Today’s post brings news of a surprise offer for Pandora collectors in Australia and New Zealand – from today until 4 March, get 3 for 2 on all Pandora jewellery!

The offer is running both in store and online, and encompasses all full-price items of jewellery. You get the cheapest item free!

The timing is a bit of a tease, just before the Pandora Spring 2018 collection launch, haha. However, I’d be tempted by a few things… the Floating Locket charm, and the two-tone Signature clasp bracelet as well! I’ll try to stay strong though. ;)

Will you be purchasing anything?

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  1. Hi Ellie!

    That’s great for everyonee in Australia and New Zealand! I feel like it’s been forever since the last promo in the US. Of course it hasn’t, I’m just jealous…

    • Hi! I can”t wait to see what the March promo will be here in Canada. I have been very good and have not bought anything since December! I love all the information you give in your posts.

      • Hi Tracey! Haha, that is very good indeed. I can’t say the same! ;) You’ll be getting a free jewellery item GWP next month, more details soon :)

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, you’re getting a spend and save next month! Details are on my promos page. ^^ I’m planning on a fair few Spring purchases.

      • Thanks so much for posting the promotion! I was planning to hit the store on the 15th but now I know I’ll just have to be patient a little longer and save big.

        • I’m still planning on getting a couple of things on day one! But will save a good few things for this offer :D

  2. I’m tempted to buy the rose logo clips and the silver logo safety chain for the rose clasp pandora bracelet I was given for my birthday in January. I just don’t know .. I decided to put myself on a pandora buying ban until May . Such a good deal for NZ though! I made it though February haha ? My other two bracelets have safety chains the clasps have never opened on their own I wonder if I actually need a safety chain or it just looks nice and finished with one on !?

    • This is a really good deal so I’d give your ban some serious reconsideration! ;) May is a long old time haha. I have never had a Moments bracelet open on me unexpectedly, but I have had issues with the Essence bracelets. I mainly get the safety chains as I like the way they finish off a design, although it is nice to have peace of mind!

      • I’m going to Aussie at the end of May pandora works out slightly cheaper over there than nz ! I’ve already planned my pandora shopping hehe. I’m hopefully going to buy the Sydney Opera House charm , the kangaroo charm and the suitcase charm but I do actually need those clips too !

      • Free silver earrings with a £125 spend and free Rose earrings with a £145 spend. It’s running until the 11th!

        • Why such pricey promos for the UK :( I have not been good with my spending lately though lol as sale items have been too tempting but I wish the offers only had a £99 spend like before.

        • Yeah, it always used to be £125 but it’s been nice to see £99 as a spend over the past few months. Hopefully it’ll go back to £99 next time!

    • Ooh fun! I’m not particularly tempted by the earrings, so I think I’ll keep on saving for Spring. Disney charms are a good shout!

  3. Ellie,
    Very Happy to see Australia & New Zealand get some Pandora promo love. On another note, I was wondering if you would be doing a Spring Haul post or here is what I got from my last Rue La La haul. I really liked seeing what you snagged and how you styled it on your bracelets. Every time you showcase your designs I learn something new. I am very appreciative of your promo updates so please don’t take it as a criticism.

    Lisa K

    • HI Lisa! Of course I don’t take it as a criticism, it’s no problem to suggest ideas for posts! ^^ Are you saying that you’d like to see some dedicated haul posts? I do think of doing those from time to time! I’m often tempted to start doing YouTube for hauls except that I don’t know what I’m doing with video and suspect there’d be something of a learning curve haha.

      • Hi Ellie,

        Yes,that’s exactly what I some of your older posts you would do them and I not only loved seeing what you bought but how you integrated it into your collection.
        So yes please. Some Ellie Freestylin styling moments would be fantastic!

        Lisa K

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Great news for Australia and New Zealand. I can always appreciate a three for two sale. Sooooo glad to see a spend/save event for the US next month. It’s especially nice since the Spring release should be in stores by then and my wish list is quite long.

    • HI Emily! I know, the spend & save should help a bit with my Spring wish list as well. If there was a 3 for 2 just after the Spring release, I think you’d have trouble getting me out of the store lol!

  5. I saw your post this morning and I’m ecstatic because this had perfect timing!!! I was really going to Pandora today to pick up the Australian flag heart charm to commemorate 1 year of living in Australia, and with the promo I was able to pick up 2 teal shining elegance spacer clips for my bangle! (Teal is my fave colour) Thanks for making my day!

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