Pandora is all about collecting things, and with the Christmas season in full swing, I thought it would be fun to feature another collectible aspect – the Pandora Christmas ornaments! The Pandora Christmas ornaments date back to 2008, and some are extremely hard to get. They are gift with purchases, meaning that customers spent a stipulated amount and received them for free from Pandora. The ornaments started off as an US exclusive promotion, but in 2011 Pandora began to widen their availability to other regions.


2008 Christmas ornament
2008 Christmas ornament

The ornament for Christmas 2008 was less holiday-themed than subsequently offerings. It consists simply of the Pandora logo, with three cubic zirconia in the crown. The 2008 Christmas ornament was an US exclusive, and is quite rare nowadays!


pandora xmas ornament 2009
2009 Christmas ornament

The 2009 Christmas ornament was also a US exclusive, and will cost you a pretty penny these days. For 2009, Pandora opted for a traditional holiday theme, with this cute snowman. He features enamel detailing and black cubic zirconia for his eyes. He also has the date stamped on his scarf, adding to his collectibility!


2010 Christmas ornament
2010 Christmas ornament

2010’s ornament featured a metal sleigh, with enamel detailing. It has the Pandora logo on its front, and three cubic zirconia dotted across the top of it. It was also exclusive to the US.


2011 Christmas ornament
2011 Christmas ornament

2011 saw the change to the current porcelain format of the ornaments. I personally prefer the porcelain ornaments, as I think they look more like traditional Christmas tree decorations! The 2011 ornament was a snowball, with little stars dotted across it. This ornament was available in the US and Australia.


2012 Christmas Ornament
2012 Christmas Ornament

2012 saw a cute porcelain stocking ornament, a nice complement to the Stocking charm that was released for Christmas 2012. It also had a little pouch inside the boot, presumably so that you could sneak a little Pandora present in with it ;). This ornament was available in the US and Australia.


2013 Christmas ornament
2013 Christmas ornament

This year’s ornament was a little porcelain Santa figurine. It was available in the US, Australia and, for the first time, the UK.

I don’t have any of the ornaments, but it would be fun to get one if the spend was a bit lower!

Do you collect the ornaments as well as the charms? Do you own any? :)

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11 Comments on Pandora Christmas Ornaments

  1. OMG, because of this blog, i try to source if anyone willing to let go their collection for me. I managed to get snowflake ornament in year 2015 when it was released in Australia. In the meantime i managed to get ornament for year 2011, 2013 & 2014, trying hard to get ornament for year 2012. Will share picture with you once i collect them. So excited!!!

    • There’s so much to collect with Pandora! ^^ Congrats on finding so many of the past ornaments – I only have the 2014 and 2015 ornaments. Would love to see a picture of yours!

      • I just completed the collection as a surprise for my girlfriend’s Birthday by shopping and haggling on Ebay….2008 & 2009 are the expensive ornaments, $100 + Each. Best of luck in you search.

  2. I am in sadness… I was robbed and all my Pandora stolen…
    I am looking for the 2010 Sleigh…. It reminds me of Christmas with my Grandmother…. please help me find a new sleigh….

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