Happy new collection day! Today the much-anticipated Pandora Essence collection debuts in stores, alongside the new Winter 2013 collection.

Image by Pandora Freehold
Image by Pandora Freehold


Today finally sees the release of Pandora’s brand new Essence range. The range is completely separate from Pandora’s existing charm bracelets, and focuses on your inner qualities and values, rather than those ‘unforgettable moments’ of the existing range. Charms will represent values such as joy, love and faith. EDIT: I have now got a post up with my impressions of Essence after seeing it in person. Click here to see it!

Bloggers from around the world have been previewing the collection: click to enlarge the images.

For a full run down on Essence, click here.

Winter Collection

For a fuller look at the Winter collection, click here.

It’s worth noting that, for readers in the US, the Twelve Days of Christmas promotion starts today, as well. From the 4th to the 14th of November, Pandora will be focusing on a holiday charm every day. These will include the Winter Mittens, Candy Cane, Reindeer, Tree of Lights, Perfect Gift, Dashing through the Snow, Snow Globe, Silver Bells, St. Nick, Winter Wonderland Clip and Winter Wisp. The 2013 Black Friday charm will make the twelfth charm: once this is released, the whole set, alongside a jewellery box, will be available at the discounted price of $500. All the charms featured in the promotion will be available from today: Pandora are just advertising one of the charms in particular on each day.

My Comment

I’ve been pretty excited for the release of this collection: I love all things Christmas, and I’ve been dying to see the new charms in person. I’ll be going into my local store later today – I’ll update this post if I do pick anything up. I know that my must-haves from the new collection are the reindeer, the mittens, the carousel and the sleigh. Whether my wallet agrees with me is another thing, however ;)

As for Essence, I’m intrigued to see it in person. I’ve had mixed reactions from the various images that have been released online, so it’ll be good to go and see what I think of it once and for all! I don’t think that I’ll be indulging (although, never say never!) – I just bought a traditional Pandora bracelet, which is still pretty much empty. There are only so many bracelets projects you can have on the go :P However, I’m fully prepared to be wowed when I see it in person!

Are you going to be buying anything today?

2 Comments on Pandora Winter Collection 2013 and Pandora Essence hit the stores!

  1. My favourites were : the Christmas Tree,the Carrousel,the Sleigh,the Pine Cone and the Snow Globe. After seeing them today in real life I brought home with me the Pine Cone and the Snow Globe. That one was prettier than I even imagined. I surely will pick up the Carrousel later on,it will be a present when I stop in Koln for a Christmas market :-)

    • Great choices – I also thought the Snow Globe was so much prettier in real life than in the stock images! I got myself the reindeer dangle today, and I plan to get the carousel too in the hopefully not-too-distant future ;)

      Enjoy your charms, and thanks so much for commenting! :)

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