Today brings a couple of quick promo updates, with news of a rather pretty Pandora jewellery box that’s popped up in China! I also have a couple of other updates and bulletins, including promos/sales for the UK & US, and Floating Locket ring live shots, so I thought I’d amalgamate them here.

Read on for more details!

Pandora China jewellery box promo

My first item of news concerns a very pretty white jewellery box on offer for Pandora shoppers in China. Until 19 August (Sunday), spend 3,888¥ and receive this beautiful white box for free. This translates as around $560 USD or £440, so definitely not a promo that will be accessible to many, but the jewellery box is really very cute, with plated rose gold accents and a bright white box.

Pandora jewellery box offer
Image courtesy of Cindy Low

The box looks really gorgeous in person. We have these lovely live shots, courtesy of Cindy Low, who has been helping people to get hold of the boxes:

Image by Cindy Low

I’ve never quite understood Pandora’s thinking by allowing regions to design their own jewellery boxes, as they come up with some beautiful designs, and it’s a shame to only be able to offer them in specific locations. Boxes aren’t easy for fans to ship to each other either! We previously had nice options for Germany, and Australia/New Zealand that haven’t cropped up elsewhere.

This offer runs from 15-19 August, so I’m a little late with this notification – but it’s been quite a busy few days for me. There’s also an alternative bracelet promo running at the same time – the posters below give the details:

Pandora Floating Locket rings

I mentioned in a previous post that the Floating Locket rings finally looked to be coming out for Autumn from an Australian source. I’ve now had confirmation that they’ll be released officially in North America with the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection, which I can only assume will be the case for other regions too.

Some US stores have already received stock and have been advertising the rings on social media:

Image by Pandora MicMac

There is no good news yet on the Floating Locket bangle, however. This remains in limbo for now. I’m holding out for this, as I have a spare heart petite that I would like to put in the clasp when it finally comes out!

Pandora US sales

Next up, retailers across the US appear to have set up outlet sections with a selection of retired or retiring pieces available at discounts! This started on 14 August, and will last until 29 August.

To give you an idea of what’s up for grabs, the US eStore is offering pieces such as the Fascinating Blush , although some are sold out already; I’ve seen the Patterns of Love bangle on offer at BeCharming; and Reeds has the Women’s Day 2018 bead on offer, too.

Pandora UK: Rose Build-a-bracelet Offer

My final piece of news concerns an offer in the UK. The £99 build-a-bracelet offer has been going for a little while, offering a silver clasp bracelet and two of a pre-selected range of charms.

Now, however, the offer has been expanded: for £129, you can purchase a Rose clasp bracelet or bangle and two of a different range of pre-selected charms of a higher value. Some of the charms are Rose pieces, but others are more expensive silver beads.

Pandora build a bracelet

My Comment

I am rather tempted by a few of the beautiful pieces on offer in the US outlet sections (and I missed the proper US sale that ran earlier in the year), but really I shouldn’t be buying anything at all! My US bracelet haul is on its way to me, and I have some very pretty things to look forward to there:

I would love to get one of the China jewellery boxes, but unfortunately that’s way out of my price range, haha. It would be nice if it made it to other regions, though.

What do you think of this latest jewellery box? Are you going to be taking part in any of these promos, or are you saving for Autumn now?

54 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora China exclusive jewellery box and other updates

  1. Drool, drool: love the box from China. So handy. Just what I have done with stackers. But how nice for the size of this jewelry keeper! Yes the floating bangle would be fun. I have several of those petite charms. Like you, I really need to watch any more $ spending on Pandora for a while, at least until the Fall rush! Thanks as always for the fun preview.

    • For any of you not familiar STACKER, give the site a look. We can purchase thrunor container store or thrunthe London source.

      • Plus they have a sale on at the moment, I’m so tempted as my jewellery box ran out of room along time ago.

        • Hi Ellie, I have the Stacker boxes, but have problems with my jewellery tarnishing really badly (and very quickly since putting in them too). Do you find you have any problems with yours? Jewellery I’ve had for a few years, untarnished, was put in and is now a mix of tarnished, very tarnished and quite black! So versatile and handy to use, but such a shame a lot of my jewellery is now not readily wearable without cleaning (too tarnished to remove with just a cloth, as it’s all between the nooks and crannies). What do you suggest? Thanks for your blog, fab updates and info xx

        • Hmm that’s odd, I don’t have that problem at all. I do put anti tarnish strips in each layer, however, which I get from a brand called town talk. Have you got any anti tarnish products in there? :) xx

        • Thanks your reply – I wonder if it’s my boxes? I’ve tried anti tarnish strips (they are original Stackers & I have a bought few layers). Brilliant for organising but mine are not great at all for keeping items shiny

        • Thanks your reply – I wonder if it’s my boxes? I’ve tried anti tarnish strips by Towntalk – I always use their products (they are original Stackers & I have a bought few layers). Brilliant for organising but mine are not great for keeping items shiny. Might try more strips!

    • Hopefully we’ll see the bangle soon. I can only assume that there are further production issues with it. It would be good if they could get it out for Valentine’s, I can see that being a popular present! You are welcome, thanks for commenting :D

  2. Hi, Ellie. Happy you are Back with us. The jewelry box is beautiful, but the spending plus the shipping are way to hight. I hope something like that Will appear in my region on day. I’m paitantly waiting for the autumn collection that looks greate. It’s very Hard not to spend when. My contry is finaly having big Pandora Summer Sale up to 50% to a lot of jewelry. Doing my best not to spend.

    • Hi Ella! Thank you, it is lovely to be back :D It would be good if they offered popular promo items to other regions, too. This box is so nice and it’s a shame that it’ll have such limited availability.

      Ooh, that is too tempting, just before the Autumn launch! Hope you manage to stay strong, haha!

  3. Hi Ellie!

    The jewelry box is lovely, however I’m a Stackers fan. Just today I re-organized all my earrings.

    I did participate in the “Last Call 30% off”. I ordered the heart bow charm (I know, lately I’ve been into bows with a vengeance!), two more of the petite green facets, and the plain clips. I keep buying the plain clips and family members keep getting them. These are for me!

    That’s absolutely it for me until the 30th!

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, I so get that! I love to organise my jewellery and to lay it out all nicely. All part of the fun. ^^

      Ah, such nice choices! I would have been tempted but my helper in the US literally just posted off my last package, so that helped me to resist. ^^ I think I will manage to hold out now until the 30th – touch wood!

      • Well, just saw that Rue La La is opening a Pandora boutique tomorrow featuring Disney. Stay strong! It’s almost the 30th!

        • Haha, I had already been told about that too but had ompletely forgotten when I wrote that… Well, the 30th might be out of the window ?

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I have loved reading your updates again this summer. I was wondering if you had heard anything about this year’s winter collection, or when you might hear anything? The winter collection is always my favorite, and I love reading your thoughts about it each year.



    • Hi Sebrell! Yes, I have seen the Winter collection but unfortunately I can’t preview anything these days without official permission from Pandora. The two key themes are traditional Christmas, and Christmas in space (!!). So we have the usual mix of star beads and more cutesy festive beads, but with a few beads that bring those two ideas together, too. As soon as I can preview it, I will :)

      • Thanks Ellie! I have loved the star/space themed beads in the past (especially those with deep blues) so reading your comment makes me excited! Thanks for replying!

  5. Hi Ellie. You are spoiling us with all these posts. Thank you The Chinese jewellery box is beautiful but I wouldn’t buy it as I would rather spend that amount of money on bracelets and charms. I do have the current Pandora 2 level jewellery box and mini travel case and I am happy with them. I am hoping that Pandora will offer us in Australia the GWP white jewellery case which I think was a recent promo in the US. I liked the look of that one.

    Wish 30 Aug would hurry up I want to see the new release. Lol,

    • Sorry I completely missed the fact it is a GWP. D’oh. I don’t spend anywhere near that much in one shop so I would be unlikely to take part in the unlikely event it is offered here but it is beautiful.

      Looking forward to your review of your new bracelet. Love to see your styling and if you find the dangle section a bother.

      • Thanks Lozzie! I am intrigued to see how I find it. I’ve never even tried one on before or investigated too closely how it works. :o

    • Hi Lozzie! Yes, even as a GWP spend, it’s so much money! There are a couple of China exclusive beads you could indulge in, but they don’t take you anywhere near the threshold on their own. Then, you’d have to factor in shipping. Definitely one to admire from afar for me! ^^ I was tempted by the US travel case, but saw a couple of YouTube reviews saying it wasn’t actually that practical for travelling, so held off and got my free bracelet instead. :)

      Haha, me too! Not long now :D

  6. I would like to see Pandora have their own line of jewelry boxes for sale. I have two boxes (tan and pink) with Pandora logos sold in their stores and the latest white box from their gift with purchase here in the US. Non are large enough!

    • Yes, quite! A well-designed and pretty line of jewellery boxes seems like something they could easily make money on.

    • I totally agree with you!!! Wish that they would design a box for us collectors who have many bracelets, charms and rings. I love my Stackers, but I’ve out grown that.

  7. I love the China jewellery box! If shipping wasn’t so much, I would love to take advantage of that promotion!

    Sooo happy about the floating locket rings! I think I light the heart one best…I’m such a sparkle girl. I’m hoping they’ll do one in rose too!

    I love your US haul!!! It’ll be exciting to see how you style your new pieces, when they arrive!!!

    • Me too! The combination of the rose gold accents and the white is so pretty. But yeah, with shipping and the high spend combined, there’s no practical way for me to indulge either. ^^

      Yay, thanks Emily! :D I am excited to have a play. I think I will be saving the sliding bracelet for the Autumn launch, which will be fun to style! Thanks for commenting :)

  8. I also use the Stackers! I do have a question for you though, if we’re ever interested in getting charms from China, Paris or other countries do you have any idea how I can do it? I’m NEEDING the Minnie with The Eiffel tower! I am a Disney junkie when it comes to Pandora charms and like Pokémon I’ve gotta catchem’’ all ?

    • Ahaha, I totally get the Pokêmon analogy! So, I keep tabs on Pandora groups on Facebook, as there are usually kindly people who offer to help with regional exclusives there. Some good ones include Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe. There are also quite a lot of personal shoppers floating around, usually on Facebook or Instagram – there are a few for Disneyland Paris (who could help you get Minnie!), and lots for the US Disney Parks, too. If you mingle a lot in the Pandora community you make and learn connections with people who can offer to help out, it’s such a great resource :)

  9. I was notified that the heart locket ring I ordered from an authorized online retailer was shipped today.i await its arrival. Bit of a gamble since I have no idea the size or anything hoping for the best LOL

        • The ring arrived it opens at the top right as you’re looking at it and is hinged at the bottom at the point of the heart. It is quite lovely well finished now for the downside.. the ring is sized larger then any other Pandora ring I’ve had I needed to go down a size so I would recommend trying it on before buying. It will have to be exchanged.

  10. Beautiful jewellery box, but I never spent that amount of money in a purchase, so I wouldn’t be taking part if it were in my region. Interesting the promo in the UK, but again too much money. I must pay for my lodgings here, lol. Next time I’ll sleep on a bench in Hyde Park and then I’ll be able to go Pandora binging ?
    This year, I’ll stick to the idea if trying to get some discontinued charm ?

    • No, me neither, the guilt would entirely outweigh the pleasure unless it was some kind of purchase I had really planned and saved up for! Aha, Marie, you have your priorities straight ?

      • Yes, Ellie. St. Pancras & King’s Cross are in front of each other. You can’t miss it if you are interested. I have always thought that Pandora should have stores at Railway Stations, too.
        Btw, yesterday I managed to get the old Xmas stocking with the little bear inside it for £12. I still NEED the Xmas kitten, so I’ll keep an eye out. At this rate by the end of my holiday I’ll have become an expert in Pandora UK sores! ??

  11. As with everyone else, I love the jewellery box but would never spend that much to get it, I really wouldn’t go over £150 :-/.

    I’m eagerly waiting for next Friday when I can use my £20 off voucher and hoping that the sale items I’ve chosen aren’t sold out and that they will allow me to use it against them; I also want to do it twice ;-), so I’m hoping that will be allowed too, lol ;-). After that I’ll be waiting for a proper free bracelet promo as won’t have anymore room but I’m not at all impressed with these build a bracelet things :-O.

    • Oh yes, I had forgotten the voucher. I have two, but I don’t think that I will be using either as I need to save my pennies for Autumn! I’m sure that if you are shipping online, you can just use the promo code at different retailers or with different accounts. :)

      • They did let me have the sale items but I had to put my second order in hubby’s name :-O, a bit silly really when I indulged in 5 of the 3 for 2 promos and 3 of them were from the e-store :-O. I felt like I had to force them to take my money, lol, no wonder they’re having financial issues, lol ;-). Nowhere else had all the sale charms that I wanted to get up to the required spend. I have noticed that recently The Jewel Hut sells their sale charms for dearer than other places :-O, so you have to be careful when shopping there.

        I have every colour I can think of now so my next bracelet (when we get a free bracelet promo) will be rainbow, can’t wait, lol ;-).

  12. Hi Ellie great new pieces you have I love the ring from that collection too and hope they make it to the uk. I love the floating locket rings too and hope the bracelet will come out one day too. I probly will do the Rose gold promo I really want the bangle I think Rose gold and teal looks beautiful so will do some sort of design. I think the choice of charms is a bit random lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, I hope they make it to the UK – I don’t really know why they haven’t already! Rose and teal is a beautiful combination, much like the mint and Rose, so you should definitely do that. The choice of charms is a little oddball, but it’s good to have a mix I guess haha!

  13. Can i just ask
    RE:- Jewerlly box!
    Ever since ive been a club/customer/collector of pandora ive always been told not to keep my bracelets/bangles/charms etc in the boxes as this discolours/tarishes the products i was very cureious on the offer as if i cannot store my collection whats the point in making the item in the start if you get what i mean…

    Miss m.l dacey x

    • Hi Michelle, my understanding is not to store Pandora jewelry in the original, white, cardboard gift boxes as silver will tarnish but instead use one of the pouches or lined jewelry box like the Pandora China gift with purchase ones in Ellie’s post. I keep my bracelet and charms in a jewelry box along with a couple of silicone packets as they will pull out any moisture from air to slow down tarnishing. I also use the Pandora jewelry pouches and slip a silicon packet in with my bracelets. I reuse the silicon packets as they are commonly used in packaged dry food goods, purses and shoes etc so never had to buy any. Hope this helps.

    • Hoping that I understood your question correctly as it’s late here and my brain is slowing down as almost bedtime.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Busy weekend in my community, I’m just now able to catch up on email and have a look at this exclusive. This is a lovely jewelry box, a real show piece. Something Pandora should make available on their e-store for purchase.
    The spend for this is way out of my range, however, it is something that at a fair price I would purchase. I was thinking if it were available it is the kind of gift a partner, fiancé or partner might buy. How about Pandora offering something like this for purchase for a graduation gift, I remember getting my first real jewelry box from my parents as a teen.
    For now I will continue with my Stackers system. Very nice of Cindy Low to send these photos.
    Have a great week.

    Lisa K

  15. The GWP jewelry box is very pretty and looks like it wil fit quite a few items. However, it is a very high spend and I wouldn’t buy that much all at once even if it were offered in my country. I am contemplating getting Stackers as I like that can add layers and customize as I only collect Pandora bracelets and charms. I bought a NIB,Pandora beige suede three layer jewelry box on secondary market a couple years ago. My collection outgrew box pretty quickly so I could use another and much larger jewelry box but putting off buying as takes away from my Pandora charm budget. Priorities and all. ?.

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