Today sees the start of a couple of Pandora promotions, with offers for the US, Canada and Australia/New Zealand! Pandora the world over have been increasing generous with the promos and discounts in recent months – this time, free rings and bracelets are up for grabs!

Read on for the details! ?

Pandora free bracelet promo for the US and Canada

It’s an unusual time of year for Pandora NA to be running a bracelet promo, but increasingly over the past few collections Pandora have been ripping up the rule book and trying to surprise us! Promos have been coming more frequently and to different schedules than we’re used to.

For the US, from 9–13 August spend $100 USD or more and receive a bracelet of up to $65 USD value for free. Upgrades are available, wherein you can pay the difference and get a more expensive bracelet. Disney and Shine bracelets are not eligible as your free git, however.

In Canada, the promo is running from 9-12 August with spends of $125 CAD or more, and the free bracelet can be up worth up to $75 CAD. Upgrades are available in store, but the free bracelet cannot be from the Disney or Shine collections. Some LovePod and Pandora Rose bracelets are excluded, too.

Pandora Canada free bracelet promo

Ring promo for Pandora Australia & New Zealand

The latest promo for shoppers in Australia and New Zealand is a 3 for 2 on rings, with the cheapest ring being your free one. Available both in store and online, the offer is running from 9–19 August. 

3 for 2 Pandora rings

There are lots of stunning rings about at the moment – these are two that I’d be tempted by! ^^

My Comment

I am hoping to take part in the US bracelet promo, as I’d love to get my paws on a couple of the new LovePods (they’re a little slice of Pandora history that was always out of my price range back in the day)! It’s always a little tricky shopping abroad. We shall see. :D

Are you taking part in either offer? If so, what are you getting?

52 Comments on Promotion Alert: Free Pandora bracelets for North America & free rings for Australia & New Zealand!

  1. I wanted to take part in the ring offer here however can’t find the spring Bird ring or earrings online they are on the us site but out of stock will try calling Pandora tomorrow funny they were included in the June sale but unavailable and dissapeared very quickly did find out Pandora made an error and should not have been listed I’m wondering if there will be more available ?

  2. Fingers crossed we get the ‘any free bracelet promo’ for the equivalent of $100 (less than £99 and certainly less than the £125 they used to charge :-O) as I want a couple of the bangles with the heart clasp, so need to not be restricted ;-).

    I was saddened but not entirely shocked to read about how poorly Pandora are doing, they would do well to actually listen to what their customers want! I think that most of us want consistent promos the World over, it is very annoying to see a really good promo in another part of the World that you are not privy to; I would be absolutely gutted to have the Australian promo right now when America and Canada are getting a free bracelet :-O. Maybe others would feel the exact opposite, so they are upsetting many, many customers the World over; this doesn’t generate loyalty towards the brand when people feel like they are missing out and always getting the raw deal :-/. The free charm promo that we in the UK have just had was good and if you play your cards right it’s better than the free bracelet promo but it is way more restrictive in what you can buy for best value. People love Pandora but we are actually capable of living without it, a little fact that Pandora seem to forget!

    • So agree with you we had a 3 for 2 promo in march ? That only went for 3 days unfortunately I missed it due to work commitments unable to access and this promo is lasting for 10 days and as I can’t purchase the spring Bird ring I will not be participating but they would have made a lot from me with the 3 for 2 wish we could have a free bracelet. So need to read that report

      • I am not bothered by the fact we have the ring promo instead the bracelet promo. I think we do pretty well here in Australia for promos. They are frequent and varied and are occurring more often plus we have twice yearly sales. No complaints from this Pandora shopper.

        • There are many more promos worldwide than there ever used to be. I love the UK 3 for 2. It is a shame when very new charms go almost straight on sale, I think, though.

    • I’ve just read that the Pandora chief has stepped down amid sales slump! I think this piece of news is very interesting. Also I think I remember reading on this blog several months ago (I may be wrong) that Pandora had created a business plan for the next few years, I wonder how the sudden slump will effect their long term plan?

      • You’re quite right, I put it in a news round-up earlier this year. I think I read that they were still committed to that plan but they weren’t seeing the results as quickly as expected… Personally I think launching big new concepts twice a year is possibly a little much. But we shall see! :)

    • Yes it would be nice to have another offer later in the year! I doubt we will ever see a spend less than £99 for a straight-up bracelet promo, though. I think we used to have £75 for the leather promo.

      Mm, it certainly seems to have been a difficult day for them. I for one have really relished their return to focusing on character beads and innovation this year. I think some of the charms have veered more towards the novelty side than I personally would like to see from Pandora, but overall it’s been so refreshing from my point of view as a collector. I do appreciate how frustrating it is to see promos you can’t take part in though I am lucky to have contacts for most of the major ones. :)

    • I totally agree with Pat. Pandora shouldn’t let promos in the hands of each country. It makes no sense that prices are global whereas sales and promos are left to the “state of mind” ( irony alert!) of their regional chiefs. Maybe some of us should go on a Pandora strike.
      And to the lucky ladies … happy shopping!

      • I think Pandora is spreading themselves thin by trying to launch several big concepts a year even with a new state of the art factory they recently built. Pandora Corp certainly are trying to cast a wider net. I agree with Ellie that a return to the character charms and charms with actual themes is refreshing, but the stores I’ve visited have not received much stock in that regard. Again, doing too much at once. I would love to know what is selling well.

        Lisa K

        • I think it’s going to be a problem too – Pandora Oversaturation. People can’t keep up with the pieces they want (or have to save up for). And before it has a chance to settle in, they’re retired and coming out with new collections/concepts. It can be frustrating. But I hope they are not doing too badly because I like their recent direction!

        • Well, the good thing about launching different concepts a year is that they can live up to more people expectations. I personally celebrate the return to their origins and the character beads though I may be grabbed for decorative or more state of the art pieces at some point. The downside is that they are retiring items at such speed that it´s almost imposible to keep up with the things you really want. Not everybody can afford buying ( or is willing to) a whole collection on Launch Day. It would be interesting that they kept the articles on the market a bit longer.

  3. Hi, just wanted to start off saying I love your blog!
    Always my go to ?
    I have a quick question, do you know if there will be any sales/promotions for Labor Day weekend?
    I’m tempted by the free bracelet offer now, but will be in Canada during that weekend and just wanted to know if I can wait ? lol Especially since this year I can’t seem to find a full years list worth of upcoming promotions…
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kasia! Yay, thank you :) I have not inquired yet about Canadian promos after today, but I’ll try and find out. I did try and keep my 2018 promos page updated, but of course I then took my blogging break and wasn’t keeping track of promos during that time. I should try and do a bit of tidying up and get it updated!

      I’ll get back to you if I find anything out! :)

  4. Do you know if Pandora will come out in the UK with Belle’s murano, Tinker Bell’s murano, Snow White’s murano, Rapunzel’s murano, Jasmine’s dress, or Jasmine’s dress any time soon?

    • Hi Megan! I don’t imagine that they will, as those pieces are being retired in other countries. It seems like Pandora is filtering them out, unfortunately. I could be wrong though :)

  5. Hi Ellie!

    As a Pandora card holder, I was able to participate in this promo last weekend. I picked up another beaded necklace (my Mom absconded with mine!?), the shopping bag, the Shine love pod, and two orange shape of love charms to go with my upcoming harvest motif. My free bracelets were slightly upgraded. I went for the signature lock, the shape of love lock, and the older bow bracelet. (I know – a bow!)

    When I got home I discovered that the red twinkle Muranos, a bit orangey in color, go well with the orange shape of love charms,
    And I now have all three love pod pendants hanging from the heart of the open heart necklace. I love the earrings too, they are just the right size for everyday wear. I have the silver and the Rose – still need the Shine. The shopping bag I placed on my bff shopping and lunching bracelet, along with the car, the burger and fries, the pizza, and the pasta. The pizza is so cute, it has little basil leaves in green and the pepperoni in red.

    I’ve been working on some preliminary designs for my harvest/Thanksgiving bracelet. If I can finalize a game plan, I might try to pick up some of the supporting Shine pieces and get another bracelet or two… Christmas is coming and I gift Pandora to all my female family members.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Deborah! Aw, the classic Pandora shopping bag silver charm? I am amazed that it’s only just made its way into your collection, if so. It’s a beauty! One of my favourites. :) Love your other choices, too. I would love it if my mum would abscond with any of my Pandora (well, perhaps not any…) – she is determinedly unmoved by jewellery, as I think I’ve said before. ? ?

      I also LOVE that you have a bfs shopping and lunching bracelet! That is one perfect bracelet theme right there ^^ I have a sweet treats and sweet things bracelet, but I’m not entirely happy with it… a bit too sweet as it stands, currently, perhaps, haha. It has a lot of pastel pinks, including the pink cupcake and the rapunzel muranos. But I’m letting it settle in before I decide whether to rearrange it at all.

      Thanks for sharing Deborah! <3

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I have been waiting for this promo and for my local to get some stock. Today I picked up the first half of my ABBA letters, one A & one B. My local only got one of each letter! So I guess I got Benny & Anni-Frida. Poor Agnetha & Bjorn will have to wait. To complete the purchase requirement I picked up the silver crown O of which they only got a few. My local carries Rose but didn’t get the crown O. For my free bracelet I upgraded to a silver bangle with the Rose clasp. After doing an audit of my Rose charms I realized I had enough to warrant a Rose bracelet the upgrade put it in my price range and with it being primarily silver I won’t feel bad about wear and tear.
    Last weekend I was away and stopped at a concept store and found they too had received limited stock.
    I know they closed the Canada distribution point – perhaps opting to feed the online store instead. It appears to me that the stores I have visited are being starved of stock. My
    Local shop on shop said the stock they receive comes from the US and the orders take forever, makes it hard on the staff, they want to make the sale.
    One of the treats in purchasing Pandora is going into the store and interacting with the staff, picking out my charms in person and getting Pandora inspiration. I’m sorry but I don’t feel buying on line is a substitute for the in store experience.
    I wasn’t aware of the Pandora slump, in fact I thought they would have a better quarter, unless the summer sales aren’t factored in, that seemed to be a more popular collection. Maybe they should slow down on all the innovations & stock their stores, release the chokehold on promotions & shipping outside of other regions & countries. I hope to have better luck accessing the autumn release at the end of the month.
    Oh I just noticed the count down box on the side of your blog! I guess I gave tunnel vision.
    Today I will enjoy my promo haul!

    Lisa K

    • yes, they need to stock their stores better! I live in the South, in the U.S. I went to my local Pandora store today and they had very little of the pre-autumn collection. They said they had only been sent 1 of each size in the signature lock bracelets, and only had a few of the signature O charms. Also, for one of my free bracelets I asked for the Essence open bangle. First, I was told they had never heard of it, and then another employee said their was no such thing. I told them I didn’t imagine it, that its in the catalog and promo pics. Finally, I had to show it to them in their catalog and they said they have never been sent any. Oh, and they also said they had only received one shipment of catalogs for all of spring and summer. ???

      • I am a newer Pandora customer and my local store is a franchise store where basically it’s a jewelry store and then the Pandora stuff is just in one little corner of the store. I feel like they maybe don’t make as much commission on Pandora stuff and it’s not their actual store brand so they don’t feel like moving it much. But they are always low on stock. No shine either because it’s just a franchise store. It seems like they get two of each charm and then are out. But I agree it is nice to purchase in store, however, the game has changed for retailers. The online sales are in direct competition with the stores and the online has a bigger profit margin due to lower overhead.

    • Hi Lisa! Aha, I’m so happy to hear that the ABBA bracelet is underway. A shame that it has to be in such drips and drabs for you, though – it seems that North America is having some stock issues. :( I haven’t been aware of any particular issues in the uk, with the exception of particular items on launch. I thought perhaps the issue is that they’re prioritising concept stores rather than small stockists but from what you say that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      I agree re the innovations. I think introducing new concepts so regularly risks fatigue in the customer – special concepts become less special. Shine I did like, though!

      Enjoy your new goodies Lisa, I hope your abba bracelet gets finished soon <3

    • Hi Lisa, I totally agree that online isn’t as enjoyable as in-store shopping for sure as it’s nice to chat with SAs and see various designs and chose my charms especially Muranos and not leave it to fate that whatever charm or bracelet mailed fit with existing designs. Also, it takes a little over two weeks for my order to arrive which is a long time to wait especially compared to other online retailers.

      I was wondering about limited stock in Concept stores so that explains it. I now phone ahead to stores as been disappointed three times consecutively when showed up and they didn’t have prechosen charms. It seems to happen much more frequently and lately if no in stock in-store that it also is out of stock online too.

  7. I spent enough for three bracelets: the signature padlock, the open bangle, and the pave heart clasp. I ordered online; I may pop in to a store this weekend and see if anything else strikes my fancy. I am pondering getting my niece a bracelet, so a fourth bracelet would be a gift. (Probably. ?)

    • Excellent!! I wish I had the foresight to save up my purchases for promo time. ^^ what did you buy to get your bracelets? I managed to get my lovepods, happily enough ?

      • I got the Clemson charm, the rose “O” crown, Devoted Heart, Explosion of Love, and Spinning Pandora Signature charm. I wanted the silver “O” crown, but it was sold out. ?

        • I had to Google the ‘Devoted Heart’! I guess you can’t know every charm by name, haha. Lovely choices, I almost got the Explosion of Love clip for my engagement bangle :)

  8. I ordered the Love Pasta Dangle, Enchanted Garden Murano, Dreamy Dragonfly and the retired Iolite Hypnotize Clip. For my freebees, I ordered the silver sliding and modern lovepods bracelets. I’m so excited!!!

    • Snap, I went for the sliding bracelet as my free gift too! I’ve yet to try one yet :D you picked a very nice mix of things, love that an older bead snuck in there too. <3 enjoy!

      • Thank you! This will be my first sliding bracelet, too! The pasta charm is to add to my “loves” heart clasp bracelet, The murano is for my flower garden themed bracelet, as is the dragonfly. I already have one iolite clip and was thrilled to find a second one! It will be on my garden bracelet, too. I’m using purples and greens on it. I have been buying a lot of the older, retired charms lately. Can’t wait to see what you do with your sliding bracelet!

        • I love the sound of your flower garden design! I have a few different floral themed bracelets, there are so many pretty colours and variations you can do with them. ^^ I haven’t actually decided what to do with the bracelet yet! I might put the lovepods on it. It’ll be exciting to have a little play around and see how many beads look best on it!

  9. Hello Ellie,

    Thank you for your blog posts about the autumn collection. I have my eye on a few. A newbie here. Caught the Pandora bug early this year. At the moment, I would love to get the Pandora Rose lovepods ring, charm and bracelet but I do not live in the US and wonder if they will ever stock the stores here.

    • Hey! :) welcome to the extremely addictive world of Pandora, haha. The LovePods aren’t out here in the uk, either. It’s possible that they will roll the collection out further if it does well. I haven’t had any confirmation yet on further regions getting the lovepods, however :(

  10. Thanks for the update Ellie! I got the mesh bangle bracelet! I bought two of the spring line blue waves glass charms they are lovely with my light blue leather bracelet I got from ruelala and the princess Anna crown charm along with two silver clips. I have found two different ways of creating a silicone stopper clip out of a regular clip. One way is I purchased a little ziplock baggie of rubber stoppers made for the actual silver stopper beads on eBay. They work great I put them on the bracelet and clip the bead around it. Another homemade version I found was to just cut a piece of rubber band or in my case, a piece of silicone earplugs that me and my husband use at work to the correct size and just kind of stuff the clip or fit it around the bracelet and clip it on. I don’t know if any of you have been doing this. Let me know!

    • I use clear silicone rings. Much better than the black ones they give you at pandora. I also will put a clear one under an openworks using a wooden skewer if I want it to stay put (on a bangle for example).

    • Great tips, thanks so much for sharing! :) I tend to use the Pandora silicone inserts when I have them to hand, but I should really look into buying some on eBay as it’s a pain having to try and get hold of the official Pandora ones whenever I want to keep clips in place.

  11. Hi Ellie,
    I was thinking about the lovely wheat charms coming out this fall and was thinking Pandora should do sunflower charms for their Shine line and that would go well with the honeybees and radiant grains of wheat.

    • Hi Crystal! That’s a really lovely idea! They would be sweet with a little brown stone at the centre. ? or perhaps a Shine core murano with sunflower motifs!

    • I 2nd or is it 3rd? your idea about sunflower design idea. I really hope Pandora reads the comments as still waiting for a fullbodied chipmunk or squirrel in silver and preferably holding a small brown enamel acorn.

    • I hope you find some help! :) The Facebook pages are always a great port of call if you’re looking to get help with international items.

  12. Hello Ellie!
    Long time no hear! ? Happy Belated Engagement Wishes! ??? You and your betrothed look so happy!

    I am very excited for this promotion; it’s been a few years since I’ve participated in their promotions. Since I needed another bracelet, I thought I would capitalize on this fortuitous opportunity! (Which my new bracelet will facilitate a long over due Christmas theme!)

    Two days ago I FINALLY purchased the Bella Bot that I had been eyeing since it’s release! ? She is absolutely beautiful and intricate! ?

    I also purchased my very first Pandora ring! It’s about time that I acquire other jewelry pieces other than charms; Love Lock seemed like the perfect piece. ?

    And with those two purchases, I was gifted another classic bangle to add to my collection AND I finally got to start my Christmas bracelet I’d been putting off for years! ???

    I am so incredibly happy you are back, though I completely understand the hiatus. ? As always, your posts are well informed, exceptionally written and much appreciated! ???????? Thank you for all that you do!

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret! Lovely to hear from you, and thank you so much <3 we are very happy! ?

      Oooh your first Pandora ring! That is exciting. I had been collecting for a few years before I bought my first Pandora ring, too. My first one was a two-tone floral one, but I've acquired quite a few more since then. ^^ I do like the Love Lock ring, so pretty and dainty, and a little bit different from the norm.

      You are too kind, thank you Margaret! ?? Enjoy your lovely new purchases, you picked such great things!

  13. I’m new to Pandora, and my fiance and I have just recently begun to build a matching bracelet together. Your alert for this free bracelet promo helped us save a lot :) Your blog is so helpful. I purchased the majestic swan charm (my “spirit” animal) through Rue La La earlier thanks to your alert too. I’m usually just a quiet snooper without commenting but this time I wanted to personally express my gratitude :) Thank you!

    • How lovely that you stopped and took the time to let me know, thank you very much! :D The Majestic Swan is a beautiful bead, I remember being so excited to get it when it first came out. I hope you got some great things in the promo, too! :)

  14. Hi Ellie! I hadn’t originally planned to do the free bracelet promo because I want to save my money for the Autumn collection, but I decided to due to the unpredictably of Pandora’s promo schedule and not knowing if there is going to be a spend/save promo as there usually is in September. I chose the Rose Mesh Bracelet as my “free” (upgraded) bracelet (though you nearly convinced me to get the Rose Padlock style instead haha), and I can’t wait to stack it with the silver version. I purchased both the Silver and Rose Crown “O” Charms to put on the bracelet for a “contrasting metals” look. I also hope to add the Shine version of the charm in the future, as I saw all three finishes on a Rose bracelet on a social media image and loved the look. I participated in the promo online this time, so I am eagerly awaiting my order!

    • Hi Joanne! Yes, good call! ^^ The promo schedule really is hard to predict these days. Yay for the Rose mesh bracelet! That one is so, so pretty. I love my padlock Rose bracelet, but I was eyeing up the mesh version in the shop window today. Love the sound of your tri-tone design, it does look rather nice in all Pandora’s campaign imagery at the moment. I hope your order arrives soon! I have to wait for mine to get here from across the pond, but half the fun is in the wait sometimes. ^^

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