This post is dedicated to all the charms that are still being produced and aren’t intended to be limited edition in any way, but that are limited geographically. If you’re looking for a complete post of hard to find charms, then see here.

I haven’t ordered them in terms of country, as the charms are often limited to a range of regions, as opposed to just one. Instead, I’ve tried to do them somewhat chronologically, as that’s easiest!

CZ Dice

pandora spring 2014

While this charm is still widely available in many territories, it is only in the US available from Las Vegas.

The Evil Eye

Pandora evil eyeThis cool-looking representation of the evil eye is not available in the UK, for some reason. As far as I’m aware, it has never been; it’s not listed as retired here.

Football Helmet

football helmet exclusiveUnsurprisingly, this football helmet charm is a US & Canadian exclusive – American football is clearly most popular in North America!

Cricket Bat

Pandora Cricket BatThis cute cricket bat charm was an Australian exclusive – it retired in January 2013. It was due to be released in the UK as well, but never made it for some reason.


Pandora baseballThe baseball is primarily a US & Canadian exclusive, although it is also available in Northern Ireland and Singapore. I don’t know anything about baseball, but I’ve always really liked the look of this charm – the stitching detailing is really pretty.

Looking Glass muranos looking glass muranos The Looking Glass muranos started out as a US & Canadian exclusive, released in Spring 2012. However, the white, pink and turquoise shades were released worldwide in Autumn 2012. The green, red and light blue shades remain US exclusives.

Hong Bao

Pandora hong bao

This charm was released in 2012 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was originally exclusive to Asia, but was eventually released in Europe and Australia as well (I got mine in Paris!). It is also available in 14 carat gold.

Wildflower Tribute murano

pandora wildflower tribute murano

This pretty floral murano was originally released exclusively in the UK  in November 2014. Pandora donated a portion of the proceeds to the Soldier’s Charity. Since then, it has been released in some other markets, including Europe and Australia – however, it never came to North America.

Asian Exclusive Charms

Starting in 2015, Pandora have occasionally released Asian exclusive beads. These don’t tend to have any particular cultural significance, but are just intended as a little bonus and incentive for that particular market.

These three charms were released exclusively to Asian markets for Mother’s Day 2015. They feature a green pavé pear, a purple version of the Fluttering Butterflies charm and a pink jigsaw pendant. For more information, please see my post here!

This was followed in Autumn 2015 with the release of this pavé star safety chain, which was and is still exclusive to Asian markets.

pandora autumn 2015 asian exclusive

Arabian Coffee Pot (Dallah)

pandora autumn 2015 asia exclusive

Fairytale Fish

Pandora Autumn 2016 Russia Exclusive

Longevity Lock

The Longevity Lock charm came out in Autumn 2016 and was only available in Asia and Australia/New Zealand. It features golden CZ detailing on one side and the Chinese characters for a ‘long and happy life’ on the other.

Arabic Love

35 Comments on Feature: Country Exclusive Charms

  1. Many if your US exclusive charms are also available in Canada such as the football helmet, sea glass muranos, looking glass muranos and the baseball.

  2. I want the cricket bat charm back :( . Especially since cricket World Cup 2015 is an upcoming event. It would be a good memorabilia to keep. If only pandora had a feedback section in its site :-/

    • Hi Sara! I have actually seen the sea glass muranos featured in a press preview for Spring Summer 2015 in Asia, so it does look like they are set for a wider release <3 xx

  3. I was able to get a few Las Vegas exclusive Pandora charms while I was there last week. Fascinating Black murano with Las Vegas engraved on it in white, a white murano with a heart, diamond, spade and club, dangle with $100 casino chip engraved and the regular dice. There was also a dangle with triple 7’s and a I heart LV charm that I did not get. I will try to get photos on here 4 you to see.

  4. Hi, I would like to know the price of a limited NYC charms. It in an apple with gold piece and NYC on it. Thank you

  5. Hi Ellie, will you update the country exclusive list again? I’m quite excited to know as i have started to collect some recently… :)

  6. I will be traveling to England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales in a couple of weeks & was wondering if there are any charms exclusive to these countries.

  7. I was wondering if the Gaelic football charm was only ever available in Ireland. It’s listed on the site as retired but I never actually seen it

  8. The Dice charm is also available at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA. It retails for $40.00

  9. Hi-

    First, thank you for doing this!
    I’m confused about the puzzle piece charm. I understand it’s retired; is it rare/and or htf?
    Thank you,
    Beth Hughes

  10. Hi
    I’m travelling to The Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore next month and am wondering if they have country specific charms that I can purchase

  11. Ms. Ellie, you should get yourself a MLB Charm engraved in wood like either N.Y. Yankees or N.Y. Mets. Well It’s up to you.

  12. Hi!

    I like your website!

    I wanted to let you know that the football helmet is available in the online Pandora store of the Netherlands (it is called “Bedel met helm”).

    • An addition to my previous comment: The green pavé pear is for sale right now in the online Pandora store of the Netherlands (it is called “Groene peer charm met pavé-zetting”).

    • Hi Olivia

      I know someone in Hawaii and I often help with Hawaiian charms. If u really need help u can let me know either on instagram (xindehpandora) or email ( or Facebook (Cindy Low)

      <3 cindy

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