*UPDATED with European pricing* Today’s post offers another look at the exclusive Pandora Club charm for 2015; I previously posted a sneak peek at this charm, and this preview offers a few more images, plus confirmation on some additional details surrounding its release. Pandora introduced its first Club exclusive charm last year, with a cute design based on the Pandora charm box, and this year’s offering is similar, but with a heart-shaped design instead.

pandora club charm live shot
Image by Pandora

This charm is due out with the Pandora Summer 2015 collection on the 28th of May. 

Pandora Club Charm 2015

As with last year’s charm, this is a limited edition piece. To make it feel extra special, the stone in the charm is a genuine diamond – albeit of 0.01 carats. In North America, it is priced at $65 USD ($75 CAD) / 59 euros.

pandora club charm 2015

This Club charm design is based on the Autumn 2014 Princess charm, but offers a more simple design for those who may not have liked the very sparkly look of the original.

pandora autumn fall 2014


This is a global release, and will be available in all regions – although I only have details on US & European pricing currently.

Last year, Pandora put in place a voucher system which was meant to ensure that the Club charm was available to Pandora Club members only. However, retailers did not strictly adhere to this system, much to the chagrin of excited Club members who had gone in early with their vouchers. Moreover, it subsequently appeared at a discounted price in the winter sales, which further added to feelings of disillusionment. I don’t yet have details on whether we will see the voucher system again this time around; I guess we will have to see how Pandora tackles these issues this year!

My Comment

I really loved last year’s Club charm, although I know a lot of people didn’t – even though it was bulky compared to other charms, I liked the originality of the concept. <3

pandora club charm review 2

I’m a little undecided on whether I want this year’s. While it’s undoubtedly pretty, it represents yet another heart charm from Pandora, and furthermore it’s based on an existing design from a previous collection. I liked the quirkiness of the original. Having said that, it is due out in Summer and I’m not hankering after too much from that collection; so I may have room on my wish list for this Club charm. ^^

Is this charm on your wish list? Do you like to collect Pandora’s limited edition pieces?

49 Comments on Pandora Club Charm 2015 Preview & Further Details

    • A lot of people weren’t that keen… I just loved the concept, haha. This one is undoubtedly pretty but less quirky I think – although I will probably still end up with it. :P I’d like to know what the GBP price will be though!

      • At my local store they had the tower event I got the two flower clips and the new flower open work. I got a free silver moments bracelet ?. This is going to be my fairy tale bracelet I have put the apple I got from holiday to represent Snow White, the snow flake charm for frozen and a snowman charm for Olaf. I really excited for this bracelet I love the fairy tale charms.

        • Ooh how exciting! I’ve not managed to get to one of those yet but I’m holding out hope that one of my stores will hold one soon haha. :D A free bracelet is pretty good going, I love the sound of your design! My fairy-tale bracelet is probably the one I wear most. ^^ They should definitely make Olaf to go with the other Frozen charms; he’d be perfect for Christmas this year.

      • 2014 club charm is very unique in person, I am very lucky still can get it today, love it. Plan to get the club charm every year as a Pandora collection.

  1. I am liking this more than last year’s, but with my short budget for Pandora jewellery, I doubt I will get this. I loved the little golden crown on the princess charm. If the club charm had a golden crown, I’d probably be sold and nag for it as my graduation gift. Now it just seems too plain for me and missing that little something.

  2. I actually love it a lot; which surprised me haha. Maybe because I don’t like the summer collections too much so I don’t mind spending my money? ;)
    That said, I actually prefer the 2014 version, it was far more original. I’ll be getting it I think. I predict about £60/70.
    I think the collectability will motivate most people, rather than the prettiness of the charm though.

    • Aha that was my train of thought – when I originally thought it was coming out with the Spring collection, I had enough on my wish list that I wasn’t planning it on getting it. However I don’t want that much for Summer so I’ll probably end up with this instead!
      Haha, I hope £60 and not £70! The US price for this one is actually less than their RRP for the 2014 version – it would be nice if the GBP price was a little less this year too. ;) x

  3. Hi Ellie! I was hoping to get the inside scoop on the 2015 charm. I got a voucher last year and then like an idiot forgot to go and get it! I actually just got one from a Facebook friend and I LOVE hearts (can never have too many) so I am sure I will be after it. Thanks for the great review and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Chris! Aha, in the UK they had the 2014 Club charm in stock for months after its release so forgetting to get it straight-away wouldn’t have been a problem haha. I’ll admit that I went and got mine on the first day. ;) Glad to hear that you did get yours in the end, though, and that you like this one. Thanks for commenting! ^^

  4. I definitely want this charm. I love the heart design while I definitely prefer it to the one from the autumn collection which is overloaded with details , to my taste. This charm is both elegant and….. stands out from the other charms. And it looks the way I would like a club charm to look.

    • Glad to hear that you like it! I also prefer the cleaner look of the Club charm to the Autumn Princess charm, which is a bit sparkly for my tastes – although I like Karolina’s suggestion of adding the golden crown to the Club charm. That would be my ideal combination of the two designs. :)

  5. I quite like this year’s charm. Does it actually have Pandora club on the charm anywhere? If not, if would be a great keepsake charm for anyone who has a special event in 2015. I wasn’t prepared to pay $99AUD last year so if its the same price again this year, I won’t be buying.

    • Ah, that’s a nice idea – I don’t think it does have Pandora club written on it. Well the North American RRP is down from last year’s – it would be nice if that were true for everyone! It was £60 for ours last year, but it would be a bit of a wrench to pay that again this year. ^^

  6. i really love this year’s charm. I have a Pandora bracelet dedicated to hearts so this is perfect! I loved the concept of last year’s charm. Honestly, once I got it, I was disappointed. From the outside, it is boring to me. Plus mine seemed to scratch easily. I took it off of my bracelet and its sitting in my jewelry box. So, I can’t wait to get the 2015!

    • Awesome, this does sound perfect for you then! :) Yes, I found that with my 2014 charm as well – all those smooth surfaces definitely show up the scratches. I tend to wear mine with the lid open so that you can see the inside of the box when I’m moving my arm around haha. I can understand why you didn’t like it in the end, though; I know a lot of people felt the same!

  7. I wish Pandora would consider coming up with a ring charm which looks just like its brand logo. At the same time, adding colours into the charms would make them look less plain and boring.

    • Ooh yes that would be good! They are investing quite a lot in their ring collection, so maybe that’s something they’ll do in the future. A two-tone ring would be nice. :)

    • I’m not sure what mom & pop is haha but, as far as I’m aware, all retailers who carry Pandora will have the opportunity to sell the Club charm too.

      • Pandora should give good incentive to VIP member, we have been spending a lot to keep buying charms. Give the club charm free for VIP member, make it special. In Toronto still have a lot of 2014 club charm.

  8. I love diamonds and hearts and what girl can’t use a crown!? I got last years club charm and can’t wait to get this one. Love love live it! I’ll have to do some rearranging but hey I have an overflow bracelet!!! LOL! My bangle is my overflow. Bangle tip: put a clip on the end without the clasp and you have a true bangle u don’t have to clasp when putting it on and taking it off. Nice right?

  9. Got it! :-) It’s a bit bigger than I expected but is everything I thought it would be. The 2015 is small like the 2011 black Friday bead but it is classic with the crown and has nice details. I love it but still have to make some room for it. Thank you for always have firsthand info on charms!!!

  10. Hi the club charm is not out here in the Philippines yet, although I’m not a big fan of the design. I only have what I see on pictures posted, I am hoping it’s really nice in person since I would love to get it as a momento of the year I started to get hooked on Pandora?

    • I’ve yet to see it in person myself – the store didn’t have it out when I went on Thursday! :( It would definitely be a great way to remember the start of your Pandora collection, I like that idea!

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