Today brings news of another opportunity to grab some bargains on retired Pandora jewellery, with a 65% off sale for US shoppers at Rue La La! This is a bonus sale that’s only accessible to Mora Pandora readers, and you’ll need to follow this link to access the sale.

The sale is set to run until Friday (17 August), and will finish at 11.59PM ET. There’s no new stock included this time around, but the discount is a little steeper than usual on what’s left. ^^ There are around 80 items up for grabs, including some adorable Christmas charms and classics such as the pretty Pink Ribbon murano. 

Pandora sale

Unfortunately, Rue La La is not able to directly ship Pandora internationally. However, they do still accept international credit cards, and you could opt for a freight forwarding service to get your purchases. I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

21 Comments on Promotion Alert: Exclusive Pandora sale at Rue La La available now!

  1. Thank you for letting us know about this rue la la sale. Question though. Is it a legit site? Official pandora charms? I’ve read really bad reviews so I’m scared to order.

    • Hi, yes they’re legit! I included a link in the article to Pandora’s authorised US retailers – they’re on there :)

    • Totally authentic as I have bought charms previously from Rue before they were no longer able to ship across international borders.

      Anyone used Borderlinx as forwarding shipping service to Canada? I read their policy and said something about not able to ship precious metals including silver jewelry items across international borders. Prices are much lower for Pandora through Rue even with exchange rate. One of bracelets listed on Rue is C$20.00 less than what I paid during the Pandora 30% off soon to be retired Pandora promo Canadian sale.


  2. Thank you Ellie for the heads up. I tried to buy using a US address at a forwarding company and an international credit card but ran into problems. I emailed Rue La La and am waiting for a reply. Has anyone outside US tried it? I previously managed to make 2 purchases before they stopped international shipping for Pandora at Rue La La.

    • I used to use a freight forwarding service back in the day without any problems- I had to put the US shipping address as my billing address too, though, I think, or it wouldn’t work. Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Rue La La customer service are normally pretty good at getting back to you though to help sort things out :)

  3. Hi Ellie,

    First of all I love you blog, and it’s great to hear about what’s new in Pandora….so thank you for your dedication ?

    I’m thinking of ordering from Rue La La. I live in the UK.

    Can you give me an idea of the freight forwarding cost? Plus how long it takes to arrive?

    I imagine the cost would be similar to having items shipped to Ireland?

    Rebecca xx

    • Hi Rebecca! Thank you, that’s so lovely to hear! ^^ I haven’t personally ordered via a mail forwarding service for a couple of years, but I did use one a couple of times back in the day. The wait time was probably about a week to a week and a half after the items arrived with the company. The price added about another $15-20 USD or so on to the order, if I remember correctly. There were also customs fees.. it used to be much more worthwhile before the dollar/pound ratio changed after Brexit. xx

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the exclusive opportunity. Of course I had to check it out, but nothing there to tempt me today. I am anxiously waiting for August 30th!

  5. I’ve been trying to get two matching (preferably light) pink ribbon muranos. I ordered three when the 65% sale was on at Rue and now I ordered one more to see if I can get a better match. I return a lot on RLL haha. I might keep trying as long as they are available because they are beautiful but vary a lot.

    Does anyone have light muranos that have dark/black marks or streaks that appear to be on the core? What is that? One I got has it on there and I’m finding it hard to ignore.

    • Hi Sarah, none of my light Muranos have dark or black marks/streaks on the core but I don’t have any ribbon ones.

    • Ah, I got one of the pink Ribbons as well! :) Do you mean on the silver core of the murano or in the glass itself? If the former, I imagine it’s just tarnish and needs a polish. I’ve not had any marks like that within the glass before though.

      • It appears to be in the glass near the core. I’m gonna most likely return that one. I don’t like how it looks.

  6. Hi Ellie! I have tried a few times to place an order with an international credit card and a US billing address which is my US shipping address but it does not work. Emailed Ruelala for advice and they said that this method is not guaranteed to work :( Used to be able to do that before they started offering international shipping services so I do now know why I can’t do that now… it’s so frustrating :(

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