Today is a very exciting day – and one I was beginning to think would never actually arrive: Pandora Disney is finally out in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa! 💃 🎉

We’re getting two launches: the first set of Disney beads launches today, and we’re then getting another set of charms from 2nd November with the Winter 2017 collection. Today sees the launch of Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella and Mickey/Minnie Mouse charms – you’ll be able to see the full list of today’s beads at I’ve also listed what will be coming in November below:

Pandora Disney UK & Europe Winter 2017 Release

And then there’ll also be this year’s limited edition Disney bead, retailing for £100:

Pandora Disney Limited Edition Christmas 2017 bead

Pandora Disney Launch GWP

In the UK, there’ll also be a little GWP running from today to tempt your money – as if the excitement of Pandora Disney charms wasn’t enough! Spend £99 ore more on Pandora Disney beads, and get this Disney clutch bag for free. I love the little box!

My Comment

I’m so happy that we can finally get Pandora Disney here in the UK – it’s about bloomin’ time! I’ve snaffled most of the things I want already from the Pandora Disney line, so I’ll definitely be waiting to pick up Bambi and Thumper come November. How exciting that I won’t have to import them!

This is the bracelet to which I want to add them. Since taking this photo, I’ve added another purple murano. It has vaguely whimsical floral overtones, so I thought it fitted quite nicely with the Bambi dangles while not being too in-your-face Disney. A lot of the beads on this bracelet I picked up during the UK sales. ^^

On a side note – I know that I’ve not been around properly recently. I took an unofficial mini blogging break for September. This wasn’t really planned, so I’m sorry for the lack of heads-up. I just needed the space. Thank you for all the kind messages and comments – I’m fine, but just snowed under and dealing with a few things at the moment that mean there isn’t the time to blog as well. I’ll write more about this soon.

Are you getting anything today? :D

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  1. Congratulations on getting Pandora Disney!!!! I want the GWP I hope it comes to the US. I’m waiting on Princess Tiana! I have a full Disney Princess Bracelet already. But must have her.

    • Thank you :D It is a really cute GWP, and I was tempted – but I already have most of the beads I like from the launch selection…

  2. I love that GWP !! What a great promotion. I love Disney. I have a full Disney bracelet also ! One day I’ll go to Disneyland.

  3. I am so happy today – the beauty and the beast bangle is out in the UK! I am too busy at work today to get out but that bangle will be coming home with me at the weekend! I have been such a nuisance getting my friends and relations to look for Disney charms for me when they go on trips, Im really looking forward to being able to go to the shops and look at everything myself. I was planning not to go mad with my spending but I’m sure I’ll be able to stretch to the spending for the clutch bag! Hope you are feeling ok Ellie, enjoy the promotion!

    • I went out today and bought the beauty and the beast bangle, and the cerise charm that looks like the radiant hearts but has a rose inside the stone, they are so beautiful! I had planned to put the charm on the bangle, but once i saw them, i felt that the bangle was lovely on its own, and I am going to wear it with the clasp facing up, and stacked with the charm on a separate open ended bangle, with a pave clip on each side to keep it in place. I can’t wait to wear it! I also got the free clutch bag, which is in a really sweet pink box, and in a few weeks I will be going back for Mrs Potts 😀!

      • Oh lovely! I was admiring the Enchanted Rose cerise charm in store yesterday, but it was too pricey for me. It’s really beautiful though. I’d love it if some day they made a murano along the same lines, with a rose inside the glass.

        Enjoy your new purchases! I’m jealous of the clutch bag ^^

  4. Hi Ellie,

    Very happy to hear that you now have Disney charms available in your country, I know you are a huge fan. I have a Tinkerbell Murano and may add another Disney charm in the near future. You have been missed, but taking a break when needed is important. Sometimes we just need to focus on other areas of our lives. Happy Shopping!!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, it is very exciting :D unfortunately I already got most of the ones I wanted, but being able to buy Bambi and Thumper when they come out will be so great!

      That’s really nice of you to say. :) Thanks for your patience!

  5. I’m not interested in Disney at all but I do like the blue Murano and I was hoping that there might be a blue pave heart clip like the white and the pink ones :-/, I thought I’d seen it somewhere and was hoping that it was part of the Disney collection but I think I must have dreamt it :-(.

    If anyone from Pandora are reading, please make a blue pave heart clip as I would like to have a pink one and a blue one on the pave heart bracelet :-). I got the pink one as part of the 3 for 2 offer last week so I’m desperate now, lol ;-).

    • Ah, no, I don’t think that that heart clip exists! It would be pretty, though. Perfect for cinderella themes, too! ^^

  6. Nice to see you, Ellie!

    The GWP is adorable. The colors and design balance are perfect — adult, without losing the charm of Disney. I’m impressed. ;-)

    • It is super cute! I was very tempted but have so far held out and managed to resist ^^ Thank you, it’s nice to be back! <3

  7. Hi Ellie! Glad to hear from you again. I´ve missed your posts terribly. I really enjoy talking about Pandora from time to time and finding out what´s new or what will come out in a near future. Anyway , don´t feel that you owe us any explanation, for my part I understand that you, like everybody else have your daily issues to deal with and I really appreciate the time you put into blogging. A big thank you.
    Now, as long as Disney is concerned I´m not very interested but that clutch is absolutely lovely. I wonder if you can get it with other Pandora items (?). As I put myself on a ban after the summer holidays to recover a bit from the spent, I have yet to do my autumm Pandora shoping, which will be two of the all silver teardrop/ paisly charms, maybe the all silver heart ones too and some Essence beads. Besides, I´ve seen the clear teardrops, RH and diamond-shaped charms in person and to my surprise they have a greyish hue that I like, so I´m considering a couple of them. Still a bit sad after knowing that the mess bracelet can´t be adapted to my size. I hope Pandora will release smaller sizes in a near future.
    Oh ! and I like your design above . It has such beautiful pieces! Take care and have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Marie! Thank you, that’s so nice to hear and I do appreciate it :D thanks for sticking around!

      You have to spend the £99 on Disney items I’m afraid :( I could definitely hit the £99 spend if it was on anything, but unfortunately not. I still have a couple of things outstanding to get from the Autumn 2017 collection as well – two Shimmer Stripe muranos – but I’ll hang on and see if any other promos crop up closer to Christmas. ^^ It’s a shame about the mesh bracelet for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can wear it some day!

      Yay, thank you! it’s not my usual kind of design, but I ended up with a few different bits and pieces in all the summer sales, and this is the result. :D Glad you like it!

  8. So lovely to hear from you again I never thought this day would come. Can’t wait to look at the collection in person looking forward to seeing the other winter pieces. DI you know when the promo is on till.

    • Haha, thanks Nicola! :) I never intended to be gone for good, I just needed a break. The promo is just while stocks last, as far as I’m aware! :)

  9. I only got Mrs Potts …as I too have purchased most of these from the US! The clutch bag is huuuge I was expecting a coin purse size so what a great deal

    • It is a good GWP! I was tempted to get Mrs Potts along with two Minnie muranos to get the bag, but I managed to talk myself out of it!

  10. Hi Mora,
    It is all forgiven taking time off..we all need that at sometime in our life. Enjoy. I am very please to see your enthusiasm return and enjoy Pandora Disney. Your posting keeps me in the loop.

    • Haha, thank you :) I have still been enjoying my Pandora while I’ve been taking a break, it’s just that the blogging part of it gets stressful ^^

  11. Yes! Finally something for us also! Even if is not going to be all the collection 😓 (at least not now and not in italy) glad that Pandora understood something :)

    • I’m hoping that they will dripfeed us the rest of the collection over time… I really want to be able to see all the Signature muranos in store!

  12. It is good to have you back Miss Mora.
    I was excited when i learned that we would get the Disney Collection in Germany, finally!!! But when i saw what we would get i was disappointed. I hoped for more of the Muranos like Tinkerbelle and Ariel or charms like the Snow White anniversary and the new rose from Beauty and the Beast. Miss Mora, do you know if we will get more of the “older” Disney charms?
    That said, from what we get i will definitaly buy Mrs Potts and the heart charm from the Cinderella Collection. Don`t work to hard and have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Steffi, I know – I guess it must be tough for them to decide what to bring in the initial collection. There are always going to be disappointments. I’d like to have seen the Winnie the Pooh beads, even though I already have most of them! I’d have thought that they would be an obvious choice. I am sure that we will be getting more. They just don’t want to flood everything out on the market at once :)

      Thanks for commenting, and have a lovely week ahead! :)

  13. Thank you Ellie for the information about what is to come. I like the Bambi dangle, the Thumper dangle, Let it Go heart, the blue Cinderella murano. I really like your bracelet plan of whimsical floral overtones to fit Bambi dangles while not being too in your face Disney. As these are mostly coming out later I think it might mean missing the promotion of the clutch bag/purse? There is a lot coming later that look more appealing to me. All the best and thank you for the news and ideas.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Yes, unfortunately it does mean that I won’t be able to get the clutch bag when I buy Bambi and Thumper :( I’m really quite tempted by it but I can’t quite justify getting any of the initial release beads to get it.

      Thanks Liz! <3

    • They should be, yes, I saw them in the pre-release catalogue for North America :) should be out with the winter collection if they didn’t make it for autumn!

  14. Hello Ellie!

    So nice to hear from you today and know you’re doing alright. I’ve missed you terribly, but totally understand you need some space. Hopefully things will fall in place for you soon. Meantime, we’ll keep the blog going with our comments. I so enjoy reading each and every one! I’m happy you ladies are finally getting the Disney collections. It’s about time! The GWP clutch is adorable. Maybe we’ll see it in the US at some point.

    Take care, Ellie.

    • Hi Emily! Oh, thank you – that’s so lovely to hear. I’ve missed being here, and I am never happy about taking time away – it’s always out of necessity. :) The clutch is very cute. I keep being tempted to get it but so far have stayed strong! I don’t need any more Disney charms until Bambi and Thumper come out! 😅

      Thanks, Emily, and you!

  15. Hi Ellie, so glad to hear from you again, I missed you! It’s great that now you can purchase Disney charms in your country, and the clutch it’s amazing! I asked for help to a cousin who lives in U.K. and she’s going next week to London to buy me a Pudsey bear and a couple of Disney charms, I hope she could get the clutch. Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Priscilla, thank you :D Ooh I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you get your clutch! It is very pretty, I saw it in store on Sunday. They seemed to have a decent amount of stock, but I don’t know whether the London stores will maybe run out quicker. Hope you have a great week!

  16. When I had the promo leaflet in my mailbox, I was sorely disappointed – in that stupid leaflet was nothing but Mickey & Minnie stuff. After consoling myself, I thought, well, I could at least get the safety chain – it’s not too obvious that it’s about Mickey & Minnie and it’s way prettier than the others they have (I’ve been meaning to get another chain for my third bracelet for a while now).
    When I checked the online store, I was positively surprised to see that they at least have some Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella charms.

    I’m fully expecting them to bring others as well some time in the future. Honestly, after seeing your post about the upcoming Disney winter release in November, I was disappointed again. I really, really, really don’t like Frozen… I swear, if I have to see one more piece of Frozen merchandise or hear one more time that stupid song, I’ll scream! (Did I mention: I work at a kindergarten… ?)

    I was hoping for at least some Ariel or Snow White charms…

    Oh well, patience…

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