*UPDATED with more images* Today brings a quick Pandora Disney Parks update, with a sneak peek at some new engraved charms set to release at Disneyland in the US! These feature some beads that will be perfect for Halloween, with a trio of Pandora Disney villains and a new Nightmare before Christmas bead.

Both sets of charms are due to be released in Disneyland in California today (you can get them from the Disney Dress shop, or La Masquerade d’Orleans), but no details on pricing or other parks availability are out yet. Like most engraved designs, you are probably safe to assume that they won’t come to other Disney Parks locations internationally.

Pandora Disney Villains gift set

The picture is not the clearest, but we can see three new engraved Disney villains charms: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Cruella from 101 Dalmatians, and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland:

Pandora Disney villains charm
Image by Disney Parks

Presumably, the three engraved beads will make up the set of charms (although I love how they’ve styled them here!).

*UPDATED* We now have some clearer live images from social media to look at! These fab shots by @mainstreetpandora give us some wonderful close-ups of all the detail:

Image by mainstreetpandora

Each charm has an engraved message on the back, as you can see here from this fab shot by @pandorabyliz:

Image by pandorabyliz

Pandora Disney Nightmare before Christmas charm

The other charm revealed is this engraved Jack and Sally charm, the two protagonists from Nightmare before Christmas. It’s really hard to see the detail from this shot, though!

Pandora Disney Jack Sally charm
Image by Disney Parks

It looks like this one will be sold on its own, however.

*UPDATED* We now have a much better view of the bead thanks to social media. The engraved detail works so beautifully on these beads:

pandora disney parks nightmare before christmas
Image by @mainstreetpandora

On the back of this one, we have Meant to be. Very cute!

Image by Pandorabyliz

My Comment

I don’t usually get too excited for the engraved beads, but I think these are nicely done – I know that we can’t see the detailing in all its glory yet, but the detailed enamel portraits work rather well. They’ll certainly look great when complemented by the core Pandora Disney range or by other dramatic decorative beads, as Disney have done in their styling. They picked fab Disney villains to showcase, but I confess that I came to Nightmare before Christmas very late – I tried to watch it last year but I just couldn’t get into it!

What do you think of these latest Pandora Disney charms?

51 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Disney Villains gift set and Nightmare before Christmas charm (updated)

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Love the post, hoping that since they’re showing a cruella charm it means they’re considering bringing out some 101 Dalmatians charms at some point.

    • Hi Nicola! I really really wanted to like Nightmare before Christmas but just couldn’t get into it when I tried to watch it earlier this year. And everyone seems to love it! I must give it another go :)

  2. Hi Ellie!

    I find the enameled charms of this sort to be well done too. I have bought several of the ones for the various holidays. The enamel holds up well, and they are always prettier in person than in the pictures. The bright silver background doesn’t seem to translate well in either a stock image or a live shot. That being said, one or two (or three) go a long way in a bracelet design.

    With the Disney charms, I often buy them for my young granddaughters. At my age I’m not sure I can pull off too much Disney. That being said 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorites. And you are right about the villains being perfect for a Halloween bracelet. Mine is getting full, and hopefully I can resist the urge to start a second one!?

    I’m not into the Nightmare Before Christmas either. So that one probably won’t tempt me. But a Dalmatian would be cool. I’d also love too see Lady and the Tramp at some point too. An oldie but a goodie.

    Thanks for the peek!

    • Hi DEborah! Yes, and I think they work best when there’s an image or more interesting design, rather than just script. You get to enjoy the contrast between the silver and the enamel more, and it looks much more like a ‘proper’ Pandora charm.

      I like to mix my Disney in with regular bracelet designs, so it’s a little pop of Disney here and there! I don’t really wear Disney branded things (rucksacks, accessories, etc) as I look a young enough 26 as it is but I do indulge in Disney pyjamas in the comfort of my own home lol! Jiminy, which I recently obtained, is going on my pastel blue bracelet and he looks very sweet there.

      You are most welcome, thanks for commenting!

  3. Pleasantly surprised with the charm nightmare before Christmas. Just loved that movie. Never thought Pandora would do this kind of charm. Thanks again for another great post!!!

  4. I’ve never seen Nightmare Before Christmas. However, we love Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations in the family so those are neat. I’d rather see Ursala though!

    I second another poster who would like to see Lady and The Tramp done (properly). How sweet would a full bodied silver Lady, Tramp, or Jock bead be?!? With maybe a little enamel for their collar colors!

    • Oooh yes Ursula would have a fantastic addition to this set. More recognisable than the Queen of Hearts, too, perhaps.

      Chamilia did a really really great set of Lady and the Tramp charms! Give them a Google. You might not want to mix your brands, but it makes you think what Pandora could do themselves, if they decided to!

      • Zales jewelry has a Disney line and they told me at the store in October they are getting Disney villains jewelers and for sure Ursula is included. But it isn’t charm jewelry.

      • Ellie, how would you compare Chamillia charms to Pandora charms? Do they have the same quality? I’m very curious!

        • It really depends on the charm! The Chamilia charms I’ve chosen for myself are beautifully made and very sturdy/weighty. There are others I’ve seen that look more flimsy, or heavily enamelled / cheap than anything you’d see from Pandora. So for me, it very much depends on the bead. The majority of them I’d say are very good quality..)

  5. These villain charms are what I more or less imagined, not what they did for the Snow White evil queen. I feel the detail of these appear much better looking then the dangle of SW/EQ and the black bead with the heart and dagger open work just doesn’t do it when the dagger looks like a cross to me. I really like the Alex and Ani villains bracelets but cannot wear the metal they use. I do know that fans of Disney villains have been waiting for these and can’t wait to hear what they think.

    I was able to see the new Disney Pandora releases in my shop. It always makes me laugh when the charms I think I will pass on are the ones that catch my eye! That would be Snow White’s bird, so sweet in person! The 7 dwarfs charm is amazing and that will be the one I pick up next. Maybe they could do something similar for all the mice and animal characters from Cinderella?

    OMG – the parks Xmas of Mickey and Minnie looks ADORABLE from photos I have seen! I am getting it even if I have to fly to WDW myself!

    Still waiting for Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale character heads.

    As always thanks for the post!

    • Oh! One more Disney note. When you first posted images of Bruno the unicorn I felt like he looked familiar. And then it dawned on me – Fantasia – he looks like the unicorn and pegasus foals to me! He is stinkin’ cute.

      Speaking of Fantasia I would love the hippo ballerina as a charm ?

      • Oh my hit post too quickly I will have to have this set for the queen of hearts I’m doing my best to have an Alice in Wonderland bracelet.

    • Haha oh yes, I know that feeling! You waltz into a Pandora store thinking ‘I’m mostly safe from this collection, I’m just here for that one bead’ – then you see it all in person and it’s like ‘Okay so actually maybe I need that one and oh my gosh that one is so cute, and yep, so is that’ and then it’s all over haha.

      Yes, some really cute Disney Christmas beads! I have the openwork tinsel Minnie charm from a few years ago and love that one <3 Thanks for commenting!

  6. Would love to have maleficent but won’t spend 225 on the set to buy 3 charms when I only want one . Maybe they will break the sets up and sell them individually?? Will you indulge in any of these Ellie?

    • It is expensive! I haven’t seen these engraved sets split yet, either. :( I am kind of tempted by the Nightmare before Christmas bead as it’s really very cool even though I haven’t seen the film properly. And I need two more beads to finish my Halloween bracelet! We’ll see ;)

      • Do you know what the price is on the Nightmare Before Christmas bead? I’m headed to Disneyland in a few weeks and am hoping to get one!

  7. I only want the Maleficent one. Hoping they eventually break up the sets like they have with most of the other ones. I heard there was supposed to be a Maleficent bead in Purple similar to the Black Heart & Dagger with something engraved in the Purple stone similar to the Beauty & the Beast Red one with the rose. I’m still waiting to see that one. Since they are showing these in other configurations in the photos I’m really hoping they will be selling them separately soon.

  8. I was just saying in my video I’d love to see Disney villains and here we are…. I’m not to impressed with how they designed them they look cheap looking to me I really think they could of done a better job to be honest

    • I think they’re a good alternative until global Pandora decide that villains and spookier beads are a sure enough bet to do properly! I suspect that Pandora NA do a lot of engraved charms themselves that global Pandora don’t feel confident would sell outside the US.

  9. Creepy scary, makes my Holloween tame! So fun, but ain’t won’t buy. Thanks Ellie for this fun presentation. Brings a smile,

  10. I just need the Queen of Hearts for my Alice in Wonderland bracelet. So, please Pandora, sell these separately later on, even if its just at the Disney store online! And please, please, make a cheshire cat charm!

  11. I like the Maleficent charm the best, and hope they sell it separately…I’m a bit disappointed in the bead’s form, though.

    I keep hoping they’ll do Princess and the Frog, and make Lumiere and Cogsworth beads for Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and a lamp, and genie for Aladdin….sigh.

    • It is disappointing that they’re just engraved beads, but on the other hand, these are some of the best use of engraved beads I’ve seen yet. They are great platforms for the little detailed enamel portrait and are genuinely striking in a way that many of the engraved beads aren’t I think. I’d still love ‘proper’ Pandora beads for them too though!

  12. Do you know what the price is on the Nightmare Before Christmas bead? I’m headed to Disneyland in a few weeks and am hoping to get one!

  13. Hi! Great post! How long would you say these charms will be out for? Do you think they’ll stop selling them after Halloween? Thanks (:

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