Today’s post sees the next instalment of my monthly Pandora haul post, wherein I share what I added to my collection last month and encourage you to share yours! :) I’ve just accepted that this is a post that gets later and later each month – especially when there is a LOT of Pandora news to blog about!

My haul for July mainly consists of my choices for the UK’s leather bracelet promo – my first bracelet promotion, ever, in fact! :)

Pandora Haul!

So, first up is my only non-promo purchase: the gorgeous Cherry Blossom clip, which I have loved ever since it first came out in Spring 2013. I have never had a bracelet on which I could use it, however, until now – I’ve added it to my Pandora Rose bracelet alongside the similar-looking Darling Daisy clip.

pandora spring 2013

My Rose bracelet has now acquired quite a girly look, which is different to what I originally intended for this bracelet but I like it! I took apart another design to add some more charms to it, including the adorable Bicycle and Love Note charms. I’ll be adding more Pandora Rose pieces to it when the collection sees its official debut in October.

pandora rose

However, my biggest purchases were to make up the £85 spend I needed to get a double leather bracelet! I took this picture on the day of the promo – I got the double purple leather free, and I purchased the teal and white faceted muranos, plus the little Camera charm.

pandora haul

With the charms, I’ve created a kind of summery teal and white colour scheme along with a travel theme – for a bit of a twist and added contrast, I’ve added to them the darker oxidised bracelet. I really like the contrast between the bright colour of the faceted muranos and the oxidised chain. I intend on getting another set of white and teal muranos, making four muranos in total. This bracelet works well with one of my new Essie nail polishes, which are nice and bright for summer!

pandora summer 2014

In contrast to the Pandora Rose bracelet, my new teal oxi theme is not very girly at all (or at least, I don’t think so!). It’s more of a fun little bracelet, although it’s still in its infancy. I absolutely adore the vibrancy of the teal faceted murano – it’s one of my favourites, so it’s great that I’ve finally found a way to use it in my collection. :D

pandora july 2014 haul pandora teal oxi 2


I’m happy with the starts to both of these bracelets, and I guess they’ll be what I’m working on for the moment – the Pandora Rose bracelet especially! My Pandora bracelet collection has now hit double-figures, however – this is a shot I took of it (before I rearranged the Pandora Rose bracelet):

pandora july 2014 haul full collection mark

I really don’t know how that happens. :S

So, what have you been buying lately? What designs are you working on? How big is your collection? Please feel free to share!

10 Comments on July 2014 Haul: New to my Pandora Collection

  1. My Pandora shopping has been crazy for July/August. I’ve gotten 6 bracelets, including the new beaded Essence, which I LOVE. I also finally found the gray macramé and double red leather. My favorite new bracelet is the Heart Pave, so beautiful and delicate. I got the gray triple leather and teal fabric bracelets from the promo.

    I added 3 new necklaces, thanks to Rue LaLa and got my first gold charm, A Beautiful Catch, also from Rue. I got an Embrace watch (the kind you wear with the double leather). I plan to get the leather cord and wear it as a necklace.

    My two-tone bracelet is coming along nicely again thanks to Rue LaLa. My local store had some great pieces on sale last month so I got quite a few then. The charm I had the most trouble getting was the Edelweiss. I finally got it today, had no idea how popular it is here in Germany.

    By the way, we are currently stationed in Germany with the Army. My Rue orders took 2 months to get here because of the way they ship. And I still need to get my hands on the I Love to Travel charm! The TUI website has not been easy for me to navigate.

    • Oh my gosh, six bracelets! :D That is an amazing haul! Great choices, although I especially love the beaded Essence bracelet, too – it really reminds me of the pretty Tiffany ball bracelets. How are you going to wear it, with charms? I am on holiday in Paris right now, and my OH just bought me the regular silver Essence bracelet – I’m already thinking it would look nice stacked with the beaded version… ;)
      I didn’t know that you could get Rue orders sent overseas at all? I do consider getting someone to help me out, as the prices on gold are so good (especially with the exchange rate!). Congratulations on your first gold charm! ^^ It would be great if there was an easy way of sharing pictures on the blog itself – it would be nice to see what you’ve come up with.
      Getting hold of the travel charm from an official source is a real pain :/ However, I think TUI Fly is probably the easiest way to do that, especially if you live in Germany. Otherwise they pop up pretty regularly on the selling pages. :) It is a lovely little charm, and the little dash of red enamel is very cute!

  2. I’ve been wearing the beaded bracelet without charms. I have a few charms on the original Essence bracelet though. I like to wear them with the bangle, nice and simple.

    Since we are military we are kind of an exception to no overseas shipping. We have an APO (American Post Office) address and they’ll ship to that. Unfortunately Rue uses Fed-Ex Smartpost to ship packages. The package starts with Fed-Ex then they give it to a US Postal Service mail sort facility in New Jersey. Then it comes by boat to Germany. It takes forever! 6-8 weeks after it ships. Far too long to wait for something as fabulous as discounted Pandora.

    One of these days I’ll get with my sister in law and have her help me with the TUI Fly site. She’s German, its in German, I know we can get this figured out ;)

    • Sounds lovely! :D I need to try and few combinations out in my own collection – I’m loving the Essence bracelet more than I thought!
      Ah, I see – I can totally understand how frustrating that is. ;) I almost never have the patience to buy online normally, let alone with a wait of six to eight weeks! It’s one of the reasons I tend to just pay the higher UK prices than get someone to help me out from the US. As soon as I walk inside the Pandora store, it’s all over haha.
      Haha, good luck! ;)

  3. Omigosh! You have so many bracelets now! :D I didn’t buy anything of late and also because I know I will be receiving more belated birthday gifts soon LOL hope you get back safe and sound from your holidays! muacks~! xoxo <3 <3 <3

    • I know :o and my bf bought me an Essence bracelet while we were on holiday… I need some self-control haha. Oooh how exciting! I loved your new Trollbeads bracelet – I spent about five minutes looking at them in the shop after seeing your gorgeous presents. It was very tempting – this is what I mean about self-control lol.
      I am home safe and sound, thank you! Need to do a little catching up. ^^ xxxx

      • So nice of your OH to buy you an Essence bracelet during your holidays with him! It’s truly meaningful and priceless! xoxoxo <3 LOL! You have better self-control than me! LOL! I think I may spend at least 1 hour at the Trollbeads shop in Singapore when I go back to visit my dad for the coming Christmas! LOL!! I have to admit that the murano beads from Trollbeads are really pretty! Especially the yellow and green ones! I have yet to style my Graduation Trollbeads bracelet LOL! Will do so soon :D You will love the Graduation hat charm! :P hahahahaha! Glad you were back safe and sound! By the way, please update your IG with more bracelet photos and the food photos you had in Paris!! :P Hugs and many love~ xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

        • It was! It’s such a lovely reminder of that holiday now. He has always liked the Essence collection a lot and now I am definitely a convert too! <3
          Aha, I could definitely have spent an hour looking at Trollbeads – their glass beads are just beautiful! I love Pandora, but their glasswork doesn't quite compare. I can't tell you how tempted I am to start a Trollbeads bracelet now, you're definitely a bad influence with your gorgeous pictures haha! Aw, I have to see the Graduation Hat! I almost got the Pandora one, so I look forward to seeing how you style yours :D
          I will update my IG soon I promise – I'll post my Essence bracelet and some Paris pics :D I am being a very slack instagrammer, so sorry about that haha. Hugs and love to you too xxxxxxxx

  4. Wow….I have 60 sterling silver Pandora Bracelets, all full with charms and 18 leather bracelets and 10 of the 17.8″ sterling silver necklaces that are almost full with charms

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