It must be Pandora’s best-kept secret: news has broken of a brand new airline exclusive travel charm! It has been, apparently, available on selected airlines since September 2nd – however, fans have only just got to hear of it, after a fan posted a picture online. There’s not much that doesn’t get leaked ahead of schedule, so for Pandora to not only release a charm, but for the community to miss it until two weeks after its release is something of a feat!

The charm is a variation on the popular existing suitcase charm. Instead of the traditional markings, however, the suitcase now has a translucent red enamel heart alongside the words ‘I <3 to travel’. On the other side, some of the continents are listed.

The new airline exclusive charm
The new airline exclusive charm

A list of the airlines that will be carrying this charm (and when they will be doing so) has been published on the Pandora Facebook page, confirmed by Pandora. They are as follows:


  • China Airlines
  • EVA Airways
  • TransAsia
  • Air Asia X
  • FAT Airlines


  • British Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Air Berlin
  • Swiss Air


  • TUIfly
  • Thomson
  • Monarch
  • Thomas Cook
  • Etihad
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Edelweiss
  • Tiger Airways


  • THAI Airways
  • Singapore Airways

*UPDATE: September 2014* The availability of this charm seems to have widened substantially, and it is now available at a wider range of airlines, including those in the US such as United. It may be worth double-checking with your airline. :)

There seems to be the potential for this charm to actually be somewhat hard to get hold of – unlike many of Pandora’s limited edition charms. I personally find that quite exciting. I know that some fans may be disappointed that it’s not easily obtainable, but I like the idea that there are some charms that you have to hunt for! I also like the design, with its little enamel heart. The current version of the suitcase has been on my wishlist for some time, and I’m now quite glad that I never got around to purchasing it – it may be superseded by this new version! ;)

Will you be looking for this new exclusive?

8 Comments on Breaking News: Pandora Release Airline Exclusive Charm

  1. Ok…so its 2015 and i am looking back on your past posts. Do the airlines still offer some sort of exclusive travel bead for sale?

  2. Hi! I recently traveled with TAM-brazilian airline- to Miami. They have this charm to sell onboard. I didn’t know they were exclusively and didn’t bought it!!!! Now, I want it!!!

  3. Hi Ellie
    I’m from Mexico :) I would really love to get this charm, do you think I could get it from a safe retailer and have it delivered to Mex?

  4. Can I still get the charm with United?, I’m traveling to USA soon, and would like to buy it, like it a lot! Thanks.

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