Today’s post is moving away from Pandora jewellery itself. Instead, this is a spotlight on a potential solution to storing your jewellery –  Stackers jewellery boxes.

These boxes are a really great solution to storing your jewellery, due to their versatility. Stackers produce their jewellery boxes in layers, which you can stack together to make a jewellery box of your design ( a bit like mixing and matching Pandora charms until they suit you!). This means that you can create a jewellery box that caters to your exact needs: i.e. you can have a tray to store your earrings, another with long trays to store your Pandora bracelets, and then a deeper tray to store any boxes or larger accessories.

They come in three sizes: mini, medium and large. They also are available in a range of colours and designs. The concept is also useful in other ways. For example,  you can decide which jewellery to take abroad, and just take the top layer with the lid. It’s very versatile and adaptable! I’ve opted for Stackers’s most popular option, the medium sized jewellery box. I only have the one tray at the moment – the top one, with the lid. However, a little birdie tells me that I might be getting two more for my birthday this month – so we’ll wait and see! ;) Stackers don’t actually produce this colour version of the jewellery box anymore – they discontinued it this summer. However, they do still have a large variety of pretty patterns to choose from. :)

20130912_173219_resized As you can see, this top layer comes with plenty of room for storing numerous bracelets – either flat or curved. You can also store your rings, as I’ve demonstrated here!

20130912_173115_resized 20130912_173213_resized_1 Stackers clearly know which way their bread is buttered, too – they’ve just released a new ‘charm bar’ this year. The new Stackers charm bar I love this, as it means that I can try out combinations of charms without having to continuously screw and re-screw them on to my bracelet. They work just like the sticks you see in Pandora’s play trays – you unscrew the one of the little silver balls at the end of the stick, and then you just slide on the charms you want. It’s also quite useful for storing charms that you are not currently wearing on a bracelet. They are designed to be stored in the Stackers jewellery boxes – they fit neatly into the long sections you see in my jewellery box above. However, as you can probably see, they aren’t quite as long as a Pandora bracelet – so you can’t string on a full bracelet’s worth of charms.

If you live in the UK, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on them – John Lewis sell them in most of their stores, or online. If you live internationally, you may be able to get your hands on these through Amazon – I know for sure that US readers can. So, dear readers: do  you have Stackers? I love mine, and I’m sure I’ll end up with more boxes!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Stackers in any way, shape or form! Or Pandora, either, come to think of it. I just really like these boxes, and their other charm accessories.

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  1. I have a random middle layer from a stacker, I use it to rearrange my charms! Was bought in a sale for £3! Would like a lid layer too to make it in to a proper jewellery box, might have to wait until Christmas.

    • If you’re after another Stackers layer, in the summer sales shops like John Lewis often do discounts on them – not as good as £3, but still pretty good! ;) My OH picked up two extra layers for me at half price last summer in the sale.

    • Hi Carolyn, I don’t think the Stackers boxes are anti-tarnish. However, I keep a variety of jewellery in mine with a few silica gel packets, and I have not had any issues with tarnishing. As the layers stack on top of each other and aren’t sealed, that might help too?

  2. Thanks for the review. I just bought the large lidded layer in mink yesterday at The Container Store (A company in the US that sells all sorts of organizational stuff) . I really debated between the medium, Classic size, and the large, but decided that the large was only $10 more, and offered twice the storage space, so it’s what I went with. It ended up being a good call. Not sure which layer I’ll add next, but I’ll definitely be adding. They did not have the bead bar, though. I checked on Amazon, and only found one that matched mine as a part of a set. Any thoughts on where I might locate it in the US?

    • Hmm, I’ve just had a quick preliminary look for you and, while a lot of the UK sites do seem willing to ship one out, the international shipping rates are crazy! I’ll have a proper look for you tomorrow and if I find anything suitable I’ll let you know. :)

      • FYI, I’ve since added to my Stackers layers, and was able to play around with them at the store. I started with the largest size. One layer with a lid, then a lower layer. I discovered that two Classic medium sized layers fit sideways across the large one, and the large lidded section then fits nicely on top. The medium and large pieces seem to work nicely together, and allow for more storage options. Just be sure to pay attention when using two medium sized pieces side by side, that you choose ones with the same depth.

  3. I just followed the linky and bought the large lidded in purple (more of an aubergine, which is why I got it). Thanks for the tip, Ellie! ;)

  4. These are awesome! Do they hold the bangles well? I am in the US and it looks like the charm bar is sold out on amazone. Bummer!

    • The bangles are too big to fit into the actual compartments, but I just rest them in them anyway – as you can see in the front left slot in this picture:
      You can still close the lid so it’s not really a problem!
      Oh that’s annoying. :( You could try and see if Amazon UK will ship them to you? They’re in stock there!

  5. Hi, do you know of anywhere in Australia that sell Stackers?Thank you for such a great blog,I love finding out all the new releases and things happening with Pandora.

  6. I have been looking for a good jewellery box to store my pandora in and wondered since you have had yours a while now has it been ok with the gel packets in? Or have you had it tarnishing your jewellery?

    • Yes my stackers have been great, I’d definitely recommend them. I put the gel packs in, and I’ve not noticed any tarnishing at all. However I am constantly wearing my jewellery, so it does get aired quite a lot :)

  7. Just ordered the same colour as you I got one with 3 layers and a charm bar and some silica gel packs, how many gel packs do you put in each layer? how many trays have you filled so far?

    • Awesome! I only put one or two in per tray, that seems to be enough for me. :) I have four trays now (one’s a lighter pink with polka dots). The top two are my Pandora bracelets and rings, the third is all my earrings and necklaces and the bottom tray is for accessories, polishing cloths and boxes and stuff. I only bother with the silica gel packs with the Pandora bracelets, as my earrings aren’t worth very much haha.

  8. I got my stacker boxes today they are perfect I got the same colour as you along with 2 pink charm bars I got the top lid layer, the deep layer with no sections for my polishing clothes and a few different jewellery bits that are in boxes and the deep layer with 3 sections which works great for the bracelets it fits 2 full bracelets per section without being squashed thanks for this review to help me find a box that works well I did ask on groups what people used but no one really helped me so glad I found this

    • Awesome, I’m so glad it was useful and that you love your boxes! :D I do swear by the Stackers boxes – I love how customisable they are. My collection has grown a lot since I got my first Stackers box, and it’s so easy to just add extra trays. :) Plus all your jewellery looks even nicer arranged in all the trays and compartments, haha.

  9. After reading your review, I researched these. I received one for Christmas, and its totally dedicated to all my Pandora. Once my collection gets bigger, I can move up :)

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear it! They really are perfect for storing all your Pandora – you can so easily add extra trays as your collection grows, and they make your jewellery look so pretty arranged in all the compartments haha.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for your review on Stackers. After looking at the different options including the new charm Stackers I bought the classic Stackers in mink.

    It took a while to decide, in fact I even emailed the Stackers contact form with some ideas for them. I really like the dimpled Stacker that they have on the charm Stacker and thought it would be great if they had a classic Stacker tray with a bracelet circle shape in the middle for your bracelet then charm dimples surrounding. They replied to me and said they had considered it but it would be too expensive to make in a bigger size than the charm Stacker. They offered me two free charm bars from their site if I ordered the classic Stackers from them, but it was still cheaper to buy it from amazon and buy the charm bars myself.

    So in the end I got two charm bars and the 3 level classic Stackers in mink from amazon. I’m really pleased with the colour. I looked at the different colour options but I wanted something that I could see the charms inside easily. I have my silver bracelet and my 4 leathers in the top Stacker, my charms, earrings and light chain necklaces and bracelets in the middle Stacker, then my chunky bracelets and necklaces in the bottom Stacker.

    I definitely recommend the charm bars as they make it so easy to play around with different designs.

    Thank you for the review as I hadn’t heard about Stackers until I read your review and I love mine!

    • Hi, you’re very welcome! I’m so glad it was useful. I certainly love my boxes and I actually just bought another couple of layers for it. They’re kind of collectable in themselves haha. The official Pandora jewellery boxes are nice, but just not as customisable and affordable as the Stackers versions.

      The Stackers team are also very good at offering special deals and helping you out if you email them, as you seem to have found for yourself! It’s worth following them on Facebook if you might need to buy any more boxes or accessories in the future. :)

      I love the mink version! As you say, you can see all your jewellery really clearly and it’s really pretty as well. I have a mix of the different pink boxes they’ve done – the floral design pictured above is now discontinued so I got a couple of their pastel pink boxes with polka dots inside. I also managed to track down another retired pink floral design and got another layer in that. I love pink! ;)

      Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your boxes and thanks for commenting and letting me know it was useful! :)

  11. Dear Allie,
    thank you very much for this review. I was looking for a jewellery box for quite some time with no luck. In my nearest shopping mall with 200 shops, you would say it could be quite easy to find some but noooo …. there were only two options: very cheap looking paper box with pink birdies printed on it or a quite small box from buffallo leather for more than 200 EUR. Honestly, I don’t need something like that and I’d rather spend that money on charms than on a box. :)
    Anyway, I visited a friend in the UK a week ago so I had a chance to buy the Stackers :))) It is great value for the price and the only problem I had was to pick a colour.

    • Hi Jana, you’re welcome – I glad it was useful! Stackers are by far my favourite option for jewellery boxes, and I’ve never been tempted by the official Pandora alternatives. I love how customisable they are, and how easily you can adapt them to suit your needs. :D
      What colour did you go for in the end? I have actually ended up mixing colours in my collection – I have three different pink boxes. Two retired pink floral designs, and the new baby pink box with the polka dots. :D

      • I got the black one. Mostly because it will be easy to match with the other colours later :) I wanted the top with the lid to be conservative and I can go crazy with the other layers later. I also got two of the charm bars.

  12. I first read this post in January this year and I just cannot stop thinking about Stackers. My jewellery are currently in their respective boxes in a drawer or in a jewellery hanger but I find I have not been wearing them as much as they are not all in one place and I can’t see all of them easily. The husband is going on a worktrip to UK in late November and I really like the medium pink box with purple polka dots within so I think I am going to take the plunge and order a set. I really like yours too, with the sweet floral design but wonder whether is it hard to see clearly? I probably need to also consider sizing as well as I foresee the boxes growing taller and when space is a constraint, it might be more practical to go for the large but colours are not as exciting as the mediums.

    • Oh yes, I don’t think you’ll regret investing in a Stackers box. They are pretty, versatile, well-made and very functional! I swear by mine. :D The pink box with the polka dots is lovely, it’s a nice choice.
      What are you concerned about when you say ‘hard to see clearly’ in regards to the floral pattern? The pattern itself or the jewellery inside? The design itself is very distinct in person, but neutral enough that the bracelets still stand out nicely I think. They don’t make that one any more unfortunately, and it is now quite hard to find, so your husband probably wouldn’t be able to find one anyway! :(
      And yes, the medium trays do get quite tall as your collection progresses, but it is quite easy to consolidate your collection within the space given. You can get two bracelets into most of the spaces for example. There are ways around it! ^^

      • I love the floral pattern. For some reason, it reminds me of the English countryside and a little “Cath Kidston”. Very pretty. I was thinking whether the bright pattern might be too busy but I think you had put me at ease by sharing about yours. I found your pattern, along with the medium pink with purple polka dots still available at so you can take a look there if you wish to buy the floral pattern again? Hmmm…. I think I need to relook at my jewellery collection as I do have a lot of earrings and rings before I decide on the size. Thank you for sharing Ellie. I will be sure to let you know what I end up with.

        • Oh, thanks for pointing out that its different. I originally thought they were the same. Yours is sweeter and the print within subtle. I must say I prefer yours. I am also looking at the one you had posted but five sections of it might be too much with the brighter print. I will just get a 25 section and interstack with the Supersize… which I am still finding it hard to decide on which colour. My options are purple with purple vs pink with grey polka dots.

        • That sounds like a good option – it’s nice that the different sizes will stack together. I have a couple of layers of the pink with grey polka dots, and it is very neutral and pretty. All the colours are pretty nice though :)

        • That is what I like about the pink with grey polka dots. Though I love purple, for once the purple with purple does not really appeal to me,maybe because it looks really dark from the stock pictures. A sweeter light purple will be lovely. Heee… I think I had just made up my mind, pink it is, and interstacked with classic boxes of other pink goodness. Thank you Ellie! A second opinion always helps!

    • Lovely! I have seen the wooden lids, although I think they are a relatively new thing. It’s a good idea :)
      Have you seen that Stackers just released some new designs in dove grey? I like the mint and the rose!

  13. Wheeee! My Stackers arrived! In the end, I caved and ordered the medium pink with polka dots set of five medium boxes. I simply love how well made it is and the inside is of a silky material. It surely feels luxurious to the touch. I have not had the chance to organise my jewellery yet but am so looking forward to doing it. The only thing that might bother me afterwards is what will I do with all the empty Pandora boxes? Thank you again for sharing them, otherwise I would never had known about them.

    • Yaaay! You’ve been very patient, haha. They are very good quality – I prefer them to the Pandora jewellery boxes tbh. I’m sure you’ll enjoy sorting all your jewellery into the different sections.
      I have so many empty pandora boxes and bags, haha. I keep meaning to take them into store to see if they can reuse them.
      You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re pleased with them too!

      • Oh, that’s a good idea! For Pandora to reuse them. I will try asking and if not, I will just see any friend wants them and I will gladly give them away. It is true that I prefer Stackers to Pandora boxes. I am a little obsessed with mine right now.

        • Aha, I love my Stackers boxes as well. I always want to buy new colours when they are out, even though I don’t need any more. :P Jewellery organisation is a big part of the fun ;)

        • Very true! I found myself thinking ahead of which leather bracelets and essence bracelets I intend to get in future and thought of getting the supersize 41 sector and top lidded in rose pink and polka dots so that I can stack them all together to make a pink set. But… I stopped myself. Let’s see what will happen in a year.

        • I am very tempted by that dove grey one too! I ended up ordering the ring roll of it. The interior is like fabric whereas the medium pink polka dot is more of a satiny fabric, which I prefer. The antique pink is very sweet lookimg though.

        • I say YES! It really is a very sweet colour. If I ever need a new charm bar, I will get one in antique pink too.

  14. I just went nuts over Black Friday and ordered 4 layers of the mink supersize, some accessories and 2 layers of the charm stackers! Can’t wait to receive my order!!!

  15. Hi Ellie I am fairly new to your website and just seeing this review. I was wondering are the stacker still a popular jewelry box to use your Pandora jewelry or are there better ones now? Thanks for all of your blogging

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