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So, first and foremost: a very happy new year to all my readers! I’m celebrating the new year with the last post in my Highlights series, in which I’m looking at the best of Pandora’s releases in 2013. Part Three covers the Autumn/Fall and Winter releases – if you missed parts one and two, you can see them here.

The Vintage collection

Pandora Limited Edition

These pieces started out as Australian exclusives, but were released worldwide with the Autumn/Fall collection 2013. This collection is reminiscent of the Art Deco jewellery seen in The Great Gatsby. They are elegant statement pieces, but without being gaudy or over the top. It’s a shame that the stones used in them are only synthetic spinel, but the styling of these pieces is just exquisite. In fact, I may have just talked one of these pieces back on to my own wish list! ;)

vintage pendant
The Vintage pendant

I’ve not purchased any of this collection, but only because I don’t have any green-themed bracelets currently. I’d have happily purchased one of the accompanying pieces of jewellery, but the prices were high, to put it mildly!

The Pandora Shopping Bag

pandora shopping bag

The Pandora Shopping Bag is an amazingly chic little charm and deserves it own little mention. ;) The perfect charm for any Pandora lover, the Pandora Shopping Bag boasts some really great detail and was definitely a must-have for me. You can read my review of the Shopping Bag charm here.

Light as a Feather collection

pandora light as a feather

These are beautiful fashion pieces, studded with micro pavé to give a strikingly delicate shimmer. I didn’t purchase the Light as a Feather charm despite how gorgeous it is, as it’s very similar to the Let It Snow Black Friday charm (see below!). I’m still lusting after the ring and the pendant, however!

Christmas 2013


I pretty much want to include the entirety of the Christmas/Winter release for 2013, as it was such a beautiful release. The collection represented a perfect mixture of cuteness and elegance, with sweet charms such as the Mittens and beautiful creations like the Winter’s Kiss. I own three charms from this collection: the Mittens, the Reindeer and the Christmas Sleigh. I’d have loved to own more, too! For a full review of the collection, see here.

Let It Snow – 2013’s Black Friday charm

black friday

Personally, I think that this year’s Black Friday charm has been the best to date. It featured a subtle inclusion of the date, beautiful pavé detailing, and an entirely unique design, instead of a limited edition release of an existing design as in previous years. It’s elegant, versatile and completely stunning. I’ve reviewed the charm here, where you can see live shots etc!

I do still regret the lack of a corresponding limited edition release for other territories. The excitement of the Black Friday release is infectious, and it would be nice to have something similar to look forward to as well!


2013 has been a wonderful year for Pandora, and we’ve seen some stunning collections and individual pieces. I’ve greatly expanded my own collection this year, and I can’t wait to see what Pandora will release for 2014.

Speaking of which, news of upcoming collections for 2014 have been kept closely guarded by Pandora and we are sadly lacking in information. Hopefully some news will break soon, and I’ll have something to share with you all! :)

What were your favourite pieces of 2013? Have you bought much Pandora this year? Let me know!

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