More temptation is on the way for shoppers in the US, as Rue La La are running their next sale on Pandora this Sunday (9 September), offering a 50% discount and new styles, meaning that there will be fresh products to shop. :D

As usual, the sale starts at 11AM ET – it’s scheduled to run until 19 September. The banner below offers a peek at the cord friendship bracelets, the Dahlia pieces and a few other bits and pieces:

Pandora Rue La La sale

Unfortunately, Rue La La is not able to directly ship Pandora internationally. However, they do still accept international credit cards, and you could opt for a freight forwarding service to get your purchases. I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

36 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora sale with new styles starts at Rue La La on Sunday!

  1. Hi Ellie, I’m so happy that you’re back. I love reading your posts and always look forward to see your creations. You have quite the eye to see what will look good together. Ellie, I’m from Canada and have purchased from Ruelala before they stopped shipping Pandora out of the US. What do you mean by we can opt for a freight forwarding service? When I log onto my account and view the Pandora items, the add to cart field is greyed out. What am I doing wrong????
    Have a lovely day. Lucy

    • Hi Lucy! Thanks so much :D So, there are services out there who will forward your mail to you from the US – they give you a US address, and then when it arrives at their warehouse, you pay to have it sent on to you. They can be quite pricey though so it’s probably only worth doing if you’re making a bigger purchase – it’ll cancel out the discount on a single item for example. You probably need to change your country to the US to be able to do it, as Pandora do not allow Rue La La to ship to international addresses – which is why you can’t add it to the basket when you are viewing the Canadian version of the store! Hope that helps! :)

        • there is a company called shop and ship that offers this service you need to resister with them and they provide you with a US address or other countries their website will let you know if available I have used this service to ship from Canada to Australia. Ellie is correct you will need to change currency on rue to USD to add to your cart

        • OK, so I finally got my cart ready and am ready to checkout with a US mailing address but it won’t accept my credit card because I can’t put any State of zip code….. Argh! Please help. :) Lucy

        • You need to put the US shipping address as your billing address as well I believe! :) if that doesn’t work, try the Rue La La customer service – they are usually really quick to get back to you and can see if there are any technical glitches!

        • Hi Carmen, no my card didn’t work either and the customer service wasn’t too helpful. She said to use an american card! I just gave up and will spend my money somewhere else! Lucy

  2. Hi Ellie and everyone!

    I may be checking this sale for the rapunzel murano. This weekend I snagged the belle murano on sale for $35, I went back today and got the Ana murano for $35 as well. They were on the last chance tray and my store had both so I had to get them for my Disney bracelet. My sales associate gave me an additional 30 percent off, not sure if it was an error or she was giving me a hookup by my Ana murano came to $24!

    • I would love to see the repunzel or belle murano but I’m not holding my breath.

      I also got two Anna muranos this last sale – they are pretty but not my favorites of the disney muranos. That could be because I don’t have a plan for them yet.

      • The Ana is pretty but not my favorite. I’d have to say the rapunzel is my favorite. Fortunately I found a local Jewelers that sells pandora and most people here in my town go to the pandora concept store in the mall. I called them and they had about five rapunzel muranos in stock but full priced of course. But im hoping to snag one before they are gone.

        • I can’t believe they are retiring all of the Princess muranos. They are so beautiful! I am on a mission to collect all of them for my daughter. I think I only lack Cinderella. You would think they would keep them around for a while longer.

    • Hi Ashley! Very nice purchases, the princess muranos are gorgeous :D even if you’re not a Disney fan, they are perfect to add a little colour to a regular bracelet design too. I have almost all of them!

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I will, of course, take a quick peek. I already have the dahlias, and I love them. But I can never resist the urge to look, and looking leads to buying…

    I’m trying to hold out for the next Pandora sale/promo since there’s quite a bit more of the Autumn Collection I want.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Deborah! You are welcome :D I’ll be looking but I’m not expecting to get anything this time around. I have indulged in a few bits and pieces lately!

  4. Well along with Deborah, I can’t resist a sell. Hopefully nothing I want or need! Waiting for the September goodies. I could use some Disney but not expecting to see those muranos!

  5. Oh my my , I just asked when was the next Rue la la sale..Ask and you shall recieve ^_^ ..Thank you so much for always keeping us well informed.

  6. Hi all,

    Wondering if there is any update on what the new bracelet concept is ? Heard its going to be released in October . Would love to hear more info about it (:

    • Hi Danielle! It’s called Reflexions. I’m still not allowed to preview it but it’s in most of the Autumn catalogues if you manage to pick one up from your store. :)

  7. Hmm…I am not seeing the Pandora in the coming soon tab. Was going to set my calendar for this. Has anyone else experienced this today?
    As always thank you for the update Ellie.

    • I’m not seeing it either, but it’s happening for sure as Rue La La emailed me earlier this week with the details for me to promote, as I work with them. :)

  8. Does anyone know what the hold up is with the rose open bangle bracelet????? It’s not avail online or in the stores in NYC or Hawaii… for my peeps checking for me in paradise :)…. it’s been two weeks since the collection came out and no bracelets….:(

  9. I ended up getting the libra charm. Probably not the best price I could have gotten but I missed out on it the last 50%/45% sales and regretted it!

  10. Thanks for the link Ellie, this is the first time I am taking part in the sale. Of course I picked up 2 Disney charms the ones with gold that say dream and believe. Did not see the Tinker Bell murano, which is okay I have three other princess and never quite know how to style them so they are sitting on a leather bracelet. Love how they glow in the dark. Good luck to those of you trying to find them all! Did you try the links on the US Pandora site for authorized online dealers? Maybe some of those stores have what you are looking for.

  11. Hi just started my first pandora bracelet addicting for sure there’s so much I want lol. I used your invite for rue lala. I like your blog the pictures are nice. And I like your bracelet ideas.


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