It’s an exciting day for Pandora fans in the UK, as today sees the release of select pieces from the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection! As Mothering Sunday is celebrated on March the 15 this year in the UK, Pandora have chosen to release a portion of the Mother’s Day 2015 collection early to coincide with it. What follows is an overview of what’s included in this early release, with pricing.

pandora mother's day 2015

The pieces coming out today are unsurprisingly very maternal in theme – they feature a lot of hearts and familial motifs. As for the rest of the collection, we’ll have to wait until the 9th of April like the rest of the world. I am going to try and see if I can make a stop in Pandora today to see the new pieces – if I do, I will upload some live shots later on this evening! :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 UK Release

The Always in my Heart bangle is a limited edition piece, featuring pavé detailing on one side of its clasp and the Pandora logo on the other. Thankfully it’s being sold on its own and not in a gift set – it’s priced at £75.pandora mother's day always in my heart bangle

The Always in my Heart charm is one of the most-anticipated charms of the collection, with its pretty two-tone and pavé styling. It is also limited edition, and is priced at £65.

pandora mother's day 2015

The We Love You card charm is a very cute offering, with simple two-tone detailing on the front and a Mother’s Day message inside. It’s £60.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother and Friend clip is plain silver, and costs £35.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Pandora Motherly Love openwork features the word ‘M♥M’ and some pretty heart detailing. It is priced at £30.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother’s Rose pendant has a sweet enamel rose detailed in pink on each side, and includes an inscription that reads: ‘First my mother, forever my friend’ – one of this collection’s motifs. It’s priced at £55.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Centre of my Heart pendant is £45.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother’s Pride spacer features cubic zirconia heart detailing and costs £25.pandora mother's day 2015

The From Us charm is plain silver, and retails for £35.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Sparkling Love ring is also included in this mini-release, and is priced at £55.

pandora mother's day 2015 preview

Finally, the remaining pieces of the Sparkling Love set will be sold in a gift set for Mother’s Day 2015. This includes the earrings, the pendant and a necklace chain, presented in a small jewellery box – it costs £99. The individual pieces will probably be made available on their own later in the year.


*UPDATED* Live Shots

I didn’t make it to the Pandora store today to see the new pieces, but my OH managed to take a few quick snaps on his lunch break. I’ll be going tomorrow hopefully, so I will get some pictures of my own then.

The Mother’s Rose features a very pretty pink enamel design – I’d love this one, if it didn’t have the explicitly maternal message on it.


You can see the Centre of my Heart pendant in this shot.


The new bangle also looks lovely in the live shots that are emerging of it. I’m trying not to be too tempted! ;)


*UPDATED… AGAIN!* So I finally got into town to go and see the new charms. They are prettier than the stock images in real life, but I still don’t think any of them are for me.

This shot includes most of them. On the second row, you can see the new Always in my Heart LE charm (so pretty!), the Mother’s Pride spacer, and the We Love You card (which is open). On the third, you can see the new From Us charm (albeit upside down, it wouldn’t stay up), and the Mother & Friend clip (which has some cute heart detailing around the closure).


Here we have the new Always in my Heart bangle, with its pavé heart clasp. On it are styled the new LE Always in my Heart charm and the two new Mother’s Day spacers.


Here, we have the new clip and the enamel Mother’s Rose again. I mostly included this because you can see the new in-store decorations for the Spring 2015 collections – white flowers and ladybirds! :D


Finally, you can see the new Motherly Love openwork here. It looks surprisingly pretty in combination with these soft pink and floral pieces.


My Comment

Last year’s early UK release for Mother’s Day saw a mix of more explicitly maternal charms and general floral pieces; this year, the selection is almost exclusively focused on Mother’s Day specifically. Consequently, while there are some lovely charms on offer, I’m not sure that there’s anything for me. I’m trying to cut down on the number of bracelets I buy and, while the Always in my Heart LE charm is gorgeous, I don’t think I need another heart charm. We’ll see if those resolutions hold out. ;)

My main thought, however, is to note how high the average price is from this collection. The Motherly Love openwork is £30, and the plain silver From Us charm is £30. It’s a little sad to see the prices creeping up.

You can purchase the Pandora Mother’s Day collection from retailer John Greed Jewellery.

What do you think of this selection for the UK? Are any on your wish list?

33 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 UK release

  1. Hi Ellie! Gosh, that Sparkling Love set (necklace, earrings and ring) is gorgeous and one doesn’t need to be a mom to get that! :)
    The Always In My Heart bangle is a stunner too.
    Now wondering if I can be able to see these pieces during my trip to Aussie in March and drop bday gift hints to the Husband to get me some of these pieces… *keeping fingers crossed*

    • Hi Regina! I know, it’s a really pretty set! It is nice to see some more universal pieces in addition to the maternal themes. The bangle has really grown on me too, especially with the gorgeous live shots of it that are cropping up. I can already feel my resolve weakening, haha. It’s terrible! ;)
      I don’t think these pieces are due out in Australia until April, though :( it’s just the UK who get the early release seeing as we celebrate Mothering Sunday so early.

  2. I have to be honest, the only thing in this collection taking my heart is the TT always in my heart. Which i’m not complaining about as I want so much from the spring collection ;) I think this one definitely appeals to mums though which is amazing as thats who should want the pieces.
    Did I see somewhere you’ve joined the Pandora ring club Ellie? :D

    • There’s not much for me either, but I’m also rather relieved as, like you, I want just about everything from Spring. ;) I really like the Always in my Heart but I got last year’s Vintage Heart and it’s quite similar in some ways. The bangle is also calling to me, but I’m trying my best to ignore it haha.
      Aha yes you did! I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to take the plunge. I got one of the floral two-tone ones. I think I’m already hooked though haha :D xx

      • I decided I didn’t like the bangle when I saw it was engraved :( again, I’m feeling what you said about the vintage heart when compared to this one… the vintage heart is nicer, so :p haha. I prefer the spring collection, so I’m glad to be saving my money ;) I have 3 rings myself and I want more! xx

        • Aw, I quite like the engraving – or the style of it, at least. But I don’t really need another bangle haha. I also prefer the Vintage Heart, and my OH doesn’t like the writing on the back of the Always in my Heart anyway (he says it’s too ‘Hallmark’), so I won’t be getting that one either. So… roll on Spring haha! xx

  3. I’m from the US so I have to wait to see the collection. I can’t wait to see the Forever In My Heart charm hopefully you can make it to a Pandora store to see it lol. Once again your blogs are the highlight of my morning.

    • I didn’t make it to the Pandora store today unfortunately, but my OH popped by on his lunch break and took some quick pics for me (bless him)! I’m going to upload them soon – and I should be able to pop into store tomorrow and get some of my own too. :)
      Thank you – your comments are always so lovely, they always brighten my day up too. <3

  4. HI Ellie,
    I must have missed the Mothers Rose on your previous posts. Can you tell me what the maternal message is on it? It’s really pretty.

    • Sorry, please ignore my previous comment. I have just worked it out. Looked different in the photo your OH took to what I had seen previously.

      • Hi Lozzie! I can see why you didn’t recognise it, it does look quite different! I actually really liked it in person, it’s a shame that there isn’t a version without the inscription. The pink enamel detailing is very subtle and soft. :)

  5. The Mother’s Rose pendant looks surprisingly nice. The ‘From Us’ charm looks like the 2 figures have monster faces. I would be unimpressed to receive that! haha Hopefully it’s just an unclear shot.

    • Yes, that’s one of the ones I liked best from my visit to the store today – I would be getting it if it didn’t have the inscription on it :( Aha I totally agree with you about the children’s faces, they’re a bit scary – I saw them today as well and I didn’t think that they were much improved in person! Haha. I don’t really like any of Pandora’s attempts at rendering realistic faces in miniature anyway, they never look right :S

      • yes, i have the classic Pandora angel charm, but his strange face and fat body makes him look like Ralph Wiggins from The Simpsons. I’ve had alot of people tell me that its a really ugly angel because of his face. I’m surprised its Pandora’s highest selling charm – but then again, I did purchase it! :)

        • Aha I never thought of that but the Ralph Wiggins comparison is rather brilliant – I’ll not be able to unsee that now. ;) I think it does have a cute look to it, but it’s not exactly pretty, if you know what I mean. ^^

  6. I agree price points are creeping up. I am going to buy my charms all in Sydney now because its much cheaper and now its almost £1 to every $2. I’ll be in Oz again in May so, Ellie, let me know if you want me to pick up any charms for you. I’m based in Central London.

  7. I love your blog! I’ve been stalking it for a while and find it really informative, so thank you. I particularly like your charm reviews. I’m trying to get my mum into Pandora (as she is so difficult to buy for and says she never wants anything, so I thought who can say they never want Pandora?!), so I’ve shown her this post. I’m hoping she will see something she likes :)
    I am sure I remember reading in one of your posts about places you’ve ordered from online, including ebay, but now can’t find it. Do you have places you purchased charms from before that you’d recommend? I totally know what you mean about the UK RRP – it’s so much higher than some other countries. Also, we don’t get that many promos really, do we??

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you, that’s so lovely to hear – the charm reviews are my favourite posts to do, so it’s fab to hear that you enjoy them. :D My mum is also unreceptive to Pandora (she doesn’t really like to wear expensive jewellery as she think she’ll just wreck it), but quite definitely so – consequently I’ve had to give up on her haha. Good luck inspiring yours! ;)
      Of course! In terms of eBay sellers, there are two who ship from Australia who are fab: b*jewell*d and charming888. They sell genuine Pandora at nicely discounted prices. In terms of online website retailers, Perlen are based in Denmark; they have quite an eclectic range of stock but offer discounts on all their Pandora (apart from retired stock). The shipping is free, which is great. Finally, Jewel First and Unforgettable Moments are two retailers based in the UK – they don’t have a current contract with Pandora, but they sell off old retired stock at discounted prices. We definitely don’t get enough promos haha – and when we do, the spend is also much higher than everyone else’s. So unfair! ;) It doesn’t help that Pandora is so popular over here, I think Pandora know that people will pay the prices.

      • Thanks so much for this info! The currency exchange rates are crazy. We should start a petition! Haha! I tell you what review I’d love, is a comparison one of all your clips. I desperately need to get some clips but really can’t decide, as I don’t usually like to have 2 of the same clip on a bracelet but keep changing my mind. Some of the newer clips look so chunky compared to the older style ones.

        • You’re welcome! Aha, yes, let’s do it. ;)
          That’s a great idea for a feature actually! I’ll definitely bear it in mind when planning my posts for the next couple of months. The newer style clips are definitely chunkier, but they offer a lot more detail and variety in style. So there are advantages to both the older and newer styles I think. :) Thanks!

  8. Hi Ellie
    I love your blog! I saw in the live shots pictures on the middle charm bar an open works heart charm with gold smaller hearts. I have never seen that charm before. Do you know if I can get it in Canada where I live or if any stores in the United States carry it? I really want it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Andie! Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog, thank you! ^^ That charm is called Spread the Love and it came out with the Pandora Winter 2014 collection :) it’s exclusive to Jared in the US, which means that it is unfortunately unavailable in Canada. I’m not really a fan of the store exclusive policy Pandora have in North America, it seems silly that some charms just don’t get released in Canada. :( In any case, I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. :)

  9. Truthfully, the “Always in my Heart” sentiment sounds like a Hallmark sympathy card. Perfect if your mom has passed away, but otherwise not! Too bad. It’s pretty.I initially liked the From Us charm because it was at least a bit different, and wasn’t encrusted in pave or Cz’s, but I see what you mean about the faces.And the fact that the balance in the charm makes them flip would irritate me. I like the openwork Mom heart best. And though it’s rather plain, I like the sentiment on the Mother and Friend charm. It makes me think of the relationship I have with my oldest daughter.

  10. After read what you just review ab that. Im so excited about the heart charm and the bracelet. Im gonna add the heat charm in my pandora Valentine bracelet and add one of the red glass charm in the always in my heart bangle. Do you know when it come to Australia???

  11. me too. i cant wait for it to be released in australia. i’ll be in melbourne this coming april 3-7. hope it will have an earlier release. …. love the bangle and shimmering rose clip.

  12. are the mother’s day charms limited to the month of april only? i was thinking if i will buy the charms in sept to get free bracelets again. tnx mora

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