelet this time.??

    Have a wonderful day! Huggs to you and Ruby. ??

    • Hi Rachelle! Awww you should totally take a picture! Cats are the funniest animals. My friend’s cat has a weird hatred of daffodils. Any other flower, he’s fine. If she puts out daffodils, he gets up on the counter and drags them out of the vase until they are all on the floor. Why?! ?

      Ah, amazing, I have quite a big two-tone collection now as well :) the only ones I don’t have so many of are the very old more obscure decorative two-tone beads. I have most of the ‘classics ‘ now though. The apple is a particularly cute one! I have mine on a two-tone design along with Bambi and Thumper. ^^

      Have a lovely day too and thanks for the lovely comment!

    • Can I ask where you got the two tone Apple Charm? I’m looking for that for my fairytale bracelet! Hoping that maybe Rue La La would have it but no luck yet.

      • I have seen the two tone apple charm in the US outlets too, if you happen to be in the US. They do phone orders for a $20 shipping fee. Usually I find that once it appears in the outlets it makes it’s way to Rue too.

  16. Hi Ellie,

    So happy you’ve been back. Your spaniel is adorable, they make the best house dogs don’t they? I had an English Springer Spaniel as a kid. This promo is very tempting as I have a birthday this month lol

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you! <3 Absolutely, I am definitely a dog lover but I love spaniels the most! They are just too sweet. You should definitely go shop that promo haha! :D

  17. Hi Ellie,

    you have a really sweet dog. In the Netherlands the build a bracelet promo started today. i would really like to participat but i really spend quite a lot on holiday and the past few days.

    I’m whaiting on 2 packages 1 from Italy with the new pasta charm and one from
    england with 3 things of the new collection. i also need some savings to do for the autumn collection.

    do you know if there will be any petites released with the autumn collection?

    have a nice day!

    • Hi Manon! Thank you :D Thanks for letting me know about the Netherlands promo, we’ve had a similar offer for a little while in the UK. I think it’s quite a good one! Hopefully it’ll last long enough for you to take part in it. :)

      Oh fab, it’s so fun waiting on Pandora post! I have the 2011 Christmas ornament coming to me from the US, and I think I’ll do the US promo as well. I am tempted

      You know, now that you mention it, I didn’t see any petites for Autumn or Winter, which is odd! I guess they’ll put out some more next year instead. There are new Floating Lockets coming out, however.

  18. Great post Ellie I’m glad that bag was empty lol I was about to report you to the Pandora police lol. :)

  19. Aww Ruby is adorable!! The Chinese Bird charm is beautiful, the free bracelet promo in my country is in September, so I have to wait a little more. I hope you can make a Disney preview soon.Thanks for the news!

  20. I’m definitely going to take part in the bracelet promo. It’ll be good to get a bracelet for the Autumn release beads I plan to get.

    Thank you for all the previews and news. I suspect walking past that Pandora store every day keeps Pandora on your brain. (Sorry, Greg!).

    It looks like Ruby is simply trying to get your attention. :)

    • Excellent! :P I am not sure which bracelet I’ll put my Autumn beads on. I like the new padlock bracelet coming out, but I’m still not convinced I want to put lots of character beads on a bracelet like that.

      Haha, I’ve stayed strong so far! No unplanned visits… yet. ;)

  21. Aww, nothing for Aus/NZ? I want to start a whole new bracelet but I think I’ll wait til a promo comes along.

    Say, would you happen to know whether Pandora will release the stoppers and caps for the moments open bangle separately in rose (or shine) like the have with the plain silver ones? It’d be pretty neat to have those for two tone designs.

    • I just heard that Australia/NZ are getting a 3-for-2 deal on rings starting next Thursday! No charms or bracelets included in that though :(

      I have not seen a separate listing for the Rose open bangle caps or stoppers in the AW18 material so far. So if they do release them, it certainly won’t be this year!

  22. Have you got any details yet on the new disney releases for I am looking forward to seeing what new ones will be released. Thank you.

      • Thank you for your reply. I shall look forward to them and to save quite a bit of money for them for I am sure that they will all be very nice ones to have.

  23. Hi Ellie. When Will post the preview Pandora Autumn 2018 (rings, earring and necklace)? The post so delay…:( I’m curious.. Thanks.

    • Hi Kelley! Not sure on that one, I’m afraid :( the issue of Disney previews is still up in the air at this point.

  24. I had a look at the Pinocchio pictures of him with cat and Jiminy Cricket they look so lovely and cute. I hope the Snow white with the 7 dwarves pictures will be available to look at very soon.

  25. Hiya,

    Love the round up! Thanks for posting so many reviews it’s given me happy reading!

    I was wondering in the person you mentioned (tiedyedeb) is ok to buy Pandora from – she has some of the red leather bangles which I’ve been trying to get hold of months for a present from my mum (the massive Man United fan!).

    I’m really cautious about buying branded items, especially jewellery, from ebay for obvious reasons!



    • Hi Kerry! Yay, that’s lovely to hear :) yes, Deb sells authentic Pandora – she’s a friend of mine and a fellow Pandora collector who really knows her stuff! You are right to be cautious overall, though – researching a new seller or a particular purchase before you buy is a very wise move. Hope you get your red leather! <3

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