Today brings a rare haul post, as I always think it’s fun to share new acquisitions to your Pandora collection! I got a few pieces from Pandora this Christmas, and my bracelets are starting to look pretty full… ;) Click the picture or the link below for some pictures of the charms themselves and how I’ve included them on my bracelets.

My first charm was the new Pandora sleigh charm, also known as Dashing Through the Snow in the US. I got this from my boyfriend, who is ever supportive of my Pandora cravings. ;) A full review of this charm will be up soon.

Pandora Dashing Through The Snow

My second charm was from my parents. They got me the Fairy dangle, which I think fits in with Christmas perfectly, as she looks just like the fairy on the top of the tree! They’re generally more puzzled by the Pandora craze, but are happy to gift me it for Christmas and birthdays.

Pandora Fairy Tale

Lastly, I got the adorable retired Drum from my lovely grandpa. This is available for half price (£32.50/$54) from the Jewel First sale, or £39 ($64) in the official Pandora Boxing Day sale. These don’t offer much of a discount to US readers, but it’s a lot of money off here in the UK!

Pandora Drummer Charm

I also got a charm that wasn’t strictly for Christmas, but I’ll show it anyway: the Jewellery Box. I mentioned in my previous post on the I Love To Travel charm that I got the travel charm in a set with the airplane charm. However, I definitely did not want the plane, and so I exchanged it for the jewellery box charm and paid the difference! It’s an incredibly elegant, detailed little charm, and perfect for any jewellery lover.

Pandora My Unforgettable Moment


The Fairy and Jewellery Box went on my fairy tale bracelet, which I don’t think has been showcased on the blog before.

Pandora Two Tone Bracelet

The Sleigh and the Drum went (again) on my oxidised bracelet, which has morphed into a semi-winter-themed bracelet. This is so almost finished, and I will showcase all the charms properly when it is. :D It’s really heavy now!

Pandora Winter Bracelet


Practically all of my charms had a Christmas theme, and so I’m definitely set for a while on the Christmas/winter charm front! ;)

For those of you who celebrate, did you receive any Pandora this holiday season? Did you give any? Feel free to share with us!

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