Today sees the global launch of the Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection, and to celebrate I have HQ images, live shots and commentary on all the new beads to celebrate! This collection sees new additions to the popular range of Snow White charms, and a brand new addition to the Pandora Disney range.

Pandora Disney Snow White charms

For those who are unaware, Pandora do not currently want their Disney collections previewed in advance, although I am trying to see whether there might be any leeway on this going forward. In the meantime, read on for a full look at the Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection!

Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection

What I love most about the Snow White beads is that they include some villain-themed beads! Collectors have been requesting a Disney villains collection, and while Pandora haven’t quite gone for that, they seem to have taken the decision to include some darker charms alongside the cuter beads.

Pandora Disney Autumn 2018

The Evil Queen’s Black Magic bead is a Disney-fied take on button-style charms – with a dramatic black stone at its heart, the sides of the charms feature cut-outs of scenes from the film. Next, we have the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror – on one side of the charm we have Snow White herself, and on the other the Evil Queen.

The Snow White’s Apple and Heart charm is perhaps the most successful of these darker beads – it has deliciously sinister overtones, with its little heart box and the bright red of the poisoned apple. 

The Snow White Portrait clip offers a sweeter counterpoint to the Queen-themed beads, although I’m not sure whether I like the style of the detailing. It might look a bit more subtle in person!

On the other hand, the Snow White’s Bird charm is just so cute! The sparkle is complemented by really solid silver detailing – I can’t quite tell how the charm is weighted, though, with the bird leaning forward from its perch. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

The Snow White’s Book charm is just that perfect representation of the heavy fairytale book that used to start multiple Disney movies. The red enamel detailing means it’ll blend in nicely with the other Snow White beads, if not with the rest of Pandora’s fairytale collection.

Finally, we have a much more cheerful bead with the Seven Dwarfs spacer. This is a adorably fun little design, with the dwarfs’ faces picked out entirely in silver detail. It’s so fun to see Pandora branch out from the princess beads and embrace the quirkier characters within the Disney movies.

Our next movie franchise – Pinocchio! I think I’m right to say that we haven’t see a Pinocchio bead from Pandora before. The When you Wish upon a Star charm is a lovely bead, and a bit more abstract in design – it manages to be characterful and decorative. Beads like this one are a nice way to balance and space out a Disney bracelet, without all the characters making it look too busy.

My favourite of these new Disney charms, however, has to be this adorable Jiminy Cricket charm! So beautifully done – I love pastel enamels, and the umbrella is perfect. There’s not a CZ in sight here, either.

Figaro is another charm that’s proven quite popular in the leaked images, and his black enamel will set off the lighter colour of the Jiminy Cricket umbrella so nicely.  Finally, we have Pinocchio himself in a very detailed all silver design. I wish he had a more substantial bail, but I doubt many people will be looking at that when the charm itself is so thoughtfully delineated.

To finish with, we have some live shots! Stores in the US and Canada often get the collections a little ahead of time, and post some fab live images for us to look at in the meantime.

I particularly love this lovely image from @sarinak23, which beautifully shows off the bright blue of the Jiminy charm:

Image by sarinak23

My Comment

This strikes me as a really strong Disney release – I always prefer it when they focus on characters other than Mickey & Minnie, as important as they are to the brand. As a Pandora collector overall, I relish freshness and new characters, and this collection delivers that in spades. The Snow White beads, while wickedly creative and fun, are not something that I can easily fit in my collection with their bright reds and bold themes – but the sweeter, softer Pinocchio beads do appeal to me on the other hand. I have a pretty pastel blue bracelet that I think the new Jiminy charm would be perfect for – so that’s definitely one I’m considering!

What do you think of this collection? Are you buying anything?

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  1. I am beyond excited for this stunning Disney release! I will work towards finding a home for them all but am definitely starting with Jiminey and Pinocchio! The dwarves will also be a priority!!!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Hope this finds you well….a HUGE thank you to you for the time and effort you’ve put into the latest post as I for one really appreciate it!

    As to what I think of the new Disney Collection…mmmm in two minds at the mo….absolutely love Figaro which will be a definite buy for me but that’s more to do with the fact I’m a cat person than the Disney side of things…also love Snow White’s Bird…looks so cute and quite taken with a few of the other charms but not to the level of “must have” and not sure I’d be willing to pay the “Disney Premium” price for them if that makes sense!

    I guess the thing is it’s all down to personal choice and it would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things ;)

    • Hi Heather! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it :D These two franchises aren’t personal favourites of mine but I think the Jiminy Cricket charm is just beyond cute. Someone also pointed out how great Figaro would be for a Halloween bracelet too!

  3. I so hope they revisit Cinderella. I am pining for a Jaq and Gus character bead and one of the bluebirds my Cinderella bracelet is just crying out for them LOL. PS waiting for Mary Poppins

    Lovely preview, I am very excited for this one. I have to agree as much as I love Mickey – I need the other characters too! Okay, I will try and limited myself to Figaro and or Jiminy for tomorrow. Then I will add the evil queen black bead, when you wish star and the seven dwarfs spacer. I would like to see the bird and snow white/evil queen dangle before deciding on them. I am looking forward to some of the Disney Xmas and a few of the parks exclusives as well.

    Thank you, Thank you again!

  5. Thanks for the preview it is nice to see Pandora venture away from Mickey/‘Minnie and the Disney dresses and such. I love the variety this time around and how they have so many new characters. The song bird is my favorite from this release ??

  6. Oh and forgot to say I totally agree with you that it’s nice to see the focus shift towards other Disney Characters rather than Mickey and Minnie which dare I say it becomes a bit “stale” after a while although I did like the new Mickey climbing Safety chain and the Walt & Mickey Charm as they were just a bit different.

    In saying all that I don’t have any of the Mickey and Minnie charms apart from the Fantasia 75th anniversary charm as I prefer the other characters and have succumbed to the whole set of Pooh & Co charms and Bambi & Thumper instead whilst desperately waiting for the Dumbo charm to officially appear in the UK…always keeping my little paws crossed that The Lion King characters are on the agenda for “Pandorafication” and yes I would be totally sucked in regardless of cost…lol…

    • I do have a few Mickey & Minnie beads, but I have definitely had my fill now! I have a couple of the more abstract Mickey pieces and a Minnie clip and cupcake, but I don’t want to build a full bracelet around them or anything. I’d rather feature characters from lots of different Disney movies :D Lion King would be so good! Possibly my favourite Disney film ever :D

  7. Hi Ellie!

    I’m usually not that into the Disney charms. However, several of these would mix well with other themes on a bracelet. They aren’t a priority for me with the possible exception of the little bird. Will have to check that one out tomorrow!

    Thanks for the pictures and the info!

    • Hi Deborah! Yes, I’m thinking of getting Jiminy but he would go on my pastel blue bracelet rather than on a dedicated Disney theme :)

  8. I have a soft spot for Jiminy Cricket, and his umbrella is the color of my college team, which there’s no charm for, so maybe I’ll put him on my college bracelet.

  9. I am so excited for Jimney Cricket started collecting him with Christmas ornaments. I plan on getting all charms from the Pinocchio release!

  10. Loving most of the new Disney Collection. I was hoping the Maleficent stuff would be part of the Autumn release but with all the beautiful Snow White items & Pinocchio collection I guess I’ll just have to be patient a little longer. I love the little bird but I wish they had used blue toned CZ’s for it rather than clear. I think that little bird as well as the 7 Dwarves top my list but I really want the Wish Upon a Star & Pinocchio as well as Figaro. Jiminy is cute but I’ll have to see him in person. Hoping they have most of these available in the park when I go to Disney World next month so I can take advantage of my passholder discount.

    • Aw, blue CZs would have been even cuter for the little bird! They did miss a trick there – although, on reflection, I suppose clear CZs are easiest to style with the other Snow White pieces. Hope you have fun at Disney World when you go!

  11. I’m not a huge Snow White or Pinocchio fan, so this collection doesn’t really grab me, HOWEVER, i absolutely LOVE that Disney is branching out more than just pretty princess type beads, and i do love the detail on pretty much all of these. It gives me renewed hope that they’ll one day have another release of Alice in Wonderland beads… and if they ever make an enamel Cheshire Cat head like that Figaro head (exactly like what i keep saying i would die to see!!), well, i would pretty much lose my mind! hahahahaha
    Thanks again for the info! It’s too bad they won’t let you preview it earlier, but i’m glad you at least let us know when it is out (i wouldn’t have known, otherwise!)

    • Could not agree with you more! There are so many Alice beads they could do. Vintage-style beads, such as the pocket watch and the drink me bottle, would be amazing and would go quite well with all those nice key beads they just released! So many people have said about the Cheshire Cat too!

      Thanks Katherine! I continue to try and work for earlier previews, but it’s a bit of a tiring process – hopefully this will be smoother going forward.

  12. Hi Ellie! This is a very nice collecton; though, I will probably only get the Evil Queen’s Black Magic charm (although it is quite pricey). I love the cutouts on the sides, and I think it would look great on my Halloween bracelet! I am definitely looking more forward to the Mary Poppins charms that are coming out, though, as I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new film. Do you know when these charms are being released, Ellie?

  13. Thanks Ellie for an awesome post as always! I rushed home from work and immediately showed my husband all of the beautiful charms. BTW….he says hello. I am a huge a Disney fan and look so forward to adding these charms to my collection!! We are going to Disneyland in California at the end of September for our 34th Anniversary and I will definitely be purchasing all of these charms…..Love them all. Cheers from Tucson, Arizona!?☀️?

    • Aha, please say hi back! ? I hope he liked the Disney beads too! Enjoy Disney when you go, that sounds absolutely amazing :D

  14. I am beyond excited for this release!! I will be buying several at Disneyland on Tuesday!!! I must have Jiminy Cricket and the Wish Upon a Star charm. Although it’s not the best looking (the star), the saying is so special I have to have it! And I think it’ll go nicely across from my star Tinkerbell charm. My mom was literally asking how they didn’t have both of those about a week before I heard about the release. lol Such classics for Disney. I had heard there was going to be a Pixar release, but honestly am so happy they focused on Disney “Classics” again. I love the Snow White charms. I must have the bird. I also like the storybook, but am not much for red bracelets:( So I really like the magic mirror though. This may just need it’s own open bangle with just a few (including the Snow White and Prince Charming I already have). The 7 Dwarves spacer (?)/Charm(?) is going to be a hot seller imo. I cannot WAIT to purchase!! I agree with another comment…waiting on the Cinderella mice and am shocked they don’t have an open style round charm like they do with the Sleeping Beauty fairies and the Alice’s Tea Party charms. I’m also holding out for a Cheshire Cat at some point! I really want a better Aurora charm too. I don’t like the princess dresses at all. A portrait charm would be great (like this Snow White one). All the princesses need one!

  15. I can’t wait to go out to the shop this morning and see some of these in person! I love the jiminy cricket and Pinocchio dangles, even though I don’t really know the film, they are just beautiful little charms in their own right. And I must have the seven dwarves spacer, although I have no idea where it will go! The little bird is also adorable. I think I may be spending some money today, happy shopping to everyone!

  16. Well I’ve seen alot of the collection today. Picked up a new book to go through at home before purchasing. I have to say alot of the new collection is g8 but I am horrified to say that alot of the shine and some silver and silver safety chains have all jumped in price by $10 – $20 Australian dollars. Plain ss safety chains are up $10. Shine honey pot up $10. Shine enchanted crown ring up $20. Shine honeycomb lace pendant up $20. Shine love statement pendant up $20. Even the tiny stoppers for the open bangles are up from $20 – $25 for one. And the list goes on. Not sure about rose. Was too stressed about what i did see. This is crazy. Already very expensive and we don’t get many 3 for 2 deals or any buy more save more here. Please tell me if any other countries have had this huge jump. Thanks for another great blog Ellie. And for listening to me rant!!

    • I haven’t looked to see if prices increased for already released charms in Canada but really noticeable increase in new release items. I may have to start stocking up on safety clips and chains when on promo. At some point, Pandora will price themselves out of market. ???

      • Interesting to hear about these price increases especially since Pandora has not been doing as well as expected in the last two quarters or so. Hmmm maybe that is why we will see some increases as they need to up their profit margin. I have decided to stick to sale items and PROMO buys as much as possible.

        • I thought I read sales are down in the US and GB.
          I agree with you 100% I am also sticking to sale items and promo buys except I did allow myself the J. Cricket charm today the rest of the new Disney I want will have to wait.
          Maybe Pandora needs to go back to its roots – whatever it was that captured the collectors in the first place.

        • Maybe the price increases allow them to get what they want for the pieces even when they offer them at a discount. We are more likely to purchase an item at any given price point when they offer us a 20%, 25% or more discount no matter the regular retail price. I tend to buy my Disney pieces when I visit the parks because I get a 20% discount as a passholder. I’m tempted by the current 25% off promo to go ahead & get the two Disney safety chains I want that I was planning to buy in the parks next month.

    • Prices went up here in the UK a few months ago,by £10-20. People questioned this on Pandora’s social media pages and they stated it was so that they had one price point across all countries.The price of some bracelets increased too- The silver mesh bracelet was £50 then jumped to £55 just before the 3 for 2 promo as the price of the open bangle too.

      • Well Emma and Roe a sister store of Michael Hill jewellers closed down all or most of their stores recently and they sold their own charms and bracelets to compete with pandora. In Australia we don’t have percentage off sales unless it’s retired items. But i do agree most people buy at sales or gwp or 3 for 2. Personally if the prices were more reasonable we wouldn’t have to wait but it’s a vicious circle where we now expect it and they know that. I can understand small jumps across the board but $10 on a $49 item or $5 on a $20 item is out of this world crazy.

    • Hi Leanne. I was interested to read your comment. I compared the new catalogue prices to the old catalogue prices and to me the price increases are there but are completely random and definitely not across the board thankfully. Fortunately for me,all the charms and bracelet on my wish list are still the same price. Mind you I have no interest in Shine and am yet to dip my toes into Pandora Rose. I have a bracelet (promo) but I am waiting for a decent promo/sale before I purchase – which comfirms what you said in your follow up comment.

  17. I am not usually one for Pandora’s Disney pieces, but I absolutely love Jiminy cricket and figaro.

    Thank you so much, Ellie, for your wonderful insight to many of Pandora charms. If not for your comments, and bracelet combinations, I never would have considered certain ones, like the dream catcher, which is now my favorite!

    • I’m the same, not really a fan of the Disney charms, but I need that bird :-O. I’ve been waiting for a sparkly bird to pair up with the peacock; I have the sparkly owl paired up with the swan and this will finish off my blue, bird bracelet perfectly; the sparkly snake has been a place holder for a while but I’ve always knows that couldn’t stay there :-/. I just need to find out how much this is going to cost me now :'(.

      I also love the cat so I might have to swap things around on my black bracelet, which is currently full, so that I can accommodate him too :-D.

      • OMG, £60 :-O, won’t be getting that unless I can get the wildflower bracelet for free with a £100 spend!!!!!

        • The bird and the wildflower safety chain and the wildflower bracelet for free will swing it for me ;-).

  18. I LOVE these! If I could afford to I’d buy them all. I can’t even describe how much I prefer these to the previous princess beads. I hope they do similar treatments for other Disney movies. It kind of looks like they are going in sequence of movie release dates. We’ll see if Fantasia and Dumbo are next. I love the fairies from Fantasia so much, I really hope they do that and the Greek mythology segment.

  19. I know we give Pandora grief from time to time re some of their designs but Pandora have excelled themselves with this collection. Just lovely. Must add too that my Snow White apple purchased 3 years ago and worn constantly on my travel bracelet (represents NYC) is still as glossy and shiny as when I first bought it.

    • The Apple is one of my favorite charms as enamel is beautiful on it. I was thinking of buying the SWapple to represent my sister who is a teavher. She doesn’t collect Pandora but if she did then that would be the one for her.

  20. This collection is beautiful especially Jimmy dangle. I don’t collect Disney but their Disney character dangles are amazing. I might consider the SW birdie and Disnet Park castle for my early childhood memories bracelet as my sister and me watched Disney weekly show each week on the tube.

  21. Hi Ellie my favourite is the seven dwarf charm and quite like the snow clip and the pinochio charms. Both aren’t my favourite films sand I’m not sure where I would add some of them in my collection. But a really good collection.

  22. The Seven Dwarfs spacer is on my list (I would love individual charms of the seven dwarfs, but I feel like that is asking for too much!) The When you Wish upon a Star charm is a maybe, I will need to see that Irl. Jiminy Cricket is wonderfully done, that umbrella makes me want a collection of weather themed charms-clouds, umbrella, raindrops, sun, wellington boot ect. As for Disney, I would really love a Jungle Book collection :) Ah, I can dream! Anyway I will be holding off on purchases until we next get a promo here in the UK, as I spent a fair amount on the 3 for 2.

  23. The new disney collection is a very good collection of charms, I will probably endup buying them all then look forward to the november releases with another good collection of disney charms also. The new fairy tales and autumn harvest themes are excellent charms also. Pandora has really excelled themselves on these collections.

  24. Although I’m not interested in any of the Snow White charms, I’m glad to see so many charms focused on one character/movie. I’m hoping for some more Alice charms.

    I like the Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio charms and will probably get them eventually. I’m looking forward to seeing the Mary Poppins charms.

    • They are in the autumn/winter catalog. There is an umbrella dangle, a bag (lots of CZs), and an enamel charm with her silhouette.

  25. Got the new catalog for fall/ winter today and saw that it already contains the Disney winter releases. Maybe that’s a way around Pandora not wanting to preview Disney releases?

  26. Finally, today they have released Peter Pan and It’s a Small World separately for purchase on I am so happy! ?☺

    • Thanks for the heads up. I was able to get the small world charm on the shop parks app with my passholder discount!

  27. Hi Ellie:

    Love all the new Disney charms. Decided to do a Snow White bracelet. All the new Disney charms were cute, hard to decide which charms to make into bracelet. Grew up with all these characters, especially 7 dwarfs. Also love the Shine Scarecrow. Bought scarecrow tonight…put it on a necklace.

    Think Pandora would ever do Wizard of Oz??? I know that is not Disney.


  28. Love these charms. Thinking about getting the Figaro charm. So cute. Hoping for a Pocahontas collection. I have Native American roots so it would fit well with my collection and represent me and my family heritage.

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