Today’s post offers some Pandora updates for readers in the UK, with some additional details on upcoming promotions and releases, including the Pandora summer sale and the launch of the Pandora Rose collection! Promotions have been a little sparse for UK collectors over the last couple of years, but, happily for us, there are a few exciting Pandora events to look forward to over the next month or so – I’ve collated the key dates and info in this post! ^^


Additionally, for those who are wondering about the 3-for-2 rings promo that usually runs in May, it has been pushed back to the end of July this year. The leather bracelet promo does not seem to be going ahead this year unfortunately and so the schedule has been adjusted to reflect this :(

Pandora Rose UK Launch

For fans of the gorgeous Pandora Rose collection, the exciting news is that it is finally hitting UK stores next month! A lovely sales assistant recently mentioned to me that it was due out in June, and several news sites have posted confirmation of this: the Rose collection is due out in the UK on the 15th of June! 

pandora rose gold

In the Retail Jeweller article, they have posted accompanying pictures from Rose Spring 2015 collection, including the Rose Sparkling Butterfly and the adorable Bow collection, so it looks like the UK will be getting the newest Rose pieces too. Yay!

pandora rose spring 2015 campaign 2

I have no confirmation on prices yet, but my sales assistant mentioned that the bracelet is set to be £60. To read my thoughts on the Pandora Rose collection, check out my review here!

Pandora UK Summer Sale

Due to the launch of the Pandora Rose line in mid-June, Pandora UK have moved their annual summer sale forward – it’s due to begin on Thursday both in-store and online! The sale usually offers discounts of up to 50% on retired or soon-to-retire items. Many online retailers start their sales at midnight, so it is probably worth checking in around then to get hold of the best deals!


The Irish retailer Republic of Jewels will also be offering the sale on the 28th – they offer a higher rate of discount at 70%. The sale is due start at 9am, and the best deals go extremely quickly – so I’d advise arriving on site promptly if you don’t want to miss out!

I will note that they often experience very high numbers of orders and that it can take them a couple of weeks to process them and get them out (although they were super speedy for me last time around). For me, the 70% discount is worth it but for you it may not be! There are two versions of the site: the UK version, and the Irish version.

New Pandora Jewellery Boxes for 2015

Concept stores in the UK have begun to receive some exciting new jewellery boxes for sale! These are not gift-with-purchases, but are available to purchase outright. These do not seem to be available in other countries – yet, at least.

pandora uk jewellery boxes
Image by Pandora Stevenage

The new boxes have a beige-coloured exterior, and come in two sizes; the medium is priced at £45.

pandora uk jewellery boxes
Image by Pandora Stevenage

The large jewellery box is a fair bit pricier at £85.

pandora uk jewellery boxes
Image by Pandora Stevenage

Previously, official Pandora jewellery boxes have been GWP only (and the required spends have always been astronomical), so it’s great to see some jewellery boxes available to purchase outright.

My Comment

I am a big fan of the Pandora Rose line, and I’m so excited to see it make its debut here in the UK! It’ll be great to be able to see it all in person for the first time, and I’m hoping to get a few more of the Spring 2015 pieces to add to my Rose bracelet. :D I’m also very curious to see what will end up in the Summer sale – although launching it at the same time as the Pandora Summer collection is sure to be pretty damaging to my finances haha.

Are you excited to see the Rose collection launch in the UK? What are you hoping to see in the summer sale?

55 Comments on Pandora Updates for the UK (including Pandora Rose launch & UK Summer Sale)!

    • I know! I’m very excited for all the stuff that’s coming up (especially the ROJ sale!), but also resigned to how broke I’m going to be afterwards haha.

  1. Omg I am so excited and happy wow, I know can’t wait for the sale ahhh do you know how long it will be on for. I have also seen the jewellery box in my local store and was wondering about them and you have just answered my questions.

    • Me too! It seems like ages since we’ve had anything good for the UK :D I don’t know how long it will run for, I think it’s usually for about three weeks. ROJ will be shorter I expect. :)

        • I’m really hoping for some of the leather bracelets to make it in – I’d love a black leather, either to wear with my Frozen muranos or maybe with some of the Pre-Autumn travel charms! Otherwise I’d like to see some classic silvers that I never got around to getting :)
          What would you like to see?

      • I would love some blue piece for my blue bracelet and some fairy tale pieces. I would also love a pink single leather bracelet if I dare.

        • I’m looking around the sales now and they’re not quite as amazing as I’d hoped, but there are definitely some bargains! :D I’m quite tempted by a couple of the birthday blooms and a couple of muranos in the ROJ sale…

  2. Hi! Thanks for the new round up, it’s very handy – and disappointing too, I was hoping to get a leather bracelet in a free promo this year. I bought my first Pandora last year and started with some earrings & a few charms, I was thinking of a bracelet next but I don’t like the twist bits on the silver as you’re forced to look at them or fiddle with clips. how do you cope with the clips when building bracelets?

    • Hi Sarah, you’re welcome, glad it was useful! :) I’m also disappointed by the lack of a leather bracelet promo, but I’m considering getting a friend to help me take part in the US leather bracelet promo instead. You never know, the promo schedule for the UK has changed around quite a bit already this year – maybe they’ll stick a leather bracelet promo in at the last minute :) we can hope!
      I really like the clips when building bracelets actually. I find that they help to give a design a bit of definition and they provide some instant symmetry. :) They make the bracelet look good even when you only have a few charms and they help you divide up your charms evenly. What is it that you don’t like about the clips?

      • Well I guess it’s not the clips themselves so much as the twisting on and off, I’m used to my beads sliding around as I’ve had Trollbeads for ages.

        • Oh I see, I’m with you now! ^^ Yes, the threads do get very tiring, especially when you want to rearrange your bracelet and it’s almost full :/ I’ve actually bought a charm bar, which is just like a metal pole that you can string charms on – so if I want to try different combinations, I don’t have to keep swivelling them on and off the bracelet :) Some people also use a skewer or a ribbon.
          Otherwise, there’s not much you can do about it. I’ve found the fastest way to get charms on and off is to hold the charms with one hand and twist the bracelet itself with the other. Once you get the knack, they all come off a lot faster, especially the dangles!

  3. Does anyone know if a website where I can purchase the medium and large jewelry boxes? I am in the US and the stores here do not sell them anymore

        • I’m not aware of one that does, unfortunately :( for the most part, the jewellery boxes are GWPs and not available to purchase. If I do see any around, I will be sure to let you know :)
          It’s possible that these boxes will be launched in other territories too, so I will keep an eye out!

      • yes, same as Pau, i love to get my hands on the medium case! i saw some on such website but i wonder if the products are authentic? Would anyone have any info where i can purchase from?

        • I’d steer clear of that website you mentioned – it doesn’t look legit to me :( any websites that have ‘sale’ and ‘pandora’ in the URL are usually scammers unfortunately. I’m not aware of any legit retailers that are selling the medium/large boxes, but they do crop up on eBay regularly – or you could try the Facebook selling pages :)
          If I do see any around I will drop you a line!

      • Thanks so much! do let me know if it’ll be available in other countries or through a legitimate website :)

  4. I know Pandora retailers are not supposed to ship outside their country, but the Republic of Jewels site has international shipping. Will ROJ ship Pandora to the U.S.?

  5. Hi Ellie!
    I must say I feel quite jealous after reading your news! Rose collection is so gorgeous, but not available in all countries. :-(
    On the other hand, I’ m planning a trip to London in October and I admit I can’t wait to see the Rose charms in person and get as many as possible! Hopefully I’be lucky enough to find an autumn promo when I come, who knows?
    Thank you for this post! ♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Yes it’s a shame that the Rose line is not more widely available. I imagine that they are getting ready to roll it out worldwide at some point in the future however. It seems to have gone well in the US and the fact that they’re bringing it to the UK now seems really promising :)
      On the other hand, your London trip sounds like the perfect opportunity to get hold of some – and it’ll be even more special picking out your Rose charms knowing that they are hard to find. ^^
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. Just wondering……I think you said The ROJ opens for sale at 9:00am. Do you know what the time difference is ? What time would it be in U.S.?

  7. Does anyone know if the pandora US estate will be running the leather bracelet promotion in June? If so does anyone know if they accept PayPal or UK debit or credit cards? I was hoping there would be a leather bracelet promotion in the UK but I have a friend in the US who might be able to help me out.

  8. I am very very happy to know the Republic Jewel, they sell the real Pandora, and the most important, they can ship to my place.

    And which site I can buy the jewellery box, I like it very much.

    • Yes, they are 100% genuine! And the deals they offer are often fantastic. I didn’t get anything this time around, but I have some pieces that I never thought I’d own because of them. :D
      The jewellery box isn’t available online as far as I’m aware unfortunately.

      • I already recived my order from 2 shops of Republic Jewel, but quite disappointed, because all of charms have a special mark on it, maybe all of them (on sales items) ,the quantity have a little bit damage, the Mark is for separate the quantity. I am scrazy spend over £500.

        • No I think that is a hallmark from Ireland. It shouldn’t be very noticeable :( I have a hard time finding them on the pieces I have from there.

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