Today sees the start of a rather exciting Pandora promotion for Australia and New Zealand, offering the opportunity to get the beautiful limited edition Always in my Heart bangle as a gift with purchase. With the Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 collections to choose from, the spend shouldn’t be too hard to make! ;)

pandora australia mother's day 2015 promotion

The promotion is available from today (23rd April) until the 10th of May and the qualifying spend is as follows:-

  • Spend $150 AUZ ($180 NZD) and receive the Always in my Heart limited edition Mother’s Day 2015 bangle for free!

This bangle is an absolutely beautiful piece, featuring a pavé heart clasp and the inscription ‘Always in my Heart’ engraved on it. You can see some more pictures in my review. :)

pandora mother's day 2015 LE bangle

As ever, retailers will be prevented from shipping to international readers so, if you would like this deal, you’ll have to find a friend in Australia and New Zealand to help you.

This is an amazing deal, and I wish that they ran something similar in all regions! Will you be taking part in this promotion?

26 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Always in my Heart Bangle GWP for Australia & New Zealand starts today

  1. This is such a great promo! :) I’m from the Philippines but I have a brother who lives in Perth. Will definitely ask him to avail of this promo for me. I hope the stores in Perth won’t run out of stock quickly. :)

    • Isn’t it just! How great that you can take part too – if I hadn’t already indulged in one of these, I expect that I’d be looking for help with this one too! ^^

    • Also from the Philippines and I got a trusted online seller to get it for me :) much much cheaper in Australia :)

  2. Got my first bangle free during the Christmas promo last year. love it. looking forward to going to my local Pandora and buying my second charm bracelet so I can get my second free bangle this weekend. I love the wording on this bangle.

    • Yay! ♥ All the special bangles that Pandora have released are very pretty, but this one is possibly my favourite. The engraving and the heart-shaped clasp make it that extra bit special. I’m sure you’ll love it when you see it in person! :)

  3. that’s great news! I will be flying to Oz on Monday so I will definitely be treating myself as next week is my birthday :) Ellie – let me know if you want me to get anything for you,

    • Ah what perfect timing! And happy birthday for next week :D It was so kind of you to offer, but I am still recovering from my Spring purchases so I had better hold off for now, haha. Thank you! ♥

  4. Hey, would they give multiple bangles if you spend more that 150 in the store? for example if i am spending 600, would they give me 4 bangles?

  5. I met this awesome supplier from Perth and she got this promo for me :) Charms are much cheaper than in Australia than in the Philippines. Can’t wait to see how beautiful it actually looks! My only question is that, is the engraving “always in my heart” deep enough? I’m worried that it may rub off like some of the really used pandora charms that I have (esp the murano’s sides). Thanks!

    • Yay! I’ve heard that prices are high in the Philippines :( they’re pretty high in the UK too, but it’s lovely that people are willing to help each other out! ^^ The engraving on the bangle looks pretty deep to me, but it’s hard to predict for sure how it will wear. I’m not planning on wearing any charms on my bangle, but I suppose that you would probably see some wear if you put lots of threaded ones on. I don’t think you will see any damage to it if you wear it plain however. :)

  6. I got my bangle in the promo on the day it started and it is very pretty :) I went back to my local store today and they completely sold out this morning! It’s been very popular that’s for sure.

    • Wow! It is a great promo, so I’m not surprised to hear that it’s been popular – but it is a shame that they’ve sold out already! Glad to hear that you’ve got yours, it is beautiful <3

  7. What an awesome promotion! Thank you so much for sharing. The husband is heading to Perth on a worktrip today. I will seek his help. It was your review post of the Mother’s Day bangle that finally made me purchase my first Pandora charms and bracelet.

    • Ah, serendipity! ^^ Hope he manages to get one for you. I am still thrilled that my review inspired to you to start your collection – it does seem fitting that you should get this bracelet then! <3

      • Yahoo, he did! Can’t wait for him to be home with my goodies. When I read your review on the bangle, it was not launched yet in my country but it did get me very keen to start my Pandora obsession *edit collection. :) I managed to take advantage of the complimentary bracelet promotion then along with my first charms. What a great timing for me to get some charms (at a much cheaper price!) with this promo. Thank you so much for sharing this promo!

        • Yay! <3 So glad he managed to get you one! Sounds like you've been smart with your shopping; the promos are definitely the best time to buy. You're welcome! :)

  8. Went into my local Pandora today and they are low on stock in general due to the popularity of this promo. They do still have the bangle but said they expect to run out well before the promo ends. The heart clasp is really pretty but the engraving is tiny and not very noticeable. I can see the engraving wearing off actually. Still would like to get the bangle though.

    • I can imagine that they’d sell out fast – it really is a great promo! It makes the LE bangles seem that extra bit special, too. Our LE bangles tend to hang around for a long time after they’re released. :)
      Ah, do you think so? We were just chatting about the engraving further up the comments. I think I’d also be a bit hesitant about putting lots of threaded charms on it; I wouldn’t be surprised if the engraving wasn’t able to stand up to that kind of wear and tear.

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