Happy shopping to collectors in the UK, as Pandora UK have launched an Autumn sale! This offers discounts of up to 50% and is running both in store and online.

There are some great bargains up for grabs, including the Pandora Disney line and pieces from some very recent collections. My picks would be the adorable Spring Birdhouse, and the Hearts Filigree openwork:

I find myself a bit torn on this – sales feel so frequent nowadays! New and seasonal items from only months ago are being included, and so it makes you tempted to wait and see rather than fully enjoying new collection launches. Nevertheless, I am sure that there are many people excited to see what’s on offer today – and have fun shopping! :D

I won’t be getting anything on discount (or not so far, anyway!), but I am certainly enjoying my new Autumn picks:

Are you getting anything today? What do you think of Pandora’s increase in discounts and promos?

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  1. There are a couple of things I would like but I’m spent up for this month (unless they make me an offer I really can’t refuse, lol) so I’ll have to wait and hope that they are still there when my credit card gets made up on the 7th of October :-/. I’m still hoping for a free bracelet promo too, so I’ll wait to see if that happens since they can’t give us a definite yes or no on that one :-/; wouldn’t want to spend up on the sale items and then not be able to get my free bracelet, lol ;-). It would be different if I knew that we definitely weren’t getting one!

  2. Hi love the sales. I’m waiting for another sale that will include the new autumn launch. I have my list of which includes the Snow White and Pinocchio collections along with Bruno. ;)

  3. Im desperate for the pumpkin but i have still not found anywhere that has it in stock ☹️. Even my local pandora store dont really know much about it.

  4. In the Netherlands we have a 3 for 2 promo that started today and ofcourse i went to the store. I bought the tree charm, the pumkin and a spacer i wanted for a long time. (Bruno, Figaro and the birdcage i have already bought). When i was in store i heard that our sale wil start the 13th of October. I really need to make a budget planning for the rest of the year al the nice stuff that will be coming and my car that needs to go to the garage which always costs a lot of money.

  5. Hi Ellie!

    So excited for all of you in the UK! It sounds like a pretty good sale.

    I love your Autumn haul. I got the scarecrow too. He’s adorable! I haven’t a need for Jiminy, but he’s really cute too. I am hoping to score that bracelet in our upcoming sale/promo/whatever later this month.

    Thanks for everything!

    • Hi Deborah, In search for a few charms yesterday and today, I’ve been told by three different sales associates we’ll be getting a 3 for 2 charm promo beginning September 20th, a jewelry box promo October 4th, and a ring promo beginning October 25th. No mention of Buy More/Save More, “unless it’s a pop up sale”. That’s disappointing news. Guess we’ll have to make the best of the 3 for 2. I hope Autumn is included!

      • Hi Emily, I am going to do several things on the 20th. I always want 3 (or 6!) things that are exactly the same price, so 1/3 off on the new stuff isn’t bad. I’m pretty sure Shine and Disney will be the only things excluded. I will wait on the rings until October. Maybe the Buy More Save More will be our Black Friday deal! ?

  6. Wow can’t believe there a sale was not expecting that, there some really nice pieces included so I will most probly be taking part. ??

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Sounds like a good sale for those of you in the UK. Nice haul you have there. I have Jiminy, Bruno, Sweet Pumpkin and others on hold hoping for a sale including Autumn. I’ve been told there’s no Buy/Save Event in sight for the US. Guess I’ll make the best of our 3 for 2 charm promo beginning next week on the 20th!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    I am not in the UK so I won’t be indulging in this promo. Quick question, will you be keeping the message tag on your scarecrow? Still waiting for the scarecrow to come in to my local. It is already out if stock on line in Canada.

    You got some lovely fall charms & bracelet.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I was thinking about taking off the message tag on the scarecrow too. But when I bought mine, it’s behind him. It’s really unobtrusive, so I left it on. And the bail on the other Dangle is silver. So I added 2 love pod spacers to balance that little splash of silver. The result was a pretty, slightly TT Shine style on the Shine mesh bracelet.

      • Hi Deborah,

        That is good to know about the tag. If that is the case I might be able to ignore it & save a few extra dollars to have it removed. The love pods are a nice idea. My local has very little shine available at the moment and the new stuff hasn’t arrived. The staff are a little frustrated by the short supply.

        Lisa K

      • Hi Sheila,

        To my knowledge it starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend. I will probrably do the spend 150 and save 50. The other spends are too high. I want to get a rose bangle so I thought this might be a good time, especially since Pandora just raised their prices.

        Lisa K

        • I am making my list now. I love the bangles just finally got one in silver and one for a gift. FYI I just called my nearest store and they said the PROMO event starts on TUESDAY and is on until Sunday. I am going to check the website first thing on Tuesday also.

  9. hi Ellie I’m new to the blog but wish all to know that Pandora at Garden State Plaza USA has Fairytale Fish charm which according to your blog was limited to the Russian MarketHi Ellie. New to this. We have the fairytale fish in our local GSP Paramus NJ store. According to your blog this item is only offered in Russia. Thought I’d let you know.

  10. How exciting! Love a sale.

    If I lived in the UK, I would get some more rings like the Glorius Blooms, Forever Pandora, July/ August droplet birthstone and the Band of Shimmering leaves. Took advantage of the Rue lala sale and got 4 retired Pandora rings. Thank you Ellie for the post.?

  11. Have fun for those who participate. I was excited to snag a few more things on Rue La La latelty: 2 Night & Day clips, Wise Owl, a 2nd Midnight Effervescent, Libra Star Sign, and the moonstone Balance essence. Still waiting for a few to come but I fell in love with the wise owl and celestial clips so far. Beautiful silver designs with a small touch of sparkle! Yaaasss!

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