It’s promos galore at the moment, and we have new ones popping up all across the globe! With offers for the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I’ve rounded up the new promos starting today in the post below, and added a little news item about a new Pandora Disney Parks release, too. :) Please do feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything in your region that I’ve missed!

Pandora Autumn 2018 fairytales

Read on for the details!

Pandora Buy Two, Get One Free promo for the US

The 3-for-2 promo has come to US shores this week – a 3-for-2 is one of the best offers around, and offers tons of flexibility. You can buy any two charms, and get the third (and cheapest) for free. The caveat with this particular sale, however, is that it excludes Pandora Shine and Pandora Disney. :(

The offer is on until September 24, and is running both in store and online.

Pandora Spend & Save promo for Canada

Pandora shoppers in Canada can take part in the Layer, Stack, Save promo, which is running both in store and online – the details are below. The sale will run until 24 September, and unfortunately does not include the Pandora Shine and Disney ranges.

Pandora Spend & Save promo for Australia & New Zealand

The spend and save offer has also hit Australia and New Zealand, running until 23 September. Details are as below:

There don’t appear to be any limitations on this one, so you can shop the Disney and Shine collections if you’re doing this offer I believe!

Jack and Sally Pandora charm available at the US Disney Store online

I previously shared a couple of new Pandora Disney Parks exclusive beads, which included a delightful Nightmare before Christmas charm just in time for the Halloween season! This has now appeared on the Disney Store online, which ships internationally. It’s retailing for $65 USD:

Pandora Jack and Sally charm

My Comment

I still have the Pumpkin to get, but don’t know what else I would buy to make up the promo spend for any of these! :o I may just wait and save the Pumpkin as a surprise gift to myself at some point over the coming weeks . There’s something rather fun about spontaneously stopping in front of the store and being like, you know what, I will get something today! Or you know, I might do a promo. We shall see…! ?

Speaking of Autumn purchases, my first reviews from this collection will be coming very soon.

Are you taking part in any of these offers?

69 Comments on Pandora updates: Promos for the US, Canada and Australia, & more!

  1. I plan take advantage of US promo. I plan to get the Regal Heart, Jiminy cricket and Bruno the unicorn! Love that blue on Jiminy umbrella and the fact that it dangles. I see you liked Bruno too! Thanks for the update. Will The new Disney Charm be sold in uS Pandora stores in addition to online?

  2. Good morning Ellie ? thanks so much for the update. yes I was ordering like a crazy person in the middle of the night as soon as the sale went live because I know some of the most sought-after Autumn charms will sell out
    quickly. I do wish Disney had been included but I’m happy with every promo. I do hope that the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts charm will be available separately soon from Disney, so I will be checking every day LOL

      • I’m hoping to do an entire alice in wonderland bracelet,but am struggling without some beloved characters.I may even buy a chamilia Cheshire cat charm(horrors).actually it’s adorable,but I’m Pandora through & through so we’ll see.

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I did shop the 3 for 2 a bit. I finished my Halloween bracelet, as well as bits and pieces to complete a couple of others. I picked up a few of the silver harvest charms, and the Bright Star charms in anticipation of the upcoming bangle. I also scored the Russian Fairytale Fish, which my local store had gotten in stock.

    In addition, I used some “birthday bucks” to get the new sterling silver adjustable chain.

    I agree that this is an excellent promotion, with great flexibility. It was nice to be able to add a charm here and there to existing designs. Sometimes I get dazzled by a new collection and never go back to get the charms from previous collections that I wanted. This time I made a list and stuck to it for the most part.

    Now, if I can just resist temptation on line…

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. What about the UK? When are we getting a promo? We’ve never had that buy more save more promo and I would love that even more than the free bracelet promo that we didn’t get last year and looks like we won’t get again this year :'(.

        • Thank you Margi, I didn´t want to spend any money on Pandora till payday but I was thinking of making a one day trip to Biarritz next weekend if the weather keeps as hot as it currently is, so I think I´ll take part in the France promo. Or I can order online and have it sent to a friend´s holiday flat in Saint Jean de Luz. Lots of thanks for the info!<3

      • Here in Croatia they count on passionate collectors. Grab it no matter what it costs :-). I’m one of those, still, it would be nice to have 3 for 2 action.

  5. I am in Australia and there are no limits of what you can buy during this offer period…there are 3 separate option amounts to spend, so includes Disney, Shine, Rose, 14K and Silver…I chose the offer to buy Essence to complete my TT Essence bracelet.

  6. Dear Ellie,
    So nice to hear from you but sometimest hat makes me sad.
    Here in Greece unfortunately Pandora doesnt care about her Discounts no s long time that we had an offer , promo etc from Pandora and that makes me real mad watching what happens in Europe or US etc.
    Lots of love

  7. I live in Singapore and there’s a promo with SG$40 off SG$200 spent or SG$80 off SG$300 spent. I love promos but now I find they are happening so frequently that I end up spending too much money anyway. I think I will have to be selective on the promos I choose to participate in!

      • I am thinking the same. I am thinking do I buy now or do I wait til the end of the year when some of the charms I want will likely be retiring and heavily discounted.

        • Same here. But I will buy those I really love, because I’m impatient. Then leave the rest to buy during promotion or sale. They get retired so fast here in Australia.

  8. Hi Ellie!
    In Italy there is a 3×2 only on charms and bracelet!
    No Shine, no Disney ??‍♀️

    In Germany until last week there was also a 3×2 and I used 2 times ?

  9. Hi Ellie! Thank you for updating everyone on all the latest promos! I actually participated in the early-access US promo yesterday, and I got VERY lucky this time. When I first saw the details of the promo, I was unclear as to whether the Disney and Shine exclusions meant that the free charm could not be of these varieties or if Disney/Shine could not be used towards the promo at all. I called my nearest store to clarify this, and they told me you couldn’t include any Shine/Disney charms towards the promo. This disappointed me because three of the charms I wanted were Disney/Shine, but I decided I would just do the promo online and do a smaller order. I still decided to call the store that is a little farther away from me and, to my surprise, they said I COULD use Shine/Disney charms toward my purchase as long as they weren’t any of the free charms. So, I did the promo at that store. I was curious, so I went on the Pandora eStore this morning and, sure enough, the promo DID completely exclude Disney/Shine. So, I indeed got lucky

    This brings me to the customer service experience I received at this store. I have had VERY mixed customer service experiences at both my stores over the past few years—so much so that I have been opting to make some of my purchases online instead. I have to say, though, that this was one of the best experiences I have had. The manager of the store waited on me, and she found my items so quickly, allowed me to split up my purchases into three transactions while still ringing it all up together, and allowed me to use two $10 discounts that I received from taking surveys on top of the promo. She could not have been more accommodating! Also, the store had EVERYTHING in stock, which is unheard of when I go into a store, and I even selected some very popular pieces that are difficult to find in stock online right now.

    Now onto the fun part: what I got! I purchased the Disney Evil Queen’s Black Magic, two of the Rose Iridescent White Glass muranos (gorgeous!), the Regal Beauty charm, the Shine Floating Grains dangle, the Shine Intertwining Radiance Charm, and the Bootiful Charm. With these additions, I was able to add to my Shine smooth clasp and Rose mesh bracelets as well as complete my Halloween black leather bracelet! I also got two charms for my mom for her birthday: the Silver Iridescent White Glass murano and the Celebration Cake. Finally, even though not part of the promo, I bought the Open Grains Rings in both Shine and Silver. Ellie, I hope you are able to partake in one of these promos!

    • Joanne, so happy for you and love your choices in charms and that the store had all stock in as longer drive for you. The manager’s customer service sounded excellent and she knows her products ascadds to the whole experience. Your bracelets must be stunning with the new additions.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I did take advantage of the SMSM promo but only up to the first level. I decided to buy a smooth Rose Bangle with the $50 off it became affordable! I am trying to make more use of my Rose Charns, however,this Rose Bangle is so lovely. Its own I may not bother adding charms. God Help me when they finally release a Shine Bangle!
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Lisa K

    • Lisa, I love my all Rose bangle too! I made up all these mini designs of 3-5 charms and one set of clips to use on it so the charms wouldn’t move so it wouldn’t wear or scratch. But it’s way too beautiful by itself to add charms! My mini designs are impatiently waiting for the Rose open bangle. I some times wear the empty Rose bangle with the empty silver bangle with the Rose clasp!

      I am hoping for a Shine bangle too. My credit card isn’t, but I am?.

  11. My local store did a one day only promotion yesterday. Buy 1st Pandora at 20% off, subsequent 10%. If the final bill come up to $200 & above, you get another $50 off. Very good bargain too. I bought the rose padlock clasp bracelet. So pretty. How gutted was I when the price went up by $50 after the Autumn collection release. This promotion makes it possible for me to get it. $110 saving in total!

  12. I went the whole hog and got the $200 discount. Took ages the night before to work out my spend. A mix of old and new charms. Unfortunately some of the new charms were out of stock but I had a back up list in case. Loved the new locket bracelet – the locket is much heavier ie substantial than the locket bangle that I have BUT I just could not get the lock to open in store so I couldn’t see the point in buying it. I got the regal heart charm which I love and the new rose Murano which I like the ornate sides of but not so keen on the core. Might be taking that one back.

    My in-store experience wasn’t great. The sales staff made several comments that me buying items for myself was unusual. The SA who is not new was clueless about the names of any of the charms and where they are located in store and in catalogue. I felt like I ended up doing her job!

    Nevertheless I am glad I had put aside money and a wishlist this year so I could indulge in this promo.

    • Lozzie, I bought the new Rose Murano too. I love the sides, and I hunted through several of them to get one that had a lot of fire to the glass. I am wearing it with two small charms on either side (so the filigree work on the sides shows) on a Rose chain. I played with it in the store and for some reason didn’t think it looked right in a bracelet design.

    • I too am excited to see and choose my white irredescent murano, silver core, for my yet to be worn pattern of love bangle. I want one that has lots of colour. Looks so pretty from promo pics!

  13. I am plaaning to partake in the BMSM promo and psln to buy in-store as got early access but work been ridiculously busy so too tired to figure out my top choices and whenever I buy online, my top picks are sold out already. The irredescent murano, Bruno, Christmas train, the space-star safety chain and planet- can’t remember names to the, compass, spiritual feather or dreamcatcher, a birthday cake charm are on my list. A big selection as starting buying late as early access started two days ago in Canada so not sure what is available locally at this point. I also want two purple petites or maybe blue ones not sur yet but needed some colour in my collection. Piglet on my list and will see if they allow any disney in store as sometimes the concept stores here don’t do stictly by promos. I might do two, 1st tiered promo $150.00 with $50.00 off buys. Excited but spending so much on Pandora lately as lots of promos and limited stock lately. Morning coffee done and getting ready for work. I will go shopping after work this evening. ???

    • And blue bubble glass murano, can’t remember name to that one either as my brain is full from work. Strong indication that really need a rest when unable to recall names of Pandora charms. Lol.

  14. I did the 3 for 2 promo and got the iridescent murano (silver), regal beauty, and united regal hearts in rose gold. I’m planning to go back to the store and get the regal heart and two clips. At first I wasn’t planning to get the new murano, because it’s kind of bulky, but I love muranos and Pandora isn’t releasing many these days so I thought I’d go ahead and get it. Even though it’s bulky, the ornate detail on the sides is pretty. I’ll probably end up getting the Rose gold murano at some point as well.

  15. Australia includes everything as far as I know. I just wandered upon this sale today when I got my bracelet replaced that broke it’s clasp (rose gold pave heart). I’m still surprised that it broke, but it was no problem to replace it with the receipt. I got the last 7 dwarfs charm in the store. That one looked like the only new Disney charm that was sold out. I also got the magic mirror charm. I was surprised by how large it is. All the new Pinocchio and Snow White charms are amazing. I think those are my favorite ones so far besides the Fantasyland ride charms.
    All the parks exclusive charms are always available on the Disney Store website, but sometimes they sell out really fast and you miss seeing them. Although, any that sell out right have always gotten restocked at least once from what I’ve seen.

  16. I just spent such a substantial amount during the Rue La La sale that I think, hope, and believe that there will be another or shall I say better Pandora sale coming up especially with the holidays coming. Again I hope hehehe. This buy 2 get 1 free is ok sale but seeing as thou I have still such a massive wishlist I am holding out. I think is good thou that they have included some of the newer autumn pieces which is really good. So I will wait and see again I hope I am correct in saying something is coming up alittle bit better. Thank You !!! so much for always keeping up informed of all the upcoming promotions and sales. I really appreciate it.

  17. I got the Radiant Grains of Energy charm with the golden cz, the spring release blue pave bead, and then I got the spinning hearts of pandora charm only because I wanted the free charm to cost about the same as the other two charms and I could not really decide what to get! I had really been hoping for the fairytale fish, but I waited to purchashe and it sold out very quickly!

  18. Hi Ellie
    Thank you for the heads up regarding Pandora’s latest promotion. It seems I’ve been participating in many of these lately. That’s not a complaint. ? In early September, here in Canada, we had the Labour Day promotion that I participated in twice. I got the new white iridescent murano and the Cleatial Mosaic charm that I have wanted since it’s release last year. I did that one out of province with the help of the lovely Sarah and Lisa K’s recommendation. Thank you both for your help. Since the new Autumn collection wasn’t included in the sale at the online store, but there was no exceptions for Pandora shine, I was able to get a couple of the bee themed pieces I had wanted.

    With the latest sale, I wanted a few of the new pieces from the Autumn collection. You can imagine my disappointment when I went to one of the local shop in shops yesterday and discovered that they had NONE of the latest release! The salesperson tried to tell me that they wouldn’t arrive until supper hour and be available for sale until next week, conveniently after this latest promotion is over. She also said they only get them when Pandora decides to send them to them. They had all the signs for the promotion but nothing from the Autumn release. After politely expressing my disappointment, giving her a few insights into my knowledge of Pandora, and how I would be finding other avenues to make all future Pandora purchases, she became very helpful. She asked which pieces I wanted (she had no clue of the names of anything) and said I can get you those. She made a call and asked if I could wait 10 minutes. Off she went and came back with the pieces I wanted. I got the new seeds of energy clips and the safety chain. There were a few other pieces that I would have liked to have seen in person because it is my birthday weekend and I was prepared to spend more. I would have liked to have seen the Pandora Rose version on the new Murano, the pumpkin, and the Regal Beauty. I am happy with what I bought but this particular shop in shop will probably not be my first choice in the future. One of the reasons I popped in was because there were no customers, not a single one. It was lunchtime in a large mall and just off the food court. Rather than thinking that odd at the time, I thought maybe I had great timing for once in my life! ? This just means I will have a few pennies for the next promotion.

  19. Pandora Buy Two, Get One Free promo for the US

    Heads up on what might be a mistake on Bloomingdale’s behalf, but I just bought 3 for 2 Disney Pandora Charms for the Mrs on their website at their link:

    They have 497 charms eligible and there’s probably close to 50 Disney Charms mixed in the bunch.

    To avoid shipping, sign up for their free “Loyalllist” program during the checkout process before completing the transaction. They’ll send you a confirmation email with a code # to enter.

    In case it doesn’t pop up in the checkout process, here’s their link from their main page:

    Hope this helps

    • 1. Wish my hubby bought me charms! ?
      2. I saw that on the Bloomies site they have the Disney charms labeled with the 3-for-2 offer; thanks for posting that it works.

  20. Hallo!
    Ich bin aus Deutschland und verfolge deinen Blog total gerne. Hier gibt es ab 28. Sept die Glamour Card mit 20% auf Pandora. Dieses Mal sogar auf Disney!!! Shine ist ausgenommen. Ich habe das Herbst Armband mit Vogelscheuche und mir fehlt noch der Charm mit dem gelben Stein dazu. Dee wurde bestellt und nächste Woche kauf ich ihn. Endlich!! Ein zweites Mesh Armband in Silber hätte ich auch noch gerne. Hatte Deinen Blog gelesen zum Thema Armreif und muss dir voll zustimmen, nachdem ich jetzt eins habe. Wundervoll sind auch die neuen Clips in Silber und Shine. Schlicht und tragen nicht auf. Die Vogelscheuche ist mein besonderer Liebling. Zwar teuer, lässt sich gut tragen und ist aussergewöhnlich. Passt so gut zur Jahreszeit! Ich lass mich mal überraschen was ich nächste Woche bei Pandora kaufe. Es wird sicher nicht bei dem einen Charm bleiben. Freu mich schon, es ist immer wieder ein totaler Genuss mit einer Pandora Tasche aus dem Shop zu gehen ? Ich liebe es! Viele Grüsse aus Germany

  21. I did the offer three times and was also able to use a $50 off $250 coupon available at my local mall as well as the $10 off $100 survey coupon, so I am feeling proud of myself.

    I bought two silver core white muranos, the rose core one, Pinocchio (he couldn’t be free, but could work toward a free one), the small purple locket, the orange faceted heart, the small regal key pendant, the charm with the four keys, and the lock with the small key.

    I need to sit and do some bracelet making; I have been busy buying and not actually putting the designs together.

  22. Went to my local (US) store today to do some more damage on the final day of the B2G1 and the SA told me that the next promo is Oct. 4-14 – spend $125 and get a free jewelry box. She showed me the jewelry box and it looks pretty nice and a decent size (just a bit smaller than the last one jewelry box). However, the catch is that the spend has to be on the new Reflexion line. Anyone heard or know about this promo?

    • I have not heard of this regarding the Reflexion line, but I heard the next promotion was in October. I never heard of the Reflexion line need to see what that is hmmm.

        • Yes I finally seen a book on it. It’s a mesh type of bracelet with different style of charms. I really want another Pandora jewelry box, but I won’t get this promotion I don’t really like this new mesh style bracelet it’s not for me.

    • This new bracelet isn’t featured in the Australian winter catalogue so maybe it’s not being released here at the same time as the US. No dramas though. Lots of other options to spend my Pandora money on.

      • I stand corrected. Just got an email from Pandora so we are getting this new bracelet style in Australia. Just have to wait til Ellie is permitted to post about it.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I know when I asked her before she said they usually have one every month. If there is another Pandora sale coming October 4th then maybe after that. Because I have noticed Pandora and Rue do not have sale promotions at the same time.

        • Hi, starting Oct. 4th there is a spend $125.00 and recieve a Pandora jewelry box. But your $125.00 must be spent on the new Reflexion line, which is the new mesh style bracelet. I have heard this from several people so hopefully I’m correct in repeating it. If it is true I will pass I just don’t like the new style of mesh.

        • If you go on the Pandora facebook page there is a picture of the new Reflexions bracelet and charms.

  23. I am not sure where to post this but I was on and the villains set is now available, today Monday 9/24. Good luck now they are all available!

  24. Hi everyone. I don’t see many comments from Polish Pandora fans but if anyone’s reading I’d like to tell you that is currently having a very tempting offer. Buy 1 get 1 free on bracelets! It doesn’t apply to the latest autumn collection though. And they only deliver to addresses in Poland. The offer runs from 28.09 to 02.10 online. Happy shopping!

    • i am in NY but i offten visit polish website since i got my mom in love with Pandora! i think that usa promos are much better and i hope that one day it will be as good for polish pandora lovers as it is here. and rue la la! prices are so good!

      • I can’t wait to see what will be in the next Rue la la sale. I hope Ellie is ok haven’t seen any post nor reply from her. Hope she is doing ok.

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