*UPDATED* You can see the concept store collection charms hereIt looks like wishes do come true for many Pandora collectors, as the brand have officially announced a new charm collection in collaboration with Walt Disney! I’ve been hearing rumours about this over the past couple of weeks, and I’m thrilled that they have proven to be true, as Disney designs have been requested by Pandora fans for years. This licensing deal is Pandora’s third in the past twelve months, and comes after their two big sports licensing partnerships in the US with the MLB and the NFL.


Pandora Disney Collection

There are no images released as of yet, but Pandora have hinted at some of the details of the collection, which is described as the ‘perfect balance of sophistication and whimsy’. It will include some of Disney’s ‘most beloved’ characters, including Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and consists of 25 different charms in silver and two-tone 14kt gold designs. There will be an additional 16 designs sold only in ‘Disney merchandise locations’, which will include the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Sadly, it looks like this Disney collection will be exclusive to North America as of now – the press release lists Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean as receiving the line. Sob. *UPDATE* I e-mailed Pandora UK to double-check with them and someone there kindly confirmed that there are no plans to launch this outside of America for now. :(

The collection is expected to be rolled out into stores in early November this year.

My Comment

I’ve been among those requesting Disney designs as long as I’ve been collecting Pandora, so I am very excited to see what the designs will look like! :D I’ve coveted some of the classic Chamilia Disney charms for years. If it doesn’t make it to other territories, then I expect that I’ll be trying to get one of the charms from overseas.

Personally, the characters I’d most like to see made into charms would be those from Winnie the Pooh – I loved Chamilia’s Eeyore, for example. ^^

Would this collection appeal to you? Which Disney characters would you like to see as charms?

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    • Aw, I wasn’t aware of Duffy! He’s cute. ^^ I would be surprised if it didn’t make it to other regions, eventually… Disney is so universally popular that Pandora must want to get it out there – it’s not niche like the NFL or MLB charms.

  1. Oh my GOSH, yes, this collection would appeal to me! I can hardly wait. I’m headed for a Disney cruise, followed by a few days at the parks in mid November, so I’m hoping to come home with some Pandora Disney loot! Pooh would be on the top of my list also. Pooh and I go back to childhood, and he’s definitely my favorite. He’s not been very “in” of late, though. The Frozen sisters seem to be at the top of the merchandising food chain these days. Oh Bother.

    • Oooh, lucky you – that’s perfect timing! I’ll be at Disneyland Paris too later this month so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get one of these charms to commemorate my trip at some point. :D
      I adore Winnie the Pooh – he was my favourite when I was young, too! I’d love an Eeyore and a Tigger charm… Chamilia used to do a very cute honeypot charm, too. Haha, I was also wondering if we’d see a Frozen design… you’re probably right – there’s such a craze for it at the moment that they probably wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

  2. Oh my god!!!!! You just made my day!!!! I’m one of the biggest Disney fans (and Pandora haha) out there especially Mickey Mouse!!!! OH my God I cannot wait!!!!! Thank you so much for posting!!!!! Yay. Yea I’m excited!!!

    Thanks Ellie!

    • Aha, I’m glad you’re as excited as I am! :D All my fingers and toes are crossed in the hope that it makes it worldwide… or at least to the UK, haha. Pandora and Disney are a match made in heaven for me!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Wow!! How exciting! I am especially excited to hear they are making some two tone Disney charms!! Can’t wait to see the first images!!

    • I know, I was also intrigued by the mention of the 14kt gold, which implies to me that they’ve gone all out designing this collection – although I’m also just glad it’s not another series of Unforgettable Moments dangles, haha. I’m so excited to see what characters they’ll have chosen, and even just what style they’ve opted for. The guy that runs the Disney store official blog mentioned that some images would be coming in early September, so we should be getting a glimpse of it by then at least! :D

  4. Omigosh! I love Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse and Pluto!! LOL!! Well, unfortunately, can only gawk online if it’s not Internationally released :( Thanks for updating us dear! xoxoxo <3

    • Aha I love them all too! I’d like to see some non-character designs, as well… it would be lovely if they did a charm representing the rose from Beauty and the Beast for example. <3
      I did see on Disney's blog that the 16 Disney-exclusive charms should be available for sale on the Disney Parks online store, which ships internationally… so that might be something of a way around it for international fans! Thanks for commenting, lovely! xxxx

  5. Yay! I grew up on Disney and I just really hope that I actually like some of these lol. I hope they look like Pandora and not other competing brands though. My daughter would love love love to see some Frozen charms, even though she is too young to wear any.There is so much going on with Pandora that I am overwhelmed by the excitement and the waiting! lol Pandora rose, fall, winter, new bangle and gold essence and now Disney charms! No wonder they retired half the collection!

    • Me too! I’m hoping that they won’t have gone all out with the cubics, and that we’ll see some really lovely classic Pandora silver and two-tone designs. <3 Frozen is so popular right now that it would be surprising if we didn't see a nod to it at least!
      Aha I feel exactly the same… I remember publishing my Winter 2014 Jewellery post and thinking, 'Well that's basically me done with previews this year,' – and then along came the bangles, two-tone Essence, Pandora Rose and now Disney haha. It's shaping up to be a great year for Pandora collectors! :D Lots to look forward to.

  6. Wish this was coming to the UK :(
    boo! still, at least its happening at all I suppose, but wahhh. I want a Piglet! haha, you’ve had so many posts to do lately, you poor thing! x

    • I know – it’s a weird mixture of exciting and very frustrating! At least I’m sure there’ll be people willing to help out. :) Oh my gosh, I’d love Piglet! I completely forgot him – I just need all the Pooh characters haha.
      Haha, it’s been good actually – I’ve not had as much time to do more original content like reviews etc, so having lots of news has been handy! ;) x

    • I know – it’s very disappointing :( I can’t quite understand why there (apparently) aren’t plans to bring it to other countries – Disney charms would be a sure hit. If I find any way for international readers to get hold of the charms, I’ll be sure to let you know, too :) xx

    • Hi Teresa, I don’t have any exact confirmation on the date – although sources have mentioned early in November, so it’s very possible that they’ll be on sale by then :) If I find out more, I will update asap!

  7. awww, I really wanted a tigger and stitch charm. sucks that they arent coming to the UK, seems the US get a lot of charms that we dont, fingers crossed!!

    • Me too! :( But maybe there’ll be more characters in future collections. If we’re not getting this or the Rose collection, I will be pretty annoyed – but hopefully both will be making its way here eventually :) I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t, as the Pandora Rose test collection was very popular here and Disney would be a hit for sure!

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