Today’s post is just a little one, featuring the new gift packaging for Valentine’s Day 2014. Pandora always comes out with special gift packaging for its two biggest times of the year – Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I know that a lot of Pandora fans like to collect the limited edition packaging for each season, and even the special ribbons – there are so many collectible elements to Pandora!

Unsurprisingly, the packaging for Valentine’s Day 2014 corresponds with their geometric-themed store decorations. The bag itself is white, and features a pink heart design. Several lucky Instagram users have been posting their Pandora loot, alongside the new Valentine’s Day gift bags:

Image by luciejechova
Image by annellizzy
Image by emmawilliams768

The packaging is cute, but I think I prefer the more striking red gift bags that were released last year. Unfortunately I can’t find mine from last year to take a picture of it however. :/

Do you collect the Pandora gift bags? Do you like this year’s design? :)

2 Comments on Feature: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Bag

  1. I have always admired the holiday bags and try to collect them as often as I can but I can never say that my concept store ever provides us with any.. :( I guess they pick and choose who gets them. Thankfully I am lucky enough that one of my friends from Facebook pandora pages sends me one or gives us the option to purchase.. Which is nice but Still not fair not to get ur pandora in pretty packaging! :(

    • Unfortunately, the head office for each region decides whether or not to offer these things :/ It’s a real shame for some collectors, and you’d think it would be a no-brainer to offer pretty packaging like this. However, as you say, we’re lucky to have such a lovely community of ladies online to help out – I’ve got various beads from around the world thanks to their help! :)

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