The holiday season is drawing ever nearer, and so the Christmas ornament GWP (gift with purchase) makes a return for 2013! This is one of my favourite Pandora Christmas traditions, and it’s worth noting that the ornament is coming to the UK this  year, too.

This year’s Christmas ornament is a porcelain Santa figurine.


  • The ornament will be available in the US and Canada from the 30th of November to the 8th of December, and will require spends of $125 USD and $150 CAD.
  • For those in Australia and New Zealand, the promotion will run slightly longer, from the 25th of November to the 8th of December, and will require spends of $150 AUD and $180NZD.
  • In the UK, customers will have to spend £175 to qualify for the ornament, while dates are to be confirmed.

My Comment

As I live in the UK, I am bound to notice the fact that the spend for UK customers is incredibly high compared to those in other regions. £175 translates to roughly $280 USD and $300 AUD, which is double the price that those regions will be paying. £175 is not going to be an affordable GWP for the average customer, certainly.

Overall, however, I really like the concept of the Pandora Christmas ornament, and I hope that they will be more affordable in subsequent years!

Do you like this year’s ornament? Will you be looking to get your hands on him? :)

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