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This list includes all the information I currently have on Pandora promotions scheduled to happen in 2018. Scan the list for your country below to see what’s coming up!

If you know of a promotion that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment and let us know! :)



  • January 11–February 14: Various gift sets are on offer – more details are available in this post here.
  • March 7–12: 25% off select Pandora items.
  • 20–25 March: Free jewellery item of up to $65 CAD value with spends of $150 CAD or more.

Australia & New Zealand


  • 1–14 February: Free Valentine’s heart jewellery dish with spends of £99 or more.
  • 1–11 March: Spend £125 and get silver Classic Elegance earrings for tree; Spend £145 and get Rose Classic Elegance earrings for free.
  • 15 March, while stocks last: Spend £125 on the Pandora Shine range and get a gold clutch bag for free.
  • Build a bracelet: 15 March–ongoing. For £99, get the silver heart-clasp bracelet, and two items from a pre-determined selection of silver charms, clips and safety chains (each with a value of £35). This offers a saving of £25.


  • 1–4 March: Spend $230 SGD and get a free silver Pandora barrel clasp bracelet; spend $290 SGD and a free Pandora Rose barrel clasp bracelet; spend $750 SGD and get a free two-tone barrel clasp bracelet


  • 25–28 January: Purchase any 3 items and get the 4th for free!

60 Comments on Pandora Promotions for 2018

      • Thanks for the heads up on the 25% off deal here in Canada. I was able to get the Dazzling Dasiy fairy which is being retired soon. When I was there I asked about other promotions and she told me there is one coming up I believe she said starting the 23rd of March where you spend $150.00 and get $65.00 off your next Pandora item. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada. Hopefully she is right as I have my eye on a few items from the Spring collection!

        • That’s very interesting! I’ve heard that it’s going to be a buy more, save more from other sales associates speculating. Although I do wish it was a straight discount, it’s interesting to possibly see this kind of “on your next purchase” promotion as well!

        • Now I am even more upset… Here in Montreal they didn’t have that promotion of 25% off and now I even know they retired the fairy charm that I really wanted… Oh well, luckily the new spring collection will be out soon!

    • Is the white jewelry box gwp for the US? And is it air proof keeping Pandora from getting tanished? Thanks

    • I missed the 25% promo as I was lookoing at retired Rue charms but then then they change policy about shipping outside oiof the States. However, I bought a rose gold clasp bangle with 3 rose gold beads via TSC on sale and tracking szid it it is nnow in my city. I expect it to arrive today!!!! So excited!!!

      • I am still upset about the decisions of Pandora to disallow Rue Lala to ship to Canada.
        I am not able to find the Pandora moments necklace in 14K gold 45cm. It is not even listed on the Pandora canada website. Have they discontinued this necklace?

  1. Hey
    I believe there is a promo coming up in Canada, March 20-25. Buy 2, get one free (up to $65 value, not including Shine collection).

  2. In Vancouver, Canada we got spend $150 and get a free item (up to $65 – excludes shine and disney). We have not received the slider silver bracelets or swirling hearts sets yet.
    What do you guys know about the summer promos? I wonder if they will do a Shine promo too.

  3. Hi, do you know if Australia will have a promotion on Pandora Rose in 2018? There was one in late 2017, does anyone know if there will be something else this year?

  4. I’m very been to see what’s next promo in AU. I hope they don’t take away the regular bangle GWP :(

  5. I made the last minute decision to get in on the free heart charm. Not the sort of style I usually get, but the price was right ?

  6. Does anyone know of any promo events for CANADA in the near future? I heard a few rumors earlier but nothing more……no mothers day promo??? :(

  7. Offer starting today (26/04) until the 7th May, in the UK-Limited Edition Celebration Bangle with a £99 spend. There is also another offer listed on The Jewel Hut’s promo section on their web page- Free £20 Pandora voucher with every purchase made between 26th April-20th May 2018. The voucher will be redeemable against pandora purchases of £120 or more between 24th-28th May.

    • I have been in the Pandora shop today (to browse only and not to participate in the promo believe it or not). The sales assistant soon became aware of how much Pandora I usually purchase and she gave me two of the £20 vouchers even though I didn’t make a purchase today ! Both vouchers have the same online promotional code on them which is “CELEBRATE20” so this must be a generic code that you don’t really actually need a voucher for. Enjoy more shopping everyone!

  8. Hi Ellie
    Do you know if there will be a 3 for 2 promo in the UK? The three on my wishlish are all £25 each so I need a 3 for 2 rather than a bracelet promo at the moment.
    Do you know when the summer (usually June???) sale is? as I am hoping that summer 17 limited edition ivory leather bracelet is on sale (as they usually are).

  9. My husband just returned from the Netherlands and having purchased some charms for me from the local Pandora store in Amsterdam he also brought me a beautiful heart shaped dish. It is truly beautiful. I am so excited to receive this in addition to the wonderful charms he brought me. He brought the wonderful windmill charm plus a couple of others. I feel blessed.

  10. Does anyone know of upcoming promotions like nurse day or teacher day, coming up in may? In the us? 25% off or more is always good.

  11. UK summer sale starts today (07/06). I’m surprised to see Disney pieces included, I’m temped by the Micky and Minnie pendant charms.

  12. Hi there,
    Do you know of any upcoming offers? I’ve got my eye on a couple of charms, as it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, I was wondering if there was an offer? I’m sure last year the charms were on a 3 for 2 offer.

  13. Is there going to be a free bracelet promo in the UK this year? I want that one that they have just had in America where you can have any bracelet you want and pay extra if needs be ;-).

    I’m shocked that it’s September already and we’ve heard nothing about the Christmas ornament yet :-O. Are we having one this year?

    I was also wondering if we will get a free bangle promo before Christmas like we did last year?

    • Oh well, I had to buy an Olivia Burton watch that was on sale instead of waiting to see if Pandora do a free bracelet promo at the end of this month, I couldn’t risk it selling out if I waited until next month and not worth the risk when I don’t know if Pandora will give us the promo since they didn’t last year :-/.

    • I hope we get the Christmas ornament promo, I like those. They have been very tight lipped over whats coming up in the next few months, which is a shame I like to start planning my purchases early.

      • Me too, it’s like they think that we can all find money at the drop of a hat :-O. I do supply work in schools so I’ve only just gone back after the 6 week holidays and with being supply I don’t get paid if I don’t work, no holiday pay for me :'(, so the end of September free bracelet promo has always been a tough one for me and I really need to know in plenty of time if I’m going to need to save up. In the past I’ve put money on one side from my last wage in the summer but it all went on the 3 for 2 this year :-/. My new watch should arrive tomorrow :-D, so Pandora might have shot themselves in the foot as regards me taking advantage of any mythical promo at the end of this month and I might have to wait and hope for the Christmas ornament one, at least that one won’t only last a few days, lol ;-).

        • I hope you enjoy your watch, I missed out on the Olivia Burton watches in the summer sale when I just couldn’t decide- I regret more what I didn’t buy that what I do! I’ve just bought new winter accessories so any Pandora purchase of a greater value will have to wait a while-. I think last year we had the bangle promo just before the ornament didn’t we? If that appears again I will probably have to skip it. I’m dying to see this years festive packaging too!

        • The watch is lovely, it’s still on sale at Argento, was £72 now £54 :-). It has a lavender grey strap, rose gold face and little birds, either blue tits or sparrows, I can’t tell which. Hubby bought me a pink one with a bee in the middle for my birthday, so now I have one that will go with most colours ;-). I can’t remember which came first last year, the ornament or the bangle but I managed to get both :-D. If it’s that Fireworks bangle then I won’t have any choice, I have to have that :-/.

        • After seeing the firework bangle, I have changed my mind & if that is offered as GWP before the ornament I will take part in that one.

        • Well, the winter collection has launched today and there is no sign of either bangle :-O, I wonder if that means that it will be a GWP in a few weeks time :-/, let’s hope so. I’ve asked what’s happened to them on the Facebook page but they haven’t responded :-O.

        • Someone has said that it will be a promo item but I’m not sure how reliable that info is, hopefully very ;-). I’ll be staying up late every Wednesday now and getting up early every Thursday on the off chance; promos always seem to start on a Thursday!

  14. This new sale is a surprise, some recent releases included-Glorious blooms ring,Glorious blooms pendent/brooch, ladybird meadow earrings & spring bird house charm. I see the Gold and rose gold glitter ball charms are included but not the silver-these are rather pretty. Some of the double leathers are down to £30 too & I rather like the purple.

    • I like those glitter balls too, and I NEED the silver one :-O, so hopefully that will be reduced later or next time. I’m doing an all silver bracelet and 2 of those would look great on it :-D. I also like the purple leather and am wondering if the rainbow Murano would look nice on that, I’m thinking 2 of them with the rainbow dangle but I can’t afford it atm :'(.

      • I too hope they are in the next sale, I’m doing a silver/blue Night/Sky themed bracelet. I ended up not buying anything from this sale as my local store had a very poor offering and it’s worth the delivery hassle or charge for one or two things. I think the rainbows would work, both have purple on them (Lighter than the leather bracelet but it would be a nice contrast) Ooh, I think the Ferris wheel could work with this combo! Nice small fun summer combo. I need to stop this and concentrate on finishing my current bracelet. I’m going to be saving in hopes of a promo coming up.

        • Yes, I was thinking of the Ferris wheel, the Love and the mosaics in the round and the heart shape with the rainbow ones on a silver bracelet but that purple leather is tempting. I just need a GWP promo to tip me over the edge, lol ;-). I also need to stop this, it’s an even greater addiction than smoking ever was, lol :-O.

  15. We’re now headed very quickly for November 1st Xmas release, surely if they were running the free bracelet and ornament promo staff would know by now????

    • You’d think, wouldn’t you :O, I just don’t understand why they are being so secretive! They’re obviously gagging Ellie too :O, getting ridiculous now!

    • So apparently, this years ornament is a Christmas pudding & is currently a GWP in Australia. will be out in the UK & US on the 1st December, but not as a GWP. in store only, apparently stores will choose ‘favourite’ customers to give them too. (details on art of pandora blog) Not a fan of this format, people who get sent ‘invitations’ by their store get the gift. So that’s me not getting one then.

      • I’ve seen it on the other blog and I’ve asked about it on the Pandora Facebook page and their silence is deafening :-O. I have only ever bought one charm in store and that store has since closed down. I consider this a real kick in the teeth for online shoppers, I’ve literally spent thousands, so if I don’t get one then I’m done with them, I’ll take my custom elsewhere and I’ve told them that on the Facebook page too. I can’t believe a business would treat loyal customer this way :-O.

      • I’ve asked on the Art of Pandora blog and she said that it will be a GWP, so let’s hope this information is correct this time :-/.

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