Today sees the start of Pandora’s annual Christmas sale for collectors in the UK! Usually Pandora UK’s Christmas sale starts from Boxing Day (26 December) but they’re changing things up a little bit this year and kicking things off a little earlier.

The sale is running both in store and online, offering discounts on retired or soon-to-be-retiring jewellery. There doesn’t seem to be any advertising explicitly about the sale up online, but if you go to the ‘outlet’ or ‘sale sections’ of retailers’ websites, you’ll find the new bargains.

The sale is going to be divided into two ‘phases’, one starting today and the next on Boxing Day, with more lines added. I guess the advertising for the sale will kick in properly at that second phase, as well.

There are a lot of charms on offer, including many things from Pandora’s most recent collections. The beautiful Shimmering Stripe muranos from the Autumn 2017 collection are on sale for £19, while a variety of Floating Locket Petites are up for grabs from £8–10. The pretty little two-tone Classic Heart clip is also on offer for £35, while the new Love Yoga charm is now priced at £25.

My Comment

Sales are always a funny thing for me with Pandora – it’s great to be able to snag some bargains, but at the same time I feel like it’s often many of my favourite charms that end up on the sale! It makes me worry sometimes that the sorts of beads I like most are not the ones that sell the best, and that we might see less of them in the future. The Shimmering Stripe murano and the Classic Heart clip are two of the most ‘classic’ Pandora beads from the most recent collection, for example.

Nevertheless, I have spotted a couple of things I would like – the cute Wise Owl (for my Halloween bracelet perhaps, or my green forest Tinkerbell design) and the little Horse zodiac pendant!

Are you going to be shopping for any deals today?

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  1. Yes I just purchased the bow bangle and a red and green murano to add onto my Christmas bracelet. I didn’t see anything else I wanted maybe in the boxing day one? Who knows lol x

    • I purchased some items from this site 16 days ago, still not received them? 5/7 days it says? Not replying to emails either!

      • Do you mean the Pandora UK eStore? I’d contact their customer service if so! If you mean my website, then I think there must be some kind of mix-up as I don’t sell anything, I just blog about Pandora :)

        • I have tried and had no response at all? The tracking number they gave just says it has left the country of origin?

    • Yay! Very nice choices. <3 I bit the bullet and went for the owl and the horse as well! Shouldn't have done but I've wanted the owl for years :D x

  2. I know this is a bit off topic Ellie but have you heard how much the CNY God of Fortune charm will be in the US with the gold on the charm I’m sure it will be more and I’m just trying to budget for it LOL

  3. I got 2 of the shimmering stripes, a green faceted Murano, the two tone safety chain and the pave heart charm. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the shimmering stripes yet but the others have all been on my wish list for a while so I’m happy to see them in the sale :-). I’m toying with the idea of changing my Christmas bracelet from gold to red and green, I’ll wait and see what I think of my current haul and decide next week, if there is anything left, lol ;-).

    • Ah, amazing haul! :D I bought two of the Shimmer Stripe a couple of months ago at full price though. So weird how quickly things retire these days. The two-tone safety chain is one of my very favourite pieces, I can’t believe that one’s on discount!

      • Amazingly they arrived on Friday morning :-O. Those shimmering stripes look lovely against the rose pave clasp and clips so I’ve ordered another one for the 3rd section; I think that should look stunningly simple :-D, just need a rose safety chain now to complete it. The green did look amazing against all my Christmas charms so I’ve ordered another 2 of those and will swap out 2 of the 4 gold ones and go for gold and green on my Christmas bracelet :-D. I ended up with a spare reindeer that I have put on a non-Pandora silver omega chain, so I’ll put the other 2 gold Muranos on there. I also got the pave red heart charm that I have had my eye on but it wasn’t in stock on Wednesday when I placed my first order :-), that got me over the free postage spend, lol ;-). So, with £7 to see me to the end of the month, I think that’s me done for now ;-).

  4. If I could take part I would be getting a few muranos! And the aqua blue radiant droplet for my icy blue bracelet! Is that not offered in the US?!?!

    • Hi Sarah, no it doesn’t look like it did come out in the US! It was a bit weird with the Radiant Droplets, different colours seemed to be offered in different places..

      • Thanks; that’s a bummer. I wish they’d stop doing that. But it seems to be the biggest complaint I read so I guess pandora isn’t listening :(

        • I can only think that each region of Pandora is allowed to opt out of certain beads if they don’t think they’ll sell. But it’s weird that certain colours of beads get missed in some countries…

  5. A few things have caught my eye, the I love reading charm and a teal and turquoise Muranos. But I think I will wait for the second phase on Boxing Day before I make any purchases in case there are any charms I want more. I know I’m taking a bit of a risk because things may sell out by then but I always feel that if I don’t get to buy something it wasn’t mean to be. Can’t wait till Boxing Day to see if there are any exciting additions. Will you be buying anything from this Phase Ellie? x

    • Very sensible! :) I was going to do that, but then couldn’t resist the owl and the horse dangle. I may well go back for more at a later point haha. I quite like the best friends butterfly charm as well… x

  6. I just got a Pandora bangle for Christmas this year so I’m new to the world of Pandora, so I’d like to ask – from experiencr, do you think these charms will also be on sale on Boxing Day in Australia? Is there even (customarily) a Pandora Boxing Day sale for AUS? Thank you!

    • Hi Clara! Yes, there’s usually a Boxing Day sale for Australia :) they just had one for Black Friday but I would be very surprised if they didn’t run one for Boxing Day too as usual. Normally there is some overlap between different countries’ sales, but each region decides its own retirement list and what will go on discount, so Australia’s offerings might not be quite the same!

    • Hi Claire. I am also in Oz. Sign up to the Pandora Club online. This can be done through the official Pandora Australia website. Its free to join. They send out emails about when promos and sales are on. For example this morning I got an email advising the current free bangle promo has now been extended until Sunday.

      Of course the best source of Pandora info is this blog. So keep reading morapandora.

  7. Hi Ellie wow this took me by a shock I wasn’t expecting it till Boxing Day, I have just looked there some really nice pieces I will wait till after Christmas see what else they add. Have a lovely Christmas Ellie I hope you get lots of Pandora goodies.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, Pandora keep changing things up this year ^^ They added some more today as well (or maybe yesterday) – some great things in there. I won’t purchase anything else until after Christmas though as well.

      have a wonderful Christmas too Nicola – hope you get some lovely Pandora as well <3 thanks for commenting!

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